Fact sheet Romania - CH

Fact sheet Romania - CH

Fact sheet Romania - CH


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SWISS CONTRIBUTION: 181 MILLION <strong>CH</strong>F<br />

Country information<br />

Population: 21.4 millions<br />

Area: 238‘391 km 2<br />

GDP growth: 2.5%<br />

Per capita GDP to EU average: 49%<br />

Public debt as % of GDP: 33.4%<br />

Imports from <strong>Romania</strong>: 347.6 million <strong>CH</strong>F<br />

Exports to <strong>Romania</strong>: 762.0 million <strong>CH</strong>F<br />

Source: Swiss Foreign Trade Statistics (2012), Eurostat (2011)<br />

Up until 7 th December 2014, <strong>Romania</strong> will be apportioned an amount of 181 million <strong>CH</strong>F for the approval<br />

of projects aimed at reducing economic and social disparities.<br />

The Direction for Development and Cooperation (DDC) and the Secretariat for Economic Affairs<br />

(SECO) work together with the Swiss contribution office established at the Swiss Embassy<br />

in Bucharest. The main partner in <strong>Romania</strong> is the National Coordination Unit (NCU) at the Ministry of<br />

Public Finance.<br />

For <strong>Romania</strong> the commitment period ends on December 7 th , 2014, while the implementation phase will<br />

run until December 7th, 2019.<br />

What we do<br />

Distribution by focus areas<br />

Projects in<br />


Some of our projects<br />

Improving Social Security<br />

REGA-SMURD Air Rescue Project is a joint project<br />

between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Ad<br />

-ministration and Interior and REGA. REGA has<br />

been in contact with SMURD since 2007. A Swissfinanced<br />

project of 1.5 million Swiss francs will provide<br />

capacity building to achieve a lasting impact on<br />

the professionalism, quality and safety of the <strong>Romania</strong>n<br />

SMURD air rescue operation.<br />

Switzerland also backs measures to better integrate<br />

minorities with a thematic fund for the „Inclusion of<br />

Roma and other Vulnerable Groups“. Through different<br />

programs and local as well as regional projects,<br />

the 14 million <strong>CH</strong>F fund contribute to the empowerment<br />

and awareness building to foster the social inclusion<br />

of these groups.<br />

Environment and infrastructure<br />

<strong>Romania</strong>n cities are singularly inefficient in their use<br />

of energy and consequently heavy producers of CO2.<br />

The aim of this project is to enhance the sustainable<br />

energy management at the municipal level in four selected<br />

cities (Arad, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca and<br />

Suceava). The program will finance up to 10 priority<br />

infrastructure projects with a total Swiss contribution<br />

of <strong>CH</strong>F 37 million.<br />

Facing an ever growing number of private cars in the<br />

city of Bucharest, there is an urgent need to invest in<br />

its public transportation system. The Swiss contribution<br />

finances a feasibility study for a 14km extension<br />

of the M4 metro line. This extension should include<br />

14km of underground line with 14 stations for a total<br />

cost of over 1 billion Euros. The Swiss grant for the<br />

study consists of 8.5 million francs. This project was<br />

approved in July 2012, and is expected to reach completion<br />

by 2015.<br />

Sources: Metrorex.ro, Rega.ch

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