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Aberdeen Global is intended as a long-term investment vehicle. The Investment Manager applies a number of

policies and procedures designed to protect the Funds from being adversely impacted by the trading strategies of

investors. In particular, the Investment Manager applies a dilution adjustment in the event that net subscriptions

and redemptions reach 5% of the Net Asset Value of the relevant Fund although a lower limit may be set if

required. This adjustment accrues to the benefit of the Fund itself.

Where the Investment Manager allows a reduced front-end charge on institutional or other similar trades, the

trading strategies of the registered holders are closely monitored to ensure that in the event of short-term trading

policies becoming apparent, the terms of business are reviewed.

The Investment Manager believes that these policies provide significant protection to the Funds from short term


Late trading is illegal as it violates the provisions of this Summary Prospectus. The Board of Directors will use

its reasonable endeavours to ensure that late trading cannot take place. The effectiveness of these procedures is

closely monitored.

The Board of Directors of Aberdeen Global may suspend dealing in the event that a reliable price cannot be

established as at the valuation point.


Applications for the issue of Shares

Class A, Class D and the hedged versions of Class A Shares are available to all investors. As noted above, Class

I and Class Z Shares and the hedged versions thereof are only available to Institutional Investors who enter into

a suitable agreement with the Investment Manager or one of its Associates.

The qualification for investors in the hedged Share Classes are the same as that for the underlying Class of


Applications should be made either by using the enclosed application form or by letter or fax containing all

relevant information requested in such application form. Applications by Hong Kong residents for the issue of

Shares may be sent to the Global Distributor at the address set out on page 27. Applications may also be sent to

HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Asia) Limited which was appointed by Aberdeen International Fund

Managers Limited, the Investment Manager and Global Distributor of Aberdeen Global, to provide certain

administrative support and nominee services to shareholders of Aberdeen Global. Applications by Hong Kong

residents sent direct to Aberdeen Global or the Transfer Agent are liable to be rejected.

Only the Transfer Agent in Luxembourg may accept applications for the issue of Shares and allot or agree to

issue Shares in respect of applications, as to neither of which does the Global Distributor have any authority to

bind Aberdeen Global or the Transfer Agent. Although the Global Distributor is responsible for forwarding

applications and transferring subscription monies to the Transfer Agent, the Global Distributor will not normally

(except where the application is made by or through an accredited intermediary) do either thereof until it has

received both (a) an application which satisfies the requirements referred to above and (b) the full subscription

monies in cleared funds. Upon receipt of both thereof the Global Distributor will endeavour (in each case,

without any responsibility to any applicant) to forward to the Transfer Agent the application and subscription

monies not later than 4.30 p.m. (Hong Kong time) on the Hong Kong business day (being a day, other than

Saturday, on which banks in Hong Kong are open for business) following the Global Distributor becoming

aware of such receipt.

Potential investors should note that, in the case of Class A and Class D Shares unless otherwise agreed by the

Global Distributor, an initial charge of up to 6.0% of the investment amount (which is the maximum permitted

level of initial charge) may be deducted from each investor’s investment amount and paid to the Global

Distributor, which may make payments out of such initial charge to intermediaries (including members of the

Aberdeen group).


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