AwArds for ExcEllEncE EnTrY GUIdElInEs 2012 - UDIA

AwArds for ExcEllEncE EnTrY GUIdElInEs 2012 - UDIA

Awards for





From the


In 2012 the UDIA Awards for Excellence

will once again throw a spotlight on the

very best in land development and built

form from Western Australia’s urban

development industry.

I urge you to take this opportunity to

present the best you have to offer to your

colleagues in the industry and to the homebuyers of

Western Australia.

UDIA goes to considerable lengths each year to ensure all

entrants in the awards receive extensive coverage in the media

and in the UDIA’s internal publications.

Once again UDIA will showcase all the entrants to the 2012

Awards in the September edition of the West Australian’s twice

yearly Land Report. With a distribution to over 880,000 readers

throughout WA, The Land Report is packed with information

and remains an indispensible guide to those in the market for

a new home.

The 2012 Awards will again offer a range of categories as well

as the Rising Star award for first time entrants, presenting

developers with a wide range of opportunities to put their

developments before the judges and the buying public.

Like many others, I’m looking forward to seeing what the 2012

Awards have in store for us and I’m also looking forward to

seeing you at the gala celebrations on September 1.

Warm Regards,

Cameron Shephard

President, UDIA WA


Congratulations to the 2011

Awards Winners

AFFORDABLE Development

Malvern Springs by Department of Housing and Morella Pty Ltd


Port Coogee by Australand


Oceanique by Port Bouvard Limited


Midland Metro by The Midland Redevelopment Authority


Bethanie Peel Community Housing by The Bethanie Group Inc and the Department of Housing


Stella Orion Apartments, Success by Department of Housing and Goodland Properties Pty Ltd


Heron Park by the Satterley Property Group and Heron Park Pty Ltd


Carramar Golf Course Estate by Peet Limited


Austin Cove by the Satterley Property Group


Port Coogee by Australand


No entry


South Hedland New Living Urban Renewal Project by Department of Housing and JAXON


Stella Orion Apartments, Success by Department of Housing and Goodland Properties Pty Ltd


Port Coogee by Australand


2012 Sponsors



Government of Western Australia

Department of Housing













Key Dates


Why Enter

20 February Entrants’ Briefing

2 April Intent to Enter Close

28 May Awards Submissions Due

June & July

Judging Site Visits

1 September UDIA WA Awards for

Excellence Gala Dinner

About the


Prestigious and highly sought after by the Western Australian

development industry, the UDIA WA Awards for Excellence

program is one of WA’s most respected and valued industry

awards. The UDIA WA Awards were first introduced in 1994

and trophies are displayed with pride in boardrooms and display

cabinets as a tangible sign of excellence and achievement. Ten

of our 2012 Award winners will be eligible to enter the UDIA

National Awards which are announced each year at the UDIA

National Congress in March where Western Australia has a

strong track record of success. In 2011 Vale by Brookfield

won the National Residential Development Award with New

Northbridge by EPRA taking off both the National Urban

Renewal Category and the prestigious President’s Award.

Specifically developed by, and for, the development industry and

judged by highly respected, independent industry professionals,

these Awards recognise excellence and innovation in one of the

State’s critical industry groups. The Awards program concludes

with a spectacular gala dinner and presentation ceremony

that attracts a large and influential audience of development

professionals along with dignitaries from the Western Australian


Whilst the feeling of winning one of the sought after UDIA WA

Awards at the industry’s gala night of nights is unsurpassed, the

marketing benefits for ALL the Awards entrants are significant.

The September edition of the UDIA Land Report, proudly

published by our Media Partner The West Australian, will feature

all entrants along with articles designed to help the purchaser

choose the right location and navigate through the process of

buying. The West Australian also features the winners in the

Real Estate section of the Saturday edition. The UDIA Awards

for Excellence program also has extensive exposure across

other media and coverage is increasing as the Awards program


The UDIA WA Awards for Excellence are also widely recognised

as best practice by the community; consumers identify finalists

and winners with the provision of a quality product. The use

of the UDIA Awards for Excellence logo is part of the benefit

package for winners and finalists and it is used extensively in

media promotion and sales offices.

Within the industry the Award entrants are well promoted

through UDIA newsletters and the UDIA website which features

a new portal for consumers. The Awards for Excellence section

on the website will be a key port of call for potential house and

land buyers in 2012/13.

Being a finalist or winner of an Award for Excellence should not

be underestimated when dealing with government agencies.

When you have been recognized as the “best of the best” by

your peers, other people pay attention.

Finalists and winners will attract the very best consultancy

companies to future projects as the Awards recognise all of

those supporting entities that underpin development excellence.

A single successful development can recognise and enhance a

dozen companies through Awards for Excellence certificates

and promotion. A special edition of UDIA’s monthly newsletter

“Urban Link” features not only the developments but all of the

consultants who have been a part of the projects who enter the

Awards program.

If the external recognition is not enough motivation, have

a thought for your hard working staff and the benefits of

recognising the excellence that they deliver. UDIA Awards

show members of your team that their work has not gone

unnoticed. Attendance at the Gala Dinner allows all staff to

enjoy the celebrations and provides an incentive to continue to

rise to meet future challenges.




Do I have to be a member of UDIA to enter a

project in the Awards

Yes, financial members may enter as many of their projects in as

many of the categories as they wish.

I am a consultant, can I enter a project

Yes, but where projects are entered by members who are not a

developer, that developer’s consent must be obtained and they

must also be a financial member of UDIA (WA).

Can I enter the same project in more than one


Yes, where appropriate, individual projects may be entered

in more than one Award category. Multiple categories can

be selected on the Intent to Enter Application Form and

submissions addressing the relevant selection criteria need to

be submitted for each project along with the relevant fees.

Does my project have to be “new”

Given the evolutionary and dynamic nature of many developments,

projects submitted in previous years may re-enter in the current

Awards program.

Does my project have to be complete

Projects submitted in the Awards must have achieved

“substantial completion” or “substantial commencement”

where designated in the Award categories. Judges need

sufficient progress to be made to ensure that the project

described will reflect the finished product. This will vary

between categories. See the glossary for further details.

Are there any limits regarding where projects are


Projects can be located anywhere in Western Australia.

Is it hard to enter

There are four simple entry steps to follow after submitting your

“Intent to Enter” form by 2 April 2012:

1. Look at the entry categories on pages 7 and 8 to consider

which categories are relevant to your development

2. Look at the criteria description tables on page 9 for the

summary of the selection criteria

3. Check on page 11 for the glossary of terms to ensure you

understand the criteria and how they apply to your project

4. Download the relevant templates from

au and follow the Entry Procedures on page 12.

How do I present my entry

The written component of your entry must address the selection

criteria and be presented in A4 format. Details are provided in

this nomination brochure and a Word template is provided on

the UDIA website to assist entrants. Addressing the criteria in

a clear and comprehensive manner is essential for the entry to

be competitive as the judges use the information to prepare

themselves for the site visit and as a reference during final

judging meetings. We urge the strong involvement of the project

management team in the preparation of the entry as the focus is

on the content rather than “gloss”. There is also a requirement

for electronic promotional material which is detailed on page 13.

What are the selection criteria

The selection criteria are provided on page 9 of this brochure.

As a guide, you will be expected to address all or some of the

following criteria depending on the award category: Urban

Form, Community Creation & Integration, Environmental &

Engineering Considerations and Innovation Merit and Market


Why are the criteria weighted

The criteria are weighted to give entrants an understanding of

what the judges will be focusing on. This weighting is reflected

in the judging score sheets.

Who judges the Awards

A judging panel consisting of highly experienced and respected

industry professionals are used each year.

If I win can I get more trophies & certificates

Each winning development will receive a trophy plus a certificate

for themselves and all the consultants involved in the winning

project. Additional trophies and certificates can be purchased

after the Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner.

Is it expensive

This depends upon the approach used in preparing the entry and

certainly costs can be limited to the time to write up the entry, be

present for the site visit and the entry fee. Whilst some entrants

spend money on graphic design for the entry this has NO impact

on the outcome of the judging.

Award logos give your development a

marketing edge!

If I don’t win are there benefits

Absolutely. In addition to the winner, up to 3 finalists will be

identified in each category. There is also significant media

profile for all entrants and the winners and the finalists will be

able to display the special UDIA Awards Logos.








Descriptions of Award categories are to guide entrants in

determining which category/categories their project is/are

eligible for entry and for the Judging Panel to determine whether

a nominated entry meets the Category Entry description. The

judging criteria are the basis on which projects are assessed

and are detailed in the section on Criteria.

Category 1



(substantially commenced)

Government of Western Australia

Department of Housing

Projects will be able to demonstrate an overall outcome based

on providing an affordable product. This category is open to

entries of any type of residential development including subdivision,

medium and high density projects. Entrants should

demonstrate both initial affordability of the product as well as

the incorporation of ‘whole of life’ sustainable elements that

provide for affordability in ongoing running costs.

Category 2

Environmental Excellence

(substantially commenced)

Projects will be able to demonstrate how significant environmental

challenges have been overcome and where research, innovation

and design or construction techniques have enabled a significant

and outstanding response to a need for conservation and

environmental improvement.

Category 3

High Density


(substantially completed)

Projects entered in this category will include predominantly

apartment buildings of three storeys or more including low rise,

mid rise and high rise apartments and with a minimum density

of 30 dwellings or more per site hectare.

Category 4

Urban Renewal

(substantially completed)

Projects entered in this category must demonstrate revitalisation

and appropriate use of land and/or buildings in established

suburbs or inner city areas. No restriction on the type of uses or

the inclusion of new elements provided they are integrated with

the existing built elements.

Category 5

Seniors Living

(substantially completed)

Projects entered into this category must pay particular attention

to the needs of residents over 55 years of age and present a

high standard of overall design, create a sense of place and have

regard for an energy and water efficient lifestyle. Nominations

are for residential purposes rather than exclusively for aged

care. Accordingly it may include integrated retirement lifestyle

housing and accommodation.

Category 6

Medium Density


(substantially completed)

Projects entered in this category must have a minimum density

of 20 dwellings per hectare and a maximum height of five

storeys. Projects must be predominantly residential including

small lot housing, villas, town houses, terrace homes, row

housing and apartment buildings and may incorporate minor

commercial / retail components.

Category 7

Urban Water Excellence

(substantially completed)

Developments entered into this category will demonstrate

a holistic approach to water management and design which

delivers a reduction in the use of both potable and total water

consumption; improvements to on-site water quality; innovation

in water reuse; and/or effective management of waste water.

Category 8

Sustainable Urban


(substantially completed)

Entries are sought from developers of projects that have achieved

sustainable development outcomes for the presentation of this

state award. Projects will be judged on economic, social and

environmental aspects to achieve a sustainable outcome.


your categories

carefully to

be most



Discretionary Awards

These categories are not necessarily awarded each year.

Category 9



Under 250 lots

(substantially commenced)

Projects entered in this category would not be expected

to include a comprehensive range of facilities within the

development but should have established a satisfactory

relationship and integration with facilities nearby to meet the

needs of residents and users.

Category 10

Residential Development

Over 250 lots

(substantially commenced)

Projects entered in this category would not be expected

to include a comprehensive range of facilities within the

development but should have established a satisfactory

relationship and integration with facilities nearby to meet the

needs of residents and users.

Judges’ Award

Recognises outstanding achievement or innovation in a

particular aspect of development.

Rising Star Award

An outstanding entry from a company that has not participated

in the Awards in previous years.

President’s Award

Selected from category winners, this is the project the Judges

consider to be the ‘Best of the Best.’

Category 11

Masterplanned Development

(substantially completed)

Projects must have a coherent design with a relevant range

of facilities within the development, whether predominantly

residential, civic, recreational, entertainment, tourist,

commercial or industrial, or a combination of any of these

primary uses. The size of projects is not defined for entry



your categories

carefully to

be most





The Criteria have been developed to reflect the priorities of

the judging categories. Details of the Criteria are provided in

the tables below. To enable effective comparison between

categories when choosing which one(s) to enter there are three

tables: one focusing on the built form categories (Group 1); and

another on land development categories (Group 2). The third

group is for special categories which span across a range of

development types. Within the tables different weightings are

used to signal the importance of each selection criteria, which

will assist in the selection of an appropriate category.

Entrants are encouraged to cover any aspects that they feel are

relevant to their development, however certain aspects have

been excluded as they may not be applicable in all instances. You

may include any information that you believe is relevant to your

entry as this will help with the “Judges’ General Impression.”

If you are entering the same project in different categories it

is strongly recommended that the entry is customised by

taking account of mandatory sections and criteria weighting. If

the development is being entered into more than one Group

category, it is essential that the different criteria area addressed.

Group 1 applies to:

Affordable Development

High Density Development

Urban Renewal

Seniors Living

Medium Density Development

Group 2 applies to:

Environmental Excellence

Residential Development Under 250 lots

Residential Development Over 250 lots

Masterplanned Development

Group 3 applies to:

Urban Water Excellence

Sustainable Urban Development

It is important to follow the prescribed format for the written

submission as it assists the judges in their preparation for the

site visit. If the information is not provided in a format consistent

with the requirements you could be at a disadvantage as the

judges may miss vital information.

The Word template, which can be downloaded from www., provides further support in addressing

the criteria.

Group 1 Criteria



High Density


Urban Renewal

Seniors Living

Medium Density



Urban Form 10 20 20 10 20

Buildings 10 20 20 10 20

Environmental and or Heritage Considerations 5 10 10 5 10

Engineering Considerations 5 10 10 5 10

Marketing, Financial Structure,

5 10 10 5 10

Market Acceptance and Pricing

Problem Solving, Consultation, Negotiation,

Issues Resolution

5 10 10 5 10

Unique or Special Features, Innovation 10 10 10 10 10

Affordability (Affordable Development only) 40

Seniors Appropriate (Seniors Living only) 40

Judges’ General Impression 10 10 10 10 10

Total 100 100 100 100 100

Group 2 Criteria

Environmental Excellence

Residential Development

Under 250 Lots

Residential Development

Over 250 Lots


Urban Form 15 30 25 15

Environmental Sustainability 40 10 10 10

Community Creation And Integration (Social) 5 10 10

Economic Sustainability 10

Balance Of Sustainability Principles 5

Engineering Considerations 5 10 10 10

Marketing, Financial Structure,


5 15 15 10

Market Acceptance and Pricing

Problem Solving, Consultation, Negotiation,

Issues Resolution

15 10 10 10

Unique Or Special Features, Innovation 10 10 10 10

Judges' General Impression 10 10 10 10

Total 100 100 100 100

Group 3 Criteria

Urban Water


Sustainable Urban



Urban Form 10 10

Environmental and or heritage considerations 10

Environmental Sustainability 15

Community Creation And Integration (Social) 15

Economic Sustainability 15

Balance of Sustainability Principles 10

Engineering Considerations 10 5

Marketing, Financial Structure, Market Acceptance & Pricing 5 5

Problem Solving, Consultation, Negotiation, Issues Resolution 5 5

Unique Or Special Features, Innovation 10 10

Excellence in Urban Water (Urban Water Excellence Only) 40

Judges’ General Impression 10 10

Total 100 100




The UDIA Awards for Excellence Judging Panel comprises

independent industry experts from a range of disciplines who

visit each project and assess them against the weighted criteria

published in this booklet.

Each of the judges is provided with a copy of the written

submissions to help them understand the project and the

challenges managed during the development process. The

written submission will often trigger questions that the judges

explore during the on site visit. It is important to remember that

the judges want quality information in the submissions but do

not need professional production for the award entries. It is

recommended that the templates provided on the internet are

used as a guide to ensure that you address all of the criteria and

give your project the best opportunity for success.

This is your opportunity to show your development and impress

the judges. Normally a project will be allocated 30 minutes for

the first category entered and an additional 15 minutes for each

other category to a maximum of 60 minutes. In that time we

would suggest the following:

1 A briefing by the project management team and consultants

on key aspects of the projects. Include things that did not go

according to plan as well as the things that worked perfectly

as the judges are looking at both good planning and problem


2 Provide to the judges a site pack which includes any

marketing materials or other printed information that you

think is relevant.

3 A site tour. Choose the aspects of your development that

you want to highlight. This can be a walking or a driving

tour or a combination of both. UDIA provides a van (normally

7 seats) allowing three people from the development to

provide a briefing on driving tours. UDIA provides the driver

which allows you to plan an integrated walking and driving

tour if that is the preference.

What not to do

1 Have the wrong people representing your project. The

judges are highly experienced professionals and want to

speak to the Project Manager and key consultants. It is our

experience that the marketing team do not provide adequate

depth to satisfy the judges’ information requirements.

2 Show up late, answer phone calls or generally show

disrespect to the judges – it does happen.

3 Be under prepared. Some people are nervous when

discussing the project with the judges but those that are

successful usually have a plan; an outline of things they

want to say and a clear understanding of what they want to

show the judges. Asking the judges what they want to see

is not helpful, it is your project so show it off.

Catering for the Judges

You will be told by UDIA if there is a need to provide morning

tea, lunch or afternoon tea for the judges and additional time is

allowed in the site visit if you are required to provide catering.

The catering is expected to be simple, ie biscuits/muffins for

morning/afternoon tea and sandwiches for luncheon. Whilst tea

and coffee are normally provided a cool drink is also appreciated.


Judges cannot accept any gifts, gratuities or other tokens –

please do not be insulted when they are refused.

Timing of Site Visits

Whilst there is some flexibility, UDIA staff organise the site visits

in accordance with the availability of judges and a logical route

that clusters entrants. Every effort is made to keep to time on

the day and the UDIA office is kept informed of progress and will

inform you if there is a delay. Please ensure that you have given

us the current correct contact name and mobile number to allow

the office to call you if there is a delay. Judging will take place in

June and July 2012.

The onsite

visit is the

most important

part of the process





Affordable Urban Development relates to value for money at

the low/entry end of the market. The “cheapest” development

will not win unless they also provide a quality product relevant

to the market.

Balance of Sustainability Principles

This section is to encourage entrants to discuss the challenges

of sustainability where there are competing priorities and how

they achieved a solution.


This section is for the judges to assess the quality of the

buildings. Judges will be looking for information on the following:

• Architectural Merit

• Community Facilities

• Execution, Finishes and Inclusions

Community Creation and Integration

This section recognises the important role of the developer in

community creation and integration. This criteria may be addressed

under some or all of the headings below or other headings that are

relevant to the project.

• Meaningful Community Involvement

• Community Planning, Development & Capacity Building

• Affordable Housing

• Equity and Diversity

• Safety and Security

• Cultural Heritage

• Provision/Access to Relevant Infrastructure

Economic Sustainability

This section recognises the role of the developer in encouraging

and fostering economic development. This may be addressed

under some or all of the headings below or other headings that are

relevant to the project.

• Revenue Generation to Local Economy

• Create Jobs, Establish New Enterprises or

Support Local Employment

• Provide New Infrastructure

• Access to Commercial, Retail and Services

• Affordable Dwelling Choices

Engineering Considerations

This can be any aspect of engineering for the project and

includes key engineering objectives for the site, significant site

constraints and how these matters were addressed through

engineering design, urban water including storm water,

wastewater, drainage, surface and ground water solutions and

key innovations and solutions.

Environmental and Heritage Considerations

This may cover any aspect of the development from the planning

to the built form.

Any aspect of the Environmental Sustainability section outlined

below may be used as well as the environmental performance

of the building. Heritage considerations will vary significantly

between developments and may not be relevant in some cases.

Environmental Sustainability

This section recognises the role of the developer in managing

and encouraging environmental sustainability. This may be

addressed under some or all of the headings below or other

headings that are relevant to the project.

• Soil and Water Management

• Transport, Access and Connectivity

• Water Sensitive Urban Design

• Natural Environment, Landscape,

Native Species & Vegetation

• Energy Efficiency/Reduction of Greenhouse Emissions

• Cultural Heritage

• Micro Climate

• Visual Environment

• Materials and Inclusions

• Reduction in Waste and Waste to Landfill

Excellence in Urban Water

Developments entering this category should demonstrate

a range of strategies to reduce both potable and total water

consumption, manage/improve onsite water quality, and

manage/reduce waste water. Strategies may include the use

of physical infrastructure, excellence in design, community

education and behavioural change. Strategies should be

sustainable and protect/enhance the natural water systems in

the development.

Judges’ General Impression

This is for the judges to record their overall impressions formed

from the submission and the site visit; it is not a component of

the submission.

Marketing and Financial Structure,

Market Acceptance and Pricing

This section should include the approach taken to market the

project including any marketing themes developed along with

initiatives implemented through the marketing campaign. The

judges will be looking for clear insight into the commercial

success of the project including market acceptance. All

information for the judges remains strictly confidential. You may

consider including completion within budget, percentage return

achieved by the development company and the influence of the

project’s success on other projects being undertaken by the

development company.


Problem Solving, Consultation,

Negotiation, Issues Resolution

This section provides an opportunity for you to summarise the

problems that the development team experienced throughout the

development process and how these were overcome. There are

many examples such as the site may have had problems relating to

contamination or acid sulphate soils, rare or endangered species,

wetlands, access to facilities or services, location within a low

socioeconomic demographic. The emphasis is on how these

problems were resolved with a particular focus on community

consultation, working with key stakeholders such as other land

holders in the area, Local, State or Federal Government. Please

note that engineering problems are addressed in another section.

Substantially Commenced

This term is mainly used when judging land developments. It

would be expected that road works are completed and, as a

minimum, there is some commencement of dwelling/building


Substantially Completed

This is required where there is either substantial built form

being judged or an integrated site such as a masterplanned

community. For built form it would be expected that the judges

would be able to view a component which is completed. In a

high density development it would be expected that judges

could do a walk through of an apartment with fixtures in place.

For masterplanned where economic sustainability is a

requirement it would be expected that there would be some

commercial activity or other employment activity in operation.

Unique or Special Features, Innovation

The Judges are looking for what makes your project “Special.”

This is the opportunity to really highlight why your project

stands out from the rest.

Urban Form

Urban form is the catchall for the planning/design process

and its outcomes. It includes the design response to the site

and the vision of the developer. This can include reference

to innovations in the street pattern, layout and circulation;

design responses to topographical or unique features of the

site; lot design and orientation; location of facilities; built form

objectives; public open space and landscaping. Judges will be

looking for commentary on the following:

• Planning

• Overall Design

• Streetscape and Circulation

• Landscaping

• Built form

Entry Procedures


The Intent to Enter process provides UDIA with capacity

to maximise the time you have to put together your entry

submission. It allows us to pre-plan site visit routes and work

in with the judges on dates that they are available. You can

complete the intent to enter form in this booklet or download a

copy from the website.

Acceptance of Intent to Enter forms submitted after the closing

date will only be for exceptional circumstances and will be

subject to numbers already entered into a category and the

capacity of the draft judging schedule to accommodate the


Intent to Enter should be returned to UDIA WA by COB

2 April 2012.


Essential Entry Requirements

There are 3 parts to the submission:

• Part 1 Submission addressing the criteria – hard copy

• Part 2 Promotional Material – electronic information (3 CDs)

• Part 3 Declaration – hard copy

Part 1: Submission Addressing the Criteria

(4 Copies – only 1 entry form required per submission)

Judging will be based on information provided by the entrant in

the submission and an on-site inspection by the judging panel.

Entries do NOT need to be glossy or professionally produced as

the most critical component is how the criteria are addressed.

Entries should be concise, clearly set out in response to the

entry requirements and judging criteria. A Word template is

available for each category to assist you to lay out your entry in

a way that maximises the effectiveness for the judges.


Entries must be bound, A4 portrait format that can be laid flat

for reading 1 and include the following:

• A one page (max) Project Summary. This section should

include details of the site, land use information and the

development schedule etc as per the template.

• A list of the top 10 Key Consultants in table format provided

in the template.

• A one page (max) Executive Summary which highlights the

unique features and innovation within the project 2 .

• A plan of the development - where practical in A3 (not


• Submission addressing the criteria in:

A maximum of 10 A4 sheets of paper may be used 3

A maximum of 10 A4 pages of typing

The balance of space available for pictures, diagrams and

other relevant items that enhance the information in the

written text

• All written text needs to be a minimum of size 10 font

• Photographs and diagrams relevant to the written


Do not include extraneous material such as architectural display

boards and folders, brochures, price lists and point of sale

information. These can be made available for judges during the

site visit.

1 The reason for this is larger size and landscape format entries present difficulties for the

judges on site visits.

2 The Executive Summary will assist Judges who are not familiar with the project.

3 Details of the project, lists of consultants, declarations and the Executive Summary are

not included in the 10 A4 page limit.

Part 2: Promotional Material in WORD Format

to be used by UDIA (1 electronic copy - CD)

This section will be used for all promotion and in the presentation

on the night of the Gala Dinner. This information is also used

for the preparation of certificates for the winners and project

consultants as well as the trophy. The information must be

provided on three (3) separate CD’s as follows.

1 One CD with all of the information outlined below for the

use of UDIA in preparation for the Gala Awards dinner audio

visual presentation, marketing etc.

2 One CD with the promotional images. This goes to our

graphic artist.

3 One CD with the information for the West Australian.

All information must have the Category Entered and Project

Name as part of the file name.

CD 1: Information for UDIA

(downloadable template to be used)

1 Project Entry Details

• Project Name

• Physical Address of the Project

• Postal address of the project (including post code)

• Full Company Name of Entrant

• Full Name of the Developer (if a joint venture please include

both names)

• Full contact details including contact name, email, office

phone and mobile phone

2 Executive Summary (maximum one page)

3 Key Consultants – A list of the top consultants in table

format consistent with the template provided.

4 A 400 word (approx) media release describing highlights of

the project. This will be used for media promotion by UDIA.

5 A 50 word summary of the project. This will be used for

National Awards Booklet in the Western Australia Awards


6 A 150 word summary of the project. This may be used

for the National Awards Booklet should your project win a

category that is also a National Awards category.

7 A PDF version of the submission addressing the criteria.

CD 2: Images for the Graphic Artist

The quality of the content and production of these images

is critical as they will be used in promotional material, on

the Awards night and in the UDIA Annual National Awards

publication (full-colour) which is widely distributed.

In the File Name, in addition to the Category Entered and Project

Name, please number the images 1 to 10 in order of preference.

FORMAT: High resolution JPEG images no less than 120mm

deep x 205mm wide at 300dpi (Max 10).

CD 3: Information for the West Australian Land Report

A 100 word (approx) media release describing highlights of the

project. This will be used for The West’s Award entrants lift

out published during the week prior to the award presentations.

2 images which can be used by the West Australian. In the File

Name, in addition to the Category Entered and Project Name,

please number the two images in order of preference.

Part 3: Declaration - (1 Copy)

A Declaration Form provided by UDIA which has been completed

by the owner of the development or his/her authorised

representative. The Declaration specifies that the project owner

agrees to UDIA’s conditions for entering the

Awards and agrees to abide by those conditions.

Entry Fees

$795.00 for the first entry

$550.00 for subsequent entries




received after

1700hrs (5pm)

on 2 April 2012 will

NOT be accepted

Please label your entry with the Category entered, Project

Name, and “UDIA Awards for Excellence 2012” and forward to:


Level 5/150 St Georges Tce

Perth WA 6000

(Office hours 8am – 5pm)

Please ensure the following content is submitted:

• PART 1 – Submission

4 bound copies (only 1 Entry Form required per submission)

• PART 2 – Promotional Materials in word format – 1 copy

1 CD of information for UDIA

1 CD of Promotional Images (JPEG)

1 CD of information for the West Australia

• PART 3 – Declaration – 1 signed copy



Contact Person


Telephone Mobile Email

Project Name

Project Address

Developer of Project

Number of categories in which this project will be entered

Please select below the category(s) in which the above project is to be entered.

Affordable Development

Environmental Excellence

High Density Development

Urban Renewal

Seniors Living

Medium Density Development

Urban Water Excellence

Sustainable Urban Development

Residential Development Under 250 lots

Residential Development Over 250 lots

Masterplanned Development

Please complete the Intent to Enter and submit by 2 April 2012.

No entry should be submitted for any project or part project without the prior written consent of the developer.

This written consent must be submitted with the Awards Submission by 28 May 2012.

Please fax your Intent to Enter to UDIA on 08 9321 1102, email to

or forward to UDIA at 5/150 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

Intent to Enter is also available on line –

Further enquires please call 9321 1101.



Entrant details

Please take particular care as these details are used for the production of certificates



Project Name

Project Address




Company Name

Contact Name




Telephone Mobile Email

Entrant Relationship to Project (eg. Selling Agent, Planning Consultant, etc.)

Project Owner/Developer (if not same as above)

Contact Person




Telephone Mobile Email

Payment Methods

Amount: $________________

Electronic Funds Transfer (Please quote: Awards and Company name) Cheque PO Credit Card

Electronic Funds Transfer: UDIA WA BSB: 484-799 Account Number: 161567691

Name on Card

Card Number


Expiry Date



Project Details


Please provide the following information to assist planning for judging if known;

Contact Person Prior to Judging

Contact Person on Judging Day if different to above

Judging meeting point (address/landmark)

Please advise if special clothing/footwear is required by the judges

Project Announcements

We strive to ensure that your project is appropriately announced at the Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner.

Please complete one of the following two options:

For an entry of a project by the developer(s)

Voiceover and trophy/certificate announcement wording

entered by


(project name) (1st developer) (2nd developer if applicable)

For entry of a project by a consultant

Voiceover and trophy/certificate announcement wording

(project name)

entered by

(consultant name)

on behalf of


( 1st developer) (2nd developer if applicable)

The name of the person likely to be accepting the award on behalf of the entrant:

Contact Details

UDIA WA Awards Study Tour

Are you willing to have the project you entered into the Awards included in a UDIA study tour scheduled for October 2012







Conditions of Entry

UDIA applies the following Conditions of Entry in regard to the Awards for Excellence:

1 Information provided in this nomination brochure forms part of the Conditions of Entry

2 The entrant of the nominated project must be a current financial member of UDIA (WA)

3 The entry is to be provided in a bound document consistent with the requirements specified on pages 12 and 13

4 Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the entry must be submitted together and received by the 28 May 2012

5 Payment must be received prior to the closing date for entries on the 28 May 2012

6 The judges reserve the right to decline to present an Award in a particular category

7 Any promotional material supplied with the entry may be reproduced by UDIA in media releases, publications and any promotional

material relating to UDIA

8 The entrant indemnifies UDIA against any claims of copyright

9 Entrants outside the radius of 500km from Perth CBD may incur an additional fee to cover judging costs

10 The decision of the judging panel is final and will not be subject to any challenge by any entrant, the UDIA (WA) Council or UDIA

National Council

11 The person nominated on the entry form (‘the entrant’) is authorised to sign this declaration and has read and understood the

guidelines and conditions of entry and agrees to participate in accordance with them

12 Entrants are to abide by the UDIA’s Code of Conduct

I have read and understood the conditions of entry above.



Contact name



Project Name



Return with your entry to UDIA WA, Level 5/150 St George’s Tce, Perth 6000


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