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Appendix G - Glossary of Terms

This glossary is intended to help readers who may be unfamiliar with the terms used in this Summary

Prospectus. It is not intended to give definitions for legal purposes.

Application Form

Articles of Incorporation


The application form attached to this Summary Prospectus.

The articles of incorporation of Aberdeen Global.

A company within the Aberdeen Asset Management PLC group of


Business Day A day on which banks in Luxembourg are open for business (24

December is not a Business Day).

Board of Directors/Board

Class(es) of Shares/Share

Class(es)/ Classes

Connected Person


Dealing Day


Eligible Market

Eligible State


The board of directors of Aberdeen Global.

Pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation, the Board of Directors may

decide to issue, within each sub-fund, separate classes of Shares

(hereinafter referred to as a "Share Class" or "Class of Shares" or

"Class", as appropriate) whose assets will be commonly invested but

where a specific initial or redemption charge structure, fee structure,

minimum subscription amount, currency, dividend policy or other

feature may be applied.

A person or corporation related by common ownership as more fully

defined in Article 16 of the Articles of Incorporation.

Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier or its successor.

With respect to any Fund, any Business Day other than days during a

period of suspension of dealing in Shares in that Fund.

Members of the Board.

A stock exchange or Regulated Market in one of the Eligible States.

Any Member State of the EU or any other state in Eastern and Western

Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America and


European Union

Institutional Investor An investor within the meaning of article 129 of the Law of 2002.

Investment Amount

Member State

The amount submitted by or on behalf of an investor for investment in

any of the Funds and out of which any initial or other charges will be

paid prior to investment.

A member state of the European Union.

Money Market Instruments Instruments normally dealt in on the money market which are liquid,

and have a value which can be accurately determined at any time.

Net Asset Value

In relation to any Class of Shares in a Fund, the value of the net assets

of that Fund attributable to that Class and calculated in accordance with

the provisions described in Section 1 of Appendix B.


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