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Registered Office: 49, Avenue J. F. Kennedy

L-1855 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

(Registre de Commerce No B 27471)



This summary prospectus is the offering document for Aberdeen Global in Hong Kong. If you are in any doubt

about the contents of this document or any of the documents accompanying it, you should consult your

stockbroker, bank manager, solicitor, accountant or other financial adviser.

The Directors of Aberdeen Global are responsible for the information contained in this document. To the best of

the knowledge and belief of the Directors (who have taken all reasonable care to ensure such is the case) the

information contained in this document is in accordance with the facts and does not omit anything likely to

affect the import of such information. The Directors accept responsibility accordingly.

Aberdeen Global is incorporated as a société anonyme under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on 25

February 1988 for an unlimited period and qualifies as an open-ended société d’investissement à capital variable

(a “SICAV”) with UCITS status (an Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities as defined

in the European Union Directive 85/611 of 20 December 1985, as amended). Aberdeen Global is authorised as

an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities under Part I of the law dated 20 December

2002 on undertakings for collective investment, as amended (the “Law of 2002”). Aberdeen Global is what is

known as a “UCITS III” fund.

There are twenty six Funds in total, as described in more detail on pages 2 to 8. The Shares relating to each

Fund are issued in four main Classes, Class A, Class D, Class I, and Class Z, as described more fully on pages

13 to 14 and Appendix D. Class A, Class I and Class Z Shares may also be made available in Euro, Sterling or

US Dollar hedged versions. Where a hedged Share Class is available, it will be expressed as Class A(€), Class

A(£) and Class A ($) etc. Aberdeen Global has no present intention to offer any hedged Share Class to the

public in Hong Kong and shareholders will be notified of any change in such intention in future.

Class A, Class D, Class I and Class Z Shares of each Fund are offered at a price based on their Net Asset Value

plus, if applicable, an initial charge. The hedged versions of Class A and Class I Shares will similarly be offered

at a price based on their Net Asset Value plus, if applicable, an initial charge. Class Z Shares and the hedged

versions of Class Z Shares of all the Funds will bear no initial charges or annual management fees. Class B

Shares were issued until 28 February 2006. Existing Class B shareholders may retain their existing shareholding

but will not be able to purchase any further new Class B Shares although they will be able to switch to Class B

Shares in other Funds which historically issued Class B Shares. The Class B Shares of each Fund that remain in

issue bear an annual distribution fee and are normally subject to a contingent deferred charge if redeemed within

four years of issue. Class A, Class D, Class I, Class Z and the hedged versions of Class A, Class I and Class Z

Shares of all the Funds are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Aberdeen Global has been authorised under the Securities and Futures Ordinance; the Securities and Futures

Commission does not, however, take any responsibility for the financial soundness of Aberdeen Global or the

accuracy of any statement or opinion expressed in this document and does not imply that investment in

Aberdeen Global is recommended by the Securities and Futures Commission.

Date: March 2007


Investors should recognise that: -

a) the price of Shares of each class in Aberdeen Global and any income from them may go down as well as up;


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