2008-2009 Annual Enrollment Guide - Benefits Online


2008-2009 Annual Enrollment Guide - Benefits Online

Making the Right Enrollment

Decisions for You

Northrop Grumman provides resources — such as this Enrollment Guide and the online tools at

My Benefits Access — to help you make your enrollment decisions. Begin by following the steps

outlined below to evaluate your choices, think about your needs and consider which option will strike

the balance between your coverage needs and your budget for the 20082009 plan year. Remember,

your choices at enrollment must, in most cases, remain in effect from July 1, 2008, through June 30,

2009, so be sure to make the right choice for you!

■ ■ Review your current benefits usage and coverage. Once you have a good sense of your

current coverage and why you chose it, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions for

next year. Ask yourself these important questions:




Are you really using the coverage that you’re paying for Have you used the

services covered by your plan How many times have you visited the doctor

Have you met the annual deductible For example, if you visit the doctor mostly

for preventive care but are enrolled in the Premium PPO or the CIGNA EPP,

chances are, you’re paying for coverage you’re not using. You could save

money by enrolling in the Lumenos HRA option or the Preferred PPO, which

are more in line with your actual health care usage (and still provide coverage in

case of an unforeseen event).

Are you basing your choices on “what if” situations rather than on realistic

projections of your needs Remember that most of the Northrop Grumman

medical options limit your out-of-pocket expenses, so be sure to review

those limits.

Are you familiar with the features of your plan and how you’re using them (or not

using them)

■ ■ Estimate your needs for next year and evaluate which option is right for you. After you’ve

reviewed your current benefits needs and usage, think about how your situation may change next

year. For example, are you adding a new family member (e.g., getting married or having a child) Will

you be covering fewer dependents (e.g., a child will no longer qualify as a dependent)

As you consider which option will help meet your needs, refer to the charts on the next two pages,

which show how the Northrop Grumman medical plan options cover services, as well as plan

features of the PPOs and Lumenos HRA option. You might discover that you are paying too much for

coverage you don’t use, or you may find another choice that meets your needs and also helps keep

your costs down throughout the year.


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