The Importance of Environmental Responsibility

The Importance of Environmental Responsibility

The Importance

of Environmental



the way we use resources today will shape the world of

tomorrow. That’s why we’re building sustainability into the

very fabric of our business, focusing not only on products,

but also on our operations, communities and employees.

We examine our products’ whole lifecycle, from sourcing

through disposal, to create products that reduce our overall

environmental impact by reducing the use of resources at

every stage.


Throughout the

Product Lifecycle

We strive to use less of the world’s resources so there’s

more left for the future. We recognize that continually

working to understand the environmental impacts of

our business, help us to prioritize and minimize those

impacts. Our solutions require us to consider more than

just what the product is made with, we look at how they

are manufactured, packaged, used, and disposed of.

We recommend products

designed to:

8 Reduce how much you use

8 Reduce how much you waste

8 Reduce how much goes to landfill

8 Reduce how much it all costs

Our Lifecycle Approach to Sustainability

Product Design

We strive to design

products that reduce

consumption across the

whole lifecycle.

Final Disposal

Innovative products

combined with reliable

dispensing mean you can

reduce how much gets used,

wasted and thrown away.

Raw Materials

We are committed to

responsible sourcing of raw

materials and ensuring the

sustainability of the fiber

we use.


Our high performance

products and systems aim

to help customers reduce

their usage.


We invest in new technology

and process improvements

to reduce the use of natural

resources and waste from



We continue to develop

more efficient ways of

packing, handling and

transporting our products

to reduce the impact of

their distribution.

A Comprehensive

Approach to



achieve Exceptional Workplaces* for employees, customers

and environmental stewardship. Our wide variety of product

solutions help buildings and facilities meet the rigorous

requirements for LEED ® certification and ensure a work

environment that is healthier, safer and more productive.

Point Earning Options - Leed Canada 2009

Our products can contribute to a building earning up to two points towards LEED Canada Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance Certification.




EQ Credit 3.1 Green Cleaning: Use sustainable cleaning materials, products, equipment, janitorial paper products, 1

High-Performance microfiber tools and wipes.

Cleaning Program (EQ Prerequisite: Green Cleaning Policy, see Green Cleaning page)

EQ Credit 3.3 Green Cleaning:

One point is awarded for 90% of the total annual purchases of these products (by cost) 1

Purchase of

that meet at least one of the following:



Disposable janitorial paper products that meet the minimum requirements of one or

Products and

more of the following programs for the applicable product category:


• U.S. EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for paper towels, bath tissue,

facial tissue, napkins and paper wipers

• Green Seal GS-09 for paper towels and napkins, Green Seal GS-01 for tissue paper

Environmental Choice CCD-082 for toilet tissue, Environmental Choice

CCD-086 for hand towels

• Janitorial paper products derived from rapidly renewable resources or made

from tree-free fibers

In addition, 30% of the total annual purchases of cleaning and maintenance

products (by cost), excluding janitorial paper products, must meet at least one

of the following sustainability criteria:

Cleaning chemicals have a variety of requirements–see LEED Canada

requirements for more details.

Hand soaps meet one or more of the following standards:

• No antimicrobial agents (other than as a preservative) except where required by

health codes and other regulations (e.g., food service and health care requirements)

• Green Seal GS-41, Environmental Choice CCD-104 for hand cleaners and hand soaps

Beware of misinformation regarding the ability to accrue additional points for towel and tissue products.

We recommend working closely with your LEED auditor and the CaGBC to ensure proper guidance.

Tenant-preferred brands support LEED ® certification

KLEENEX® and SCOTT® Brand products not only contribute

to your building’s LEED certification, they’re designed with

patented ABSORBENCY POCKETS*, so users need fewer

towels to dry their hands. The result: reduced waste and

reduced costs for you.

Our products contain third party certifications such as Forest

Stewardship Council ® (FSC), EcoLogo ®

or Green Seal TM , assuring high

environmental standards.


Products Designed to Reduce


Code Description EPA FSC EcoLogo Ply Size Units/Case Qty/Unit

54080 KLEENEX ® COTTONELLE ® Bathroom Tissue 2 4.09" X 4.0" 48 rolls 400 sts.

07001 KLEENEX ® COTTONELLE ® Corelesss Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue 2 4.0" x 4.4" 36 rolls 800 sts.

48040 SCOTT ® Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue 2 4.1" x 4.0" 40 rolls 550 sts.

04007 SCOTT ® Coreless Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue 2 4.0” x 4.4” 36 rolls 1,000 sts.

07006 SCOTT ® Coreless JRT Jr. Bathroom Tissue 2 3.78" x 1,150' 12 rolls 1,150 sts.


Code Description EPA FSC EcoLogo Ply Size Units/Case Qty/Unit

21272 KLEENEX ® Naturals BOUTIQUE* Facial Tissue 2 8.4" x 8.2" 36 boxes 95 sts.

21601 KLEENEX ® Naturals Facial Tissue, Flat Box 2 8.4" x 8.0" 48 boxes 125 sts.


Code Description EPA FSC EcoLogo Ply Size Units/Case Qty/Unit

† KLEENEX ® Hard Roll Towels for MOD* Dispenser System 1 7.5” x 700’ 6 rolls 700’

† SCOTT ® Hard Roll Towels for MOD* Dispenser System 1 7.5” x 1,150’ 6 rolls 1,150’

50606 KLEENEX ® Hard Roll Towels, 1.75" Core 1 8.0" x 600' 6 rolls 600’

13254 KLEENEX ® SCOTTFOLD* Towels 1 9.4” x 12.4” 25 pks. 120 sts.

04442 KLEENEX ® SLIMFOLD* Towels 1 7.5" x 11.6" 24 pks. 90 sts.

01701 KLEENEX ® Hand Towels in a POP-UP* Box 1 9.0” x 10.5” 18 bxs. 120 sts.

02000 SCOTT ® High Capacity Hard Roll Towels, 1.75" Core 1 8.0" x 950' 6 rolls 950’

12388 SCOTT ® SLIMROLL* Hard Roll Towels 1 8.0” x 580’ 6 rolls 580’

01032 SCOTT ® Roll Control Center-Pull Towels 1 8.0" x 12.0" 6 rolls 700’

01980 SCOTT ® SCOTTFOLD* Towels 1 9.4” x 12.4” 25 pks. 175 sts.


Code Description EcoLogo Green Seal Color Size Units/Case Fits Dispensers

11285 KLEENEX ® Luxury Foam Fragrance & Dye Free Skin Cleanser Clear 1.5 L 2 11331

33942 KLEENEX ® Green Certified Foam Hand Sanitizer Clear 1,200 mL 2 11329, 92147, 92148, 32499, 32504

91591 KLEENEX ® Luxury Foam Fragrance & Dye Free Skin Cleanser Clear 1,200 mL 2 11329, 92147, 92148, 32499, 32504

† See your distributor for code information.


Meets EPA standards for minimum post consumer waste content:

towels 40%, bathroom tissue 20%, facial tissue 10%

FSC ® Certified

Green Seal TM Certified

For Recycled Fiber and Post Consumer Waste content in our

products, please reference our Product Fiber Guide at

Kimberly-Clark warrants that its products (1) comply with K-C’s standard specifications as of the delivery date to K-C’s authorized distributors/direct purchasers except for auto darkening filters which shall be warranted for two years from date of end user purchase

(verified by valid sales receipt) and powered air purifying respirators which shall be warranted for one year from date of end user purchase (verified by valid sales receipt); (2) comply with all K-C labeling representations; and (3) are manufactured in compliance with

all applicable federal, state, and local laws in effect at the time and place of manufacture of the products. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS

FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. K-C is not liable for any kind of special, incidental, or consequential damages. K-C’s liability for breach of contract, tort or other cause of action shall not exceed the product purchase price. Purchasers and users are deemed to have

accepted the above warranty and limitation of liability, and cannot change the terms by verbal agreement or by any writing not signed by K-C. To the extent required by applicable law, K-C does not limit its liability for death/injury resulting from K-C’s negligence.

®/*Trademarks of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. or its affiliates. Marques deposees de Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. ou de ses filiales. Green Seal Certified and Design is a Registered Trademark of GREEN SEAL , Inc. LEED and design are trademarks of the U.S.

Green Building Council. Green Seal Certified and Design is a Registered Trademark of Green Seal, Inc. KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* is EcoLogo ®–Certified to Facial Tissue, CCD-083; Toilet Tissue, CCD-082; Towels, CCD-086. The EcoLogo mark is a registered

trademark of the Government of Canada (in Canada) and TerraChoice Group Inc. (in the US). ©2012 KCWW. Printed in the USA. K02618 K8990-12-01 8/12

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