You Gotta Deal Mark 1:9-20 p. 707 - Faith Fellowship Church

You Gotta Deal Mark 1:9-20 p. 707 - Faith Fellowship Church


Mark 1:38-45 p. 707

Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy

Faith Fellowship Church

Melbourne, Florida

Last Week…

• After a huge day of ministry Jesus got

up early in the morning to seek out a

solitary place and spend time with God.

• We choose daily– Servitude or


• Let the day run over us– or let God run

our day.

Mark 1:38-45

Jesus replied, "Let us go somewhere


--to the nearby villages--

--so I can

preach there also. That is why I have

come." [39] So he traveled throughout

Galilee, preaching in their synagogues

and driving out demons.

[40] A man with leprosy came to him

and begged him on his knees, "If you

are willing, you can make me clean."

[41] Filled with compassion, Jesus

reached out his hand and touched the

man. "I am willing," he said. "Be clean!"

[42] Immediately the leprosy left him

and he was cured.

[43] Jesus sent him away at once with a

strong warning: [44] "See that you don't

tell this to anyone. But go, show

yourself to the priest and offer the

sacrifices that Moses commanded for

your cleansing, as a testimony to


[45] Instead he went out and began to

talk freely, spreading the news. As a

result, Jesus could no longer enter a

town openly but stayed outside in

lonely places. Yet the people still came

to him from everywhere.

Jesus had charted a different


• Instead of going back to Capernaum,

they headed toward other villages.

• [40] A man with leprosy came to him

and begged him on his knees, "If you

are willing, you can make me clean."

• A man labeled as having leprosy– a


Leprosy – Hansen’s s Disease

• Infectious disease characterized by

disfiguring sores and nerve damage.

• Not highly infectious– it is not easily


• Not easily diagnosed.

• Any scaling or white spot on the skin

could be called leprosy.

“The Leper”…

• Could not live within a walled city.

• Had to tear their clothing as a warning.

• Could not wear a head covering.

• Had to cover the mouth and beard.

• Wore a bell.

• Shouted “Unclean

– Unclean”

• Could not speak to or greet anyone.


• The man with leprosy was isolated.

• Harsh “Isolation” or Quarantine.

• The leper was also “ritually unclean”

and could never be a part of the rituals

that provided atonement for sin.

• To be a leper was to be alone– in every

sense of the word.

Alienated and Estranged

• Physically– Socially– Emotionally–


• Estrangement – to turn away in feeling

or affection; make unfriendly or hostile;

alienate the affections of, to remove to

or keep at a distance, to divert from the

original use or possessor.

Rabbinical Teaching…

• Every physical disease or injury has a

spiritual source.

• Either the punishment or consequence

of that person’s s sin.

• Leprosy was thought to be the result of

the sin of slander.

• There was no place for such a person

in the community or the synagogue.

Moment of Desperation…

• The man with leprosy broke the law

even to approach Jesus at all.

• Given the great fear of this disease no

one would have blamed Jesus if he had

recoiled in disgust.

• He might have chastised the man for

breaching the law.

How did Jesus respond

• Jesus did five things.

1 - Jesus Listened…

• It is something we miss because it is so

very obvious.

• Jesus listened to the concern and pain

of this man.

• He listened to the statement of faith.

• "If you are willing, you can make me


It is interesting what he

asked for…

• He might have asked for any number of

things. Relief– Financial gift– Healing,

• He asked to be clean– right again with


• Ceremonially and ritually estranged

from God– untouchable.

• No spiritual or emotional resources was

shear agony.

2 - Filled with Compassion

• splankidzomai– from which we get the

word spleen.

• The Greeks saw the gut was the seat of


• The word means “to feel in the gut”

• Have you ever been so gripped by the

hurt of another that you could feel it in

the gut--

it gripped you

Real compassion…

• Is something you must open yourself


• It is a place you must give yourself

permission to go.

• Is is a place where we let our guard

down and set aside our assumption

and presuppositions.

3 – He touched him.

• Jesus reached out his hand and

touched the man.

• Haptomai – to attach oneself to.

• Many would have left in disgust.

• Touching the leper rendered Jesus

ritually unclean.

• The thing about Jesus is that

uncleanness never flows in His


When Jesus touches you…

• Or when you reach out to Jesus.

• He never gets dirty.

4 – Be Clean

• "I am willing," he said. "Be clean!“

• Immediately the leprosy left him and he

was cured.

• He got more than he asked for.

• Jesus changed healed the man and

changed his label.

5 – Jesus asked for a


• Jesus sent him away and warned–

Don’t t tell anyone.

• Go to the priest and offer the sacrifices

required. (Leviticus 14:1-32)


1. Don’t t rush my time frame.

2. Make sure I don’t t get into trouble with

the priests.

3. Show them the sign that Messiah has


4. Faithfully return to God what was



• He went out and talked freely.

• He spread the news about Jesus.

• He disobeyed the direct instruction of


Nothing was required…

• Of this man but faith.

• This act was entirely an act of

compassion in Jesus– an act of grace.

• No offering or ceremony or ritual was

required in advance.

• But Jesus did ask for some quiet– and

that offerings to His Father be fulfilled.

What do we get from this

• There are untouchable people in our

society and culture.

• There are people who have labels put

on them.

• There are people in our lives that we

avoid or even recoil from.

• There are people we simply ignore as if

they were invisible.

Who are the untouchables

• Who are the estranged The people we

avoid touching or looking at

• Homeless

• Illegal Aliens– and Legal Aliens

• Disabled– and Diseased

• HIV and AIDS

Who are the people with


• That we might stand off from

• Who are uncomfortable for us to touch

• As religious people we may have our

own set of labels.

• Divorcees.

• People with habits we don’t t approve of.

• Gays and lesbians.

What did Jesus teach us

1. Listen.

– To their lives, needs and hearts.

2. Have compassion.

– Don’t t judge– open yourself.

3. Touch them.

– Connect with them.

4. Cleanse them.

– Walk with them in finding wholeness and


5. Ask for a Response.

Jesus reached out his hand and

touched the man. "I am willing,"

he said. "Be clean!"

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