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Central Washington Catholic Foundation

Central Washington

Catholic Foundation


Dear Friends of the Catholic Foundation,

In many ways the Central Washington Catholic Foundation (CWCF)

relates a great deal with this year’s cover subject. We have shown a

remarkable growth in such a short period of time to becoming a strong

viable nonprofit which helps Catholics in Central Washington. Yet, we

still have a long ways to go as a foundation.

Founded in the fall of 2002, the WCWF has gone from no assets to

this 2006-2007 fiscal-year ending with $3,417,424.74 in total assets.

By most peoples reckoning a very large number, it is actually small

by foundation’s scales. No, we are not trying to be as big as the Gates

Foundation, but that would be nice.

Each year we give area Catholic institutions and others the interest

& dividends from our vast investments in the stock and bond markets.

Simply, the larger our investments mean that we can give larger grants

and awards. This past fiscal year we gave away $118,473.00 to grant

recipients and $3,997.24 in Community Relations sponsorships.

Moreover, we commend our loyal contributors for their continued help

throughout the 2006-2007 fiscal year. It is because of people like you

that the Foundation has grown so successfully in such a short period.

Sincerely in Christ,

õ‰Š´ ÷‚†Œ†Ÿ

The Honorable Philip M. Raekes

Chair of the Board of Trustees

ëœ. ø‚µ, ø.ï.

Rev. Samuel P. Bellino, S.J.

Executive Director

Estimados Amigos de la Fundación Católica,

La Fundación Católica de Washington Central (CWCF) tiene una

relación muy ítima con el tema de la portada de este año, un niño alegre

y lleno de vida. Hemos experimentado un crecimiento admirable en un

período de tiempo muy breve que nos ha convertido en una institución

sin ánimo de lucro perfectamente solvente que ayuda a los Católicos en

Washington Central. Sinembargo aún nos queda un largo camino por

recorrer en nuestro carácter de Fundación.

La CWCF fue fundada en el otoño del año 2002 y ha crecido a partir de

cero hasta un capital de $ 3.417.424.74 al final del año fiscal 2006-2007.

Aunque es ciertamente una cantidad muy apreciable, todavía es muy

pequeña en una escala comparativa de fundaciones. No queremos ser tan

grandes como la Fundación Gates, aunque sería maravilloso serlo.

Cada año entregamos a instituciones Católicas y a otros grupos los

intereses y los dividendos de nuestras inversiones en el mercado de

acciones y de depósitos a término. Para decirlo sencillamente, en la

medida en que podamos invertir más, en esa misma medida podremos

hacer mayores donativos y adjudicaciones. El año fiscal que termina

entregamos $ 118.473.oo como donativos y $ 3.997,24 en apoyo a

relaciones comunitarias.

Hacemos un sincero reconocimiento a quienes por sus donativos nos han

mostrado su apoyo constante a través del año fiscal 2006-2007. Gracias

a personas como usted, la Fundación se ha desarrollado exitosament en

este tiempo tan corto.

Sinceramente en Cristo,

õ‰Š´ ÷‚†Œ†Ÿ

The Honorable Philip M. Raekes

Presidente de le Mesa Ejecutiva

ëœ. ø‚µ, ø.ï.

Rev. Samuel P. Bellino, S.J.

Director Ejecutivo

Board of Trustees

2006 - 2007

Officers and Members

Honorable Philip M. Raekes


2nd Term Ending 07-01-08

Mrs. Dorothy R. Wågsholm

Immediate Past Chair

2nd Term Ending 07-01-09

Mr. Evan Jones

Vice Chair

Term Ending 07-01-09

Mr. Rick D. Rutherford


2nd Term Ending 07-01-10

Rev. Samuel P. Bellino, S.J.

Executive Director / Treasurer

Non-voting Member

Mrs. Kay P. Gamache


Term Ending 07-01-09

Mr. Daniel C. Fortier


2nd Term Ending 07-01-09

Dr. Thomas D. Mahony, M.D.


3nd Term Ending 07-01-10

Rev. Daniel G. Dufner

Term Ending 07-01-10

Most Rev. Carlos A. Sevilla, S.J.

Non-voting Member

Rev. Robert M. Siler

Term Ending 07-01-08

Your Generosity Sustains

Our Mission

The generous people listed represent gifts the Central Washington Catholic Foundation received during the 2006-07 fiscal

year. These gifts were received between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2007. Any gifts received after June 2007 will be acknowledged in

the 2007-08 Annual Report. Every effort has been made to insure that there are no omissions or spelling errors. If we made a mistake,

please bring it to our attention and above all, accept our sincere apologies.

Benefactors’ Circle

($10,000 and above)

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Mahony

Friends of the

Bishop Carlos A. Sevilla, S.J.

Who Donated to the

Juana C. Sevilla Fund


St. Paul Cathedral Parish

Founder’s Circle

($2,000 to $9,999)

Christ the King School Richland

Mr. Richard Coleman

Mrs. Leola D. Condotta

Mr. & Mrs. George Greger

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Jacobs

Dr. & Mrs. Richard T Jacobs

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Jacobs

Mr. & Mrs. Scott E. Jacobs

Bishop William S. Skylstad

Trustees’ Circle

($1,000 to $1,999)

Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Alegria

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bruley

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Fortier

Mr. & Mrs. James Frymier

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Gamache

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Geier

Mr. & Mrs. Clayton R. Gerstenberger

Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Giever

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hein

Dr. & Mrs. Tomás Holbrook

Mr. & Mrs. Evan Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Petersen

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Lamphere

Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Mazzola

Mr. & Mrs. Charles O’Connor

Mrs. Elizabeth Owczarski

Judge & Mrs. Philip M. Raekes

Rev. Lawrence T. Reilly

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Rutherford

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Spadoni

Mr. & Mrs. James Tuttle

Mr. & Mrs. Arnljot R. Wågsholm

Mr. & Mrs. William Wangler, Jr

Director’s Circle

($500 to $999)

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Baldock

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest W. Charvet

Ms. Jean A. Countryman

Mr. & Mrs. Marc J. Desgroseillier

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Flood

Mr. & Mrs. Russell A. Forman

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Gottschalk

Mr. & Mrs. E. R. Grava

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harris

Mrs. Helen R. Hutchinson

Rev. Richard Keolker

Knights of Columbus #894

Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Stan Martinkus

Mr. & Mrs. James McConnell

Ms. Mary Fern McDonald

Ms. Kathleen E. Meade

Mr. Manuel Mendoza

Mrs. J. P. Milnor

Mrs. Mary Mitzlaff

Mr. & Mrs. David O. Munoz

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Ostrander

Mrs. Margaret M. Pangrazi

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Plath

Judge and Mrs. John A. Rossmeissl

Mr. & Mrs. Victor R. Rutherford

St. Joseph Parish Kennewick

Mr. & Mrs. Lester J. Schwaegler

Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Dirk A. Stricker

Mr. & Mrs. Clark Ziegler

Donor’s Circle

($200 to $499)


Mr. & Mrs. Jim Alzheimer

Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Barajas

Rev. Samuel P. Bellino, S.J.

Ms. Dorothy A. Boyd

Mr. Howard L. Buescher

Ms. Cecilia Buechner

Mrs. Marie Calahan

Mr. & Mrs. Tony G. Cardenas

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Cates

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Chalupa

Rev. Thomas C. Champoux

Mrs. Eunice P. Crosby

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Devary

Ms. Kathryn C. Erickson

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore L. Feil

Mr. & Mrs. Leopold J. Gauvin

Mrs. Vida S. Geroux

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Gilhuly

Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Greedy

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Hadley

Mrs. Sharon Hanses

Mr. & Mrs. Louis W. Irwin

Dr. Margaret Keily

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kranz

Mr. & Mrs. Mario Martinez

Mr. & Mrs. J. Alex Maxwell

Mr. James J. McGinnis

Mr. D. Michael McGlone

Dr. Francis A. McMonigle

Mr. Gary L. Menard

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Mertens

Ms. Jacqueline A. Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Nolan

Mrs. Rosemary I. Patten

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Perrault

Mr. Robert J. La Porte

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Pieters

Mrs. Hellen Pugh

Mr. Robert K. Ramsgate

Ms. Ethel Raschko

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Rollinger

Mr. & Dr. Matthew C. Seguin

Most Rev. Carlos A. Sevilla, S.J.

Mr. & Mrs. Morris G. Shore

Msgr. Martin O. Skehan

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford E. Thompson

Ms. Esther Toscano

Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Van Tuyl

MSGT Manuel M. Villegas, (Ret)

Ms. Judy A. Weist

Mr. Charles F. Winter

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Zweifel

Friendship Circle

($100 to $199)




Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Alley

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin M. Aman

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Amend

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Anderton

Mr. & Mrs. Archer Andreotti

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Balladur

Mr. Maurilio V. Barrales

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest W. Bergstrom

Ms. Bernice Bonoskey

Mr. & Mrs. David Bryant

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Cash

Mr. Jesus B. Castillo

Ms. Martha Cejka

Mr. & Mrs. Andres Chavez

Mr. Paul D. Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Crawford

Mr. Henry D. Creger

Mr. Donald G. Dicken

Deacon. & Mrs. William A. Dronen

Mr. & Mrs. Paul F.X. Dunigan, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. Durand

Msgr. John A. Ecker

Mr. Francis E. Fennerty

Ms. Lisa Fusco

Mr. & Mrs. Everett K. Gahringer

Mr. Jeffrey J. Gamache

Mr. & Mrs. Rodger L. Gamache

Mrs. Trudy Gamache

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Gamino

Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose Garcia

Mr. Manuel Garcia

Mr. & Mrs. William Gilles

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Glennen

Ms. Vivian E. Grob

Mr. Jon W. Hammett

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Hartz

Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Heacock

Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Hulke

Mr. & Mrs. Michel Irigoin

Mr. Basil Jacobs

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Jinneman

Friends of the Foundation

(Gifts to $99)







Ms. Amelia Alcala

Mrs. Adela Alexandre

M., & Mrs. José R. Alvarado

Ms. Maria del Carmen Alvarez

Ms. Diana E. Aparicio

Mr. & Mrs. Sean D. Arai

Mr. & Mrs. Hector Araiza

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Arens

Ms. Maria L. Arias

Ms. Bonnie M. Ashbrooks

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Ballinger

Ms. Guadalupe Barajas

Mr. & Mrs. Dan W. Bardes

Mr. & Mrs. LaVern F. Barnes

Mr. Antonio V. Bannagan

Mr. Lorenza Barrera

Mr. Mario Bautista

Mr. James Bixler

Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Botello

Ms. Doris J. Brandeen

Ms. Lynne Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Brush

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley E. Bryan

Ms. Maria Cardenas

Mr. & Mrs. Teodomiro Carillo

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Carney

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Cartmell

Mrs. Gloria S. Ceja

Mr. Adam Celes

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon J. Chamberlain

Mr. & Mrs. Juan Chavez

Mr. & Mrs. T.P. Coen

Mr. & Mrs. Doroteo M. Collado, Jr.

Ms. Kriste Colley

Mr. & Mrs. Herb Conway

Dr. & Mrs. David A. Cook

Ms. Laurie Cortez

Mrs. René Cottrell

Mr. & Mrs. Greg S. Couette

Mrs. Nordica J. Cox

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Cuevas

Mr. Charles De La Chapelle

Mr. & Mrs. Patricio De Laq Cruz

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Dean

Mr. Alejandro Delgado

Mr. G. Lee Desmarais

Mrs. Isephine M. Dorsey

Ms. Rose M. Downing

Mr. & Mrs. Alejandro Duran

Mrs. Margaret Easley

Mr. Mike Etulain

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Etzkorn

Ms. Lorena Fairbanks

Ms. Ana D. Farias

Mrs. Natividad Farias

Mr. & Mrs. Vincente J. Farias

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Felder

Mr. Roger M. Fischer

Mr. Thomas Fischer

Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Fleming

Mrs. Allan T. Flodin

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff S. Flora

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Fortner

Mrs. Catherine Fousha

Mrs. Barbara Fredenburg

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Freepons

Mr. & Mrs. Jose A. Galindo

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Gapp

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Garcia

Mr. & Mrs. Jose G. Garcia

Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo R. Garcia

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Garcia

Ms. Rita Garza

Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Gazewood

Mr. & Mrs. Christian Gehring

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gies

Friends of the Foundation

(Gifts to $99)

Mr. John L. Glesner

Mr. Manuel Godina

Mr. Alfonso Gomez

Mr. & Mrs. Agustin Gonzalez

Mr. Humberto Gonzalez

Mr. Librado E. Gonzalez

Ms. Maria M. Gonzalez

Ms. Martha Gonzalez

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Graaff

Mr. & Mrs. Pablo Granados

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Greger

Ms. Rosa Guillen

Mr. Hector Gutierrez

Mr. & Mrs. Gildardo R. Guzman

Ms. Lynn Hall

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson T. Hall

Ms. Eunice Halsey

Ms. Linda Hammerschmidt

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hardgrove

Ms. Roxanne M Harrison

Mr. & Mrs. Harley G. Hart

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hart

Ms. Mary M. Heilman

Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Heuer

Mr. Charles Hoctor

Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Hoefer

Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Holy

Mr. & Mrs. Willis G. Hopkins, III

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hui

Ms. Margarita Gomez

Mrs. Beatriz Hunsaker

Ms. Joyce Hunter

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hutfles

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Jenck

Mr. Joseph T. Jausoro

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Jullyk

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kaminski

Ms. Monica Kannady

Mr. Stephen J. Kearny

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Kelsch

Mr. & Mrs. Oswald N. King

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Knox

Ms. Mary Koop

Ms. Verlene F. Kozilka

Ms. Karla Krautscheid

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G Kretchman

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Kunk

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest R. Langevin

Mr. Ronald LaPorte

Mr. Leonardo Larios

Ms. Mary R. Lemon

Mrs. Frances Lester

Ms. Meg Lewis

Mr. & Mrs. Noel Lopez

Mr. & Mrs. John K. Lorenz

Mr. & Mrs. Brad J. Luedtke

Mrs. Donna M. Lynch

Ms. Clorine D. Lysiak

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry W. Magnaghi

Mr. Steven Mahre

Ms. Becki Maki

Ms. Elsa M. Martinson

Mr. & Mrs. John Maxwell

Mr. & Mrs. George McAlpine

Mr. & Mrs. William O. McGuire

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond McManus

Mr. Jeremy J. Medved

Ms. Maria Membreno

Mrs. Marta Mendez

Ms. Zenaida Mendez

Mr. & Mrs. Santiago Mendoza

Ms. Maria A. Mendoza

Ms. Maria Mojica

Ms. Maria Molina

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Montgomery

Ms. Manvehita Montoya

Mr. & Mrs. Gergory F. Montreuil

Mr. & Mrs. Adolfo P. Moreno

Mr. & Mrs. Orlando Moreno

Mr. George H. Mullins

Ms. Mildred Muoth

Friends of the Foundation

(Gifts to $99)

Ms. Sofia G. Nicacio

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Nicholson

Ms. Karin Nickola

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley A. Norell

Mr. Michael O’Callaghan

Mr. Manuel Orozco

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Panerio, Sr.

Mrs. Raymonde D. Patton

Mr. William J. Peintinger

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Perdue

Ms. Irma Perez

Ms. Margaret D. Perez

Ms. Victoria A. Perkis

Mr. Richard D. Petersen

Mrs. Amedee Prater

Mr. Manuel G. Pulido

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Qunell

Mr. & Mrs. Rodolfo G. Ramirez

Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Ramos

Ms. Maria Ramos

Mr. & Mrs. Mark V. Randleman

Mrs. Frances R. Reese

Mrs. Martha Reif

Mrs. Marguerite Reinecker

Ms. Karen L. Ringwood

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Robbins

Mr. Pedro Rodroguez Romo

Mr. Miguel A. Rodriguez

Ms. Brellta Romero

Mr. & Mrs. Roman W. Rossmeissl

Mr. Anthony V. Salas

Miss Gloria Salatino

Mr. Tomás Sanchez

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph D. Sanner

Mr. Victor Santillan

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Santoy

Ms. Delfina Saucedo

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Schmitt

Mrs. Anne M. Schneider

Mr. D. W. Semmern

Mrs. Lois M. Severin

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Shumaker

Mr. Juan M. Silva

Mr. & Mrs. Gus Simard

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew H. Smith

Mrs. Carmen Solano

Ms. Erika Solis

Mrs. Ruth A. Sorensen

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sproul

St. Paul Cathedral Yakima

Mrs. Margaret R. Stelling

Mr. Inocente M. Tapia

Mr. Faustino Teran

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Tharp

Mr. & Mrs. Roland Tiedemann

Ms. Ana Torres

Mr. & Mrs. Eliud Torres

Ms. Maria M. Torres

Mr. & Mrs. James Toth

Mrs. Ana Maria Tovar

Mr. & Mrs. David Trampush

Mr. Theodore N. Turpin, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Curt Ulrich

Ms. Drusilla Upton

Mr. Emiliano Valencia

Ms. Sandra Valencia

Mr. & Mrs. David Van Dorn

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Vandervert

Mr. Alvaro Vargas

Mr. & Mrs. Jim M. Vincent

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Vincent

Ms. Betsy L. Voelker

Mr. & Mrs. Roscoe Wade

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert W. Watson

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory E. Weedin

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. White

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Whitish

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Whittle

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wise

Ms. Valerie C. Wright

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne W. Wright

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Zamora

Mr. Fernando Zavala

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Zeutenhorst

Financial Report

The certified public accounting firm of Le Master & Daniels PLLC conducted the Central Washington Catholic

Foundation annual compilation report ending on June 30, 2007. This report was completed in accordance with

“Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services” issued by the American Institute of Certified Public

Accountants. If you would like to see the complete “Accountant’s Compilation Report and Financial Statements June

30, 2007 and 2006,” please go to www.cwcatholicfoundation.org and look under Documents: Annual Reports.

Percentage of Assets

by Named Funds

Jean Meyer

Mary Ellen Chott-Mahre

Sr. Noreen O'Conner, CSJ

Kennewick Music - St. Joseph Parish

Yakima - Holy Family Parish

Kennewick School - St. Joseph

Poulin, Edmond & Blanch

Wenatchee School - St. Joseph

Msgr. William Sweeney

Yakima - St. Paul Parish

Yakima School - St. Paul

Bittner Burse

Larry & Lillian Jacobs

Tyrell, William & Mary

Ephrata School - St. Rose of Lima

Juana Cobian Sevilla

Amos & Elsie Gamache

Mahony, Thomas & Nancy

William & Mary Hambelton

Yakima Maintenance -

St. Joseph

Seminarian Education

Rosa, Lena, Louisa Orlando

Robert G. Geier

John Rodriguez-Kranz

Mark L. Kranz

Jane Frances Godfrey

Poulin Yakima - Holy Family

The mission

of the

Central Washington

Catholic Foundation

is inspired

by the gospel of

Jesus Christ.

The purpose of this

independent corporation

is to support and enhance

philanthropy and charitable activities

for the needy, disadvantaged and faith-oriented

worthy causes in the counties of

Benton, Chelan, Douglas,

Grant, Kittitas, Klickitat,

and Yakima in Central Washington.

Central Washington Catholic Foundation

5301 Tieton Drive, Suite F

Yakima, Washington 98908-3479

(509) 972-3732

Fax: (509) 972-2417



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