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McGowan’s Musings:

No complaints about screeching Brighton

seagulls and miserable weather in this issue,

because I’ve been on holiday! So here

I sit bronzed and beautiful (Ok – it depends

on your point of view - I know!) preparing

this spring issue of the News for your eager

() consumption, but I’d better get on with

it as post holiday euphoria, as I’m sure you

know, can be short lived!

So, while I’m in a good mood, I think I

should point out that we do feature some

good news in this issue. It seems that in

these generally difficult times not all is

heading downhill in the world of live music;

in the UK record figures are reported

for music exports; throughout Europe and

the US ticket sales for the established festivals

(though first and second timers are

not doing aso well) in the fast approaching

season seem to be holding steady and

are even up in some cases, indicating that

people are determined to put aside their

troubles by having something to look forward

to this year. Also in the UK, particularly

in London, after a little spate of venue closures,

new ones are opening for business.

In the US analyst Benjamin Mogil of Thomas

Weisel Partners, noted that ‚Concert ticket

sales are holding strong despite the weak

economy, boosting shares of concert companies..’

predicting that the economic situation,

(see Manfred Tari’s Business Report in

this issue) of Live Nation appears to be on

the up, whether the Ticketmaster merger

goes through or not.

Allan McGowan

However.... Oh no, I feel a mood swing coming

on... I detect a lot of bluffing appearing

in various commentaries on the present

state of things, phrases like. ‘…the company

is seeing strength in ticket sales across multiple

music genres despite consumer discretionary

spending’, seems to sound warning

bells, perhaps the recession, or whatever

economists and governments are calling

it today, just hasn’t got to us yet (I should

have known, the clouds are out and those

bloody seagulls are screeching again!). Certainly

the indications in the US are so far

more obvious than here; an April 14 Associated

Press report said, ‘The concert industry

has been impervious to the recession and

high ticket prices over the years. Last year

in North America, the average box-office

gross was up 18 percent and the average

attendance up 6.3 percent, according to

Billboard magazine. But with the economic

news getting worse by the day, artists and

concert promoters are trying to make sure

fans come out to the stadiums, arenas and

concert halls this year by offering ticket

deals and other incentives.’

Artists are having to face facts and agree

to be seeing to do something for the cash

strapped concert goer, No Doubt is giving

away a digital download of their entire

catalogue with a premium ticket, U2

is pricing at least 10,000 tickets to every

show in the $30 range (top seats still at

hefty $250 though) and Coldplay plans to

give concertgoers a free live album. Country

superstar Keith Urban has priced some

tickets as low as $20 per seat, telling Associated

Press, “They may be to the side, but

they still have a good view of the stage. It’s

a way for us to allow those people that are

a little hard up for cash to come and see

the show. It’s a balance for me, because

we want to put on a good show. I’d make

every ticket $10, but we’d be up there with

a megaphone and a flashlight with some

coloured paper over it.” – Blimey Keith, I’d

pay to see that!

So we may be looking at a summer of cutprice,

get one free, bring a friend, and all

sorts of extras with our tickets as supermarket

methods become more part of our

business, so if you’re not now depressed,

think how much fun it’ll all be! Anyway,

here is the News, with some good bits I


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VIP- News - April 2009

Four Artists Part Company with

German Teen Stars Tokio Hotel

Manfred Tari

In a very short press notice Four Artists

booking announced the departure of Tokio

Hotel. Four Artists have looked after the

booking of the act since the band started to

become successful in Germany. About four

years ago Tokio Hotel became something

of a teen phenomenon, at this stage some

of the band members were still underage.

Nevertheless aided by massive amounts of

hairspray, Tokio Hotel became a hit, especially

with young teenage girls. In the last

two years the band also gained significant

international success, especially in France

where the image worked as well as in Germany.

Alex Richter, managing director of Four Artists

personally oversaw the career development

of the act. In the press release he commented

on the split saying: “We enjoyed

an extremely exciting and successful time

together. Four Artists went along with Tokio

Hotel from the very first club shows until they

played internationally in arenas which really

gives us a sense of pride.”

Alex Richter

For the moment there is no news regarding

who else has taken the band on. The band’s

management had approached several agencies

inviting them to make a pitch. Four Artists

decided not to take part in the bidding

competition. Nevertheless Four Artists may

have no reason to worry; the success of the

German artist Peter Fox may not be an exact

substitute for Tokio Hotel, but certainly music

wise Fox is a worthwhile replacement for

the departed youngsters.

Colophon ››

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Tokio Hotel (Photo Credit Erik Weiss)



VIP- News - April 2009

Association of Independent Festivals Teams

With VisitBritain

Allan McGowan

The UK’s recently formed Association of Independent

Festivals (AIF) has negotiated

to become part of a £1.8 million marketing

initiative organised by VisitBritain.

The European Value Campaign, launching

this month, will go out across 18 key European

countries, and is aimed at the 25-35

age group. Using the slogan “See More For

Less”, VisitBritain will focus on the benefits

offered by the weak pound and Britain’s

relatively compact land area, i.e. that visitors

can take in many attractions during a

short, inexpensive trip. It will include press

advertising, direct mail, a web microsite

and pr support.

The inclusion of AIF in the scheme is recognition

of Britain’s independent festivals as

cultural assets, and valuable enticements to

tourists who may extend their stay and explore

the country further. AIF members are

offering overseas visitors a 20% discount on

festival tickets when they purchase through

the VisitBritain site. AIF and its members

will stand alongside the campaign’s major

partners including Jurys Inn, easyJet and

BritRail, representing a major marketing

boon for AIF’s member festivals.

In brokering this deal, AIF has demonstrated

its potential to give smaller festivals a

larger presence, achieving collectively

what its members could not achieve individually.

While British people have been

forsaking native festivals in favour of more

exotic locations in recent years, it is hoped

that this campaign will boost the flow in

the opposite direction, bringing more Europeans

to Britain’s diverse independent

music festivals. Each of the 18 countries

Rob Da Bank co-founder of AIF

included (with the exception of Russia) has

a local language website where the tickets

can be booked.

AIF co-founder Ben Turner, who brokered

the deal, said, “We’re delighted to announce

this deal. VisitBritain have been completely

open to our thinking and ideas, and share

a similar understanding of the true importance

of the Great British festival to UK tourism

and creative culture. I’d like to think this

is a relationship that will grow and grow as

we mirror the trend of people wanting to

base international holidays around music

festivals. We believe that this new genre of

tourism is now officially recognised through


AIF visionary and co-founder Rob da Bank

added, “Let’s make no bones about it, the

British festival market is the best in the

world and we need to shout about it so this

deal is great for AIF and for the independent

festival sector as a whole. One of the

reasons I wanted to set up AIF was so we,

as independent festival promoters, all got

talking and this deal would not have been

possible without us existing as a collective

of creative businesses.”

Barry Dickens to speak at Musexpo Europe 2009

Manfred Tari

Dates set for the sister event of LA based


Following the first European edition of the

American music convention last autumn,

the organisers have announced that the

industry event will this year run from 29th

of June until the 1st of July. The conference

will take place in the Cumberland Hotel in

London. Former Music Week Editor Ajax

Scott has been taken on board as the creative

director for the event.

The event headline is to be, ‘A Time For

Change & Innovation’, a positive and forward

looking title but perhaps not sound

so appropriate as that of the recent blogger’s

conference Republica in Berlin. The

headline for this event was simply, ‘Shift

Happens’ which sounds so true these days.

Anyway, the list of confirmed speakers is

led by International Talent Booking (ITB) co

Founder Barry Dickens, A&R head Jim Chancellor

of Fiction Records, Infectious Records

President Korda Marshall, Sony/ATV Managing

Director Rakesh Sanghvi, BBC Radio

1 Head of Music Policy George Ergatoudis,

AMV-Talpa Germany’s Managing Director

Jens-Markus Wegener, Xfm Head of Music

Mike Walsh and NME Radio Managing Director

Sammy Jacobs.

A concert program will be hosted in the 100

Club and Borderline.

For further information please check:



VIP- News - April 2009

Fritz Im Freien –

New Festival for


Manfred Tari

UK Music Exports Hit Record


Allan McGowan

Four Artists and partners launch a Radio

Festival in July.

The date is set and the location is chosen.

On the 10th of July Four Music together

with Motor Tours will promote a

one-day event in the live arena Zitadelle

Spandau. The venue is a historic fort and

therefore provides the event with quite

a unique atmosphere.

Taking the name of media partner Radio

Fritz the festival is entitled Fritz im Freien,

which more or less means Fritz in

the Open. The festival will be headlined

by Clueso with Selig as a co-headliner,

Selig recently undertook a comeback

club tour after 10 years of absence. The

agency have also confirmed the appearance

of local act Super 700, which is represented

by Motor Tours, a subsidiary of

Motor Records.

According to PRS for Music, collectors

of songwriter and composer royalties

British musical talent, in marked

contrast to the generally worsening

economic situation, earned a record

15% more in royalties from abroad

during the 12 months to the end of

December 2008. Steve Porter, PRS

chief executive, said: “Music is a great

UK success story. Britain is the number

one home of musical talent in the


Royalties from UK acts touring rose

from £121.2m in 2007 to £139.6m last

year. The Police were Britain’s leading

touring act last year, with Coldplay

and Iron Maiden boosting the overall

income added to by demand for acts

including the Spice Girls, Girls Aloud,

Elton John, The Cure and Mark Knopfler.

The US was the most lucrative market

for British artists, with revenues rising

to £21.7m. Germany came in second

with £15m, followed by £11.6m from


PRS pointed out that international

royalties have more than doubled

since 1999, when they stood at £68m.

Originally the festival was to have been

called Motor im Grünen and was scheduled

for the 27th of June. Tickets purchased

previously for this show will be


The Police were Britain’s leading touring act last year

From Visions to FKP Scorpio

Manfred Tari

Roman Pitone takes on the former post of

Stephan Thanscheidt.

Stephan Thanscheidt is moving on. After

being at Visions since 2001, Thanscheidt

will take on a new post at FKP Scorpio from

June onwards. At Visions he was in charge

of the music magazine’s live music events.

At FKP Scorpio he will become the head

of the local promoter division of the company

and will also support the Company’s

festival booking division.

Thanscheidt left Visions in mid April

and can be reached in the near future at

Roman Pitone will take over the former duties

of Thanscheidt and can be reached at

FKP Scorpio Stephan Thanscheidt



VIP- News - April 2009

Popkomm Previews Major Changes for 2009

Allan McGowan

On April 1st a very quick pre-holiday visit to Popkomm’s Pre-Event

in Berlin, early morning flight in and early evening out, proved to

be very worthwhile, and showed that in difficult times it pays to

listen to your customers and to act on what they say.

At the halfway point between last year’s edition and the all-new

2009 version, Popkomm invited 150 of its customers from Germany

and abroad, together with guests from the creative industries to a

presentation of the Conference’s new location and new concept.

The Pre-Event took place at the new venue for Popkomm, STA-

TION-Berlin (the former Dresdener Station at Gleisdreieck) The

aim was to give customers, media partners and sponsors a foretaste

of the new venue for this year’s event, the sixth Berlin Popkomm,

which will be taking place from 16 to 18 September.

In addition to presenting the new venue in the heart of the city,

Popkomm Director Katja Gross also provided details of some of

the conceptual changes that have been made “Popkomm is primarily

a communication platform and is instrumental in bringing

together supply and demand, as well as actively encouraging the

expansion and ongoing development of networks. That is what

our name signifies. Popkomm – popular communication”

Popkomm Director Katja Gross

trade show



16 -18 September 2009

Berlin, Germany

The International Music Business Market

New Location for trade show and conference:

STATION-Berlin, Luckenwalder Straße 4-6, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Hall 7




Up & Comers


Hall 1



Floor Plan

Company Lounges

Showcase Area

Hall 2



Dinner Area

Hall 3

Exhibition Area


Country Stands


Hall 4

Matchmaking Area

Hospitality Suites

Networking Area



Hall 6

Press Office


Hall 5

Conference Area

Speakers Lounge

Location plan for Popkomm 2009



VIP- News - April 2009

Networking & New Business


The point was stressed that Popkomm sees

its main function to be an ongoing provider

of top-level contacts that perfectly

match its participant’s requirements, in

order to continue as an increasingly effective


Popkomm recognises that with traditional

revenue streams, such as retail of physical

product, in decline, the increasing importance

of music as an important factor

in other areas of the creative industries

needs to be addressed. In addition to the

matchmaking at an international level, introduced

last year, the matchmaking system

will now cover a number of business

areas, for companies in such sectors as TV,

advertising, games and mobile entertainment.

Changing from Stands:

The ways of doing business at music trade

events has changed radically, and much

as it has been hard to take for organisers

who have traditionally been sellers of exhibition

space and providers of stands, the

majority of delegates no longer require

this method. Some major events have

been slow – possibly too slow in realising

this and adapting. It was heartening to see

that Popkomm have taken this on board.

The fully equipped stands that have been

used up until now are being replaced by

Company Lounges, providing individual

firms with a package of services designed

to reduce the organisational effort to a

minimum. At the heart of this new location

is the so-called Market Place. Only here can

customers stage individual presentations

by associations or major labels, or exhibit

on national stands.

Exhibition Manager Esther Piehl said,

“The new concept is the result of the many

discussions that we held with industry representatives.

The current demand is for

international and broadly based networking

events. The new site offers us fantastic

opportunities for showing how the new

Popkomm places a greater emphasis on

networking, which is also reflected in the

design of the hall.”

More Live Opportunities:

The Showcase element of the Conference is

to be expanded. In addition to the evening

programme, artists and bands will be able

to present concentrated showcase slots on

a live stage within the Popkomm building

where they can concentrate on getting

their message across to an audience of professionals.

Members of the public will also

be more closely involved, being provided

with a separate entrance to the music hall.

This fully equipped hall can also be hired for

record awards or product listening as well

as sales and dealers presentations of new

releases. Apparently enquiries have already

been received, which gives an indication of

the likely appeal of this new facility.

Showcase manager Dirk Schade told VIP,

“As well as at the Popkomm Festival centre

at Kulturbrauerei and the official Popkomm

Festival venues, for the first time music will

Popkomm showcase manager Dirk Schade

also be playing at Gleisdreieck, Popkomm’s

new location. This is a sensible addition to

the Popkomm Festival and provides a new

opportunity to combine live music with


Conference & Dates:

As for the actual conference element of

the ‘new’ Popkomm, Conference Manager

Patricia Schwan told us, “The new conference

rooms are directly adjacent to the main

Popkomm hall. This means that visitors no

longer have to walk long distances in order

to take part in the panels. As a result the Popkomm

Conference now has rooms commensurate

with the improved content that was

provided with in 2008, with such prominent

speakers as Robin Gibb and Wim Wenders.”

With the approval of the majority of Popkomm

regulars, including VIP, there will be

a return to the original date in September,



›› ››

VIP- News - April 2009

which fits far better into the industry calendar

than last year’s move into October.

Pre-Event Visitor Opinions:

Benedikt Lökes, Director Corporate Communication

Central Europe, Warner Music:

“The changes to the Popkomm concept that

have been announced will improve the efficiency

and attractiveness of this important

business event. We particularly welcome the

fact that this event has been moved back to

September. It enables us to use Popkomm

not only as a communication platform but

once again as a forum for presenting artists

and albums to the trade and the media.”

Paul Woog, Director Popbüro Region Stuttgart

(Popbüros Baden-Württemberg):

“The character of this new location makes

it more suitable for the creative industries.

I believe that it is right to focus more on the

creative sector. German companies, especially

the small and medium sized businesses,

should be represented not only as trade

visitors but should also feature here at this

new Popkomm with music from Germany.”

Miriam Ducke, Commercial Representative

(Film/Television/New Media/Music

Industry), Canadian Embassy: “The innovative

overall concept for this new location,

which is also architecturally attractive and

has a great atmosphere, shows that the intention

is to continue to serve the needs of

the business. It is definitely the right step,

and an important decision, to involve other

sectors from the creative industries, in order

to enhance the long term appeal of Popkomm.”

»I think the space is very edgy

and it is an excellent idea to go

into the centre of Berlin. I have

no doubt that the changes

Popkomm is making will benefit

British delegates extending

the matchmaking«

- Judith Govey

Judith Govey, International Manager, AIM,

UK: “I think the space is very edgy and it is an

excellent idea to go into the centre of Berlin. I

have no doubt that the changes Popkomm is

making will benefit British delegates extending

the matchmaking. It’s very good that

Popkomm is holding its prices, especially for

non-euro countries.

Leopoldo Lombardi, Presidente Associazione

die Fonografici Italiani (A.F.I.), Italy:

“We like the change and think this is a good

solution. It’s a cool location and good for


Roberta Barberini, Materiali musicali, Italy:

“The new live music area inside Popkomm is

very interesting for us because we want to

improve the participation of Italian bands at


Eva Kiltz, General Manager, Verband unabhängiger

Tonträger (VUT): “The shift towards

more networking is something that

I approve of. Our aim is to achieve the best

possible presentation by small and medium

sized companies at Popkomm. More networking

is the right approach.”

Lena Winstinghausen and Ann Perneel,

French Music Export Bureau, Berlin: “Our

feeling is that, with these changes to the content

and location of Popkomm, it is responding

to the wishes of its customers. The range

has definitely been expanded, enabling all

requirements to be met, no matter how individual

they may be. We also welcome the

fact there will be music at this year’s Popkomm,

apart from at the Festival.”

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Written by our highly merited journalists, Allan

McGowan and Manfred Tari, with over 50

years of experience between them in the Entertainment

Industry, VIP-News brings the latest

news and views directly to your computer

keeping you up to date at all times.


Location plan for Popkomm 2009



VIP- News - April 2009

40 Years of Pinkpop

Manfred Tari

This festival, not only due to its history, is a

classic . Headed by founder and promoter,

Jan Smeets this open air event set milestones

and pioneered the way for many

other European festivals. Pinkpop stands

for Pop at Pinksteren. Within the last forty

years had it’s fair share of highs and lows.

VIP-News took the opportunity at ILMC 21

to talk to Smeets, who is probably one of

the most experienced festival promoters

we currently have in Europe.

VIP-News: Have you come to any conclusions

after 39 years of Pink Pop

Jan Smeets: I think I have a personal one

from someone in the world of Rock´n´Roll

who never smoked, never got drunk, and

never used drugs. So I’d like to explain to

everyone, particularly to people in politics,

that this is possible, because they think

that this industry is full of drinking, drugs,

smoking and everything else, and I say

that I can prove it that it is not true!

At the moment the main thing is the fact

that ticket prices are too high, but why It

is because of the rising artists fees, they

are too high and at the same time production

costs are rising. I started with a total

budget of 10.000 Euros in 1970 at the first

Pink Pop and nowadays it more than 8 Million!

So where is the end That’s why I’m

very concerned about the future, but on

the other hand I said the same ten years

ago and I still exist.

VIP-News: But on the other hand you’ve

had tough times in the meantime

» I´m the luckiest guy in

the world that Bruce Springsteen,

also an arena act, will play

Pink Pop 2009!«

- Jan Smeets

Smeets: Twice. In 1985 I lost money because

I had no more than 10.000 people,

and the same happened to me in 2005. But

all because I had a very bad bill and that

was my own fault because I’m the 100%

stockholder of Pink Pop, so every decision

is my decision, and every decision is

my responsibility. Until 2005 I operated

on a budget of 1.2 Euros for the bill, and

everybody said to me you can’t really get

the big acts, you have to think about it if

you want to go on like that, take a look at

Rock am Ring or Hurricane or Rock Werchter,

if you go on like this you will never

reach your 40th anniversary! So after the

disaster of 2005 when only 20.000 people

showed up, I doubled the budget for the

program and it was sold out again, then I

doubled it up again in 2007 and it was sold

out again, and last year it went up to 4 Million

Euros, it was an amazing year we got

real headliners like Metallica. For the second

time in history we got a real stadium

act after 2007 when we got the Red Hot

Chilli Peppers. And now I´m the luckiest

guy in the world that Bruce Springsteen,

also an arena act, will play Pink Pop 2009!

But on the other hand my budget is more

than 4 Million Euros, which means that the

risk for me as a promoter is very high. The

only profit I can make is on the drinks and

Jan Smeets

the food as I always try to keep the ticket

prices as low as I can manage. That means

that I count on the fact that I have known

for years and years what the audience is

drinking, not too much I tell you, we never

really get drunk people!

What a lot of people don’t know is that

we bought the festival site in 1995. We

own the 27-acre site and we have a lot of

support from the government for all the

camping sites.

VIP-News: But does that also mean that

you are pleased with the support you get

from the local authorities

Smeets: Yes but on the other hand we also

have to pay them money. Maybe that’s the

reason why they are happy as we really

pay a lot. But we are now in negotiation

for the licence, which ends in 2010, and

we are now talking about a new licence

from 2011 to 2020. In 2020 I’m 75, but no



VIP- News - April 2009

problem! But in these negotiations for the

future I am now saying enough is enough,

I’ve paid a fortune in the last 22 years. So

now we are talking about reducing the fee

to fifty percent of what I pay now, and trust

me we pay a lot!

VIP-News: Was the 2009 programme difficult

to book

Smeets: No, not at all. Last year for instance

we got an amazing bill with Metallica,

Foo Fighters and Rage Against

the Machine, which means that you got a

lot of people who like such stuff. At the

moment I have really not a headliner in

that area, I would have liked to get Slipknot,

Blink 182, Faith No More or Velvet

Revolver but it was not possible. Velvet

Revolver are not touring and it is now

a competition between Hurricane and

Rock am Ring for Faith No More. So I don’t

pay what they want me to pay because is

really too much, so in the end that means

that I have no acts that are strong enough

to serve the audience which like this kind

of rock music, so I’m going to lose them

for this year. But on the other hand we got

Bruce Springsteen so I’ll get a couple of

the old bunch back.

VIP-News: What about selling tickets


Smeets: Last year we got about 13.000

visitors from abroad. 2.000 from Germany,

also 2.000 from Belgium and about 3.000

from France and Austria, something like

that. I don’t know how it will be this year.

I have more tickets at the moment selling

in Germany because of Depeche Mode,

but I don’t know how it will go. Pink Pop is

an international festival, I’m always trying

to please the Germans and the Belgians. I

thought that I might book Polarkreis 18 this

year but I saw them at Noorderslag and I

said no, I’m not doing it at the moment.

But a couple of years ago I booked Die Toten

Hosen, I like German bands, I like German

music and Germans anyway. There is

always a lot of money on the German and

the Belgium market but I’m against the

Euro because we always used to win a lot

of money due to the exchange rate.

VIP-News: That is already quite a few years


Smeets: But I still miss the money. Also

I’m not happy with open borders, I don’t

believe it is O.K, because when you had

borders the cars were checked and the

people had to leave their beer and everything

there and nowadays they can bring

everything to Pink Pop at the camping site.

It is O.K. but…

VIP-News: As you say you are selling a high

number of tickets in Belgium and in Germany,

wouldn’t you say that this also has

to do with the fact that people like travelling

all over Europe Of course that also

means that Rock am Ring has more or less

become a competitor for a very mobile audience

for you.

Smeets: I know how many people go to

Rock am Ring, that’s no more than thousands…

VIP-News: Dutch people you mean

Smeets: I have a feeling that Germans are

more likely to come to the Netherlands

than the Dutch will go to Germany. I don’t

know why.

VIP-News: Maybe because you have coffee

shops while the Germans don’t

Smeets: There’s always a lot of rumour

about coffee shops, there is only a small

percentage using that stuff, It’s more a story

in the newspapers than a big reality.

VIP-News: What would you say about

how the audiences have changed Is the

audience today looking for more comfort

at festivals, looking for more exclusive

acts Do you see a difference to let’s say

20 years when maybe the audience was

rather more into a band instead of the

overall billing

Smeets: There are still two parts of the

audience. First of all there are people who

have it in their body, in their genes, so they

got it from their bands. There wre Hippies

and there will always be Hippies and they

are not interested in the best toilets in the

world, they are not interested in all this

quality. At the moment there is an offer

from Rock Werchter that they offer wooden

houses with everything in for rent, but

I say: Come on boys, I don’t build wooden

houses, we are a tent festival, we are a rock

festival. Next time what, we’re going to

build a hotel That is totally wrong.

But on the other hand you have an audience

that are used to arenas with toilets

and a chair and all that, but that is the

audience that normally comes for the day

tickets. But the problem is that because

of the costs we also need these people, I

think there maybe will come a time when

this audience will stay home, having

grown too old. Maybe you can split up the

festivals in a way that you have a Hippie

area for the old style audience and one for

people who don’t know the festival atmosphere

and go straight for the arena to see

Bruce Springsteen and no more than that.

But at the moment you need all the people.

We have Pink Pop Classic for the older

audience who spend a lot of money and

who just want to see Status Quo or Simple

Minds and they want toilettes.



VIP- News - April 2009

Business News

Manfred Tari

DEAG open new business departments:

DEAG Dance and DEAG Jazz

The Company announced the continuation

of its DEAG Classics collaboration with the

Staatsballett Berlin and the American Ballet;

in December 2009 the newly formed

DEAG Dance will promote shows together

with the Staatsballett Berlin and its choreographer

Vladimir Malakhov. The project

is entitled ‘Malakhov & Friends’ and is the

first project of a five year exclusive cooperation.

In addition to this DEAG Music

have released ‘My favourite Ballet Music’

with tracks compiled by Vladimir Malakhov,

which will be promoted by media partner

Klassik Radio. Furthermore DEAG Dance

will be responsible for the American Ballet

Theatre shows in London, which have been

brought in by the DEAG-partnership with

Raymond Gubbay.

DEAG Jazz has announced the launch of

a new concert series entitled ‘Mad About

Jazz’. For this new format DEAG Jazz will

cooperate with venues Admiralspalast in

Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg and the Muffathalle

in Munich. From May 2009 this subsidiary

will also act as the local promoter

and booking agent for several Jazz artists.

Dividend Underlines Prosperity of CTS Eventim

CTS Eventim revealed its annual business

report at March 24 declaring 2008 a good

business year with Revenue and Profit

growth. Due to an increase of about 27 percent

on the net result, CTS declared a raised

dividend per share from 0,49 to 0,61 Euro.

This, as the company stated in its report,

is the fourth consecutive year in which a

dividend has been paid. This is certainly

an indicator of a sustainable success story

and shows that this company is handling

its business differently to most other stock

market listed music companies.

The revenue raised in 2008 from 384,4

(2007) to 404 million Euros. The Earnings

before Interests and Taxes (EBIT) went up

to 50,3 million Euro (47,1 million Euro) while

the Earnings before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation

and Amortisation (EBITDA) was 57,8

million Euros.

CTS Eventim managed to increase its profit

results even though that it had to deal with

a decline in its Live-Entertainment division.

Within this segment revenues decreased

from 301,1 million in 2007 to 288 million

Euros. The gross margin in 2008 went down

from 11,1 percent the year before to10,6

percent. The company growth was basically

driven by its ticketing business. Here the

turnover went up from 87,4 to 120,1 million

Euro. Nevertheless the results for the gross

margin shrunk from 57,3 to 55,9 percent.

According to a current Deutsche Bank research

report CTS Eventim attained its 23

Euro price target for the share, currently the

share price is 23,24 Euro. However the analyst

also added that the consumer climate

may change due to higher unemployment

rates which may lead to weaker ticket sales.

What is Going On at Live Nation and Ticketmaster

At least Ticketmaster is consistent in producing

a flow of non - positive news. The

good will write down of about $1 billion

was just one of these headlines followed

by several consumer and artist driven news

stories complaining about the way Ticketmaster

runs its business. Also there was the

news about the departure of a senior manager

and even more significant, the recent

concerns of American politicians and the

American Anti Trust Institute. On top of it all

Ticketmaster confirmed that it has received

requests for information regarding the resale

of Bruce Springsteen tickets via its resale-ticketing

platform TicketNow from the

U.S. Justice Department, the Federal Trade

Commission and the New Jersey Attorney

General’s office.

Nevertheless the share of Ticketmaster

since April 15 went from $3,95 up to $5,20.

The same goes for Live Nation, on Wednesday

last week the share went up from $2,89

to $3,94. So in these case the news flow was

assumed positive.

An analyst from Thomas Weisel predicted

strong business results for the 1st quarter

of 2009 due to the talks with Live Nation.

He even went so far as to recommend the

over weighting of the share and predicted a

price target of about $8,50. Well, the confirmation,

or otherwise, of these expectations

will be revealed when Live Nation reports

its business report sometime in May 2009.



VIP- News - April 2009

UK VENUES – Lose Some – Gain Some!

Allan McGowan

London has suffered the loss of several

long established venues in the past few

years and the economic chill has not leant

encouragement to the prospect of replacement

– however things appear to be

on the up!

First let’s look at the casualties; The latest,

closing down in January, was the Astoria,

one-time host to performances by the

Rolling Stones and Nirvana. The Charing

Cross Road building had to go to to make

way for the new Crossrail train link across

London - a huge public campaign failed

to save it. Hammersmith Palais had presented

artists as diverse as Glenn Miller

and Justin Timberlake since its opening in

the 40s, but was closed in 2007 by to be

replaced with an office complex and a restaurant.

The Electric Ballroom succumbed

to the threat of demolition of the whole

block necessary for the long-planned

redevelopment of Camden Town Tube

station. A dispute over rent spelled the

end for The Spitz in Spitalfields, having

staged around 3,000 bands between 1996

and 2007. An expiry of the lease closed

Turnmills after 23 years with the building

destined for redevelopment as an office


The good news (I promised you some!) is

that the legendary indie and rock music

The Garage venue which staged everybody

from Oasis to the Arctic Monkeys is

to reopen this summer after a £1m revamp.

The Highbury Corner venue, which closed

down three years ago, is now owned by

MAMA Group, owners of a string of other

London venues, the Company has confirmed

that it will reopen in June. The

venue should have opened sooner but

the discovery of dangerous asbestos in the

run-down building held up repair work.

The refit has almost doubled the capacity

of the club’s main auditorium from 350 to

600. The upstairs room has a capacity of

150 people and there is also a smaller bar.

Dean James, joint CEO of MAMA Group,

said: “The Garage is a popular venue with

artists, agents, promoters and fans and we

are delighted to be putting it back on the

circuit.” Steve Forster, head of MAMA’s live

division, added: “The Garage has always

been a great rock ‘n’ roll venue. Our intention

is to take what made the building special

and develop the space as a 21st-century,

multi-room operation, one that works as

both a live and club space.”

The first bands to perform at the newly reopened

venue will include The Godfathers

and The BossHoss.

The Garage is to reopen this summer

Music Venue Of The Year - Music Week Awards 2009

Allan McGowan

At the April 8th Music Week Awards the

Academy Music Group (AMG) won the

‘Music Venue Of The Year’ award for the

5,000 capacity O2 Academy Brixton. AMG

also had two other venues up for nomination

in the category (O2 Shepherd’s Bush

Empire and O2 Academy Leeds.

John Northcote CEO of the Academy Music

Group said, “O2 Academy Brixton is undoubtedly

one of the finest concert venues

in the world. We pride ourselves in offering

great venues for great artists to play in, who

want to come back again and again. It’s always

an enormous honour to be recognised

within the industry and the last time Brixton

won this award, it was a joint accolade with

Shepherd’s Bush over ten years ago…”

AMG Expand Scottish Venue


Nine days before receiving the Music

Week Award the Academy Music Group

announced the acquisition of ABC in

Sauchiehall Street Glasgow. This is the

Group’s second venue in the city. AMG already

owns and operates the 2,500 capacity

O2 Academy Glasgow.

The ABC occupies the distinctive Art Deco

building and is spread over four floors, incorporating

two live music venues – ABC

(1,362 capacity) and ABC 2 (350 capacity).

Promoters Regular Music and PCL will remain

as shareholders alongside AMG.

Commenting on the purchase, Academy

Music Group CEO, John Northcote said,

“The ABC is a first class venue, with an excellent

reputation and we’re looking forward

to working with Regular Music and PCL to

develop the venue within Academy Music

Group, expanding our reach in the fourth

largest city in the UK.”

Mark Mackie, Managing Director, Regular

Music concludes… “We really love the ABC

and wanted to stay involved. The group of

companies and promoters investing in the

venue will help expand the diary of events,

securing a bright future for the ABC.”



VIP- News - April 2009

The Live Venue - An Academic View

Allan McGowan

VIP Talks to John Northcote:

At a time when the economic situation would seem to make expansion in the mid level area of the live industry a somewhat

risky proposition the Academy Music Group continue to forge ahead, acquiring new venues, (see above for the

latest acquisition) and developing existing sites.

Having entered into high level partnerships and planning to continue to offer attractive facilities, acts and prices to

their audiences. John Northcote took over the running of the Academy Music Group in 2000 and his strategic plan to

develop the ‘Academy’ brand included bringing in promoters SJM Concerts, Metropolis Music and more recently Live

Nation and by opening O2 Academy venues in Birmingham (November 2000), Bristol (October 2001), Glasgow (March

2003), Liverpool (September 2003), Islington (London) (September 2003), Newcastle (October 2005), Oxford (September

2007), Sheffield (April 2008) and more recently, Leeds (October 2008). In November 2008, AMG and Live Nation

announced a strategic partnership for 2009 with O2.

VIP-News: Please give us some details of

your own background and what brought

you into this area of the live industry.

John Northcote: Some twenty years ago,

I introduced live music to tex-mex restaurant,

the ‘Borderline’, a 250 capacity venue

in central London. I did pretty much everything

myself from booking the bands,

working behind the bar, the front door,

learning every aspect of how the industry

worked, in order to improve it. We did

shows with Sheryl Crow, Rage Against The

Machine, REM, Oasis, the list is endless.

From here, Break For The Border’s music

division acquired the Shepherd’s Bush

Empire and Brixton Academy, two of London’s

most iconic venues and the rest as

they say, is history.

VIP-News: 2008 seems to have been quite

an expansionist year for the Academy

Group, please detail some of the events

and the business strategies behind these


Northcote: In the last eighteen months,

AMG has opened three new venues in Oxford,

Sheffield and Leeds. As the demand

for live music has grown, so have we. Our

expansion of O2 Academy venues to key

regional cities across the UK has always

been our core strategy. We aim to create

multi-functional live music/club venues

with advanced technology, high design

and flexibility. Our standard of service for

artists and customers are a priority and

consistently high and the team raises the

bar with every new venue. Our latest O2

Academy in Leeds is testament to that, a

£4.5m project, we addressed every possible

feature, from restoring the building

to its former glory, providing modern

artist facilities, dressing rooms with plasmas

and iPod docks, to focusing on the

customer experience, making sure there

are accessible bars, good sight lines and


The market is constantly evolving and

it’s very similar to what happened in the

cinema industry. They used to be terrible

places to visit, now the multi-screen complex

is a totally different model, where you

can buy whatever you want. There’s a lot

of competition out there for the leisure

pound so we have to maintain our footprint

in the live sector and deliver. Our

business is evolving, touring is more important

than ever to artists and so is new

technology in terms of music distribution,

so our in-house production facilities need

to be of the highest specification so we can

reduce touring costs for artists by using

in-house PA and lights and provide artists

with facilities to record their performance

and our A/V equipment for high quality visuals

is a must to both the live sector and

our club trade.

VIP-News: Do you think that it is important

to present the various venues as having a

strong collective brand How much influence

on the running and the image of each

venue do local factors have Do booking

policies vary very much

Northcote: Obviously the O2 Academy

brand is synonymous with live music and

our name reflects our core business and

expanding venue portfolio and we work

hard to pursue our strategic growth. There

are of course regional differences from City

to City and tapping into that local scene is

essential. We encourage relationships with

local promoters and artists and actively

support new and emerging talent from

the regions, offering professionally run,

production complete venues for them to

play and develop, adding national support

from our Group. Each venue operates in a

local environment and the local factors

shape marketing methods, with venue

staff each having strong relationships and

knowledge in their respective cities, this is

beneficial to agents and promoters with

both promotion and booking artists in at

the right level. O2 Academy venues are the

hub of the music community within each

region and are a focal point for everyone

that loves and plays live music.

VIP-News: Over and above ticket sales

and bar take, secondary revenue streams

are obviously important to the financial

health of the Group - what are these, and

are you continually looking for new features

to add



VIP- News - April 2009

Northcote: Secondary revenue streams

are important in a price competitive market

and we look at all ideas and approaches

to costs, from operational decisions, to

impact on venues and other ways of reinvesting

in our business.

VIP-News: How do you think 2008 was for

the business Are there any events that particularly

stand out for you Although the

live industry appears to have been enjoying

good health, a lot of this seems to have

been generated at the top end of the market

- how has the health of the mid size circuit

been and how is this present and continuing

financial crisis likely to affect it

Northcote: 2008 was an excellent year

for Academy Music Group, hosting some

3,000 events and attracting over 3.5million

customers through our doors. Highlights

of the year are naturally opening new

venues in Leeds and Sheffield and raising

the bar in what we do with new technology

and facilities and we’re proud of these

achievements and have received excellent

feedback from artists, promoters and our

customers. Yes, the top end of the market

is still buoyant, as is the mid-range circuit

and we make sure that we maximize ticket

sales with all promotional and marketing

tools available and working closely with

the promoters. Nobody is totally immune

to problems in the financial sector, but we

»2008 was an excellent year for

Academy Music Group, hosting

some 3,000 events and attracting

over 3.5million customers

through our doors«

- John Northcote

are more resistant to the effects, because

when things get tighter, people still want

to go out and do special things and live

music fits into that category for the feel

good factor. Customers become more focused

on what they spend their money on

so we have to ensure consistency, maintaining

high levels of service and value for


VIP-News: Your venues and others like

them, both nationally and internationally,

are essential for developing acts and preparing

them for bigger stages, how aware

of this role are you, and are there times

when you will take chances with acts that

may seem risky in terms of audience figures

in order to help build profiles

Northcote: AMG has a very active promoting

division, Academy Events and our

in-house bookers are constantly seeking

fresh talent and developing new artists.

This area is key to the development of not

only our business, but the music industry

as a whole. AMG has several initiatives

across its venue estate and exposing these

artists to new audiences is a high priority

and our approach in creating these environments,

in the right spaces makes AMG

strong in the market place, with our varying

capacities and nationwide spread. Our

venues are generally multi-room sites that

can progress artists from entry level up to

selling thousands of tickets. We have to

start at a grassroots level to develop the

arena selling acts of tomorrow.

VIP-News: At the moment it is obviously

difficult for anyone in any business to make

projections, but how do you see 2009 for

yourselves and the business in general

Northcote: 2009 is an exciting time for

Academy Music Group, working with

our promoter shareholders Live Nation,

Metropolis Music and SJM Concerts. Our

new partnership with 02 will see lots of

positive changes, adding value and benefits

for our customers, looking at new

methods of delivering music content and

marketing our shows and events. We’ll

be developing our initiatives to supporting

new and emerging talent and we will

be opening a new venue in Birmingham

amongst others.

For more information go to:

John Northcote CEO of the Academy Music Group



VIP- News - April 2009

artist avails ››

The Yardbirds

Territory: Worldwide

Period: Europe, Late July - December

Agency: ABS Agency

Agent: Nigel Kerr

Phone: +44 208 399 3474



Yuri Buenaventura

Territory: Worldwide

Period: May, Summer,

October & November 2009

Agency: CARAMBA Spectacles

Agent: Clotaire

Phone: +33 1 42 18 17 18



50 Cent

Territory: Worldwide

Period: 2009

Agency: Dactyl Productions

Agent: Richard Terry

Phone: +1 (443) 865 2577



Air Supply

Territory: Europa

Period: Summer 2009

Agency: Cheyenne Productions

Agent: Patrick rocher

Phone: +1 702 562 4103


Barclay James Harvest feat. Les Holroyd

Territory: Worldwide

Period: Summer 2009

Agency: Kultoplis Gmbh

Agent: Markus Sollner

Phone: +49 6861 939980




Territory: Worldwide

Period: Generally available

Agency: ABS Agency

Agent: Nigel Kerr

Phone: +44 208 399 3474



More Artist avails on:

Post your Artist avails on:



VIP- News - August - April 20052009

notice board ››

Speak Another out new - participate service in in the the improved debate. and The redesigned VIP-News Reader’s-page VIP-News is the is open Notice-board, for letters which and contributions is available for from all readers.

Consider Reader’s messages the VIP-News will Reader’s-page, be posted on the as your Notice-board “speaker’s as corner” a free service, towards passing professionals on announcements, in the entertainment job postings, industry buying

and Europe. selling The notices, purpose inquiries of the Reader’s-page or alike. Announcements is to encourage should more be interaction emailed to

and to allow our readers to voice their



opinions about the many aspects of our industry. Contributions should be emailed to

European Talent Exchange Program

Dear All,

ETEP is all about exchange of European

talent, Artists, music. Crossing borders in

every way possible.

We are happy to send you this update:

106 confirmed festival shows by 50(!!) different

European Artists from 12 countries.

Not bad.

All information is based on input from

the ETEP festivals or as published on their


The fun part, the hyping. The score per


White Lies GB 11

Baddies GB 10

Yuksek FR 7

Naive New Beaters FR 4

Soap & Skin AT 4

Birdy Nam Nam FR 3

Buraka Som Sistema PT 3

Hjaltalín iS 3

Polarkreis 18 DE 3

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour DK 3

Bonaparte DE 2

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig NL 2

De Staat NL 2

Frank Turner GB 2

Ghinzu b 2

James Yuill GB 2

John & Jehn FR 2

Katzenjammer NO 2

Milow b 2

The Big Pink GB 2

The Black Box Revelation BE 2

The New Wine NO 2

The Tallest Man on Earth SE 2

Tim Exile GB 2

Triggerfinger bE 2

Casiokids NO 1

Daily Bread NL 1

Deichkind DE 1

Emmy the Great GB 1

Esser DE 1

Fight Like Apes iE 1

Filthy Dukes GB 1

First Aid Kit SE 1

Gravity Co. bG 1

Haydamaky uA 1

Hindi Zahra FR 1

Hudson Mohawke GB 1

Jennifer Gentler FR 1

Kakkmadafakka NO 1

Kilians DE 1

Lonely Drifter Karen AT 1

Nobody Beats The Drum NL 1

Novastar bE 1

Rolo Tomassi GB 1

Solange la Frange cH 1

The Rakes GB 1

Wallis Bird iE 1

You Me At Six GB 1

zZz NL 1

2562 NL 1

kind regards,

Ruud Berends / Networking Music

EuroSonic Noorderslag & ETEP & prepare2start

+31 (0) 356 727 400 (410 direct)

Buma Cultuur

Postbus 929


The Netherlands

VIP-Booking ApS cannot be held responsible for loss or damages

incurred as a result of transactions with individuals or companies

through the notice board. We recommend all to make the necessary

enquiries before entering into any agreements.

VIP-Booking ApS may not, for reason of space, be able to post all

announcements received. Announcements should be emailed to, including name and email address.

Please shorten your message to the extent possible, to make room for

as many notices as possible.



VIP- News - April 2009

readers page ››

Speak out - participate in the debate. The VIP-News Reader’s-page is open for letters and contributions from readers.

Consider the VIP-News Reader’s-page, as your “speaker’s corner” towards professionals in the entertainment industry all

over Europe. The purpose of the Reader’s-page is to encourage more interaction and to allow our readers to voice their

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“In these difficult economic times are pleased to

support initiatives such as London City Showcase aimed at helping

the business, particularly when they are free to industry and public


City Showcase Announces Key Speakers and Industry

Workshop Details

City Showcase, London’s leading festival for new music, has announced

this year’s timetable of free industry workshops (7th -

9th May).

This year The Apple Store, Regent Street will be at the hub of the

action, hosting all City Showcase free workshops. Sessions will offer

advice on topics like A&R, music promotion, production and

on-line marketing. There will also be critique workshops, giving

workshop attendees the opportunity to get advice on their

recordings and live performances from leading industry experts.

Also, for the first time this year we will be co-hosting an “on-mic”

talent search with the Rich Mix Centre in Bethnal Green. Throughout

the three-day festival there will be advice from the top “movers

and shakers” in the music industry, including:

• Brian Message (ATC Management)

• Matt Priest (DX Media).

• Chris Morrison (CMO Management)

• David Stark (SongLink Founder)

• Jon Webster (Chief Executive MMF)

• Judie Tzuke (Singer and songwriter)

• Mark Sutherland (International Bureau Chief, Billboard Magazine)

• Nigel McCune (National Media Organiser, Musicians Union)

• Patrick Rackow (British Academy)

• Paul Brown (new UK MD Spotify)

• Seán Devine (ASCAP)

• Stuart Galbraith (Kilimanjaro)

• Seven Webster (7pm Management)

• Darren Saddler (Undergroove Records & Rock Sound Magazine)

• Guy Lowman (Fierce Panda)

• Chris Difford (Singer and songwriter)

These workshops are available free for the public and provide a

broad base of knowledge of the music industry in general. So,

whether you are interested in a career in music or merely curious,

these captivating workshops offer something for everyone.

Places at the free workshops are limited.

So book your free wristbands online now

- see

City Showcase, London’s leading festival for new music, takes

place this year during the first week in May with daytime performances

in stores, bars and cafés on Carnaby Street and Regent

Street and evening gigs including at The Borderline. Established

as a key date for music lovers and industry talent spotters, City

Showcase is a rare opportunity to see tomorrow’s future stars for

free. Past City Showcase artists include Razorlight, Scouting For

Girls, Newton Faulkner, Keane, Amy Winehouse, N-Dubz, Akala,

Lady Sovereign and Sway.

Alongside the featured workshops, up-and-coming artists will

perform at venues in the West End from 7th – 9th May, including:

Vans, Wranglers, Puma and Ben Sherman in Carnaby Street, The

Apple Store, Liberty, Timberland and Esprit in Regent Street and

Zebrano in Ganton Street.

VIP-Booking ApS cannot be held responsible for loss or damages

incurred as a result of transactions with individuals or companies

through the notice board. We recommend all to make the necessary

enquiries before entering into any agreements.

VIP-Booking ApS may not, for reason of space, be able to post all

announcements received. Announcements should be emailed to, including name and email address.

Please shorten your message to the extent possible, to make room for

as many notices as possible.



VIP- News - April 2009

Member presentation ››

In this section we offer members of some space to present their company to VIP-News readers.

If you would also like to present your company please contact Peter Briggs at

The König-Pilsener-ARENA – Enjoy the Entertainment!

The König-Pilsener-ARENA is a multi-functional venue, offering a superb setting for a variety of sports events, theatrical presentations,

ice-skating and concerts. Flexible configurations provide room for audiences ranging from 800 to 13,000 who enjoy family shows such

as Disney on Ice, sports including handball matches, musicals like Grease, and concerts from rock and pop icons and orchestras alike.

Since its opening in 1996, the Kõnig-Pilsener-ARENA has earned a reputation as one of the most sophisticated venues in Europe, offering

excellent operational facilities and an unforgettable experience for all its visitors. The König-Pilsener-ARENA meets the latest

standards in engineering, architecture and security.

Its central location, at the heart of one of Europe’s largest conurbations, the Ruhr area, means the Arena is easily accessible by road, rail

and air for the 15 million people living within an hour’s drive-time. The arena offers great accessibility with 12 motorway junctions, more

than 10,000 free parking spaces, bus and tram terminals immediately outside the venues.


SMG Entertainment Germany

Arenastr. 1, 46047 Oberhausen,



Phone: + 49 208 8200 20

Fax: + 49 208 8200 22

The König-Pilsener-ARENA

About Our Company

VIP-Booking’s core product is the Internet’s oldest and largest database

for the European Live Entertainment Industry

developed as a tool for industry professionals. Since it’s

launch in the year 2000, we have consistently offered our subscribers

the very best in database services and now boast subscribers in

over 30 countries.

Today VIP-Booking offers a range of tools for the industry – including

VIP-News, VIP-Booking, VIP-Book and VIP-Contract.

Please visit for further information.

Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.




VIP-BOOKING.COM | 26 York Street | UK - London W1U 6pZ | Phone +44 870 755 0092 | Fax +44 870 622 1953 | e-mail:


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