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Full report [PDF: 185KB](new window) - DrugInfo - Australian Drug ...

Reading and resource list

Number 16 December 2005

Reading and resource list

This list of selected resources does not aim to be comprehensive; rather it is intended to be a

starting point in your research. The list is sorted chronologically and by author within each section.

These selected resources are all available in the DrugInfo Clearinghouse. For more information

please check the library catalogue (www.druginfo.adf.org.au/libsearch/asp), or contact us on email


Books and reports

Cherney A, O’Reilly J & Grabosky P 2005 The

governance of illicit synthetic drugs, Canberra:

Commonwealth of Australia

Report on a project focusing on amphetamines,

methamphetamines and ecstasy, aiming to identify

instances of law enforcement agencies harnessing

external institutions to further illicit synthetic

drug control, analyse strengths and weaknesses

and disseminate the findings to law enforcement

agencies in Australasia.

DrugInfo Clearinghouse no. MM32 NDLERF

Stoové M, Laslett A-M & Barratt M 2005

Victorian trends in ecstasy and related drug markets

2004. Findings from the Party Drugs Initiative (PDI),

Sydney: National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre

Trends in ecstasy and related drug markets are

also available for the other states and territories

of Australia, and for Australia as a whole. Party

drug trends are also available for the states and

territories of Australia.

DrugInfo Clearinghouse no. RA NDARC T226

Degenhardt L, Dillon P, Duff C & Ross J 2004

Driving and clubbing in Victoria. A study of drug

use and risk among nightclub attendees, Sydney:

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre

This is the report of a study conducted from April to

July 2004 to investigate illicit drug use, transport

methods, history of drug use and driving among

nightclub attendees in Melbourne, in anticipation

of the introduction of roadside saliva testing in

Victoria. The study aimed to establish a baseline

that could be used as a comparison for further

research into behaviour following the introduction of


DrugInfo Clearinghouse no. RA NDARC T209

Degenhardt L, Howard J, White B & Duff C 2004

“Managing the risks and harms of party drug use”

in 15th International Conference on the Reduction

of Drug Related Harm, 20–24 April 2004, Melbourne

Convention Centre, Doncaster: Conference Media

Services Australia

This roundtable session included “Examining trends

in party drug use and harms in Australia”, “When

the ‘party’ is over: a profile of, and challenges

presented by young people in residential

treatment”, “Risk perception of party drug users”,

“Party drugs and party people: are we witnessing

the normalisation of party drug use in night-clubs”

DrugInfo Clearinghouse no. CD JB22 IHRA 1

Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee 2004

Inquiry into amphetamines and party drug use in

Victoria. Final report, Melbourne: Victorian Drugs

and Crime Prevention Committee

This research discusses the nature and extent of

amphetamine and party drug use, and the culture

of amphetamines and party drugs in Victoria. It

examines the short and long-term consequences

and examines the law, law enforcement, education

and treatment issues.

DrugInfo Clearinghouse no. BJ2 INQ

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug

Addiction 2004 Report on the risk assessment

of 2C-1, 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7 in the framework of the

joint action on new synthetic drugs. EMCDDA Risk

Assessments no. 6, Luxembourg: EUR-OP