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inside the connection - McNairy County Chamber of Commerce



fil-A A Leadercast scheduled

The MRA is committed to Leader-

ship development. The Chick-fil


Leadercast is part of an ongoing

effort to offer professional & per-

sonal development.


MRA member CenturyLink is offer-

ing CLOUD computing. This is a

major step along the technology



See the MRA calendar for upcoming


Cover photo: John Maxwell is one

of several speakers that will speak

during Leadercast.

Inside photos: Kids

Fest was a day of

dancing & fun!


Leadership development is a

commitment, a commitment

that the McNairy Regional Alliance

views as one of our core

values. Both adult and youth

leadership programs have

been a part of Chamber activities

for a number of years.

Within the last two years,

EMERGE McNairy County

Young Professionals was

launched. In addition to the

above programs, an offering of

various leadership events are

offered throughout the year.

The largest single event is the

Chick-fil-A Leadercast. This

one day event, which will be

held Friday, May 10, is the nation’s

premier leadership event

and this is the second year

that it will be simulcast at the

MRA; which is located at the

McNairy County Visitors Center

in Selmer. Speakers such

as John Maxwell will speak

throughout the day and will cover a variety of professional and personal development topics. For the

investment it is, this is the one event that MRA members should plan on participating. While some

host sites are charging as much as $89.99 per ticket to attend, the MRA and our leaders have

agreed that we want to offer this event at a much reduced rate to our members. MRA members that

want to attend the Chick-fil-A Leadercast can do so for only $50 per ticket. An official press release

follows this article. Make plans now to attend this event. MRA members and McNairy County in general

is blessed to have access to quality events such as the Chick-fil-A Leadercast.

Contact: Russell Ingle

McNairy Regional Alliance

Phone: 731-645-6360

Fax: 731-645-7663


World-renowned leaders to speak at McNairy County Visitors Center

Selmer, TN—Community business leaders can access the knowledge and experience of world-renowned leaders

by attending Chick-fil-A ® Leadercast ® at the McNairy Regional Alliance in Selmer, TN on May 10, 2013 .

Chick-fil-A ® Leadercast ® is a one-day leader development event broadcast LIVE from Atlanta, Ga. to hundreds of

sites throughout the nation, including Selmer. Speakers for this year’s event include:

o Jack Welch, Former Chairman and CEO of General Electric

o Andy Stanley, Best-selling leadership author and communicator

o Mike Krzyzewski, Head men’s basketball coach, Duke University and Team USA

o John Maxwell, Best-selling author and leadership expert

o Dr. Henry Cloud, Best-selling author and leadership consultant

o LCDR Rorke Denver, Navy SEAL and star of the 2012 movie Act of Valor

o Sanya Richards-Ross, 2012 London Olympic gold medalist, track & field

o David Allen, Best-selling author of Getting Things Done and productivity expert

o Condolezza Rice, Secretary of State (2005-2009) , via exclusive Simply Lead video interview

Last year, over 100,000 leaders from 14 countries attended Chick-fil-A ® Leadercast ® .In its 14th year, this full

day, experiential conference is predicted to reach its largest audience to date.

“It is one of the single most consolidated sources of leadership that I know of,” said Russell Ingle, Director of

Chamber Programs for the McNairy Regional Alliance. “But it goes beyond that. I think this conference, although

very focused on leadership, transcends the topic and really shows you how to lead in life. This event

This year our program will focus on the idea of simply leading. Our lives are full of things that we think will grow

our businesses and increase our influence. What if there was potential impact in simplifying our lives so that our

leadership could thrive Leading in a complex world requires simplicity to cut through the clutter. This diverse

group of internationally-acclaimed authors, leadership experts and practitioners will share insights to help leaders

learn how to Simply Lead.

For more information about Chick-fil-A ® Leadercast ® , visit For local ticketing

information, call 731-645-6360 or visit the McNairy Regional Alliance at 205 West Court Avenue in Selmer, TN.


McNairy Regional Alliance

(McNairy County Chamber Of Commerce & Economic Development)

2013 Administrative Assistant of the Year


I wish to nominate: __________________________________________________

Number of years employed with this company: ____________________________

Position: ___________________________________________________________

Brief Job Description: _________________________________________________



Contributions made to the company or work environment: __________________




Why this person should be chosen as the 2013 Administrative Assistant of the year:






Please fax or email this nomination form to the Chamber office by 5:00 PM on Friday,


731.645.7663 or email form to :



Cloud access for businesses of all sizes and budgets:

CenturyLink has made it easy and affordable with Savvisdirect

Confused about the

cloud Worry no more.

CenturyLink made it

easy—for businesses of

all sizes.

CenturyLink combined

the strength of its national

network with its

industry-leading portfolio

of Savvis Cloud services

with the launch of Savvisdirect—a

simple, costeffective

computing solution

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sizes. (Savvis is a CenturyLink


Business users, IT administrators

and developers

can easily access

the savvisdirect web portal

to gain instant access

to the full range of offerings,

including Softwareas-a-Service

(SaaS) applications, on-demand virtual servers, storage services and application development platforms.

Developers have a broad range of server and scalable storage options. IT administrators have one place to procure,

configure and manage cloud services. Business users simply have a cloud that works, with service level agreements

and 24/7 support.

Even if you don’t fully understand cloud, CenturyLink has made it easy with Savvisdirect. It’s simple! It’s secure! It’s

flexible! And, it’s affordable. You can get the cloud in three easy ways:

1. Do it yourself—Set up and activate services with your online Management Console and available selfservice


2. CenturyLink guides you—a CenturyLink activation engineer will walk you through the initial steps to

get you started.

3. CenturyLink handles it—An activation engineer works with you to create and deliver a plan that covers

everything to get your services activated.

Savvisdirect combines the global infrastructure of CenturyLink’s over 220,000 mile nationwide network, over which data

is delivered at 100 gigabits per second (Gbps), and CenturyLink’s cloud services through Savvis, a worldwide leader in

cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions, to deliver an unsurpassed IT management offering for enterprise and small


For more information, contact the local CenturyLink team: Jeff Browder, 731-632-3946,; visit CenturyLink at 116 N Oak St, Adamsville or 731.632.3311; or

for a free consultation, contact a cloud expert today at 855-459-5121 or visit to learn more.

# # #

KIDS FEST wildly successful!

The McNairy Regional Alliance is a multifaceted

organization to say the least. While the

MRA spends its time pursuing avenues of industry

and business growth, the organization

has also purposed to invest in community development

projects that build a strong community

and help promote community pride. Kids

Fest, which took place in early March, is such

an event.

Not knowing exactly what to expect with the

weather, Kids Fest was planned as simply a

fun day for local families. Children friendly activities

were planned and several popular cartoon

characters were brought in to help insure

a good day. What did we end up with A PER-

FECT DAY! Somewhere between 1,000-1,500

people filled the Selmer City Park. There were

games, rides and even dancing. “I see smiles

everywhere I look,” said one individual. The

MRA Youth Leadership class even got in on

the act. While many of them were the cartoon

characters, the group as a whole used the

event to aid the local Carl Perkins Center.

Throughout the day, the group took donations

of toys and clothing as they attempted to Stuff

the Bus. At the end of the day, they had a lot

of stuff to donate. Continue to see more photos

of this wonderful day.

KIDS FEST continued

KIDS FEST continued

Youth Leaders take part in Industry/Government Session

Members of the MRA

Youth Leadership class

spent the first day of their

Spring Break taking part in

the Industry/Government

session. They heard from

MRA Executive Director,

Ted Moore, about local

economic development efforts,

as well as Adamsville

City Manager, Steve

Simon, County Mayor,

Ronnie Brooks, Selmer

Mayor, David Robinson,

Sheriff, Guy Buck, and

Court Clerk, Byron Maxedon.

Connector Castings presented banner

Members of the MRA, as well as McNairy County Mayor, Ronnie Brooks, were on hand Tuesday,

March 26 to present Connector Castings with their 2012 Industry of the Year banner. CC enjoyed a

banner 2012 by celebrating 25 years in business. The organization held several celebrations

throughout the year. What put them over the top, however, was their focus on community based projects.

CC participated in several charitable and community events during 2012. Congratulations to

the CC staff for their hard work in 2012. Another reason that We Love MC!

Director of Chamber Programs takes part in TCCE Institute

MRA Director of Chamber Programs, Russell Ingle (top left), is taking part in the Tennessee

Chamber of Commerce Executive Institute. The program is a two year course

that is taught at MTSU in Murfreesboro. The course includes presentations from industry

professionals and other experts. The course covers a variety of issues that

Chamber and Economic Development organizations face.

The MRA kicked off the New Year with a

campaign that promotes the very best of

McNairy County. It is called “I Love MC

(McNairy County).

This campaign showcases community and

professional pride and will spread throughout

the region and state. We have so much

to be proud of and it’s about time we let

everyone know that We Love McNairy


We have I Love MC t-shirts available to order.

Tony Chapman proudly displays his I

Love MC shirt.

Click the logo to visit the I LOVE MC Facebook

page and help us spread the word.

April 5 - Tourism Conference

April 6 – Carl Perkins Dancing with the McNairy Stars

April 25 - Administrative Professional of the Year


April 27—EMERGE Blackout Cancer Event at Crazy K


May 2 - National Day of Prayer Breakfast

May3-4—Planning Session Retreat

May 8 – Industry Appreciation Golf Tournament

May 10—Chick-fil-A Leadercast

May 15-18 - Buford Pusser Festival

June 8 - Rockabilly Highway Revival

For more information on these or any community events,

call the MRA office at 731-645-6360.

Visit the MRA website at

Join us also on Facebook.


and simply search for

McNairy Regional Alliance.

What Does the Alliance Do

The Chamber of Commerce

and Economic Development

Commission, now the

McNairy Regional Alliance

is a vital link between

business and prospective

industries which enhances

survival of local retailers.

The Chamber and EDC

strives to create community

pride, growth, and to

help businesses and companies

maintain a viable

workforce, customer base,

and clients. Our members

and their investments,

through Chamber memberships,

help to create a

thriving community.

We are Peaceful, Progressive

and Proud!


Contact the MRA at

205 West Court Avenue

P.O. Box 7

Selmer, Tennessee 38375

Phone: 731-645-6360

Fax: 731:645:7663


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