Presseinformation - Menschen für Menschen

Presseinformation - Menschen für Menschen

Almaz Böhm


� Chairwoman of the Menschen für Menschen Board of Directors

When Almaz Teshome applied for the position of head of the department for

cattle breeding at the Menschen für Menschen Foundation in 1986 she could not

have known how radically this would change her life. In the course of her work

she got to know and love Karlheinz Böhm. Since this time she has been dedicated

to the organisation, that she manages today.

Almaz Böhm was born on 22 September 1964 as the sixth child of a large family in

the town of Jijiga in eastern Ethiopia. The Teshomes belonged to the middle class,

her father was a municipal administrator. Following the outbreak of the Ethiopian-

Somalian War in 1978 the family moved to the capital Addis Ababa.

What is by no means normal for Ethiopian children in rural areas, was a matter of

course for the girls in the Teshome family: Almaz Böhm received a good school

education – starting with the local church school. Later she attended a school in

Jijiga up to the eighth year. After the family had relocated to Addis Ababa, Almaz

completed the ninth to twelfth year at Shimelis Habte Secondary School. Following

this she studied for two years at the Awassa Agricultural College. In November

1986 Almaz Böhm took up her position as department head and cattle breeding

expert at Menschen für Menschen in the Erer Valley. She met Karlheinz Böhm in

May 1987.

They got married in Graz in 1991. Almaz Böhm lives with her husband in Austria

and she spends several months in Ethiopia per year. In 1999 she became Deputy

Chairwoman of the Menschen für Menschen Foundation and five years later she

was appointed Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees. In 2008 Karlheinz Böhm

turned over the daily business of the organisation to her and since this time Almaz

Böhm has had overall managerial responsibility of the Foundation. In autumn 2011

she was elected Chairwoman of the Menschen für Menschen Board of Directors to

succeed Karlheinz Böhm, who has become Honorary Chairman to advise the

Foundation. In Europe, Almaz Böhm delivers speeches and lectures about the activities

of Menschen für Menschen and campaigns for support of the Ethiopian

population. In Ethiopia Almaz Böhm actively engages in projects “in the field”,

being closely involved in planning, implementation and monitoring.

As an Ethiopian and agricultural expert, Almaz Böhm is familiar with the living

conditions of the rural population. Precisely for that reason she values the “inte-

Stiftung Menschen für Menschen – Karlheinz Böhms Äthiopienhilfe

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grated rural projects” approach developed by Menschen für Menschen. Together

with the population, who contribute a high level of commitment and work,

Menschen für Menschen meshes various projects to guarantee sustained development.

The construction of roads and bridges, schools, water points and dispensaries

is part of the process, as is the introduction of improved methods of agriculture

and animal husbandry, accompanied by educational campaigns for bettering

the position of women. The enormous trust that Almaz and Karlheinz Böhm enjoy

in the local population forms a sound basis for a successful dialogue.

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Further interesting information on the life of Almaz Böhm can be found in her

biography “No Journey too Far – My Life between Africa and Europe” (in German),

published in 2009 by Rolf Heyne Collection.

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