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Non-verbal Evacuation - to provide efficient evacuation of peop

Non-verbal Evacuation - to provide efficient evacuation of peop

BeSeCu 6 Aims &

BeSeCu 6 Aims & Objectives Investigation of citizens response - behavioural reactions in situations requiring evacuation - response times in evacuation - perceived experiences of crisis situations Survivors/ First Responder In order to.. - better tailor security related communication, instructions and procedures - improve evacuation and protection. The provided evidence (final results) will be useful for - first responders - building designers and - developers of emergency operating procedures for buildings.

7 BeSeCu Behaviour, Security and Culture FP7 framework: Security and Space Duration: May 2008- December 2011 Total budget: 2.705.344,00 € Project Coordinator Ernst Moritz Arndt University Greifswald, Department Health and Prevention Project Partners - University of Greenwich (UK) - Institute of Public Security of Catalunya (SP) - Hamburg Fire and Emergency Service Academy (GER) - Man-Technology-Organisation-Psychology (SW) - The Main School of Fire Service (PL) - Prague Psychiatric Centre (CZ) - Association of Emergency Ambulance Physicians (TR) - University of Bologna (IT) 7

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