2011 Board of Directors - Masonic Villages


2011 Board of Directors - Masonic Villages

2011 annual report

Masonic charities

of the R.W. Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of Pennsylvania

The Masonic Charities Fund is general in its name,

but very special in the way it provides help where and

when it is needed. Not only does it epitomize the meaning

of “charity,” but it also exemplifies in deeds a principal

characteristic of the Masonic fraternity, the Brotherhood

of Man and the Fatherhood of God.

A not-for-profit charitable organization, the Masonic

Charities Fund was created in 1993 to distribute

charitable donations to entities that qualify as charitable

organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal

Revenue Code. The R.W. Grand Lodge of Free and

Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania established the fund

as part of its mission to provide charitable services. The

fund solicits donations from Masonic lodges, members of

the Masonic lodges, related entities of the Grand Lodge

2011 Board of Directors

Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W.G.M.

Jay W. Smith, R.W.D.G.M.

Robert J. Bateman, R.W.S.G.W.

Raymond T. Dietz, R.W.J.G.W.

Jeffrey W. Coy, R.W.G.T.

Mark A. Haines, R.W.G.S.

Message from the

r.W. Grand Master Jay W. sMith

Through the generous support of donors, our Masonic Charities provide for today’s needs while preparing for

tomorrow’s possibilities. Built on the foundation of compassionate Masonic principles, our charities have a robust history

and promising future.

The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania contains a vast collection of fine arts, rare books, antique

furniture, exquisite jewels and valuable Masonic artifacts. A cultural and historical icon, the Masonic Temple is a

constant symbol of the impact of Freemasonry in our communities and across our country.

The Masonic Villages provides care and services each year to more than 2,600 residents through our Mission of Love.

The Masonic Children’s Home offers a nurturing environment for up to 40 youth who have lived with instability for much

of their lives.

The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation protects and educates youth, helping them fulfill their goals. It

also gives adults the knowledge and resources they need to guide young men and women to reach their potential.

The Masonic Charities Fund uniquely and quietly provides help where and when it is needed. Allocations

are made to selected Masonic or non-Masonic projects of a local, regional, national or global nature.

Throughout this 2011 Annual Report, read how your support enabled each charity to influence,

improve and inspire lives across the state.

We have listed the names of Franklin Legacy Society members, as well as individuals, lodges,

Order of the Eastern Star chapters and other Masonic organizations who have given $100 or more.

Also listed are the $100 and above honorarium and memorial gifts and bequests received by our

Office of Gift Planning. In addition, we have included the names of members of the Masonic

Charities Loyalty Club. See p. 16 for more information about this convenient option.

Your continued support is welcomed and needed. If you are interested in giving toward any

of the charitable opportunities mentioned in this report, please complete and return the enclosed

envelope. Should you decide to make a provision for one of our Masonic Charities through your

estate plans, we invite you to join the Franklin Legacy Society, as described on p. 35.

Thank you for embracing your part in “Freemasonry, Master Builders - Building for Our

Future.” Together, we can preserve, enhance and promote our Masonic values through the good

works of our Masonic Charities.

the Masonic charities fund

and the general public, and distributes these funds to

charitable organizations, both Masonic and non-Masonic.

Most recently, the Masonic Charities Fund has focused

its support on the restoration and preservation of the

Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. The Masonic Temple

stands as a monument of the strength, stability and energy

of the Craft in Pennsylvania. Efforts to raise funds for this

Masonic treasure are now a significant priority of the

Masonic Charities Fund in order to ensure that future

generations may benefit from the past accomplishments

of Freemasonry.


Masonic charities fund


the Masonic library

& MuseuM of pennsylvania

Masonic Temple • One North Broad Street • Philadelphia, PA 19107 • 215-988-1900 • www.pagrandlodge.org

Lovers of learning, as extolled

in Masonic degrees, appreciate and

learn from the past and ponder the

questions of the present. In pursuit

of excellence, they also look to the

future and try to anticipate its needs.

The staff of The Masonic Library

and Museum of Pennsylvania

(MLMP) take great pride in

assisting members of the Masonic

fraternity, as well as the general

public. As part of this dedication,

MLMP participates in cooperative

and collaborative ventures with

other cultural institutions and

organizations throughout the

Greater Philadelphia region.

The Library, founded in 1817,

is considered to have one of the

finest collections for the study of

Freemasonry. It holds 75,000 volumes, 30,000 documents

and manuscripts, and a vast number of print and photographic

works. The collection is available for public use.

Scholars, including members of the fraternity, continue

to conduct research by utilizing the Online Public Access

Catalogue (OPAC), a link which is accessible through

MLMP’s website. MLMP hosted six scholars in 2011. One read

through the early minute books of Lodge No. 59, researching

Lodge Secretary Thomas Cave. Other researchers’ topics

Page of sheet music for the Italian version of the bass

aria “O Isis and Osiris,” sung at the dedication of the

Masonic Temple in 1873.

were: anti-Masonry, Montgomery

(now Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah)

Lodge No. 19, Masonic libraries

and librarianship, bookbindings

and Bro. Wolfgang Mozart.

Assistant librarian Cathy

Giaimo conducted some significant

research for three scholars outside

the United States. Luis Otero,

Grand Librarian for the Grand

Lodge of Puerto Rico, was

interested in the membership

list of the lodge “Le Temple des

Vertus Theologales” No. 103 of

Havana, Cuba, warranted by the

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

in 1804 (warrant surrendered in

1821). Carlos Francisco Moreno,

of Mexico, was interested in the

25 Spanish lodges warranted by

the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in Mexico, Cuba, Santo

Domingo and Louisiana. Christophe de Brouwer, an archivist

in Belgium, was looking for the “livre d’or” of the Count de

Saint-Laurent, a.k.a. “The Gold Book,” and history of the

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (A.A.S.R.) Ritual in the

United States of America by Francis Timothy Watson. Staff

sent him a photocopy, as well as a few pages from Sachse’s

History of the A.A.S.R concerning “The Gold Book.”

Dr. Glenys Waldman, senior research librarian, has been

Condensed FinanCial summary

Condensed Statements of Unrestricted Activities for the years ended

Dec. 31, 2011 and 2010

2011 2010

Operating revenues $286,014 $300,477

Operating expenses 2,953,256 3,016,856

Loss incurred in the fulfillment of our charitable mission

This loss has been historically covered by the following support from the

members and friends of the fraternity:

(2,667,242) (2,716,379)

Gifts and Bequests 180,154 230,191

Contribution from Masonic Villages 1,657,779 1,622,401

Contribution from Grand Lodge 220,500 0

Contribution from Masonic Charities Fund 240,000 198,669

Investment income and realized gains earned on accumulated

past support from the members and friends of the fraternity

24,512 17,981

Deficiency of revenues, support and gains over expenses $(344,297) $(647,137)

Any excess of

revenues and

support over

expenses is

reinvested so

The Masonic

Library and

Museum of


can continue

to provide


cataloguing the sheet music collection. Several things have

been noted during this ongoing project:

1. The Library has music from the dedication of the

Masonic Temple in 1873.

2. Many of the popular songs could not be sung today

because they are considered politically incorrect.

3. Richard Kern, R.W.P.G.M., loved to sing – much of

the four-part men’s chorus music was his.

Cathy and Glenys answered 529 reference questions and

catalogued 1,220 titles, including sheet music, of which 76

were new. The Library circulated 175 titles.

Glenys gave special tours to members of the Library

Company of Philadelphia (founded by Bro. Ben Franklin in

1731), of which she is also a member, and to a group of visitors

from the former East Germany.

Glenys and Cathy attended the annual Masonic Library

and Museum Association meeting in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Glenys attended the annual meeting of the Association of

Masonic Museums, Libraries and Archives – Europe, in

Brussels, as part of a vacation.

Founded in 1908, the Museum’s collection consists of more

than 30,000 items. Bro. Dennis Buttleman, curator, attended

the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums annual meeting

held in Baltimore. He also holds a board position with the

Museum Council of Philadelphia and the Greater Delaware

Valley. This organization fosters professional development

and networking among member institutions and individuals

involved with collections.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Masonic

Library and Museum of

Pennsylvania is to maintain and

operate a library for the use of

Freemasons and the general public

and to maintain and operate a museum for the

display of items of whatever character dealing

with Freemasonry and related subjects.

2011 Board of Directors

Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W.G.M., chairman

Jay W. Smith, R.W.D.G.M.

Robert J. Bateman, R.W.S.G.W.

Raymond T. Dietz, R.W.J.G.W.

Jeffrey W. Coy, R.W.G.T.

Mark A. Haines, R.W.G.S.

Daniel J. Hinds, consultant

Dennis P. Buttleman, consultant

Glenys Waldman, consultant

MLMP welcomed special guests including The Art

Institute of Philadelphia, University of the Arts, Moore

College of Art and Design, the director of exhibitions from

Tyler School of Art, La Salle High School students, and

photographer Peggy Abrams, who photographed Philadelphia

Orchestra harpist Elizabeth Hainen. In addition, preservation

architect Joseph Pell Lombardi visited the Masonic Temple

to conduct research on Egyptian Hall for one of his ongoing

preservation projects.

MLMP is grateful to the staff and the support of the

countless members who continue to make the Masonic Temple

and The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania a

national and Masonic treasure.

75,000 volumes,

30,000 documents

& manuscripts,



11,700 visitors


Masonic library and MuseuM of pennsylvania


pennsylvania Masonic youth foundation

1244 Bainbridge Road • Elizabethtown, PA 17022 • 717-367-1536 • www.pmyf.org

The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation (PMYF)

continues to serve a number of different populations and age

groups of people in various ways.

For 30 years, PMYF has been providing speakers and programs

to lodges on request. It doesn’t matter what part of Pennsylvania

or what time of year – if the schedule is clear, we will have

someone available to share information about PMYF programs

or any one of our efforts.

For 22 years, PMYF has provided scholarships for children and

grandchildren of Pennsylvania Master Masons. For 20 years, we

also have provided the opportunity for lodges to run their own

scholarship programs through PMYF’s Educational Endowment

Fund. Hundreds of students have benefited, and PMYF has been

responsible for the distribution of nearly $750,000 to deserving

and needy students.

The Child Identification Program (CHIP) continues to be

successful in a number of Masonic districts, and PMYF provides

materials and cameras, when necessary, to assist. The program

provides peace of mind to many people, and is an excellent

opportunity for parents to talk about safety with their children.

It also affords Freemasons the chance to show they care about

kids in their community.

The LifeSkills and LifeChangers conferences offer amazing

opportunities for students and teachers to share in an interactive

learning environment to emphasize the three Rs – RESPECT,


lives every year, and is unlike any other Masonic youth camp

conducted across the country. It brings young people to a better

understanding of their role in their communities, and better

equips them to change the lives of their peers at home. Teaching

civility and self-assurance to young people is truly a Masonic


Working with and supporting adults who lead youth is

another one of our specialties. The Daniel Carter Beard Masonic

Scouter Award honors Masons who are actively serving the

scouting movement as adult scouters. This program, administered

nationally by PMYF, has honored more than 600 Pennsylvania

Masons since 2001.

A broader outreach to teachers comes through our continuing

support of the training of trainers who provide assistance to all

schools in Pennsylvania with a Student Assistance Team (SAT).

SATs are designed to intervene in cases of suspected abuse, drug

use, suicide attempts and other significant impediments to the

learning environment. Our anti-bullying seminars, conducted by

Deborah McCoy, who is one of the best in the field, are having a

direct effect on hundreds of teachers and administrators each year,

as well as thousands of students who are under their supervision.

These seminars are one of our best kept secrets, and you will hear

more about them in 2012.

PMYF is dedicated to working on behalf of the youth and

adults who participate in the Masonic youth groups – DeMolay,

Rainbow and Job’s Daughters – who rely on the support of the

Masonic fraternity through leadership, finances, facilities and

physical presence.

These youth groups need a strong infusion of experienced

Masonic leadership at all levels of their organizations – Advisory

Councils, Advisory Boards and Guardian Councils. They

also need support to cover program expenses for membership

recruitment, administration, convention representation,

leadership conference tuition, and travel costs for visiting their

peers and making presentations to lodges. Individual chapters,

assemblies and bethels raise funds to support their activities and

to donate to charities of their choice, Masonic and non-Masonic,

as they learn the value of good stewardship and good citizenship.

Their efforts – and yours – will bear fruits of labor upon which

the future of the family of Freemasonry depends.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth

Foundation is to lead the Masonic fraternity in providing

services on behalf of young people, and training for adults

who work for the betterment of youth. To accomplish this

Mission, the Foundation will enhance the programs of the

Masonic Youth Groups, support initiatives to keep children

safe from violence, abuse and exploitation, and provide

specialized education for adults who offer leadership to

youth in the Commonwealth.

2011 Board of Directors

Samuel C. Williamson, R.W.P.G.M., chairman

Kim W. Jeffreys, P.D.D.G.M., vice chairman

William J. Prazenica, treasurer

Glen R. Grell

Thomas G. Orris

Jay W. Smith, R.W.D.G.M.

Larry R. Emigh

William L. Kingsbury, D.D.G.M.

Dennis J. Snedden

Curt and Joyce Rauschenberger have many reasons to

appreciate and support the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth

Foundation (PMYF), perhaps the biggest being that it introduced

them to one another. As their family has grown, so has their

appreciation for and commitment to the Masonic youth groups.

Inspired by his mentor, “Dad” William Graham (now

deceased), Curt volunteered to be one of the advisors for Lorraine

Chapter, Order of DeMolay, and later became its Chapter Advisor.

Joyce soon followed suit. “It became very clear very early that if

I wanted to see my husband, I needed to tag along,” she said.

In 2007, the Rauschenbergers successfully instituted Job’s

Daughters Bethel No. 21 in Butler. After having served in various

leadership roles, Curt serves as the District Deputy and Joyce as

Director of Youth Activities. They both also serve as advisors on

the board of the revived Rainbow Girls Assembly No. 25, Butler.

There is rarely a weekend the Rauschenbergers aren’t busy

with an activity related to a Masonic youth group, and they

prefer it this way.

“Our hope is [our kids] see adults willing to give the gift of

time,” Joyce said. “We gain the experience of getting to know

so many young men and women, and being a part of a small

portion of their lives. Hopefully, they will think back to their

time in Rainbow, Jobies or DeMolay and remember us the way

Curt remembers ‘Dad’ Graham, with love and respect.”

Curt and Joyce’s children have followed their lead. Alexander,

19, is Deputy State Master Councilor for Pennsylvania DeMolay.

He received the Meritorious Service Award and Representative

DeMolay Award and is a Blue Honor Key holder for the Lorraine

Chapter. “Alex’s level of responsibility has grown quite a bit, as

well as his organizational skills,” Joyce said.

Getting Their Feet Wet

Condensed FinanCial summary

Condensed Statements of Unrestricted Activities for the years ended

Dec. 31, 2011 and 2010

2011 2010

Operating revenues $75,394 $85,968

Operating expenses 979,459 930,048

Loss incurred in the fulfillment of our charitable mission

This loss has been historically covered by the following support from

the members and friends of the fraternity:

(904,065) (844,080)

Gifts and Bequests 75,340 59,733

Contribution from Masonic Villages 482,043 481,768

Contribution from Grand Lodge 23,500 0

Investment income and realized gains earned on accumulated

past support from the members and friends of the fraternity

553,590 414,545

Excess of revenues, support and gains over expenses $230,408 $111,966

Any excess of revenues and support over expenses is reinvested so the Pennsylvania

Masonic Youth Foundation can continue to provide services.

Rebecca, 12, is the Inner Guard for Butler Bethel and Hope

for Butler Assembly and has sung at Rainbow Installations. She

participated in the Pennsylvania National American Miss Pageant

last summer as a finalist, where she sang in front of more than

500 guests and 12 judges. “While she didn’t win the title,” Joyce

said, “it was clear from her performance that her experience

in the youth organizations–walking in a gown with poise and

grace–came in quite handy.”

Rachel, 11, is the Senior Custodian and Librarian for Butler

Bethel and Chaplin for Butler Assembly. She, too, has gained

confidence in public speaking and organization. She opened a

lemonade stand one summer to raise money for the Hearing

Impaired Kids Endowment (HIKE), the philanthropic charity

of Job’s Daughters. After the local newspaper featured her and

Rebecca in a front page article, they raised more than $2,000.

“Doing well in school alone is not going to give young men

and women the ‘I can do it’ attitude they gain after completing a

term as Master Councilor, Honored Queen or Worthy Advisor,”

Joyce said. “The Masonic youth groups provide opportunities for

kids to make mistakes in a safe environment – to get their feet

wet in the kiddie pool before jumping into the deep end of life.”

Today’s economy has left families struggling, and they may

not have the resources to take trips or vacations. PMYF, through

the Masonic Conference Center - Patton Campus, gives youth

the chance to stay at a new place and meet new friends for an

affordable price. Scholarships also are an important selling point

for the youth organizations, especially for families on a budget.

“It is vital that all members of the Masonic family, not just

Masons, financially support PMYF and the Patton Campus,”

Joyce said.


pennsylvania Masonic youth foundation


Masonic children’s hoMe

One Masonic Drive • Elizabethtown, PA 17022 • 717-367-1121, ext. 33301 • www.masonicvillagespa.org

In 2011, the Masonic Children’s Home served 40 youth whose

home or socioeconomic environments did not provide for their

healthy growth and development. Staff in five cottages create a

supportive, homelike environment filled with guidance and love.

In 2011, nine youth moved to the children’s home.

The Masonic Children’s Home does not charge families

for services or tuition, so its funding comes from generous

individuals, Masonic lodges, Order of the Eastern Star chapters

and organizations. In 2011, donors provided everything from

financial gifts to parties; tickets to amusement parks, sports games

and musicals; wish list items; music and art lessons; and many

other opportunities for growth. The Order of the Eastern Star

adopted the children’s home as its 2010-2011 charity. In 2011, the

Masonic Village Resident Art Association, led by Joe McIntyre,

began providing free art lessons and materials to five children.

The on-campus sports equipment, playground, library and

pools provide close-to-home fun. Altogether, the children play

more than a dozen sports and take lessons for Zumba, dance, self

defense and driving. Youth may participate in the religious worship

of their choice, and several children attend church camps, including

one teenager who took a mission trip to Haiti. For the first time

in several years, each cottage vacationed at the beach in 2011.

To build life skills, the children’s home incorporated

programming such as the: wellness competition to reward physical

activity; Chopped Competition, where each cottage prepared a

meal together; Fall Bash, which the Entertainment Committee

planned; Siblings Program to facilitate interaction between siblings

who may live in separate cottages; and pen pals with the Rainbow

Girls. Young adults held jobs through 10 local businesses and


Youth attend the Elizabethtown Area School District, programs

conducted by Intermediate Unit 13 and the Lancaster County

Career and Technology Center. In 2011, an average of 20 children

made the honor rolls each semester. To mix enrichment with

entertainment, cottages visited Fort Robertdeau, the Whitaker

Center and Lancaster Science Factory using grant money. Donors

sent children to leadership and educational camps, which developed

their natural skills and interests. The Masonic Children’s Home

also supported six young adults in higher education.

On Her Own

Rose arrived at the Masonic Children’s Home in Elizabethtown in 2009 with her sister,

Thea, and two brothers, Daniel and Sonny. She had lived with her parents, her grandparents

who retired to the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, and in a foster home throughout her


The children’s home brought some welcome stability to her life during her senior year

of high school. She thrived in math class, enjoyed piano and vocal lessons and participated

in color guard. After graduation, she attended the Lancaster School of Massage, where she

received her certification in massage therapy in the spring of 2012. This fall, she’ll head to

Delaware Valley College to study nutrition. She’d like to become a nutritional consultant.

“I want to help people determine what’s the best food plan for them,” she said. “Everyone’s


Living in a house with between six and eight girls at the children’s home helped her learn

to appreciate everyone’s differences. Not all the girls got along, but they appreciated and

respected one another.

“I definitely became more well-rounded,” Rose said. “Living with other girls prepares you for life in dorms. I like spending time with

others. The community was beneficial and enjoyable to be in at the time.”

Rose especially appreciated the knowledge she gained at the children’s home, both academic and real world lessons. As a child, she

asked many questions, and at the children’s home, she took every opportunity to learn the things she needed before facing the world

on her own.

“The staff push you academically,” she said. “Everyone at the children’s home was extremely helpful, but the education staff really

made a difference for me. I learned to be independent and skills I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. I wouldn’t have received the

scholarships I did. It made a difference in how easy it was for me to move out on my own.”

The environment of the children’s home is structured to provide youth the best chance to reach their potential. Rose’s sister, Thea,

is also taking advantage of the academic assistance. Like most children, her brothers would prefer fewer rules, but enjoy all the activities.

Rose currently works at a country club golf course and is looking for a second job to “fill in the gaps” until she starts college in the

fall. She is taking classes at Harrisburg Area Community College throughout the summer. As she finds herself in the “real world,” she

won’t soon forget her time at the children’s home or the kids still living on top of the hill at Masonic Village.

“All these kids are at a confusing age. They don’t know where to turn,” Rose said. “The right guidance and support makes things

easier–they’re more likely to get where they want to go.”

2011 Graduated Seniors - Where are they now?

• Jazmin attends the Art Institute of Philadelphia for fashion marketing.

• Rose graduated from Lancaster School of Massage and plans to study

nutrition at Delaware Valley College.

• Shawn is pursing plastics and polymer technology at Pennsylvania

College of Technology.

• Mike studies computer engineering at Drexel University.

• Clem is pursuing criminal justice at Central Penn College.

It costs $101.90 a day to

provide housing, food,

clothing, around-the-

clock supervision and

educational tutors for

one child.

of the Masonic Villages of Pen nsylvania


Masonic children’s hoMe


Masonic villaGes

Combining a fiscally-conservative mindset with a person-centered

focus, in 2011, the Masonic Villages embarked on notable infrastructure

changes, renovation projects, community partnership enhancements

and a continued emphasis on being a Center of Excellence. The

generous support of our compassionate donors helps make these

achievements and changes possible.

We implemented an organizational restructuring to provide a strong

foundation for growth, including the appointment of a corporate level

leadership team to plan and strategize for the future of the Masonic

Villages. Vicki Gillmore, R.N., Ph.D., N.H.A., serves as the executive

director for the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, and staff at that

location were divided into either corporate or location-specific roles

based on their responsibilities.

Mission of Love

Our caring communities and services assist individuals,

families and children in realizing their potential and

enjoying the highest possible quality of life through the

traditions of Freemasonry.

Our Vision is to be a Center of Excellence.

Our Mission of Love Values:

Quality of Life • Respect for the Individual

Quality Service • Outreach

Masonic Villages’ residents and employees participated in several

key advocacy events, explaining to our state and federal legislature

how our ability to provide services across the state is impacted by

current and future laws. The efforts resulted in local legislator town

meetings and campus visits by our federal legislators to our facilities

across the state.

In an ever-increasing digital world, Masonic Villages hired a

web programmer to focus on web-based communications and social

media. Masonic Villages’ new Facebook page (www.facebook.com/

masonicvillages), features updates of current events at each of our

locations, photos from residents’ activities and programs, a resident’s

blog, progress of construction projects and legislative updates on issues

affecting our residents and organization.

LeadingAgePA, a regional association of not-for-profit senior

services, and Holleran Consulting developed a standard satisfaction

survey that allows benchmark comparisons with other LeadingAgePA

organizations. Masonic Villages gave residents and employees at all

locations the opportunity to participate, and will use survey results to

track performance over time, adjust strategies and goals and improve

and enhance services.

As of Dec. 31, the Centennial Capital Campaign has raised

$27,569,328, which is 110.28 percent of the total goal. The campaign

will end May 31, 2012.

The Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania, Order of the Eastern Star,

presented the Masonic Villages with a check for $143,605 to purchase

needed wish list items for the personal care and nursing care areas

at each Masonic Village location. Over the course of 2010 and 2011,

Masonic lodges raised $732,000 toward the Grand Master’s charity

initiative, most of which benefited the Masonic Villages.

In the forthcoming pages, read about updates at each Masonic

Villages location and how your support is impacting our Mission of


2011 Committee on Masonic Homes

Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W.G.M.

Jay W. Smith, R.W.D.G.M.

Robert J. Bateman, R.W.S.G.W.

Raymond T. Dietz, R.W.J.G.W.

Jeffrey W. Coy, R.W.G.T., chairman

Mark A. Haines, R.W.G.S.

James F. Standish, Jr.

Jeffrey M. Wonderling, P.D.D.G.M.

Jeff A. Biddle, D.D.G.M.

Thomas F. Toscani

Timothy P. Templeton, P.D.D.G.M.

Paul E. Reichart

William H. Dickey, Jr.

Joseph E. Murphy, chief executive officer

Through fraternal care, your generous contributions help provide nursing, personal care and

children’s services for residents whose savings, insurance or public assistance does not fully cover the

cost of their care.

Fraternal care also covers unreimbursed Medicare and Medicaid costs, which totaled more than

$2.5 million in 2011. Medicare and Medicaid do not cover amenities such as dental care and dentures,

hearing aids, pastoral counseling, social services, occupational and speech therapy, television and

telephone services and hair care services.








Total Annual Fraternal (Charity) Care - All Locations 2001-2011





2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010


Condensed FinanCial summary

Condensed Statements of Unrestricted Activities for the years ended

Dec. 31, 2011 and 2010 (dollars in thousands)



9,511,827 9,396,250

9,243,491 9,152,656 9,271,287

coMpassionate care

2011 2010

Operating revenues $128,341 $133,837

Operating expenses 148,673 145,846

Contributions to other Pennsylvania Masonic charitable

organizations as part of Masonic Villages’ mission

2,140 2,105

Loss incurred in the fulfillment of our charitable mission

This loss was covered by the following support from the members and

friends of the fraternity:

(22,472) (14,114)

Gifts and Bequests 7,195 8,225

Realized gains earned on accumulated past support from the

members and friends of the fraternity

16,860 9,857

Excess of revenues, support and gains over expenses $1,583 $3,968

The operating expenses of the Masonic Villages have historically exceeded operating revenues. Through

the generosity of Freemasons and friends of the fraternity, contributions and bequests enable the Masonic

Villages to cover this deficit. The bequests which have been generously donated to the Masonic Villages

have been invested, and the investment income earned on these funds allows Masonic Villages to continue

its “Mission of Love” and caring for those in need. Any excess funds will be invested so Masonic

Villages can continue to provide charitable services to our residents and the community in the future.


Percentage of personal care

residents who received

fraternal care*:


Percentage of nursing care

residents who received*





*as of Dec. 31, 2011


Masonic villaGes

Masonic villaGe at elizabethtoWn

One Masonic Drive • Elizabethtown, PA 17022 • 717-367-1121 • www.masonicvillagespa.org/elizabethtown

Improvements and changes at

Masonic Village at Elizabethtown


As part of a multi-year upgrade of

the Masonic Health Care Center and

Freemasons Building, work began on

renovating resident rooms and common

spaces. The primary goal is to convert

the current traditional hospital model

and centralized dining rooms into

discrete neighborhoods, each providing

more intimate dining and recreational

opportunities. Enhanced dining services

provide residents more flexibility in food

choice and dining times, as well as a

higher quality through a buffet or steam

table-type service.

All renovated resident rooms are equipped with a new call bell

system, which links to cell phones rather than pagers, allowing for better

communication between staff and departments.

Thanks to a donation through the wish list, the Masonic Health Care

Center received three It’s Never 2 Late portable computer systems. The

picture-based interface with touch screens is user friendly and provides

a therapy-based approach. While residents play games, listen to music

or learn to email, they experience therapeutic benefits like hand-eye


Also through a wish list donation, residents of the Bleiler Caring

Cottage received a 2011 white Ford 12-passenger minivan for transportation

to jobs, appointments and outings.

The farm market celebrated its 101st season with a grand re-opening

featuring 30 percent more square footage and the addition of a second

door and a second cash register. Upgrades also consisted of handicap

accessible bathrooms, new energy efficient refrigerated cases, new heating

and air conditioning, a new floor and fresh paint.

The first 34 of 38 new cottages, as well as site work for up to 100

cottages to be built upon demand, was completed. The first residents

moved into their new homes on Oct. 12.

Masonic Village at Elizabethtown’s commitment to high quality care

and conservation earned us several recognitions in 2011:

Masonic Village earned four out of seven awards from the Pennsylvania

Therapeutic Recreation Society, including Outstanding Programming of

the Year for “Our Community to Their Community,” and Outstanding

Special Event of the Year for “Masonic Village Cruise Week.” Resident and

volunteer Rosemary Merwin received the Volunteer of the Year Award,

and Stacy Cathrall (now a recreation therapist at Masonic Village) earned

the Student of the Year Award.

At the Cattle Industry Summer Conference, the Masonic Village

Farm was recognized as the Environmental Stewardship Award Program

winner for region 1. Only six farm operations throughout the country

received this award for practicing conservation and protecting soil and

water resources while operating a viable beef cattle and farm enterprise.

Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture) recognized Masonic


Village with a Green Power: Turn it

On! Award for installing a 1 MW solar

power plant in 2011. The PennFuture

awards recognize individuals and

organizations for their work in

promoting the clean energy economy

in Pennsylvania each year.

Healing Touch Worldwide

Foundation awarded Masonic Village

a $3,000 grant to partially cover the

cost of training 24 nursing staff and

volunteers in a form of noninvasive

therapy known as Healing Touch.

Masonic Village at Elizabethtown

continued to expand opportunities for

services and outreach in 2011:

In 2011, Masonic Village Home Care staff provided 29,027 hours of

services – a 12 percent increase from 2010. With a need outside of our

campus for home care, we expanded services into the Elizabethtown

community within 10 miles. Masonic Village Hospice staff cared for 195

patients in 2011 – a 16 percent increase from 2010.

Nineteen private rooms in the Masonic Health Care Center have

been designated to serve people with short-term orthopedic rehabilitation

needs. Thanks to a donation through the wish list, new physical therapy

equipment is further enhancing these services to help people return

home sooner.

Masonic Village at Elizabethtown was home to 1,786 residents as of

Dec. 31, 2011.

The Right Call

Jane Harner looks forward to each day at the Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill. She

appreciates waking up and receiving assistance from a staff member who helps her dress and

makes sure her cell phone is hanging around her neck in case one of her sons calls. Very

social and friendly, Jane immediately looks around her neighborhood to see what’s happening.

“The staff try to help you no matter what the problem,” Jane said. “They’re very serious

about what they’re doing. Their main goal is to get everybody up and ready each day. They

even remind me to charge my phone each night. They’re always on the ball.”

Jane moved to the Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill in February 2010. Her husband and

father were lifelong Masons, and her husband also was a Shriner. She knew Masonic Village

had a good reputation.

“Although moving my mom from living on her own in a condo in Florida was a difficult

decision, moving her to [Masonic Village] at Lafayette Hill was the next best thing,” said William “Bill” Harner, Ph.D., Jane’s son. “From the first

day, she has been treated like part of a family.”

“I’ve made friends and met others with the same interests as me,” Jane said. “I feel at home.”

Jane’s husband of 60 years, Warren, passed away in 2008. He was chief of police for the Cheltenham Township Police Department. She

worked as a secretary for a Presbyterian church in Philadelphia, and later at a bank. Together, they enjoyed golfing and dancing, and the family

attended activities through Warren’s membership in the Fraternal Order of Police. She was a member of her high school choir and has enjoyed

singing throughout her life.

The events calendar at Masonic Village lists intergenerational programs, art lessons with a local artist, exercise classes, a visit from the Bark

Mitzvah Brigade, baking, movies, bingo games and religious services, among other activities.

“I’m pretty busy every day,” she said. “There is always something going on every morning, afternoon and evening. I like to see the pets when

they visit – dogs and cats, and the birds that live here. One of the birds recently laid four eggs, and we’re all waiting for them to hatch. I enjoy

word games, too. They keep my mind active.”

Jane has two sons, both retired from the military: Bill, who is superintendent of Cumberland Valley School District in Mechanicsburg, Pa.,

and Warren, or “Ren” Jr., who is a pilot in Colorado. She has four grandchildren. Despite the distance between them, Jane’s sons keep in touch

with her often. The cell phone hanging around her neck ensures it.

“I’m a high-tech granny,” Jane said. “I like to have my phone handy.”

When Jane needed some extra assistance recently, Masonic Village staff were there for her at every turn. Whether it was a personal need or

help with paperwork, they kept her comfortable and her family informed of any changes in her health.

“In spite of personal setbacks, your hands-on professional nursing and administrative staff have been instrumental in getting her back on her

feet and focused on daily tasks and personal care,” Bill said. “From personal hygiene, dressing, meals and individual occupational therapy, your

staff has maintained a high level of the continued care she needs and deserves. Your nursing staff, upon medical emergencies, has always contacted

us immediately when my mother had a fall or required transportation to the hospital ... I want to extend our deepest thanks for the continued

personal care she has received since becoming a resident.

“Because of the generosity and donors who support the Masonic Villages, my mom is able to live in a loving, nourishing environment that

provides her with 24-hour care and an excellent nursing and medical staff.”

hiGh Quality service - eMployee turnover

Masonic Villages

R.N. 10.9% 18.9%

L.P.N. 3.9% 15.6%

C.N.A. 16.8% 24.9%

State Average

(according to LeadingAgePA)

Low staff turnover in our nursing and personal

care areas leads to more consistent, higher quality

care for Jane and all Masonic Villages’ residents.

Across all departments, the Masonic Villages

weighted turnover for 2011 was 11.9 percent,

below our organizational goal of 15 percent and

the state average of 20.5 percent.

In a complex 24-hour operation, some overtime is unavoidable, so we use a national benchmark standard for all campuses to achieve at or

below 5 percent overtime of total payroll. In 2011, we achieved an organizational total of 2.27 percent, and it was the first year Masonic

Villages did not utilize any agency personnel in any of our nursing or personal care facilities.


Masonic villaGes

Masonic villaGe at dallas

36 Ridgway Drive • Dallas, PA 18612 • 570-675-1866 • www.masonicvillagespa.org/dallas

Home to 101 residents as of Dec. 31, Masonic Village at Dallas’ population grew

substantially in 2011. With the Walther Apartments at 100 percent occupancy,

the marketing staff started a waiting list for prospective residents. Ten villas were

reserved, bringing the total to 22. After the model villa upgraded with granite

countertops and hardwood floors was reserved, a second villa was upgraded.

Residents joined forces with Trinity Presbyterian Church to help youth in the

community through the Back Pack Program, which gives children a backpack

full of food to take home for the weekend to ensure they have enough to eat

until they return to school on Monday morning. The program also provides gifts

during the holiday season, such as warm clothing. Residents raised more than

$500 to donate to the program and volunteered to fill backpacks.

To enhance wellness on campus and in the surrounding communities, Masonic

Village at Dallas hosted two free healthy aging seminars, a free estate planning

seminar and a flu shot clinic in 2011. The first ever Arts and Music Holiday

Celebration, hosted by Masonic Village at the Irem Clubhouse, exposed the

community to the campus while featuring live music by local musicians and

artwork by students from Lake-Lehman High School, Dallas High School, Luzerne County Community College and Dietrich Theater.

The Irem Clubhouse held its first bridal show since the opening of the new clubhouse and grand ballroom in September. More than 150

attendees visited 45 local vendors who displayed their wedding products and services. The Irem Clubhouse hosted 15 wedding receptions and a

total of 526 events last year.

Masonic villaGe at lafayette hill

801 Ridge Pike • Lafayette Hill, PA 19444 • 610-825-6100 • www.masonicvillagespa.org/lafayettehill

Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill was home to 211 residents as of Dec. 31. By

the end of the year, retirement living apartments were 100 percent reserved. The

campus also built stronger community partnerships, which enhance the lives of

staff and residents, as well as our neighbors.

The spring and fall bazaars, largely organized by retirement living residents,

netted $7,603, which supports resident programming and activities. Through

wish list donations, residents enjoyed theatrical therapy, recliners and plants/

planters, among other items.

Residents knitted 45 blankets, 39 hats and eight scarves for the Montgomery

County Chapter of Project Linus, and knitted 300 squares as part of Stitches for

Sisters to make blankets for women in Africa.

For the first time, Temple University used Masonic Village as a clinical site

for eight certified registered nurse practitioner students who worked closely with

Masonic Village’s physicians. Seven students from Temple’s School of Nursing

also completed clinical studies. Through the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

special education department’s community-based training program, life skills students spent time at Masonic Village helping to set tables, do

laundry work and complete light outside grounds work.

In July, Masonic Village invited the community to participate in an American Red Cross blood drive on the campus. In September, Masonic

Village hosted a free health fair for residents, employees and the community.

The Eden Alternative ® philosophy promotes spontaneity, among other qualities, to create a caring culture. A testament to Masonic Village’s

emphasis on this philosophy, a Royal Wedding Tea helped residents and staff celebrate the marriage of William and Catherine, the Duke and

Duchess of Cambridge. In July, Ruth Waddington, assistant director of nursing, received recognition as “Long Term Care Nurse of the Month” by

the Evercare Nurse Practitioners for her “compassion, commitment to residents and for her clinical competence.” The fifth Annual Harvest Ball

treated 90 residents to an evening of elegance in November. Community volunteers at the event included students from Plymouth Whitemarsh

High School, BlueCross BlueShield, Mary Kay and Epic Church, Philadelphia.


Masonic villaGe at seWickley

1000 Masonic Drive • Sewickley, PA 15143 • 412-741-1400 • www.masonicvillagespa.org/sewickley

As of Dec. 31, 503 people resided at Masonic Village at Sewickley,

where the nursing center renovations were a main topic of conversation

throughout the year. On Nov. 3, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania held

a datestone ceremony during which the Committee on Masonic Homes

named the nursing community the “Sturgeon Health Care Center” in honor

of Grand Master Thomas K. Sturgeon. Bro. James L. Ernette, R.W.P.G.M.,

also was honored with a plaque for helping to found Masonic Village at

Sewickley in 1999.

Construction of the new 64,000 square foot building began mid-

September 2010, and by the end of 2011, the expansion was under roof.

This project will convert the health care center from a medical/hospital

model to a neighborhood design. Based on a theme featuring the trees on

campus, residents and staff named the eight neighborhoods together.

Masonic Village Home Care staff provided 6,397 hours of service in

2011, and satisfaction surveys consistently rate the service as excellent or

above average.

Residents greatly enhanced the campus and community in 2011. In March, staff, residents and stained glass designer Nicholas Parrendo

dedicated a new Prayer and Meditation Room, made possible through the generosity of donors. In June, members of the Village Workshop

delivered three boxes of handmade toys to the Shriners Hospitals for Children-Erie. Residents knit 177 blankets for Project Linus. The

William Slater II Master Masons Club organized weekly games to raise money for campus needs. They sponsored events for residents in the

nursing and personal care residences, including the Enchanted Evening, various outings, meals and a trip to the Scottish Rite ladies night.

Masonic villaGe at WarMinster

850 Norristown Road • Warminster, PA 18974 • 215-672-2500 • www.masonicvillagespa.org/warminster

As of Dec. 31, 60 residents lived at the Masonic Village at Warminster.

This close-knit community helps residents, family members, volunteers

and staff to care for and support each other as family. In May, staff held a

fundraiser flea market to raise money to help a fellow employee defray the

cost of medical bills. The event raised $1,200 for the staff member’s family.

Residents continue to enjoy the Eden Alternative ® philosophy, which

empowers them to be part of decision-making in their home. Examples

of the philosophy at work include additions such as the “Anytime Table”

in the dining room, which is available all day for residents to stop in for a

snack and beverage and enjoy the company of friends, as well as hosts and

hostesses in the dining room who mingle with residents, attend to their

needs and gather feedback to provide to dining services.

At the annual Penny Party in March, the Advisory Council raised $5,202,

making it the most successful party to date. The funds helped to purchase

items which improve the quality of residents’ lives, such as an upgrade to a

flat screen television and size-appropriate entertainment center.

Demonstrated by earning a deficiency-free Department of Health inspection in August, Masonic Village at Warminster continued its

tradition of providing excellent care and services. A Quality Improvement Team partners with staff in various departments to maintain

the highest quality possible, year-round.


Masonic villaGes

Masonic charities loyalty club

Members of the Masonic Charities Loyalty Club are individuals who have committed to supporting their Masonic Charity of choice through

the R.W. Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania with a monthly gift. The monthly giving program allows you to make charitable gifts automatically from

your bank account or charged to your credit card. This “new” program provides benefits to YOU such as easier personal budgeting, increased

efficiency and cost savings, while fulfilling a charitable commitment. And, you don’t have to worry about your checks being stolen or lost.

To join the Masonic Charities Loyalty Club, please call the Office of Gift Planning at 800-599-6454 or complete the enclosed business

reply envelope.

2011 Loyalty Club Members

Margaret L. Axsom

Walter Balliet

Thomas A. Barrow

Charles W. Berger

Richard E. Bigley

Edward H. and Patricia D. Bisbee

J. Richard Bishop

Steve Bomgardner

Alfred M. Bonilla, Sr.

John K. Brunner

Boyd H. Butz

Donald L. Carmichael

George J. Cashion

William B. Cook

P. Thomas Feeser

John T. Florey

charitable donations

An asterisk denotes a 2011 recipient of the prestigious pin reserved by the Grand Master for loyal contributors (those who have

given $100 a year for 10 consecutive years) to the Masonic Charities. This distinctive pin was crafted after a beautiful stained

glass window located at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown.



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Calvin W. Fox, Jr.

Rodney R. Fox

William H. Fox, Jr.

David A. Frailey

Aden H. Francis

Michael P. Frank, III

Enoch D. Frankhouser

William L. and Virginia R.


Robert A. Frantz

Fraytak Viesz Hopkins Duthie,


Donn E. Frazier

Albert W. and Betty J. Frederick

Carson M. Freeman

William D. French

David W. Freudig

Lulu H. Frey

Michael S. Frick

Paul W. Frick

Andrew E. Friedrich

Jack R. Fries

Robert O. Fries

Charles L. Fuellgraf, Jr.

John A. Fuhrman

Charles D. Fullmer

William K. Fulton, III

Albert J. Funke, Jr.

Gerald R. Gabel

Alden B. Gable

Robert W. Gable

Kenneth R. Gall

Mark D. Gall

Mary Galli

Vivian A. Galliford

John C. Gamaldi, III

Charles F. Gamber

John F. Garber, Jr.

Gardner Pie Company

Catherine G. Gardner

Mary N. Gardner

Timothy E. Garman, Jr.

Curtis E. Garrett

Guido G. Gatti

Clair H. Gaul

Dennis S. Gazer

GE Foundation

George P. Geiges

David L. George

Donald L. George

Andrew L. Gerfin, Jr.

Harry E. Gerhard, Jr.

John E. Geschwindt

Donald H. Geyer

Richard T. Gheer

Alice E. Gibney

Donald W. Giffin

James M. Gilbert, Jr.

Rodney A. Gilbert

Jerome E. Giles*

Gilroy and Lillian Roberts

Charitable Foundation

Michael D. Gipperich

Harold A. Gitomer

Claude E. Gladfelter, Jr.

James O. Gleason

Marjorie Gleichert

William M. Glose, III

Glenn H. Gluntz

Constantinos A. Glynos

Henry K. Godshall, Jr.

Robert L. Goehring

Thomas “Tucker” Goho

Fred H. Goldblatt

Dennis A. Good

John T. Gorman

Joseph P. Graham, III

Robert J. Graham

Thomas D. Graham

Bernard Granor

Vincent Gravina, III

William D. Grayson, Jr.

Donald I. Green

Doris J. Green

Lias Ann Green

William H. Green, Jr.

Michael G. Greenawalt

Jeffrey A. Gregoire

Donald R. Gregory

Mary Jane Greusel

Donald L. Grier

Harold N. Grier

Doris Griffin

Bertram E. Griffith, Jr.

Marguerite H. Griffith

Robert L. Griffith, III

Scott A. Griffith

Charles E. Griffiths, Sr.

Corinne Griffiths

John R. Grimm

Robert L. Grimm

Charles H. Grine, Sr.

Ralph D. Groff

Eric L. and Brenda G. Gross

John W. Gross, Jr.

Eric G. Grove

Christopher M. Grow

Margaret A. Grundig

C. Dennis Gruver

Evans C. Guequierre

E. Garrett Gummer, III

Albert W. Hacke, III

Edward G. Hacke

Virginia Haddad

Shirley Hagmeier

Ernestine Halikman

David and Ann Marie Hall

William C. and Joan H. Hall

Nicholas Halladay

Dale H. Haller

Harold H. Hamilton

Betty J. Hamman

Charles and Pat Hammer

James A. Hammer

Robert K. Hammer

Richard A. Handschumacher

Charles M. Hangsterfer

Arlene Hanlon

Richard C. Hann

Andrew J. Hanobeck, Jr.

Stanley C. Hanshaw

Yvonne J. Hanson

James W. Hantjis

Mary A. Harbaugh

Sheila Hardin

Marian K. Harigan

Scott R. Harp

Maynard L. Harring

Robert W. Harshman

Harry S. Hart, Jr.

Harold E. Hartdung

Edwin S. Hartman, II

Robert E. Hartman

Thomas W. Hartman

June H. Harvey

Robert H. Hashinger, Sr.

Joan L. Hassinger

Laverne S. Hauck, Jr.

Wilson W. Haughton

Fred R. Hauptman

Dale M. Hauze, Sr.

Charles R. Hazelwood, Jr.*

Benjamin P. Heck

Quintin I. Heckert

John B. Heilman, Jr.

George E. Heinly, Jr.

Joseph I. Heiser

Todd A. Heller

James G. Hellmann

William R. Hemperly, Jr.

Paul R. Hencel*

Robert L. Henly

Frank M. Henry

John P. Henry, Jr.

Thomas E. Henry, III

Linda D. Herbert

Scott M. Herbine

Charles D. Herman

Martin E. Herman

Sherman A. Herman

F. Wayne Hershey

Richard B. Hershey

James T. Heslop, III

Clifton R. Hess

Daniel E. Hess

Paula K. Hess

Homer S. Hetrick, II

Virgil J. Hettinger

John O. Hewlett

John C. Hey, Sr.

Larry P. Heydt

Henry J. Hiddleson

Eugene W. and Jacqueline


High Company LLC

S. Dale High

Carl L. and Kathy Hikes

J. Russell Hill

Louis H. Hill, Jr.

William T. Hill

William C. Hilling

Ronald M. Hilmer

Scott R. Hilsee

John P. Himes

Daniel E. Himmelberger

Todd L. Hineline

Kirk S. Hinkley, Jr.

Kirk S. Hinkley, III

Judith Hitzel

George B. Hixon

Gregory A. Hixson

Andrew M. Hladio

Charles W. Hobday, Jr.

Robert M. Hockenberry

Elwood C. Hocker, Jr.

Burton E. Hofer

William F. Hoffmeyer

Richard A. Holcombe

Raymond A. Holland

Charles W. Hollenbach

Cynthia B. Hollinger

Robert G. Hollinger

James F. Hollingshead

Charles Holloway

Martin W. Holmes

Valentino and Mariaelena


Carl D. Homan

Bryan M. Hoover

Sheldon K. Hoover, Sr.

William B. Hoover

Kenneth R. Horner

Edward L. Horst

Wayne E. Hort

Frederick W. Hotzman, Jr.

Lucille Hough

Clifford N. Howard

Lewis L. Hoy

Cecil L. and Katherine Hubbard

Robert V. Hubbard

Harry G. Huber

Ronald G. Hughes

Stanley S. Hughes

June Hull

John W. Hunsberger

Pearl E. Hunsberger

Thomas Hunter

Joseph D. Hyde

Royce G. and Jill K. Imhoff, II

Fred N. Imler

Lucy Ingram

Patsy A. Inners

Linda S. Intihar

John P. Ippolito

Gerald D. Irwin

Loretta Iveson

Donald F. Jackle

Barry R. and Denise C. Jackson

Bruce H. Jackson

Milton F. Jacoby

Michael E. Jaspan

Mark A. Jeffrey

Kim W. Jeffreys

George F. Jelinek

James A. Jenkins

Richard P. Jenkins

Jill Marie Jimenez

Albert E. Jochen

Edward F. John, Jr.

Irmgard Johns

Vincent C. Johns

John E. Johnson

John G. Johnson*

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W.


Robert E. Johnson

Forrest J. Johnston

Peter D. Johnstone

George G. Jones, Jr.

Gordon S. Jones

Lloyd Jones

Richard T. Jones

Thomas R. Jones, III

Wallace R. Jones

Wilbert C. Jones

Clyde W. and Eva G. Jordan

John M. Josephson

Mardie M. Juskalian, Jr.

Just Give

Timothy J. Juvenal

Cloyd L. Kaelin, II

Doris K. Kahmar

George W. and Elaine Kaiser

Stephen G. Kaiser

Carol A. Kalbach

W. Jack Kalins

Uldis Kalnins

Terry Kamerzel

James D. Kanell

Joseph D. Karmerze, Jr.

David E. Karper

John S. Kassees

Edward C. Kasten, Sr.

Paul Kaupe

Rebecca N. Kausch

Leo J. Kay, II

Timothy T. Keagle, Sr.

Robert Keegan, Jr.

Walter P. Keely, Jr.

Orwin Keeney

David E. Keesey

Arthur S. Keinert

Richard N. Kellenberger

Scott L. Kelley

Joseph C. Kellner

William J. Kelly, III

Edward C. Kemner

David R. Kemper

Mark G. Kendig

Kennard Dale High School

Stephan L. Kenee

Stephen L. Kenney

John M. Kerry

Robert L. Kessler

David H. Ketterer

William M. Keys

Keystone Service Systems, Inc.

John K. Kibler

Harry C. Killian

William E. Kimble

James E. Kincaid

Patti S. Kinder

Robert M. King

Robert W. Kinsley

Lazarus P. Kirifides

Alton R. and Doris S.


Richard J. Kirscht

Garvin R. Kissinger

Harold G. Kist

Howard L. Kitzmiller

Frederick H. Klaiss, Sr.

Neal B. Klimek

Amy S. Kline

Samuel L. and Yvonne Kline

William F. Kline

Albert B. Kling

Arthur Kling, Jr.

Austin C. Klopp

John E. Klopp

Brian D. Knapp

Robert B. Knepp

Robert W. Knight, III

Richard L. Knoebel

Hargis L. and Helen L.


George J. Knorr

George J. Knous

Paul E. Knuth, Jr.

Gregory Kobasa

Robert M. Koch

William A. Koch, III

Robert Kochersperger, Jr.

Donald A. Koehler

Emery J. Kohut

Garry E. Koppenhaver

Carol L. Korogi-Reeves

Robert L. Koser

Marian G. Kovacs

John Kozak

Dallas L. Krapf

James N. Krasnansky

Franklin Kratz

James R. Kratz

Ronald L. Kratz

J. David Kreiss

Edna M. Kruse

Juergen W. Kruse

Frederick C. Kublic

Donald J. Kugle

E. Thomas Kuhn, Jr.

Hazel W. Kulp

Raymond L. Kunkel, Jr.

Gerald R. Kunsman

Truman D. Kunsman

Anthony Kurdilla

Robert F. Kushnereit, Sr.

William R. Laatu



Barry Michael Ladd

Ladies Auxiliary Kensington-

Kadosh No. 54

Lancaster Lodge of Perfection

George F. Lance

Roy M. Landers

Gerald G. Lando

Land Preservation Trust

Judy Lansat

Frank V. Lantz

Charles R. Latimer

Jerry B. and Anne W. Lauer

Robert M. Lauman

Vance A. LaVanture

John P. Lazaro

Arnold H. Lazarus

Harold W. Leas

Mary Q. Leavitt

Jason E. LeBeau

Stephen C. Leer

Bruce L. Lehman, Jr.

Lee R. Lehman

Jeffrey M. Lehmann

Robert C. Leiby

Tara Leister

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Leitzel

Tracy Leja

Larry S. LeMaster

Richard E. Lenker, Jr.

Jay F. Leonard

John J. Lerch, IV

William G. Lerch

Frank R. Lerew, Jr.

Marie E. Lesher

John E. and Missy Letsch

Richard T. Levis, Jr.

Shirley K. Lewellen

Ivor F. Lewis

John H. and Carloyn C. Lewis, Jr.

Roger M. Lewis

Jerome W. Lewkowicz

Ted D. and Meg Lichtenwalner

Luther L. Lightcap, Sr.

John T. Lindberg

Leonard W. Lindh

Ernest E. Lingle

Gilbert F. Link, Jr.

David K. Lippiatt

Robert C. Lippy

Robert L. Little

D. Anita Littlewolf

David Lizzi, Sr.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems


Richard O. Loesel

Marlene Logan

Paul F. Lombardi

Robert I. Long

Ruth D. Long

Samuel B. Long, Jr.


Stephen W. Long

Harry K. and Doris K.


Mary Ann Loughin

Donald K. Lowe

Lee L. Lowry

James A. Luck

Treva R. Luck

Richard E. Ludwick

Edmund S. Ludwig

Harry C. Luebbe, Jr.

Eva Lulias

Sebastian A. Lupi

Jay H. Lutz

G. Alvin Lynn

Lewis M. Lynn, Sr.

Howard H. MacDougall

Gordon D. MacGregor

David E. MacIntyre

James S. Mackey

David C. MacLay, Jr.

Norman C. MacMath

John A. MacPhail

Roger A. Madigan

Richard F. Maffett

John C. Magnus

Richard B. Mahany

Anne Maher

Frank J. Malik

Daniel F. Malloy, Jr.

Robert C. Malot

Richard E. Mampe

Aaron Manderbach

Daniel Mandich

Manheim Veterans Memorial

Ambulance Association

Bernard Mann

John H. Mann

Matthew M. Mannherz, Jr.

Raymond M. Mannion

H. Martin Marietta

Clifford K. Mark

George S. Mark, Jr.

Robert S. Markley

Dale F. Marrison

Leland L. Marsh

Robert W. Marsh

John O. Marshall

Joseph L. Marshall

Barbara A. Martin

Betty L. Martin

Frances B. Martin

James J. Martin

James W. Martin

Richard A. Martin

William T. Martin, Jr.

John E. Martinson, II

Mary Conclave Knights of the

Red Cross of Constantine

Susan Masenheimer

George D. Mason

Masonic Homes Residents

Joseph M. Massey

Truman E. Mast

William P. Matesevac, Jr.

Reed A. Mathis

Wayne C. Mattern

Helen Mattson

John D. Matyasich

Michael P. Maugans

K. Fredrick Mauger

Albert L. Maxson

Michael S. Maxwell

Marvin L. May*

James D. Mayer

Duncan D. McArthur, Jr.

Robert H. McCague*

Warren B. and Joyce M. McCarty

Raymond D. McCleary

John F. McConnell

David A. McCormick

Marjorie A. McCracken

John McCraw

James C. and Ginny McCullough

Donald W. McCune

Calvin S. McCutcheon

Norwood A. McDaniel, Sr.

Bernard McDermott

Albert J. McDevitt, Jr.

Dale E. McDonald

Richard Robert McElwee

Austin E. McGrath, Jr.

Michael J. McGraw

Jon W. McHugh

William B. McIntyre, Jr.

Michael B. Mckee

Michael L. McKiernan

Robert E. McMullen

John J. McNey

Cathleen McVeigh

George E. Meckley

J. Franklin Meehan

Henry C. Meiss, III

George P. Meissner

Joseph S. Meizen

Robert R. and Judith A. Melisko

Helen D. Mercer

Donald W. Meredith

Stanley Merzanis

Anthony J. Messa

Edward M. Messner

Robert S. Metcalfe

David P. and Margaret P. Methlie

Charles D. and Jane R. Meyer

MI - KEE - TRO Employees

John T. Miles

Cindi Miller

David R. Miller

Dennis C. Miller

Donald J. Miller

Donald R. Miller

Emory P. Miller

George D. Miller

George H. Miller

Glenn D. Miller, II

Glenn L. Miller

Harvey J. Miller

Jeanne L. Miller

Richard A. Miller

Richard F. Miller, Jr.

Robert J. Miller, Jr.

Rodrick L. Miller

Ronald K. Miller

T. D. James Miller

Thomas F. Miller

Richard B. Millham, Sr.

Judith A. Millhouse

George A. Mitchell, Jr.

Paul Mitchell, Jr.

Gary S. Mohler

James Moir

Mary Moore

Robert W. Moore

Russell H. Moore, Jr.

Dennis V. Mordan

James R. Morgan

Marie A. Morgan

Richard A. Morledge

Steve C. Morreale

John E. Morris, IV

Perry A. Morse

Harry A. Moseley, Jr.

David T. Moser

Lester L. Moser, Sr.

Jeffrey S. Moyer*

Sidney C. Moyer

William R. Moyer, Jr.

William S. Moyer

Ralph F. Mueller, Jr.

Miles W. Muir

Frederick E. and Isabelle S.

Muller, Jr.

Emory C. Mullins, Jr.

John H. Mummert

Howard L. Mundorf

William F. Munz

Timothy J. Murphy

Mutual of America

Alice W. Myers

Jerry A. Myers

Joan Myers

Joseph F. Myers

Leon C. Myers, Jr.

John R. Nagel

Donald G. Nagle

Dennis R. Narehood

National Camping Travelers -

Penn West Chapter No. 23

Alan D. Naylor

Michael D. Needy

Dale R. Nelson, Sr.

Robert W. Nelson

Roger E. Nelson, Jr.

David B. Nemec

Richard M. Newberg

William L. Newpher

Roland M. Nichols, Jr.

Ronald E. Nickel

Gary W. Nickelson

Frank S. Nicodem

Leonard Niesenbaum

David A. Nimick

Lee B. Noble

Donald L. Nock

Myrl K. Noggle

Barry L. Noll

William M. Norris

Gabriel D. Novakovsky

Morris Novick

Dorothy L. Nye

Kenneth A. Nygard

Evelyn H. Nylund*

Helen A. Oakes

Debra J. O’Connel

James A. and Suzanne M.


Edward J. Oerman

Reginald J. Ohlson

Benjamin Olewine, III

James A. Oliver

Glenn W. Olsen

Jeffrey J. O’Malley

Clifford H. Ommert

John E. Orfetel, Sr.

Nancy L. Orn

Joyce L. Orris

Scott M. Orris

David P. Osborne

Diane C. O’Shea

George H. Ostermayer

Kenneth P. Overly

D. Alfred Owens

Harry L. Oyler, Sr.

Michael G. Oyler

PA Department of

Environmental Protection Staff

Paul S. Painter

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold D. Palmer

Bernardo Paratore

Earl M. Parker, Jr.

William Parker, Jr.

Robert H. Parkinson

Richard E. and Sylvia Parks

James V. Parmiter

Harry T. Parson, Jr.

Richard O. Partington

William W. Partridge, Jr.

Michael A. and Linda Paschal

Harry P. Passmore, Jr.

Cerene J. Paul

Jon E. Pauley

David R. Peach

Randall R. Peairs

Lewis A. Pearsall, Jr.

Pegs & Jokers Board Game


Richard L. Peifer

Rudolph Pellegrini

George C. Penrod

Paul M. Perlstein

Bonnie J. Perrone

M. Joan Pessano

Vicki Lynn Pessano

Ralph E. Peters

William W. Peters

Ricky L. Peterson

Patricia A. Petherbridge

Thomas W. Pfahler, Jr.

Edward P. Pfendner

Duane I. Phillips

James H. Phillips, Sr.

William F. Pieger

A. Duer Pierce, Jr.

William B. Plossl

John Plumb

Anne M. Plusch

Marlin L. Plymette

Ronald W. Podmilsak

James G. Pollock

Sherry Pollock

Donald D. Poorbaugh

Stanley E. Pope

Jack H. Port

William H. Port

Harry R. Porter

William B. Potts

Frederick C. Powell

Robert L. Prall, Jr.

Thomas O. Pratt

Evelyn E. Preiksat

Craig D. Press

Bernard D. Price

Edward P. Priebe

Roy L. Prince

William A. Prosser

Protection Services Inc.

PSECU - Call Center Staff

Russell T. Purdie

Ralph E. Purpur

Gary and Susan G. Pyles

Max Rabinovitz

Barbara L. Racki

Frederick E. Raco, Jr.

C. Kirk Radcliff, IV

Dorothy K. Radcliffe

William D. Radle

Richard L. Ramsay, Sr.

W. Chester Ramsay, III

J. Norman Ranck

Robert P. Randall

William E. Rathman

Duane D. Rausch

James A. Rawle, III

Priscilla Rayburn

Mark S. Rayne

Victor J. Reale

Richard B. and Nancy Reaney

Duane C. Redline

Josiah F. Reed, Jr.

Karl F. Reed

Samuel J. Reed

Thomas R. Reed

John S. Reese

Harold R. Reeser

Warren P. Reeves

Troy M. Regan

Marjorie Reid

Kenneth A. Reigle, Jr.

James M. Reilly

William M. Reilly

Richard A. Reisert

Stanley A. Reith

Donald J. Renn

Robert A. Renninger

Edward G. Renoll

Ronald R. Renshaw

Jay R. Reynolds

Robert J. Reynolds

John H. Rhein

Betty M. Rhoads

Herman S. Richard

John G. Richards

Jesse P. Richardson, Jr.

Kenneth W. Richman

Bruce Riddle

Edward M. Ridge

Edward A. Title

Leslie J. Riggall

Wendy Riggall

H. William Rineer

Jack D. Rininger

Milton A. Ripple

Howard F. Rissmiller

Frederick J. Ritter, III

Robert E. Roan

Almore G. Robb, Sr.

James R. Robb

Saul Robbins

Alfred S. Roberts

Donald F. Roberts

Eugene L. Roberts

George A. Roberts

Philip G. Roberts, Jr.

Dennis L. Robinson

Robert R. Robinson, Jr.

Robert R. Robinson

Carl C. Roddy, Jr.

Ronald R. Rodenbaugh, Sr.

Jena M. Root

Carl A. Rose

Richard E. Rose

Donald C. Roseth

George M. Roskos, III

Eleanor R. Ross

Joan C. Rotheram

James D. Rouke

Arthur and Shirley S. Rowley

Ronald W. Rudy

Barry L. Rugh

John E. Rusnack, Jr.

Jane B. Russell

Patricia G. Rust

Ronald B. Ruth

Albert G. Rutherford, II

Kenneth J. Ryan

Lynda G. Sahli

John L. Salley

Brian H. Sammis

Cornelia R. Sampson

Paul E. Sanderlin

Stephen B. Sandler

William J. and Kim L. Sands

Sartomer USA, LLC

Alan D. Saylor

Charles D. Saylor, Sr.

Charles W. Schaeffer

George B. Scheerbaum

Henry H. Schell

Robert C. Schellhamer

Arthur R. Schisler

William L. Schlegel

George F. Schmidt

Robert J. Schmitt

Carl F. Schmoyer, Jr.

Kenneth G. Schnabel

Schneider Electric

George R. Schollhamer

William C. and Nancy A.


Scott A. Schriner

John H. Schulte

Fredrick W. Schuster

Timothy L. Schwambach

Andrew S. Schwartz

Saul M. Schwartz

Beverly Schweitzer

Charles F. Schwender

James E. Scott, Sr.

Joseph E. Scott*

Samuel M. Scott

Dennis W. Scullion

Gerard R. Sealy

Curtis C. Seaman

John L. Seasholtz

Jane W. Segmiller

Randolph Seitter

Robert L. Seitzinger, Jr.

Harry T. Sell

Delbert E. Sellers



Sellersville Elementary School


Forrest L. Shadle

Frederic V. Shaefer

John R. Shaffer

Patricia M. Shaner

Patrick J. and Nellie E. Sharkitt

Keith E. Sharp

Peter G. Shaub

W. Richard Shearer

Larry C. Sheibley

Lloyd V. Sheipe

Marilyn E. Sheldon

Helen Shellehamer

Jess B. Shelley

Peter D. Sherwin

Douglas R. Shetron

Ernest G. Shetter

Susan K. Shildt

Mervin I. Shoaf

Robert M. Shope

Gary E. and JoAnna Shovlin

Edgar A. Shrader

Donald L. Shuler, Jr.

Helen M. Shumaker

James R. Sibel

Stephen and Carol Signore

George E. Silvers

William W. Simcox, Jr.

Paul F. Simington

George R. Simms

Ralph J. Simons

Raymond A. Simpson, Jr.

William W. Simpson

John R. Sinclair

Delbert L. and Fern E. Skinner

William Skumanich

Janet Y. Small

Kenneth F. Small

Arthur R. Smith

Brooks W. Smith

Donald E. Smith

Eugene R. Smith, Jr.

Fred J. Smith

Harry J. Smith

John C. Smith

Lance A. Smith

Larry W. Smith

Malcolm H. Smith

Oscar F. Smith, IV

Paul L. Smith

Robert L. Smith

Ronald M. Smith

Walter H. Smith, Jr.

Michael D. Smoker

William L. Smouse

Chester C. Snavely, Jr.

T. Richard Snedden

William F. Snider

Arlington A. Snyder


Donald L. Snyder

Erma A. Snyder

Ivan R. Snyder

Richard H. Snyder

Shirley A. Snyder

William R. Snyder

Robert J. Sobers

Joseph M. Sobeski

Melvin J. Sollenberger

Southampton Square Club

Arthur L. Sowers

John V. Spadacini

Tim W. Spahr

George W. Spalding

Speakman Financial Group

Bryan J. Spear

Special Singles

Chester W. Speidel

Bruce W. and Barb Spickler

Dana H. Spriggs

Robert D. Springer

Halvard A. Sproger

Thomas C. Stabley

Donald L. Stahl

James D. Stahl

Stanley P. Stahl

James F. Standish, Jr.

Kevin P. Staschiak

Mary J. Stauffer

Nellie D. Staver

Kenneth F. Steidel

Mathias F. Steiger

Robert S. Stein

Gerald Z. Steinberg

Seth B. Steinheiser

Richard J. Stemmler

John M. Stentz

Sammy A. Stephens

Thomas C. Stephens

William J. Stephens

William T. Stephens

Leonard W. and Barbara M. Stern

Margaret E. Stetler

Anne B. Stevens

Calvin W. Stevens

Scott A. Stevenson

William C. Stever

Charles E. Stewart

Rachele Stiffler

Donald O. Still

Robert K. Stine

Richard C. Stinsman

John Stipanovich, Jr.*

Paul O. Stoey

Carl F. Stoltz

Ronald M. Stoof

Charles W. Stopp

John Stott

William S. and Dorothy Stout

Wayne R. Strasbaugh

Paul R. Straw

George L. Strawn

Hamilton W. Strayer

Mary L. Strickland

William A. Strimple, Jr.

John F. Strong, III

Charles A. Strosnider

Frederick L. Stroup

Charles L. Strouphar, Sr.

Franklin H. Strouse

Hans L. Strube

Edward J. Stumm

Dale R. Stump

Paul R. Summers

David H. Summerville, Sr.

SunGard Availability Services

Reitzel O. Swaim, Jr.

John H. Swan

Stephen Swika, Jr.

Donald L. Swope

John H. Takash

John A. Talbitzer, Jr.

Ronald C. Tanner, Jr.

David M. Tatum

Heinz G. Taubenberger

John W. Taylor, Jr.

Richard E. Taylor

Robert W. Taylor

Russell H. Taylor

William R. Taylor, Jr.

Percy D. Teaford, Jr.

Brian E. Teaman*

Richard S. Thatcher

The Craftsman Club

The Glenmede Corporation,

Matching Gifts Program

The Snowflakes

Albert L. Thomas, Jr.

Donna N. Thomas

Harold D. Thomas, Jr.

Phyllis J. Thomas

James L. Thompson

Ralph W. Thompson

William A. Thorpe

Raymond E. Tisot

Edward A. Title, Sr.

Isabel C. Tompkins

John C. and Nancy B. Tondora

Doris Toomey

Hafid Touam

Edward E. Tourje

Richard C. Traugh

Johnny E. Tressler

Gary N. Trivelpiece

Terry P. Troxell

Earl P. Trygar, Sr.

John J. and Emily C. Tumolo, Jr.

Edmund A. Turnbull

Mary J. Turner

G. Henry Turrell, Jr.

Edward V. Twiggar, II

U. S. Family Foundation, Inc.

Sylvia M. Ulion

George W. Ullrich

Darlyn D. Unger

Frank R. and Virginia R.


Robert R. and Amy J. VanGulick

Suzanne Cull Van Metre

Kenneth W. Van Sickle

Joan Van Syoc

Joseph I. Vasile

Francis A. Vicente

Anthony F. Vitas

William J. Vohs

George M. Von Nieda

Thomas J. Von Nieda

Dorothy E. Vosburgh

Fredrick M. Waara

Betty W. Waetjen

George H. Wagner, Jr.

John J. Wagner

Susan E. Wagner

William J. Wahlsteen

James A. Wales

Mildred R. Walker

Joyce M. Wallis

Viola K. Walmer

Donald R. and Evelyn Walp

George R. Walter, Jr.

John A. Walter

Gerald H. Wampler

John H. Ware, IV

Glenn W. Warfel

Chad Warhold

William L. Warrick

Caryl T. Waters

Barry V. Watson

George A. Watson

James D. Watson

Ralph B. Watson, Jr.

Ronald E. Watson

Gordon J. Watt

Donald W. Weaver

John R. Weaver

Willard H. Weaver

William S. Weaver

Frederick W. Weber

Robert A. Weber

Robert T. Weed

Fred H. Wege, Jr.

Mark M. Wehr

Delton L. Weigle

I. Raymond Weigle

N. Bruce Weir

Herman J. Weiser, Jr.

Carl B. Weiss

Barry L. Welch

Gerald L. Weldon

H. William Welliver

Mary A. Welsh

Wayne P. Welshans

Barry E. Wenger

Noah W. Wenger

Ann Z. Wenrich

Robert W. Wentzel, Sr.

Leon Werb

Thomas M. Werner

Russell C. Wert

Western Pennsylvania


Eugene S. Wheeler

Robert C. Wheeler

Roger L. Wheeler

Lee N. Whitaker

Joel J. Whitcomb

Walter R. Whiteman

John H. Whittaker

Wilson W. Wickiser

Henry M. Wildasin

William C. Wilkes*

Carolyn C. Wilkins

Michael R. Willard

Dean A. Williams

Dean L. Williams

George L. Williams

Janice V. Williams

R. Richard Williams

Robert A. Williams

S. Joan Williams

Carl J. and Carol D. Willis

John S. Wilson

Mildred C. Wilson

Richard P. Wilson

W. William Winkler

Joseph O. Wintersteen

Michael A. Wisniewski

Donald E. Wissinger

William I. and Sandra Wittick, III

Susan D. Wolf

William T. and Cornelia Wolf

Paxton G. Wolfe

William F. Wolfe

Larry J. Wolford

Kenneth W. Womack

Clark W. Wooding

Jesse C. Woodring

John C. Worrell

Richard A. Worrell

Thomas J. Wratcher

Buddy J. Wright

R. Richard Wright, Jr.

Walter H. Wright, Jr.

Garson W. Wunderlich, III

Charles J. Wyberg

Howard R. Wykoff

George W. Yeackley

Ellis L. Yingling

Donald L. Yost

Lois B. Young

Philip W. Young

William A. Young

Charles E. Zarfos

Luther A. Zarfoss, II

David E. Zazworsky

James K. Zeaman

Charles M. Zell

Thomas R. Zern

Marcos A. Zerpa, Jr.

Richard A. Zick

William N. Zilch

Barry L. Zimmerman

C. Dennis Zimmerman

George E. Zimmerman, Jr.

George W. Zimmerman

Guy K. Zimmerman

Paul H. Zimmerman

Robert E. Zimmerman

Thomas F. Zimmerman

Charles H. Zinn

Charles L. Zion

Dennis M. Zubler



Richard W. and Jeannine E.


Donald L. Albert

James H. Albert, Jr.

David E. Albrecht

William M. Alden

John P. Ambrozates

Richard W. and Linda Armbrust

Carroll S. Arnold

William F. Ashe

William G. Atherholt

W. Allen Babel

Ronald L. Bamberger

Arlan D. Barkman

Jack L. Baumeister

Bradford E. Beadle

Donald T. Beecher

Kenneth D. Beene

Carl R. Beidleman

Willis K. Bennett

John V. Berry

Raymond R. and Jean L. Betz

Allan I. Binder

Alvin H. and Diane S. Blitz

M. Marion Blum

Nancy Bogert

Robert S. Bolinger

Carl S. Boselli

William C. Bradstreet

Donald L. Brainerd

Paul P. Bricknell

Delores J. Brosi

Sarah H. Brown

Norman A. Burger

David E. and Jane M. Cale

Charles T. and Carol E. Chew

Alethea M. Cloud

John L. Cole, Jr.

Michael G. Comfort

William B. Cook

Robert F. Cosgriff

David W. Cousins

Wilson B. Cramer

R. Thomas Croft

John R. Davidson

Robert W. Davies

Richard G. DeLong

Mark J. and Nancy Deputy

Marjorie B. Derbyshire

Richard H. Disque, II*

Donegal Area High Twelve

Club No. 686

Robert J. Donmoyer

Albert Dove

J. Allan Downing

Keith B. Doyle

Gary L. and Carol A. Dukeman

Lawrence R. and Rette Ebersole

Lewis G. Ebersole

Robert L. Eckbreth*

Donald L. Eckert

Robert W. and Patricia Edge

James H. Edsall

William E. Eggert

Frank E. Ehrenfeld, Jr.*

George S. Endslow

Margery B. H. English

John H. Enterline

Elmer Erdely, Jr.

Craig L. Erdman

Susan M. Ewing

Patricia A. Eyster

Joseph E. Fair*

Marc A. Falcinelli

Kenneth H. Faust

P. Thomas and Marilyn A.


Russel R. Fels

Brenda Appelgren Ferich

Richard L. Fernback

Alan J. Finlay

Charles J. Fisher

Timothy Fitzpatrick

Mary E. Flurie

Charles B. Foulkrod

Theodore W. Foust

Michael J. Frailey

Marlin B. Frankhouse

John R. Fry

John E. and Jean Fullerton, Jr.

B. Howard Fyock

Matthew W. Gallagher

Dean M. Gettemy

Norman and Elizabeth Gough

Lisa S. Gray

Robert B. Greer, III

Glen R. Grell

Charles W. Grimm

Owen H. Groff

Brian J. Haier

Henry E. Haller, Jr.

Clyde M. Hallett

Elaine W. Hammer

William L. Hammer

Kenneth R. Harms

Robert E. Hassler

John W. and Sara M. Haught

James R. Heckman

John D. and Lee H. Heile

Edgar H. Hendler

Duane P. Hepler

Margaret M. Hershberger

William F. Hertz

Judith A. Hess

Thomas F. Higgins

William P. and Esther E.


James A. Hill

B. Thomas Hipple

Lester W. Hoffman, Sr.

J. Larry and Joanne Hollinger

William Homisak

Thomas I. and Judith A. Host

Mary T. Howell

Eugene R. Hughes

Margaret J. Hurst

IBM Employee Services Center

Imagine Nation Books, LTD

Royce G. and Mary L. Imhoff

Gary L. Jacobs

Carl F. Jaymes

Michael J. Jenkins

Peter C. Karhoff

William J. Keeler, Sr.

Donald C. Kivler

Beatrice Klovsky

Mary Knox

Richard H. and Ruth M. Koch

Jack Koehler

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kook

Joseph W. Kovarick

Herbert Kramer

W. Donald D. Kreamer

Robert E. Kreider

William E. Kuebler

Samuel E. Kurtz

Earl W. Laney

Arlene R. Laubach

Carl W. Laubach

Walter B. Laubach, Jr.

Lemuel R. Lawson

Donald A. Lechleitner

Robert A. and Joanne C.


Ralph A. Lehman



Alvin L. and Mary H. Leisey, Jr.

Robert R. Lewis

Robert W. and Florabelle W.


Howard R. Lloyd, Sr.

Nathan M. Lutz

John K. Lyter

William F. and Angeline R.


James H. Maguire

Kirk C. Manchester

Domenic C. Marcellino

Donald E. March

William W. Marshall, Jr.

Herbert L. Marti

Elizabeth A. Martin

William J. Martin

Harry E. Martyn

Masonic Blood Donor Club

Masonic Village at Elizabethtown

Social Workers

Josephine E. Mayes

Lois A. Mc Millan

Jonathan K. McClure

Ann B. McFadden

Francis J. McGuigan

Ronald A. and Judy A. McKnight

Gene E. and Nancy T. McMillen

Barbara A. Melnyk

Donald L. Mershimer

Joyce F. Michelfelder

Thomas Q. Miller


Alfred Molin

George Montgomery

James A. Morrison

Robert M. and Mona S. Murray

Robert W. Murray

William W. Murschel

Edward W. Naegele, Jr.

Leonard C. and Mary Newman

Clair W. Noll

Mark R. and Kelly Nord

Nan R. Norris

Garold M. Oakes

Margaret M. Oberg

William R. Oberholtzer

Joseph B. O’Connor

Wayne B. Ohl

Virginia H. Orchard

Marjorie D. Owens

Arthur M. Painter, Jr.

Karl L. and Karen L. Parks and


Pennsylvania NCT

Preston R. Perkey

Ruth U. Pile

Dennis K. Plasha, Sr.*

Harold A. and Ida M. Queen

John R. and Louise E. Rapp


George T. Rauch

Mary S. Reader

George W. and Annabelle N.


J. Wesley Rineer

Jenny L. Rodger

Richard F. Romig

David R. Schad

Esther L. Scheuermann

F. Dale Schoeneman, III

Gerald R. and Madeline M.


Marylou Shallcross

Gary L. Sharp

Herbert S. Shear

Barbara W. Shelley

Judith A. Shelley

Owen F. Sheppard, Jr.

Peter Sklikas

Frederick H. Smedley

Charles L. Smith

Ruth I. Smith

Steven Smolenak

Michael D. Smoluk

John P. Smuck

William E. Smythe

Erica C. Sopp

Phyllis E. Speicher

Randall W. Spriggle

William H. and Shaun Stanert

Richard L. Stare

Clinton J. Starkey

Adrienne M. Staudemayer

John F. Steiner

William C. and Carol A.

Stevenson, Sr.

Steven N. Stitzer

Helen A. Stone

Granville S. Strachan, Jr.

Ricky L. Swalm

Samuel M. and Dianne M.


Troy L. Teal

George A. Thomas

James M. and Cheryl Thompson

Merrill C. Thrush

Patricia Toomey

Edward S. Topper

Robert M. Troxell

Samuel J. Turn

Edward M. Vasoli

Raymond A. and Geraldine A.


Mary Emily Vint

Matthew B. Volovnik

Gerald D. and Patricia A. Wagner

Robert J. Wagner

Frank M. Walter

William H. Walter

Elvin M. and Leatrice A. Warner, Jr.

Norman E. Weiss, Sr.

Charles Werner

Harry B. West

Robert E. Wetzel

Harold J. Whartnaby

Robert W. and Evelyn G.


Leon V. Whipple

Beverly A. White

Walter A. Wickey

Marjorie E. Williams

Thomas R. Williams*

Thomas A. Wilson

Warren W. Wilson

Lois H. Witmer

Wilbur E. Wolf, III

John E. Wolgemuth

Harry A. Woods

Gerald L. Woolcock

Alan B. Yeakel

Jane L. Ziegler

Allan A. Zimmerman*

William E. Zinkel




7th Masonic District

15th Masonic District

18th Masonic District

Paul E. and Susan Allen

Charles J. and Marie V. Andrews

Nancy L. Armitage

Donald O. Bachman

Gerald R. and Rose Baer

Raymond G. Bagley, Jr.

D. Jean Barton

Jeff A. and Susan Biddle

Jane Binley

Mary L. Bishop

Wilkerson “Bill” and Isabelle


Paul F. Braun

Joseph E. and Wendy Bryan

Kenneth E. Burkholder

Daniel G. Cairns

Donald L. Carmichael

Robert R. and Rosemarie


Gregory S. Caskey

A. Kathlene Coe

Milton E. Coll

Joseph G. Cook

Louise H. Cook

Elsie R. Corlett

Coslett Foundation

Edward W. Coslett, Jr.

David W. Cousins

David and Clara Cranmer

Kenneth Curtis

CWP Industries, Inc.

Dieter G. Dauber

John R. Davidson

Hilda Deibert

Helen M. Delbridge

Chester A. and Barbara Derk, Jr.

Jonathan B. Detwiler

Robert T. Dudley

F. Albert Ely

William L. Emick, Jr.

Donald B. Engle

Nancy J. Evans

Ken E. Farabee

Howard C. Faust

Kenneth G. Fessler

Joseph M. Fisher

William S. Fisher

Henry R. and Martha S. Gally

Wayne M. Garafola

Raymond T. George

Robert C. and Josephine Glunt

Doris M. Gotsch

Mary C. Graefe

Grand Council of Royal and

Select Master Masons

Anne B. Gray

Marian L. Greenawalt

Helen D. Gregg

Robert G. and Margie Gregoire

Frank and Ruth Hall, Jr.

Philip J. Hassinger, Jr.

Frank W. and Alice Haven

Paul R. Heckman

John P. Held

Mary B. Henneman

Benjamin P. Herman

S. Eugene and Sally Herritt

Joel H. Hersh

S. Richard Hillegas

Kathryn Hitz

William C. and Phyllis B.


David L. Hollinger

H. Leonard and Jean F.

Holmquist, Jr.

Carol C. Howard

Bruce E. Howarth

Elizabeth B. Howe

Jeffrey E. Hoyt

Evelyn Hunter-Longdon

Carl K. Hutchison

Jack Gillmore Memorial


J. Charles Johnson

Leroy A. Johnson, Jr.

Lyle D. Johnson

Noble P. and Althea M. Johnson

William T. Johnson

John William and Gail P. Jones

Shirley Jones

JP Morgan Chase Bank - WSS

William H. and Judith

Kauffman, Jr.

Gerald E. and Patricia A.


Russell J. Kolmus

William H. Kraemer

Millard L. Kroh, II

Joy M. Laube

Patricia Lebegern

Gene O. and Frances R. Light

Richard J. and Dorothy Lower

Lowther Manor Golf


Ann M. Lucas

G. Ronald MacDonald

Elona A. MacMath

Alan T. Male

Earl B. Markley

Masonic Eastern Star Home -

East, Activities Department

Masonic Homes Patton School

Alumni Association

Jack W. Marsh

Donald H. and Jane A.

Masters, Sr.

Gregg D. McBride, Jr.

William L. McCarrier

Abram J. McClune

James R. McDaniel, Sr.

Joseph E. and Jeanne McIntyre, Sr.

Connie M. McKee

Donald A. McMillan

Virginia McMullan

Alyce W. Meienberg

A. Lucille Meissner

Donald E. Menear

Donald C. Meyers

Microsoft Matching Gift


Bruce C. Miller

Glenn L. and Jane Miller

Albert R. Minnich

Donald B. Morgan

Linda B. Muller

W. Scott Muller

Mary A. Murphy

Sarah B. Nace

Edward D. Neifeld

James G. and Doris M.


Chris O’Donnell

Samuel A. Ott, III

Betty Patton

Betty A. Platt

Betsy Plume and Kenneth


Robert A. Poxon

William J. and Kathy W.


Edith M. Raup

Richard M. Reber

Richard Whiteside Charity


Paul E. Reichart

Dorothy E. Reifsnyder

James R. Rodisch

Ruth A. Rowley

Royal Arch Chapter No. 3

Ronald H. Sadd

Henry D. Sahakian

Arthur J. Schlemmer

E. Doris Schmidt

William G. Schossow, Jr.

Reed Schroeder

A. Henry Schwab

Evelyn S. Seekamp

Joan Seiders

Henry H. and Kay E. Sheetz

Barbara E. Shields

Elvin F. Silvius

Donald E. Smith

George and Dorothy Stefanco

Donald L. Stefl

Ernest Steinmeyer

Supreme Forest T.C.L.

Carl L. Swope

Irene Takacs

The Jonas Daniel and Helen

Laura Moyer Fund of the

Lutheran Community


Brent L. and Arlene Thomas

David A. Thompson

John T. Vanyo

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Vogel

Donald A. Wagner

Walter L. Schautz Foundation

Morton A. Weiman

Edward O. and Barbara


Don M. White

James W. White

Gary A. Whitehead*

John N. Wilson, Jr.

Victor R. Zack, Jr.


$1,000 and up


7th Masonic District School of


18th Masonic District School of


John E. and Audell M. Adams, Jr.

George Aivaliotis

Elizabeth B. Allyn

Anthony and Linda Ambrose

Mary J. Anderson

Suzanne E. Anderson

Ronald A. and Norma J.

Aungst, Sr.

Walter Balliet

Raymond W. and Lois Barber

Joseph M. and Elizabeth A.


Rita H. Barty

Perry C. Bates

Martin H. and Gabriele M.


Benjamin Franklin Consistory

32nd Degree, A.A.S.R.

James M. and Helen L. Berry, Sr.

Edward H. and Patricia D.


Joyce N. Billetdeaux

Kenneth W. and Elaine K.


Robert S. Blum

Herbert M. Bohner

Donald E. Bower

Clarence A. Brockman

Jay Brossman and Sarah A.


Austin C. Brown, Jr.

Stuart L. and Barbara G. Brown

J. Kenneth and Pamela K.


Harold J. and Jill E. Bucks

Marcella B. Burgess

Dorothy F. Burket

Calamos Advisors, LLC

Dorothy R. Carpenter

Robert G. and T. LaVerne

Cathcart, Jr.

Causeway Capital Management,


Chester County Consistory

Club, Valley of Reading

Henry C. Chmielefski

Henry A. Clay

Nancy M. Cline

Althea M. Cloud

Commonwealth Caterers, Inc.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Department of Health

George H. Cox

Mason A. and Joy Crawford

H. Lawrence and Wendy H.

Culp, Jr.

Marvin A. and Rosalie M.

Cunningham, Sr.

Ralph C. and Elizabeth J. Davis

William C. and Susan L. Davis, Jr.

Scott Davison

Mary Dearden

Joan M. Dellinger

Frederick G. and Jean Dent

Raymond J. DeRaymond, Sr.

Ronald F. Deuel

Wayne L. Dietrich

Galen E. and Nancy Dreibelbis

Carl V. Dreisbach, Jr.

George M. Dyson, Jr.

Joseph E. and Dorothy E.


Tommy F. Eckle

Bob Edwards, Sr. and Helen P.


Frank W. Eiler

Ruth H. Eissler

EQT Corporation - HQ

Joel L. Farwell

Lillian E. Fausnacht

Benjamin G. Fay

John H. Fey

Carl R. and Arlene Flohr

Alfred E. and Patricia A.


Lois L. Foreman

Robert C. and Marilyn D.


Evelyn W. Fowler

Norman A. Fox

Oscar E. Fox

Fraser Advanced Information


William L. Frederick, Sr.

Charles A. Garnes

Vicki L. Gillmore

Gladden E. and Eleanor L.


George E. Ginther

Robert T. Girling

Thomas E. and Loraine G.


Goldman, Sachs & Company

Marge Goode

Larry V. and Sylvia F. Goodling

William F. and Anna

Gottschalk, Jr.

Gourgas Lodge of Perfection

The Valley of Pittsburgh,


Grand Court Order of the


Grand Guardian Council of

Pennsylvania, IOJD

David E. and Betty L. Gratz

J. Roger and Anne K. Gratz

Betty Greenfield

Jeanne E. Grosnick

Jewel N. Grote

Merle B. Growden

Harvey E. and Carol P. Gumto

Mark A. and Karen L. Haines

Leland A. Hale, Jr.

Happy Hour Group



Harold Greaney Charitable Trust

of the Perry Community

Foundation, a Regional

Foundation of the Foundation

for Enhancing Communities

Margaret R. Headland

Healing Touch Worldwide

Foundation, Inc.

Eleanor M. Heinz

Sterling P. and Joanne Hepler

Herbert Groskin Foundation

Georgianna S. Herdman

Doris A. Herr

Earl P. and Rita H. Herting

Deane W. Hillegass

Robert C. Hinkle

Hiram’s Riders Valley of


Wendell Hobbs, Jr.

Kerry Hogg

George H. Hohenshildt

Holleran Group

Robert L. Holliday

Richard A. Holt

E. Dale and Chris C. Hornberger

Norma M. Hoster*

George W. and Ina R. Jacobs

Betty Lou Jordan

Richard E. and JoAnn K. Keller

Kathryn E. Kelley

Anna L. Kendig

Frederick and Marjorie Kepner

C. Wilson and Patricia D. Kile, Jr.

Blanche I. Kinch

Mary Anne Klemkosky

Frederick N. and Theresa Koehler

Baird P. and Marion H. Krecker

Joan W. Kuch

William L. Kunkel

Glenn R. and Barbara J.


Charles R. Lefever

Lehigh Consistory, A.A.S.R.

L. Sherwood and Britta


William R. and Edwina S. Letcher

Brad W. and Sharleen Levin

Julia E. Linn

Betty Jane Loffelhardt

Raymond J. Loichinger

Walter Lowman

Lowther Manor Lodge Car Show

James W. and Kitty A. Maiden

Horace L. and Prudence Mann

Lois L. Manton

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C.


Judy and Larry S. Marcus

Harry M. Markley

Marvin M. and Hannah H.

Wedeen Fund of the Cornell

University Foundation


Mary Commandery No. 36 K.T.

of Pennsylvania

Ned A. and Phyllis B.


Masonic Charity Golf

Tournament - Central

Masonic Charity Golf

Tournament - East

Masonic Village Travel Club

L. F. McArthur

Lisa M. McBride

James J. McCall

Lois V. McDevitt

George F. McGrory

David J. McIlhenny

Betty W. McMurtrie

Florence Y. Methlie

George and Marian L. Metroka

Metropolitan West Capital

Management, LLC

Mill Creek Capital Advisors, LLC

Dean R. and Brenda L. Miller

George E. Miller

Larry D. Miller

Linda L. Miller

Louis D. and Sophia T. Miller

Tracy H. and Sandra J. Miller, III

John W. and Ethel B. Milroy, Jr.

Harry A. and Verna S. Minehart

William A. and Marlene F. Moisey

Caroll L. Montgomery

Walter L. Moore, Jr.

G. Edward and Rowena H.


Margaret E. Morris

Francis K. Moyer

Joseph E. and Barbara A. Murphy

Richard F. Muth

William E. Myers

National Investment Services, Inc.

Jane M. Newcomer

Ronald L. Nicarry

Roger A. Nickol

Eugene A. Nixdorf

Clyde L. Noel

William A. and Carol H. Northey

Robert C. Oberman, Jr.

Eleanor Oliver

Douglas L. and Helen P. Orre

Outsell, LLC

G. Marie Painter*

Fern B. Raff Pfister

John L. Philips

Robert S. and Alice S. Pinnock

Frank W. Podrebarac

Thomas W. Price, Jr.

Joseph W. Raffensberger

Evelyn P. Rapp

Red Lion Square Club

Reese, Lower, Patrick and Scott,


Robert W. Reichard

James L. Ressler

Retirement Living Craft Group

Retirement Living Residents’


Rick Thomas Ceramics

Carroll E. and Mae B. Rickert

Stephen Rituper, Jr.

Thomas H. and Jeanette


Bruce A. Robinson

Raymond G. Roeder*

Rooster’s Woodworking Shop

M. Jean Rowan

William M. Ryan

St. John’s Commandery No. 4

Frederick P. and Mary Jane


John S. Savickas

Gregory M. Schaeffer

Margaret Schleissner

Donald E. and Helen I. Schmick

Herbert A. Schmidt*

Bruce B. and Thelma J.


John E. and Beverly J.


Helen Schuster

Shafer Family Charitable Trust


Clair D. and Jeannette P. Shearer

Richard E. and Mary Ellen K.


J. Jack and Grace S. Sherman

C. Edwin Shields

Eleanor A. Shumaker

Julia L. Siipple

Matthew L. Silfies

Joseph W. and Judith A. Simon

Ralph E. and Linda Simpson, Jr.

David Sims

B. Jane Smith

Earl J. and Blanche D. Smith

Ewing E. Smith and Barbara A.


Jay W. and Nancy Smith

Karl H. Smith, Sr.

Family of Wib Snyder

Donald T. and Sally S. Sowden

Floyd R. and Carolyn G. Sowers

Dennis J. Staley

James W. and Frances Stark

Vance E. Steadman

James L. and Jean M. Steely

Claudia J. Stephens

John C. and Phyllis E. Stevens

Francis D. Stillman, Jr.

Mary L. Stock

Catherine M. Taylor

Edward A. and Anne N. Tessaro

The Breidegam Family


The Hayes Foundation

The Seligsohn Foundation

The Temple Masonic School of


Theodore R. & Lillian S.

Helmbold Fund of

the Pittsburgh Foundation

William A. Thomas

Raymond E. and Annette M.


Helen L. Treloar

C. DeForrest Trexler

George L. and Joan D. Turns, Jr.

Ruth E. Turpin

Robert E. and Joyce L. Umbaugh

William H. Underwood, III

A. Preston and Brenda L.

Van Deursen

Debra J. Vanek

Stanley L. and Arlene Shover

Von Nieda

Erma L. Walton

Carl A. and Jacqueline Walz

Janice M. Warfel

Drew W. and Frances G.


Rose D. Weiss

William W. Weisser

Allen E. and Nancy E. Wenrich

James T. Wenrich

Arthur J. and Dorothy G. Wert

Carl E. and Neda Mae Wert

Joanne D. Westafer

Widows Sons Masonic Riders -

PA Mystic Riders

William E. C. and Mary Dearden


William Slater II Master Mason’s


Darrell B. Williams

Irvin and Mary L. Witmer, Jr.

Carol L. Wolf

Jeffrey M. Wonderling

Donald S. Wood

Simon L. Zimmerman

Lodges $100-249.99

Arbutus Lodge No. 611

Argyle Lodge No. 540

Bluestone Lodge No. 338

Boyertown Lodge No. 741

Butler Lodge No. 272

Canawacta Lodge No. 360

Carbon Lodge No. 242

Covenant Lodge No. 473

Cressona Lodge No. 222

Cumberland Star Lodge No. 197

Elk Lodge No. 379

Emmaus Lodge No. 792

Factoryville Lodge No. 341

Fayette Lodge No. 228

Freedom Lodge No. 328

Harford Lodge No. 445

Harry A. Houseman Lodge

No. 717

Hazle Azalea Fellowship Lodge

No. 327

Hebron Lodge No. 575

Henry M. Phillips Lodge No. 337

Herndon Lodge No. 702

Hiram Lodge No. 616

Indiana - Franklin Lodge No. 313

John A. Brashear Lodge No. 743

John E. Mair Lodge No. 729

Lake Erie Lodge No. 347

Lodge No. 126

Lodge of the Craft - Westminster

Lodge No. 433

Logan Lodge No. 490

Monaca-Center Lodge No. 791

Mount Hermon Lodge No. 472

Mount Zion Lodge No. 774

Mountain Lodge No. 281

Mozart Lodge No. 436

Nanticoke Lodge No. 541

Newtown Lodge No. 427

Nicholson Lodge No. 438

Olive Temple Lodge No. 557

Pen Argyl Lodge No. 594

Perkiomen Lodge No. 595

Pocono Lodge No. 780

Prosperity Lodge No. 567

Schuylkill Lodge No. 138

Seneca Lodge No. 805

Shenango Valley Lodge No. 810

Shidle Lodge No. 601

Skerrett Lodge No. 343

Slatington Lodge No. 440

Sunset Lodge No. 623

Tamaqua Lodge No. 238

Temple Lodge No. 248

Tennis Lodge No. 371

Tyrone Lodge No. 494

Valley Lodge No. 459

Warren Lodge No. 240

Washington Lodge No. 156

Western Star Lodge No. 304

Whitfield Lodge No. 622

William H. Miller Lodge No. 769

Lodges $250-499.99

Armstrong Lodge No. 239

Bellefonte Lodge No. 268

Brownstone Lodge No. 666

Claysville Lodge No. 447

Concord Lodge No. 625

Doric Lodge No. 630

Good Samaritan Lodge No. 336

Hackenburg Mount Moriah

Lodge No. 19

Harrisburg Lodge No. 629

Howell Lodge No. 405

Juniata Lodge No. 282

Laurel Lodge No. 467

Lehighton Lodge No. 621

Manheim Lodge No. 587

Manoquesy Lodge No. 413

Marion Lodge No. 562

Meridian Lodge No. 411

Mount Moriah Lodge No. 300

Oakdale Lodge No. 669

Orrstown Lodge No. 262

Porter Lodge No. 284

Red Lion Lodge No. 649

Shrewsbury Lodge No. 423

Warren Lodge No. 310

Waymart Lodge No. 542

West Shore Lodge No. 681

William S. Snyder Lodge

No. 756

Woodbury Lodge No. 539

Lodges $500-999.99

Apollo Lodge No. 437

Ashara - Casiphia Lodge

No. 551

Charles M. Howell Lodge

No. 496

Clarion Lodge No. 277

Dallas Lodge No. 231

Dietrick Lamade Lodge No. 755

Doylestown Lodge No. 245

Ephrata Lodge No. 665

Forbes Trail Lodge No. 783

Isaac Hiester Lodge No. 660

Kedron Lodge No. 389

LaFayette Lodge No. 652

Lamberton Lodge No. 476

Lodge No. 43

Lodge No. 61

MacCalla Lodge No. 596

McKinley-Stuckrath Lodge

No. 318

Mitchell Lodge No. 296

Ossea Lodge No. 317

Philanthropy Lodge No. 225

Richmond Lodge No. 230

Southampton-Radiant Star

Lodge No. 806

St. John’s Lodge No. 435

Tyrian Lodge No. 644

Union Lodge No. 108

Westmoreland Lodge No. 518

Lodges $1,000 and up

Abraham C. Treichler Lodge

No. 682

Ashlar Lodge No. 570

Athelstan Lodge No. 482

Bethel Lodge No. 789

Brownsville Lodge No. 60

Chartiers Lodge No. 297

Columbia Lodge No. 91

Columbia Lodge No. 286

Concordia Lodge No. 67

Duquesne - McKeesport Lodge

No. 731

Equity Lodge No. 591

Eulalia Lodge No. 342

Fernwood Lodge No. 543

George Bartram - Paul Sand

Lodge No. 298

Grove City Lodge No. 603

Hermann-Humboldt Lodge

No. 125

Infinity Lodge No. 546

Jerusalem Lodge

King Solomon’s Lodge No. 346

La Belle Vallee Lodge No. 232

Ligonier Lodge No. 331

Lodge No. 2

Lodge No. 9

Lodge No. 106

Loyalhanna Lodge No. 275

Penn Brotherhood Lodge

No. 635

Perseverance Lodge No. 21

Philadelphia-Potter Lodge

No. 72

Pilgrim Lodge No. 712

Plum Creek-Monroeville Lodge

No. 799

Pollock Lodge No. 502

Richard Vaux-Ivanhoe Lodge

No. 384

Robert Burns Lodge No. 464

Roman Lodge No. 418

Shekinah Lodge No. 246

Solomon’s Lodge No. 3

St. Alban Lodge No. 529

Teutonia Lodge No. 367

Thomas R. Patton Lodge

No. 659

University Lodge No. 51

Washington Lodge No. 59

William Penn Harmony Lodge

No. 52

Williamson Lodge No. 307

Williamson-Corinthian Lodge

No. 368

Zeredatha Lodge No. 451

Order of the Eastern Star

Chapters $100-249.99

Elizabethtown Chapter No. 407,


Friendship Chapter No. 551, O.E.S.

Naomi Chapter No. 55, O.E.S.

Chapters $250-499.99

Delaware County Home

Auxiliary, O.E.S.

Delphi Chapter No. 65, O.E.S.

Jeannette Chapter No. 69, O.E.S.

Morning Light Chapter No. 312,


Chapters $1,000 and up

Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania,

Order of Eastern Star, Inc.

Listed below are individuals who made a provision in their Will to leave part of their estate to one of the Masonic Charities and whose

generous contributions were received in 2011.

Leone Adams

Adam J. Althouse

Howard F. Althouse

E. Ruth Bailey

Annamae D. Berhalter

Joseph C. Burke

Clifford Capindale

Janice D. Cooley

Sophia S. Crawford

J. Metz Cunningham

William J. Dicus

William J. Durst Sr.

William Ehrhart

Jack B. Estep

Frederick L. Ettline

Harry B. Fleck

Elizabeth K. Frederick

Charles and Mary Gerwig

Roswell M. Gillett

Ruth N. Greaser

Miles K. Gunzenhauser

Helen Watkins Hannum

Joseph W. Heimbach

Elsie Hoetzel

Glenn P. Hoffman

Joyce C. Ilgen

L. Paul Ilgen, Jr.

Leone M. Johnston

Alexander Kaminsky

Howard H. Kessler

Arlene B. Kistler

Joseph H. Leeke

Mary Arden Leeke

Benjamin Fryer Littlefield

Margaret Manthei-Cox

Dorothy K. McConnaughey

Lois R. McKelvey

Anna O. Miller

Elwood K. Miller

Helen V. Miller

Katherine L. Nash

Eugene S. Netsky

Vincent J. Pasquarello

Ralph L. Printz

Edith M. Richardson

William H. Roberts

Adele E. Schmidt

Gladys D. Shaffer


Lela Slingluff

Elmer G. and Elizabeth P.


Mary M. Smith

Melvin S. Spiegel

Norman H. Stine

John J. Thomas

Stewart F. Titus

Frances E. Wagner

Daniel L. Weller

Mitchell Withrow



Ralph W. Adams

David A. Adams

Henry J. (Hank) Allyn

Elizabeth B. Allyn

Kathleen “Kitty” Ambrozates

John P. Ambrozates

Doris G. Anderson

John J. Tumolo, Jr.

Catherine A. Anstine

Roland C. Anstine

John F. Antkowiak

June P. Antkowiak

Alvin E. and Donna M. Baker

Gardner Pie Company

Francis W. Armitage

Nancy L. Armitage

William K. Arnold

Marjorie O. Arnold

Bonita R. Ashe

William F. Ashe

Alfred Asheuer

Alfred M. Asheuer

Anna B. Austin

Franklin B. Austin, Jr.

James Axiom

William W. Marshall, Jr.

Pheobe J. Babel

W. Allen Babel

Burnetta M. Bailey

William A. Bailey

Julia E. Baker

Lynne Brown

John E. Barber

Raymond W. Barber

Allen Barnard

Thomas I. Barnard, Sr.

James D. Barty

Rita H. Barty

Robert L. Bassler, Sr.

Robert L. Bassler, Jr.

Geraldine Baumeister

Jack L. Baumeister

Lewis F. Beard

John F. Beard

Charles R. Beckman

Elizabeth Beckman

Dorothy E. Beckstrom

Linda S. Intihar

Erla M. Beddow

Hugh F. Beddow

Gabriel Bennetch

Sheila Hardin

Terry D. Bentzel

Patricia A. Eyster


MeMorial Gifts

Listed are memorial gifts of $100 or more made in memory of one individual (name shown in gold).

Elvira Berry

James M. Berry, Sr.

Ruth K. Best

Paulette Baxendale

Barry R. and Denise C. Jackson

Linda B. Muller

Samuel M. and Dianna M.


Margaret Hanns Biddle

Robin D. Ferrari

Edward C. Biehl, Jr.

William W. Biehl

William W. Biehl

Harold F. Biehl

Harold E. Billet

Frederick L. Stroup

Edward V. Bishop, Jr.

Mary L. Bishop

Dorothy Bixler

Keith Bixler

Mrs. Gene L. Black

Richard H. and Ruth M. Koch

Albert L. Blackman

Mary E. Blackman

Arlington M. Boger

Raymond J. DeRaymond, Sr.

Evelyn J. Boileau

Florence E. Burian

City of Bowie, MD - Council

and Staff

Nell S. Bolinger

Robert S. Bolinger

Mrs. Bolland

James D. Mayer

Errol Q. Bond

Madeline E. Bond

Wilkerson “Bill” Boone

Pegs & Jokers Board Game Group

Yvonne E. Bosserman

Clarence L. Bosserman, Jr.

David Botts

Masonic Homes Residents

Clyde and Edna Mae Bower

Donald E. Bower

Glenn E. Bowers

Bruce C. Miller and Family

William A. Bowman

George J. Knous

Horace H. Brachman

Edith M. Brachman

Elizabeth J. Brimmer

William R. Brimmer, Sr.

David Austin and Laura Mae


Austin C. Brown, Jr.

Thelma M. Brown

Leonard W. and Barbara M.


William A. Brown

Kenneth F. Small

David C. Bryan

Frederick G. and Jean Dent

Edward G. Bryant

Ethel F. Bryant

James S. Bryner, Sr.

Land Preservation Trust

Thomas H. Burgess

Marcella B. Burgess

Francis A. Burkett

Grace E. Burkett

Lillian Cairns

Daniel G. Cairns

Thomas C. Campbell

Shirley C. Campbell

Christopher N. Campos

John E. Campos

Petey Carlson

Deane W. Hillegass

William A. Carpenter

Dorothy R. Carpenter

Betty I. Carr

Thomas J. Von Nieda

Janet T. Chambers

Eleanor R. Ross

Ann P. Charles

Retirement Living Craft Group

Muriel M. Christmann

Ernest and Ann Baxa, Jr.

Jody L. Clark

Hans C. P. Chun

Jack C. Chun

Charles W. Clark

Charles F. Clark

Howard A. Clark

James H. Clark

Jane Lightheiser Clawser

Joy Crawford

Robert T. Clough

Dale H. Haller

William L. Cody

James C. and Virginia


Anna Rose Coll

Milton E. Coll

Marion B. Colley

Joan Myers

Edward “Ed” Fay Collins

George W. and Elaine Kaiser

Harold S. Cook

Louise H. Cook

Lorraine M. Cook

MI - KEE - TRO Employees

Nevin V. Cooley

Adeline R. Browning

Cerrado Abstract, LLC

S. Dale High

High Company LLC

Patrick J. and Nellie E. Sharkitt

Anna H. Cornell

Walter P. Cornell

S. Cameron Corson

David F. Corson

Jack Costello

William E. Zinkel

William T. and Nancy

Costello, Sr.

William T. Costello, Jr.

Pete Costiga

James M. Costigan

Donald W. Cox

Janet F. Cox

Walter H. Cramer

Wilson B. Cramer

David W. Crane

Joseph W. Kovarick

Gladys Croumer

Vicki L. Gillmore

Donald G. Davidson

William C. and Nancy H.


Charles E. Davies

Robert W. Davies

Udean Davis

Biology Department of

Elizabethtown College

William C. and Mary M.


William C. and Susan Davis, Jr.

William E. Dearden

Mary Dearden

Deceased Members

Masonic Homes Patton

School Alumni Association

Marion Decker Ziegler

Jane L. Ziegler

Jacob DeHoff

William H. Walter

Marian E. Derk

Chester A. Derk, Jr.

Dorothy Dierking

Paul E. and Susan Allen

Mary Kathryn Dietrich

Thomas H. Crawford

Anthony DiMatteo

Francis V. Florentine

Kent W. Dixon

Joanne D. Westafer

Kenneth B. Dotter

Kevin K. Dotter

W. David Douglass

Ricky L. Swalm

Marie E. Dudley

Robert T. Dudley

Donald Duncan

George A. Mitchell, Jr.

Sandra J. Duvall

Gerald E. Duvall

Walter F. Dyer

George W. Ullrich

LeRoy D. Eberly

Nancy L. Eberly

Linda H. Ebertshauser

William J. Ebertshauser

Lee Eck

Edmund S. Ludwig

Norman C. Eckard, Jr.

Norman C. Eckard, Sr.

Edna Mae Edsall

James H. Edsall

Les and Mary Ehringer

Toni L. Drabant

James L. Ellis, Sr.

Philip L. and Janet Calhoun

Ruth M. Bushong Ely

F. Albert Ely

Lillian Emery

Robert T. Emery, Sr.

Nancy J. England

Robert M. England

Irvin M. Engle

Joseph S. Meizen

Howard R. Engles

Doris D. Engles

James T. English

Margery B. H. English

Marjorie A. Enterline

John H. Enterline

A. Lucille Meissner

George P. Meissner

Ralph Erickson

L. Sherwood and Britta


Jimmie G. Erwin

Jimmie G. Erwin, Jr.

Lester A. Everett

Travis C. Everett

Owen F. Eyler

William Skumanich

Arthur R. Fausnacht

Lillian S. Fausnacht

Raymond J. Ferraro

Robert H. Parkinson

Herman Finberg

Max Rabinovitz

Roy Arnold Fink

Kenneth R. Harms

Schneider Electric

William T. and Cornelia Wolf

Harry L. and Dorothy B. Fisher

William S. Fisher

Ruby Jane Fisher

Joseph M. Fisher

Five Deceased Members

Shrewsbury Lodge No. 423

Robert John and Loraine N.


Robert James Fletcher

Clara Flosser

H. William Rineer

Philip M. Flowers

Barbara E. Shields

Maurice E. “Bud” Flurie

Mary E. Flurie

Herbert S. Ford

Mark M. Ford

Eileen E. Fox

Charles R. Hazelwood, Jr.

Nancy J. Fox

Raymond W. Barber

William H. Fox

Bradford E. Beadle

Ruth L. Franks

Donald R. and Evelyn Walp

Charles E. and Ruth B.


Nancy Bogert

Robert S. Frick, Jr.

Michael S. Frick

Andrew O. Friedrich

Andrew E. Friedrich

L. Marie Fry

Connie M. McKee

Elaine H. Furhman

William I. and Sandra J.

Wittick, III

Maxine A. Fyock

B. Howard Fyock

Gloria Gable

Robert W. Gable

Richard W. Gable

John McCraw

Thomas M. Galliford

Vivian A. Galliford

L. David Garman

Larry P. Heydt

Barbara E. Garnes

Charles A. Garnes

Gary R. and Susan G. Pyles

Helen George

David L. George

Amy Gernert

Stanley S. Hughes

Jack L. Gillmore

Jack Gillmore Memorial


Vicki Gillmore

Harry and Doris Longenecker

William M. Glose, Jr.

William M. Glose, III

Josephine C. Glunt

Robert C. Glunt

Walter O. Goehring

Robert L. Goehring

George E. Graefe, Jr.

Mary C. Graefe

Allan R. Gray

Lisa S. Gray

John C. Gray

Anne B. Gray

Donald W. Griffith

Scott A. Griffith

Robert G. Griffith

Marguerite H. Griffith

Edward A. Grine, Jr.

Charles H. Grine, Sr.

Jessie E. Groff

Jena M. Root

John I. Grosnick

Jeanne E. Grosnick

Ferree C. Grossman

Jeffrey S. Moyer

William L. Hammer

Charles and Pat Hammer

James A. and Nancy Gray


Robert K. and Wendy L.


Frank R. and Virginia R.


Edward M. Vasoli

Hobart N. Hanlon

Arlene Hanlon

Sartomer USA, LLC

Robert E. Hardesty

David R. Peach

James D. Hardin

Sheila Hardin

M. Helen Harp

Herman S. Richard

Leroy Harpster

Jeffrey D. Fenstermacher

Harry L. Hart

Carroll S. Arnold

Carlson E. Hartz

Thomas “Tucker” Goho

John J. Harvey

June H. Harvey

Barry L. Hassinger

Joan L. Hassinger

Philip J. Hassinger, Sr.

Philip J. Hassinger, Jr.

Howard L. Headland

Margaret R. Headland

Verla W. Heintzelman

Cathleen McVeigh

Eric W. Herr

George H. Miller

Wilbur R. Herr

Doris A. Herr

Sidney S. and Sylvia Hersh

Joel H. Hersh

Paul Hess

Paula K. Hess

Paul W. Hess

Judith A. Hess

Laurence G. Hettich

Nancy M. Cline

Beatrice B. Hisey

Raymond W. and Lois Barber

Gerald C. Hoffert

George B. Hixon

Fannie C. Hoffman

Lester W. Hoffman, Sr.

Frederick G. Hofman

Brian J. Haier

David R. and Madeline F.


Samuel E. Hoke

Josh S. and Kathy H. Bayer

J. Richard Hollinger

David L. Hollinger

Virginia S. Holt

H. Lawrence and Wendy

Culp, Jr.

Richard A. Holt

June E. Beyer Homan

Carl D. Homan

Patricia I. Horner

Kenneth R. Horner

Downey D. Hoster

Norma M. Hoster

Edward E. Houchins

Joseph L. Marshall

Kathryn Houser

Royce G. and Mary Lou Imhoff

Royce G. and Jill K. Imhoff

Dorman A. Howell

Mary T. Howell

John B. Hubbard

Robert V. Hubbard

Autumn Leigh Hunt

James T. Wenrich

William N. Hurtt

L. Sherwood and A. Britta


Richard G. Ingram

Lucy Ingram

Graham M. Ireland

Dean M. Gettemy

Deborah J. Jaspan

Michael E. Jaspan 29


Helen M. Jaymes

Carl F. Jaymes

Gerald E. Johns

Irmgard Johns

Dorothea Jones

Carol L. Korogi-Reeves

Ruth C. Jones

Wallace R. Jones

Eleanor H. Kane

Mary A. Welsh

Brian H. and Christine R.


Mary Helen Kane

Howard Kane, Jr.

Herbert W. Kausch

Rebecca N. Kausch

Darlene Keagy

Eileen Dooley

Raymond C. Keener

Dale R. Stump

Christine R. Kelley

Scott L. Kelley

David H. Kendig, III

Anna L. Kendig

W. Dean Kinch

Robert Burns Lodge No. 464

Claire E. Kistler

Beverly Schweitzer

Louise E. Kivler

Donald C. Kivler

Edward William Klaiss

Frederick H. Klaiss, Sr.

Ronald R. Klemkosky

Mary Anne Klemkosky

James A. Kline

Amy S. Kline

Virginia S. Knight

Robert W. Knight, III

Barbara E. Knoebel

Richard L. Knoebel

George Knous

George J. Knous

Arthur D. Knowles

Elaine Knowles Cole

Edna Mae Koenig

J. Wesley Rineer

Marie M. Korutz

Stanley A. Reith

Martin M. Kramer

Herbert Kramer

Marian L. Kreamer

W. Donald D. Kreamer

Karl L. and Karen L. Parks

and Family

Sellersville Elementary School


Robert R. and Amy J. VanGulick

Orvis S. Kustanbauter

D. Anita Littlewolf


F. Berne LaBar

Harvey J. Miller

Ronald M. Lawhead

Julia L. Siipple

Robert W. Lawson

Glenn W. Olsen

Robert Le Piere

Francis J. McGuigan

Donald W. Leavitt

Mary Q. Leavitt

Marian M. Lee

Frederick G. and Jean Dent

Jacob K. Lehman

Ralph A. Lehman

Paul H. Lehman

Ralph A. Lehman

Arthur D. Leidheiser

Eugene S. Wheeler

Elaine T. Lewis

Roger M. Lewis

Elmer Lighttiser

Doris S. Lighttiser

Eleanor Linkenhoker

Michael and Linda Paschal

Bonnie J. Perrone and Family

Stephen and Carol Signore

SunGard Availability Services

B. Fryer Littlefield

Clinton J. Starkey

Dominick Lizzi, Sr.

David Lizzi, Sr.

David A. McCormick

William C. Loffelhardt

Betty Jane Loffelhardt

E. Russell Long

R. Richard Wright, Jr.

Richard J. Loughin

Mary Ann Loughin

Paul W. Lucas

Ann M. Lucas

Thomas Lunger

Edward C. Kasten, Sr.

Irene Lutz

Susan E. Wagner

Mildred Lynn

Donald G. Nagle

Madeline W. Lyons

Kirsten M. Dowdy and Family

James W. and Christine White

Norman C. MacMath

John Gary and Denise Brown

Elona A. MacMath

Richard E. and Sylvia Parks

W. Edmund Magann

Joseph W. Kovarick

Rowland B. Mahany

Richard B. Mahany

Anna M. Manderbach

Aaron Manderbach

Geoffrey E. Mann

Horace L. Mann

Paul Manton

Lois L. Manton

Russell F. Manton

Lois L. Manton

Kenneth C. and Pauline March

Donald E. March

Frederick W. Martin

Barbara A. Martin

Margaret G. (Peggy) Martin

Valentino and Mariaelena


Thomas H. Martin

Elizabeth A. Martin

Shannon E. Martinson

John E. Martinson II

Alfred Mash

Alfred M. Asheuer

Carl A. Massa

John J. B. Lerch, IV

William F. Mattson

Helen Mattson

Florence E. Maugans

Michael P. Maugans

Donald S. Mayes

Josephine E. Mayes

Lu McArthur

L. F. McArthur

William B. McCabe

William M. Alden

Byrd W. McCracken

Marjorie A. McCracken

Jack E. McCrae

Edward P. Pfendner

Hugh McCune

Clara H. McCurdy

Olen S. McCutcheon

Calvin S. McCutcheon

Albert J. McDevitt

Albert J. McDevitt, Jr.

Joan McKiernan

Michael L. McKiernan

Ralph I. McLaughlin

Kennard Dale High School

John I. Mengel

F. Dale Schoeneman, III

Thomas H. Mercer

Helen D. Mercer

Dorothy G. Meszaros

Kenneth A. Reigle, Jr.

Paul E. Meyers

Donald C. Meyers

Adam Scott Miller

Larry D. and Carol Miller

Arveda L. Miller

Emory P. Miller

Ethel B. Miller

Robert A. Cooper

L. Robert Miller

Linda L. Miller

William H. Miller

Donald J. Miller

Jeanne L. Miller

R. Chester Miller

J. Kenneth and Pamela K.


Steven A. Miller

Cindi Miller

Marvin L. Millhouse

Judith A. Millhouse

John W. Milroy, Sr.

John W. Milroy, Jr.

Betty Mims

William J. and Kim L. Sands

David Minehart

Harry A. Minehart

Janet Mintzer

Gilroy and Lillian Roberts

Charitable Foundation

William E. Moisey, Jr.

Joyce N. Billetdeaux

William A. and Marlene


Speakman Financial Group

George A. Montgomery, Jr.

Caroll L. Montgomery

Helene M. Montuoro

Dealership For Life, LLC

Helen A. Oakes

Kermit Moore

Mary Moore

Margaret R. Morgan

Donald B. Morgan

Harry C. Morris

Margaret E. Morris

Carolyn M. Moser

Lester L. Moser, Sr.

Alma Madora Peterson Moyer

Francis K. Moyer

Robert J. Muffler

Dorothy P. Brandt and Family

Peter C. Karhoff

Stephen E. Muller

Frederick E. and Isabelle S.

Muller, Jr.

Jane Mullins

Eileen Dooley

Benjamin J. Murphy

William K. Corl, Sr.

Phyllis Murray

Friendship Chapter No. 551,


Catherine Murray-Consorto

The Snowflakes

Grace E. Murschel

William W. Murschel

Tami S. Musser

Frances B. Martin

Masonic Village at

Elizabethtown Social Workers

T. Richard Muth

Richard F. Muth

Betty M. Myers

Leon C. Myers, Jr.

Jean L. Myers

Jerry B. and Anne W. Lauer

Thomas B. Myers

Alice W. Myers

James C. Nickle

Terry L. Kamerzel

PSECU - Call Center Staff

Hedwig “Hedy” Noll

Hargis L. and Helen L.


Paul F. Nye

Dorothy L. Nye

Milton E. Nylund

Evelyn H. Nylund

Rosemary C. Oberholtzer

William R. Oberholtzer

Catherine O’Brien

Jack W. Marsh

Wayne W. Ohl

Wayne B. Ohl

Elaine Kilroy Clark O’Neill

Charles F. Clark

Carl W. Opitz

Marjorie O. Arnold

Nancy L. Orn

Mr. and Mrs. Dale F. Carnegie

Cecil L. and Katherine O.


John O. and Suzan E. Marshall

and Family

Michael Thomas O’Shea

Diane C. O’Shea

Kathryn M. Painter

June P. Antkowiak

W. Robert Painter

G. Marie Painter

Andrew Pancoast

Ralph B. Watson, Jr.


J. Charles and Charlotte



Harry A. Minehart

Donald J. Patton

Betty Patton

Dorothy Pauley

Jon E. Pauley

Jean C. Pelz

Emily Pelz

Margaret Schleissner

Victor E. Pessano

M. Joan Pessano

Vicki Lynn Pessano

John Pfendner

Edward P. Pfendner

Franklin E. Pile, Sr.

Ruth U. Pile

James Poe

Norman C. Eckard, Sr.

Donald M. Porter

John P. Beckett

Albert J. Prazenica

William J. and Kathy W.


Harold G. Preiksat


John R. Price

Barry L. Noll

Thomas W. and Katherine


Thomas W. Price, Jr.

John W. Prosser

William A. Prosser

Aurelio Pumilia

Lockheed Martin Space

Systems Employees

Stanley W. Radcliffe

Dorothy K. Radcliffe

H. L. Wyatt Rainey

Betsy Plume and Kenneth


Ralph B. Reaney

Richard B. and Nancy Reaney

H. Stanley Redline

Duane C. Redline

Martha E. Redman

Thomas C. Stabley

Sarah Reising

James D. Rouke

Rena R. Renshaw

Ronald R. Renshaw

Marion Richards

James M. Berry, Sr.

Joan S. Richman

Goldman, Sachs & Company

Israel and Malka Richter

Lodge No. 126 - Israel and

Malka Richter Fund

Pearl M. Risser

Timothy and Leslie Murphy

William S. and Dorothy S.


John C. Rissinger

R. Richard Williams

Labib S. Rizk

Joyce N. Billetdeaux

J. Earle Roberts

George A. Roberts

Ann Robinson

Bruce A. Robinson

Joseph Rocci

C. William Autro

Lillie Mae Rostron

Fraytak Viesz Hopkins

Duthie, P.C.

Robert A. Roux

Carl S. Boselli

Rowan/Camin Family


M. Jean Rowan

Robert N. Rubendall

Carroll S. Arnold

Elisabeth P. Ruffer

L. Sherwood and Britta


Edward H. and Ruth Rutter

Anthony and Linda Ambrose

Ruth E. Rutter

Kerry Hogg

Madeline B. Sands

Laura I. Blair

John M. Savickas

John S. Savickas

Joseph H. Schneitman

Wayne L. Dietrich

James W. Schott

Beatrice Klovsky

Donald W. Schmidt

Adele E. Schmidt

Wallace Schrock

Edward A. and Anne N.


John F. Schwartz

Victor J. Reale

James L. Segmiller

Jane W. Segmiller

Harry P. Seig

L. Sherwood and Britta


William O. Seitzinger

Robert L. Seitzinger, Jr.

Ida Sell

Harry T. Sell

Caroline Sewell

Doris S. Lighttiser

John G. Shaffer

John R. Shaffer

Benton D. Shaner

Patricia M. Shaner

Myrl A. Sheaffer

Myrl K. Noggle

David B. U. Shearer

George W. Ullrich

Jess B. Shelley

Judith A. Shelley

Lee A. Sherwin

Peter D. Sherwin

Elmer E. Shetter

Richard R. and Pauline Anglin

June J. Leer Shook

Commonwealth of PA State

Civil Service Commission

Carl and Kathy Hikes

Clarence A. Shuler

Adrian E. Bamberger

Andrew and Celia Shura

James M. Berry, Sr.

James E. Siipple

Julia L. Siipple

Sarah Ann Simcox

William W. Simcox, Jr.

Irvin C. Slaymaker

Thomas W. Pfahler, Jr.

Norman E. Small

Kenneth F. Small

Sidney Small

Janet Y. Small

Betty N. Smith

Karen L. Boehner

Della R. Smith

Ewing E. Smith

Earl J. Smith

Carl E. and Neda Mae Wert

Arthur J. and Dorothy G. Wert

Blanche D. Smith

Eleanor J. Smith

Joseph H. and Alice M.


Armstrong World Industries,


George F. Smith

Charles Werner

Glenn A. Smith

Tama M. Carey

Hugh E. Smith

Russell T. Purdie

Russell W. Smith

Edith M. Keeney

Jack Smythe

William E. Smythe

Irene Snyder

Charles D. and Jane R. Meyer

Wilbur Snyder

Jesse and Sherry Pollock, Jr.

Betty L. Martin

Donald L. Snyder

Jeanie Lee Spadacini

John V. Spadacini

Charles H. Spalding, Sr.

George W. Spalding

Robert Spangenberg

Larry J. Wolford

Pauline Spangler

Delbert L. and Fern E.


William L. Spatz

Carroll S. Arnold



Dorothy G. Spickler

Joseph and Wendy Bryan and


Shirley A. Spickler

Bruce W. and Barb Spickler

Robert E. Spriggle

Randall W. Spriggle

Anne K. Sproger

Halvard A. Sproger

Arthur St. Clair

James R. Robb

Howard and Ethel Stark

James W. Stark

Max G. Starke

Harry A. Houseman Lodge

No. 717

Martin H. Bayer

Lee G. Stauffer

Mary J. Stauffer

James H. Staver

Nellie D. Staver

Hobart Francis Stecher

Mary Brezina

David and Ann Marie Hall

Jeffrey J. and Catherine K.


Suzanne Cull Van Metre

Norton C. Stevenson

Scott A. Stevenson

Kermit H. Still

Donald O. Still

Virginia Stitt

L. Sherwood and Britta


George S. Stocker

Robert C. Hinkle

Willis L. Stoltzfus

Truman E. Mast

George W. Yeackley

Myrtle E. Stott

John Stott

Sandra C. Sturm

Paul E. and Kathryn Cheesman

Cyril C. Dunmire, Jr.

PA Department of

Environmental Protection


Protection Services Inc.

Jacqueline S. Swika

Stephen Swika, Jr.


Samuel Taggart

Samuel M. and Dianna M.


Henry Tatum

David M. Tatum

James H. Taylor, Jr.

Catherine M. Taylor

A. Ralph Taylor

15th Masonic District

Bluestone Lodge No. 338

Canawacta Lodge No. 360

Factoryville Lodge No. 341

Freedom Lodge No. 328

Harford Lodge No. 445

Mount Hermon Lodge No. 472

Nicholson Lodge No. 438

Temple Lodge No. 248

Warren Lodge No. 240

Helen J. Taylor

C. Kirk and Jane Radcliff and


James E. and Denise M.


Miriam E. Taylor

Robert W. Taylor

Edward J. Teaman

Brian E. Teaman

Augustus W. Thomas

William A. Thomas

Jack Thomas

Warren B. and Joyce M.


John J. Thomas

William A. Thomas

Joyce M. Thomas

Rick Thomas Ceramics

Norma May Thomas

Brent L. and Arlene Thomas

W. Bruce Thomas

Phyllis J. Thomas

John Thompson

Sylvia M. Bonitz

Leslie Thompson

Norman P. Eckley

Mary I. Thompson

Eugene W. and Jacqueline


David A. and Karen B.


James M. and Cheryl


Ralph E. Thompson

James L. Thompson

Randall A. Thorne

Troy M. Regan

Three sisters

Gerald R. Schuldt

Katherine Tisak

Nick and Madeline Tisak

Todd and Laura

Anne B. Gray

Mary E. Tonge

Paul E. and Susan Allen

Thomas Tooma

John P. Ippolito

William H. Toomey, Jr.

Doris Toomey

Russell Trimmer

William E. Zinkel

Herman R. Turpin

Ruth E. Turpin

Edward V. Twiggar

Edward V. Twiggar, II

Julia May Urban

Samuel L. and Yvonne M. Kline

Ralph D. Van Syoc

Joan Van Syoc

Patricia Vernon

James Ogan

Norman L. Walker

Mildred R. Walker

George D. Walter

William H. Walter

Elvin G. Warfel

Janice M. Warfel

George E. Warfle

Roman Lodge No. 418

Elvin M. Warner

Elvin M. and Leatrice A.


Harry Verner Watson

Barry V. Watson

Robert S. Weed

Robert T. Weed

E. Nelson Weir

N. Bruce Weir

John Weiskopf

Martin H. Bayer

Rose D. Weiss

James N. Krasnansky

Terry L. Welch

Barry L. Welch

John B. Weldon

Gerald L. Weldon

William I. Wenrich, Jr.

Ann Z. Wenrich

Jack W. Westafer

Joanne D. Westafer

William A. Wetterau

Edward O. and Barbara


William O. Wilkins, Jr.

Carolyn C. Wilkins

Warren W. Willard

Michael R. Willard

A. Morris Williams

George F. Schmidt

Samuel M. Williams

Janice V. Williams

William H. Williams

Marjorie E. Williams

John W. Wolf

Susan D. Wolf

Walter L. Wolf

Michael J. Jenkins

Glenn F. Wood

Harry P. Passmore, Jr.

Shirley Wood

Cumberland Star Lodge

No. 197

Drexel William Woolcock

Gerald L. Woolcock

Elizabeth “Betty” S. Worrell

John C. Worrell

Raymond R. Wright

R. Richard Wright, Jr.

Mary E. Yerger

Joan C. Rotheram

Robert H. Young

Lois B. Young

Harold J. Zell, Sr.

Charles M. Zell

Lawrence B. Zimmerman

Guy K. Zimmerman

Dawn Zimmerman -


Thomas F. Zimmerman

All Masons

Michael A. Biase

All Staff at Masonic Village at


Family of Wib Snyder

All the Employees of the

Masonic Village at Sewickley

Chris O’Donnell

Edward J. Appelgren

Brenda Appelgren Ferich

Louise M. Bachman

William B. McIntyre, Jr.

John A. Bartle, Sr.

John A. Bartle, Jr.

GE Foundation

Miriam Bennett

Shirley A. Fober

Barbara L. Racki

Braden R. Blosser

Brente R. Blosser

Mary W. Blouch

Anne B. Stevens

Heidi Blum

M. Marion Blum

Kenneth P. Blum

M. Marion Blum

J. Morrow Bolinger

Robert S. Bolinger

Irwin W. Brenner

Bruce S. Brenner

Kelly Ann Brown

Richard C. Brown

Robert W. Bunch, Jr.

Rodney A. Gilbert

Lisa J. Bushey and Family

Richard E. and JoAnn K.


Mary Lou Clark

James B. Clark

Ralph A. Clemmer

Newtown Lodge No. 427

Jeffrey W. Coy

Harrisburg Lodge No. 629

Marvin A. and Rosalie


Richard H. Disque, II

Chester A. Derk, Sr.

Chester A. Derk, Jr.

Brandon R. Detter

Henry M. Wildasin


Listed are honorarium gifts of $100 or more made in honor of one individual (name shown in gold).

Raymond T. Dietz

William Slater II Master

Mason’s Club

Robert L. Dluge

Richard H. Disque, II

Robert T. Dudley’s 90th


Arthur J. and Dorothy G. Wert

Ruth L. Fassett

Warren P. Reeves

Jean Fister

Malcolm H. Smith

Donald F. Frank

Thomas G. Abbott

Rick S. Freedman

Lodge No. 126

Charles A. Garnes

Infinity Lodge No. 546

Gary R. and Susan G. Pyles


John A. Bartle, Sr.

Betty Hewlett

John O. Hewlett

Anna M. Hocker

Elwood C. Hocker, Jr.

Jo Anne Hower

Frederick C. Kublic

Jimmie D. Jones

Shirley Jones

Timothy J. Juvenal

Southampton-Radiant Star

Lodge No. 806

Patricia A. Kemmerer

Gerald E. Kemmerer

Robert S. Kohl

Granville S. Strachan, Jr.

Helen Kourelakos

Eva Lulias

Thomas R. Labagh

Lehigh Consistory, A.A.S.R.

Marjorie Learn

Susan K. Shildt

Ligonier Lodge No. 331

Josh S. and Kathy H.Bayer

John K. March

Harry J. Smith

Masonic Village Staff

Kerry Hogg

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg D.

McBride, Jr.

Lisa M. McBride

Sara L. McCullough

Sidney P. Blasiole

John Mengel

F. Dale Schoeneman, III

Florence Y. Methlie

David P. Methlie

Alice Miller

William H. and Shaun Stanert

John H. Minott

Mozart Lodge No. 436

W. Scott Muller

Richard A. Zick

Sheldon A. Munn

Harmony Lodge No. 13

Herndon Masonic Lodge

No. 264

Robert J. Neff

Carbon Lodge No. 242

Timothy A. Nickel

Patricia L. Bixler

John R. Wertz, Jr.

William and Bette Norris

Mark J. and Nancy J. Deputy

Ronald E. Parkinson

Outsell, LLC

Mildred O. Reilly

Robert W. and Patricia Edge

David Rihl

Alice Ann Archer

Syl and Gladys Rittenhouse

William C. and Susan Davis, Jr.

Donald E. Romberger

Skerrett Lodge No. 343

Roosevelt 2 Nursing Staff

W. Scott Muller

Gilda Sayres

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie J. Riggall

Margaret G. Schellhamer

Robert C. Schellhamer

Esther L. Scheuermann

John E. and Missy Letsch

Marianne M. Schmidt

Herbert A. Schmidt

William W. Simcox, Sr.

William W. Simcox, Jr.

Ruth E. Spalding

George W. Spalding

Catherine H. Spangenberg

Larry J. Wolford

Marvin G. Speicher

Randall D. Bright

Staff at Masonic Village at


Chris O’Donnell

Cindy Stefl

William Slater II Master

Mason’s Club

Thomas K. Sturgeon

7th Masonic District

7th Masonic District School of


Raymond G. Bagley, Jr.

Perseverance Lodge No. 21

Prosperity Lodge No. 567

Ricky L. Swalm

The “Major”

Benjamin G. Fay

Francis and Ermi Tisak

Nick and Madeline Tisak

Daniel J. Tisak

Nick and Madeline Tisak

Isabel C. Tompkins

Aulay Tompkins

USS Spangenberg DE223

Larry J. Wolford

A. Preston Van Deursen

Special Singles

Joyce K. Wadsworth

Milton E. Coll

Francis X. and Barbara J.


Beatrice Whitmer

Marc A. and Ann L. Falcinelli

Marie A. Willard

Michael R. Willard

Samuel C. Williamson

Kim W. Jeffreys

Cheryl D. Wilson

Warren W. Wilson

Gayle L. Wissler and Family

Richard E. and JoAnn K.


World War II Veterans

Frederick and Marjorie Kepner



franklin leGacy society MeMbers


Frank S. Adkins

Thomas M. and Mary E. Alban

Donald L. and Kathleen M. Albert

William Cameron Anderson and

Alberta Danks Anderson

Carroll S. Arnold

Harry N. and Jane E. Arnst

Jack R. and Jane H. Arthurs

Charles A. and Betty M. Astfalk

Ronald A. and Norma J. Aungst, Sr.

Herbert D. Bailey, Jr.

Walter Balliet

Ben F. and Lois A. Balmer, III

George J. and V. Jane Balsley

Larry C. Balthaser

Donald P. Barber

Janet K. Barry

Rita Barty

Fred E. and Dottie L. Basehore

Robert and Joanne Bateman

Evelyn S. Baum

Martin H. and Gabriele M. Bayer

Raymond and Jean Betz

J. Richard Bishop

Mrs. Jane E. Bitzer

Mark R. Blasser

Kenneth W. and Elaine K. Bleiler

Alvin H. and Diane S. Blitz

James H. and Jane M. Bonsall

Merritt H. Bossard

Mrs. Beatrice B. Bossler

Nancy B. Brain

Miriam L. and Paul F. Braun

Clifford S. Breakey

Howard W. and Betty L. Breaw

Allen and Rebecca Breed

Robert R. Breinig

Helen O. Brindle

Austin C. Brown

Rev. Raymond L. and Louise J.


Shirley Jean Brown

Jay G. Brossman

Richard S. Brownfield

Richard H. and Jean M. Brumbach

Edsel S. and Marie S. Bryner

Marcella B. Burgess

Franklin D. and Marilyn R.


Mrs. Dorothy R. Carpenter

Benjamin P. Carter

Richard L. and Shirley F.


Richard H. and Theresa Cherry

Elizabeth R. Chiartas

Muriel M. Christmann


Lillian K. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Clay

George F. and Ruth J. Claybaugh

Nelson E. Clements

Jacob L. Cohen

Edwin P. and Margaret M. Cover

Jesse Raymond Cox

Hugh G. and Miriam J. Coyne

Ruth and James Crouse

Marvin A. and Rosalie M.

Cunningham, Sr.

Michael L. Curtier

William C. and Susan L. Davis

Paul H. and Joan M. Dellinger

Phyllis C. Devine

Leona M. Dilliplane

Margaret B. Downes

Roland E. And Ruth Dunkelberger

George M. Dyson, Jr.

Col. Jerry F. Edgerton

Irvin W. Edler

James Edsall

Bob Edward, Sr. and Helen Werner

Darrell M. Eichorn

Frank W. and Lois C. Eiler

David E. Elliott

Benjamin H. Elwell

Shirley H. English

Richard B. Ernest

Frederick L. and Ann Ettline

Robert L. Falzone

E. Lillian Fausnacht

Dr. Homer B. and Arlene E. Fegley

Lucile A. Fetterolf

J. Melvin Fisher

Robert D. Fleming , III

Carl R. and Arlene S. Flohr

Alfred E. Flowers

Marilyn D. Forney

Robert C. Forney

Norman A. Fox

Oscar and Nancy Fox

William A. Fox

John W. and Virginia P. Francis

Robert A. Frantz

Catherine Margaret Frasca

Samuel E. Fratis

Lulu H. Frey

Stella R. Frick

Evelyn Fries

Stephen and Patricia L. Gardner

Rodney W. and Elinor O. Gartner

Norma Gentile

Walter K. and Sally Gerber

Dean M. Gettemy

Gladden and Eleanor Gingerich

George E. Ginther

Urban Ginther

Loraine and Tom Glidden

John J. Godlewski

Marge Goode

Nancy M. Gordon

William and Anna Gottschalk

Carl Gramlich

J. Roger and Anne K. Gratz

John O. and Donna M. Gregson

Gordon R. and Norma L. Grubbs

Harvey E. Gumto and Carol P.


Miles K. Gunzenhauser

Robert E. Hager

Georgia H. Haigh

Mark and Karen Haines

Leland A. Hale, Jr.

Clarence E. and Betty L. Hall

Dorothy M. Handy

Helen W. Hannum

Harold E. and Margie Hartdung

R. Joe and Shirley S. Hartman

Dallas E. and Charlotte M. Haun

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haven

Margaret R. Headland

Jim Heckman

William F. and Eleanor Heinz

John P. Held

Sterling P. Hepler

Sandra G. Herb

Georgianna S. Herdman

Beatrice Hess

John P. Himes

Mrs. Michael Hnat

Gwendolyn Hooper

James R. Hornafius

Robert Hotchkiss

Peter S. and Mary D. Houts

Mrs. Thomas S. Howe, Jr.

Carlton and Betty Ann Hunsicker

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Iannuzzi

Charles K. Jacobs

Carol L. Jacobson

Kim W. Jeffreys

Albert E. and Irene L. Jochen

A. Kendall and Thelma D. Johnson

Kenneth W. and Marcia J. Johnson

Adeline M. Jones

Netti S. Jones

Clayton J. and Theresa Karambelas

Nelson M. Kauffman

Mrs. Erma Lo Kell

Charles W. and Clara Kemner

Frederick F. and Marjorie B. Kepner

Patricia D. and C. Wilson Kile, Jr.

Mrs. Marilyn M. Kimmerly

Blanche Kinch

William L. and Maureen H.


A. Naomi Klauser

Mary Anne Klemkosky

Emery L. Koszoru

Bro. William E. and June M. Kuebler

Les and Carol J. Lanyon

Eleanor B. Lashley

Nancy L. Lawson

Charles R. and Frances H. Lefever

David S. Leibgries, Jr.

Leon D. Leiter

C. W. Lentz

Marion Lester

Ivor F. and Mary Ellen Lewis

Ted and Meg Lichtenwalner

Gene O. and Frances R. Light

Julia E. Holeczy Linn

Jean M. Long

Ruth D. Long

Bill and Angie MacIntire

Maurice G. Maen

James W. and Kitty A. Maiden

Horace L. and Prudence P. Mann

Herb Marder

Herbert Markey

Earl B. Markley

Margaret M. Martin

Ned A. and Phyllis B. Masenheimer

Linda and Michael Mattes

Linda J. Matthews

L. F. McArthur

Abram and Cora McClune

John E. and Nancy M. McClure

Clara H. McCurdy

Ann B. McFadden

Harry O. and Vivian S. McMullen

James H. Meas

Alice J. Metz

Elizabeth R. and Marlin L. Michael

Carol, Larry and Rhonda Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Miller

Sophia Terry Miller

Jeanette M. Milos

James and Marlys Moir

Donald B. Morgan

Roland B. and Jill D. Morris

Mary G. Morton

Joseph E. and Barbara A. Murphy

Mrs. Jeffrey L. Nale

Ruth K. and Robert G. Necker

Myrl K. Noggle

William M. and Bette K. Norris

James G. and Doris M. Novinger

Glenn W. Oakes

William R. Oberholtzer

Virginia H. Orchard

Merle L. Otto

Mark A. and Eileen M. Pagano

G. Marie Painter

Paul J. Palko

Michael Papinchak

Julia D. Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Pencak

Fern B. Raff Pfister

Robert C. Pine

Howard E. Phillips, III

Harry W. and Nancy R. Preis

Thomas W. Price

Edward P. Priebe

Joseph W. and Margaret H.


Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Raker

Eleanor S. Rankin

Edith M. Raup

Robert J. and Anne Rebennack

Joseph M. Reed, Jr.

Captain Robert W. Reichard

Elmer N. Reiland

Gregory Repice

Brother Christian B. Reynolds

Constance J. Reynolds

Jack B. and Ruthann Richey

Julian A. Richter

Fred D. and Carol A. Rissinger

Thomas H. and Jeanette Robertson

F. W. (Robie) and Ronnie


Carl C. and Ethel D. Roddy, Jr.

James R. Rodisch

John K. and Nancy R. Brunner

Brother Richard and Sandra Gillie

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Hobbs

William C. Loffelhardt

George and Marian Metroka

Dean R. and Brenda L. Miller

Raymond G. and Sheila C. Roeder

Don and Sandy Romberger

Charles W. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Rouke

Fred and Beth Rudy

William M. Ryan

Frederick P. and Mary Jane Sample

Anthony and Cheryl Schafer

Doris C. Schaffner

William F. Schieber

Charlotte Schmidt

Harold and Margaret Schmitt

Dennis K. and Janice L. Schmuck

Fred C. Schoenagel, Jr.

Gerald R. Schuldt

Mrs. Charles H. Seekamp

Margarite A. W. Selby

Gary L. Shafer, Sr.

Richard E. and Mary Ellen K.


James B. Sheffer, Jr.

Bro. Warren R. Shenk

James and Jane Shepard

Edmund M. and Joyce M. Shipp

Horace C. Shuman

John W. and Gail G. Shupe

Antonio J. L. Simoes

Joseph W. and Judith A. Simon

Ernest E. Simonsen

Shirley Sinclair

William Slater II

B. Jane Smith

Mary Alice Smith

Caroll L. Montgomery

Jeffrey S. and Susan R. Moyer

William A. and Carol H. Northey

Robert and Tricia Ochotny

Robert S. and Alice S. Pinnock

George W. Robinson

The Franklin Legacy Society recognizes and honors

persons of vision and foresight who have taken the initiative

to strengthen and enhance the good works of one or more

of the Masonic Charities of the Right Worshipful Grand

Lodge of Pennsylvania through their estate plans.

If you have provided for one or more of the Masonic Charities in

your financial plans, through a bequest, revocable trust, life insurance

policy or retirement plan, you qualify for membership. Also eligible

for membership are persons who have entered into a planned gift

arrangement, such as a life estate, charitable gift annuity, charitable

Ewing E. Smith

Jay W. and Nancy E. Smith

Ronald M. and Jeanne M. Smith

Samuel Chambers Smith

Marvin G. and Shirley M. Speicher

Chester and Cora Speidel

Marian L. Spitler

Anna M. Sprenkel

Halvard A. Sproger

Arnold and Elsie Stackhouse

James and Nancy Standish, Jr.

Ila Faye and Richard L. Stare

Dr. James W. Stark, Stark Family


Robert F. Stark

Richard J. and Carol A. Stemmler

George W. Sterner

Harriet K. Sterner

Mrs. Mary L. Stock

Paul O. and Dorothy L. Stoey

Elizabeth M. Stout

William S. and Dorothy S. Stout

Marie D. Stringfellow

Thomas K. and M. Joan Sturgeon

William McKinley Summerville, Jr

Bro. and Mrs. John F. Swartz

Walter L. Sykes

Harlon H. Talley, Jr.

Allen and Carol Tallman

A. Ralph Taylor

Jack M. Temsey

Raymond E. and Annette M.


J. Jack Sherman and Grace S.


Grace Shaffer Shields and C. Edwin


Carole and Jim Sieber

Karl H. Smith, Sr.

Robert C. Tobias

Aulay P. and Isabel C. Tompkins

Edward S. Topper

William and Roberta Traynor

C. DeForrest Trexler

George L. and Joan D. Turns

John F. Van Horn

Barry W. Van Rensler

Stanley L. and Arlene Von Nieda

Robert J. Wagner

Harold E. Walchli

William H. and Doris D. Walter

Elizabeth Webber

Mrs. J. Arndt Weicksel

Edward and Barbara Weisser

Arthur and Dorothy Wert

Margaret White

Ruth Williams

Henry J. Wilmoth

Florence D. Wilson

Bryan S. and Jean Marie Windham

Eugene Ledder Wolf

Jeffrey and Sharon Wonderling

Donald Steele Wood

Walter H. and Carolyn M.

Wright, Jr.

Paul A. and Nancy Yanushis

Harry H. Yeager

Barry C. Yingling

Charles F. and Mona L. Yingling

George E. Zimmerman, Jr. and

Elizabeth A. Zimmerman

2011 MeMbers

Dennis J. Staley

Francis D. and Mary H. Stillman

Michael Allen Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Weaver, Jr.

Carl E. and Neda Mae Wert

Leave a Legacy

remainder trust or charitable lead trust with one of the

Masonic Charities.

Members are recognized on a special donor wall at

the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, listed in the Annual

Report, invited to special events each year and given a

distinctive lapel pin and book clock.

If you already have made a provision for one of the Masonic

Charities in your financial plans or are considering an arrangement

as listed above and would like to join the society, please complete

and return the enclosed envelope or call us at 800-599-6454.




Office of Gift Planning

Masonic Charities

One Masonic Drive

Elizabethtown, PA 17022-2199


Non-Profit Organization

U.S. Postage


York, PA

Permit No. 323

hoW to Make a MeaninGful Gift

For many of us, a significant portion of our

annual personal philanthropy takes the form

of financial contributions we make to further

the missions of charitable organizations in

which we have an interest, e.g., our place of

worship, alma mater, hospital, library, one

of the Masonic Charities of the R.W. Grand

Lodge of Pennsylvania and others.

Whether we choose to make our

contributions during life, arrange for them

by including a provision in our Will or

trust, or through some other appropriate

method of planned giving, our gifts take

on added meaning when they enable us

to realize important personal, as well as

charitable, objectives. Making our gifts

in honor or in memory of beloved family

members, close friends or persons we hold in

respect or esteem is one way each of us can

enhance our contributions by making them

very meaningful, satisfying and personal


Numerous honorary or memorial

gift opportunities exist for each of the

Masonic Charities of the R.W. Grand

Lodge of Pennsylvania, including The

Masonic Temple/Library and Museum

of Pennsylvania, Masonic Villages,

Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation,

Masonic Children’s Home and Masonic

Charities Fund.

For additional information about how you

might make a difference in the lives of others

through these opportunities and to explore

how they may be funded, at no obligation,

return the enclosed reply envelope, call the

Gift Planning director nearest you or email


For your convenience, you can also make

a donation to any of the Masonic Charities

at www.masonicvillagespa.org/onlinegifts.

php. You’ll receive immediate confirmation

that your gift has been received through a

secure connection.

Central Pennsylvania:

717-367-1121, ext. 33437

or 800-599-6454

Eastern Pennsylvania:

610-825-6100, ext. 1348

Western Pennsylvania:

412-741-1400, ext. 3011

Out-of-State: 800-599-6454

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