You Gotta Deal Mark 1:9-20 p. 707 - Faith Fellowship Church

You Gotta Deal Mark 1:9-20 p. 707 - Faith Fellowship Church

“Appointment From God”

Mark 3:13-19 19 p. 709

Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy

Faith Fellowship Church

Melbourne, Florida

Jesus burst onto the


• Healed the sick and cast out demons.

• People brought people to Jesus.

• He called disciples.

• Religious people were disturbed and

began watching Him.

Mark 3:13-19

Jesus went up on a mountainside and

called to him those he wanted, and they

came to him. [14] He appointed twelve-

-designating them apostles--that they

might be with him and that he might

send them out to preach [15] and to

have authority to drive out demons.

[16] These are the twelve he appointed:

Simon (to whom he gave the name

Peter); [17] James son of Zebedee and

his brother John (to them he gave the

name Boanerges, which means Sons

of Thunder); [18] Andrew, Philip,

Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas,

James son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus,

Simon the Zealot [19] and Judas

Iscariot, who betrayed him.

Now Jesus “went up”…

• Aliyah – means to go up– or be called


• Appointed Twelve…

• Apostles – here means designated


• A blunt word– He made them…

• KJV – translates “ordained” them.

Jesus did three things.

1. Called them.

• Summoned or invited.

2. Appointed them apostles.

3. Gave them Authority.

• He may have given several new

names or nicknames.

What was the Purpose

1. That they might be with Him.

2. That he might send them out to

preach– and to have authority to drive

out demons.

• The most basic characteristic of those

called to serve Jesus is to walk

closely with Him.

Who were

these guys

1 - Simon

• To Whom he gave the

name Peter…

• Peter means stone or


• Probably refers to his

role or character in

Christ– not His nature.

• Source for John Mark’s


• Part of the “inner

three”– with James and




• Came from Bethsaida–

where Philip was from.

• Probably married– 1

Cor. 9:5 - Don't we

have the right to take a

believing wife along

with us, as do the other

apostles and the Lord's

brothers and Cephas

• Became the head of the

Jerusalem Church after


2 - James

• Son of Zebedee and


• Fisherman from

Capernaum– in

partnership with his

brother, Peter and


• Nicknamed with his

brother “Boanerges”

which means Sons of



• Elder brother of John the


• Present at the

transfiguration, and

raising of Jairus's

daughter, in the garden

• First martyr among the

apostles-- beheaded by

King Herod Agrippa

(Acts 12:1-2)

3 - John

• Son of Zebedee and


Younger of the Sons of


• Writer of the Gospel in

later life.

• Writer of 3 Epistles

and the Revelation.

• The “one Jesus

loved”– he felt

unusually close to



the Evangelist

• The one disciple

who stood with

Jesus at the foot of

the cross.

• Jesus entrusted the

care of His mother

Mary to John.

4 – Andrew

• The Brother of Simon


• Brought his brother to

Jesus (Jn. 1:41).

• Brought the boy with

the lunch to Jesus.

• Brought some Greeks

to Jesus.

• Did not speak or write

much but he brought

people to Jesus.

5 – Philip

• Also from Bethsaida.

• Responded immediately

to the call.

• Invited Nathaniel– saying

- Come and see.

• Name means lover of


• May have been

Nathaniel’s brother.

• Philip said, "Lord, show

us the Father and that

will be enough for us."

6 – Bartholomew

• Also named

Nathaniel (John 1:45)

• Was skeptical– He

watched Jesus from

a distance.

• Can anything good

come out of


• Jesus said he was a

true Israelite.

7 – Matthew

• Formerly Levi– the

Tax Collector

• Left the tax stand for


• Son of Alphaeus--

brother of James the


• Writer of the Gospel

of Matthew.

8 – Thomas

• Named Didymus or


• Remembered for his


• Should be known for

his courage.

• "Let us also go, that we

may die with him.“

• “We don’t know where

you are going– how

can we know the way”

Jn 14:

• “Unless I see the nail


9 – James

• Son of Alphaeus.

• Brother of Matthew.

• Called James the

younger or the


• His mother was at

the foot of the cross

with Mary the

mother of Jesus.

10 – Thaddaeus

• “Judas son of

James” (Luke’s


• “Judas, not


11 – Simon

the Zealot

• Part of a


political group that

opposed Rome.

12 – Judas


• The one who betrayed


• Iscariot - "the man

from the place called


• Or Sicarii – assassin

or “dagger carrier”

• Secretive

revolutionary group of


A Motley Crew

• Four fishermen.

• One a hated tax collector

• One violent radical– perhaps two.

• All were laymen no priests, rabbis,

preachers or experts in the Scriptures.

• Of six of them we know practically


We find…

• The Fearsome Foursome - Simon,

Andrew, James, and John, spent their

boyhood and early manhood in

constant fellowship.

• At least three and possibly four sets of


• Highly varied in personality and nature.

These Twelve

• Very different in their responses to


• Very different in their gifting and


• Did not always get along.

We should give pause

• To consider the wonderful way that

God works.

• Jesus meets us just where we are.

• Jesus calls us in just the way we need

to hear Him.

• Jesus uses us in just the way He has



• Is still in the business of calling,

appointing, equipping and sending.

• Although the Twelve were unique in

history the pattern of God’s spirit and

ministry continues on.

What is God Calling you to


• Who is God calling you to become

• What is Jesus calling you up to be

• Where is Jesus calling you to go

• Romans 11:29 - God's gifts and his call

are irrevocable.

“Appointment From God”

Mark 3:13-19 19 p. 709

Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy

Faith Fellowship Church

Melbourne, Florida

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