January 2007 - R-Calf


January 2007 - R-Calf

Don’t Miss Out...

Charlie McVean, McVean

Trading will provide an

insightful market outlook

Robert Taylor, Alpha Eminent

Scholar and Professor,

Auburn University on trade

and marketing issues

Leo W. Gerard, International

President of the United

Steelworkers Union; Friday

Luncheon Speaker

2007 R-CALF USA National Convention Agenda

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1:00 R-CALF USA Private Property Rights Committee Seminar

“County Powers, Land Use, Conservation Easements, Private Property Rights”

Fred Kelly Grant, Stewards of the Range, Idaho; Staci Grant, Legal Investigator for Stewards of the Range, Idaho; Howard Hutchinson,

Arizona- New Mexico Coalition of Counties, New Mexico; Land Trust or GOCO representative from Colorado

2:30 Update on Private Property Rights Committee Activities - Judy Keeler, Vice Chair

3:15 “Water, Land Conservation, Private Property Rights”

William Perry Pendley, Mtn. States Legal Service, Denver, CO; Angus McIntosh, NRCS, Wyoming; Greg James, Attorney, California

5:30 Affiliate Council Meeting

6:30 Reception sponsored by Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Association

Thursday, January 18, 2007

7:00 Registration opens

8:00 Trade Show opens

8:00 Convention Opening - Max Thornsberry, DVM, Chair

8:40 Opening comments by R-CALF USA President Chuck Kiker

9:00 Committee Reports

Affiliate Council Report; Membership Committee Report; CEO Report - Bill Bullard; Washington, D.C. Update - Jess Peterson

10:30 Animal Health

“Maintaining a National Brucellosis Program”

James A. Watson, DVM, and President of the American Academy of State Veterinarians

BSE Panel: Linda Detwieler, DVM, Consultant in TSE Risk Management and Russ Frye attorney for Frye Law, providing trade case and

OTM update

Noon Luncheon: Amanda Nolz, 2006 National Beef Ambassador

1:30 National Animal ID Report

John Clifford, DVM, USDA APHIS; Jim Clements, DVM; Nancy Robinson, Vice President for Government and Industry Affairs, LMA;

Sam Holland, DVM,VP - American Academy of State Veterinarians; and Brad Bellinger, President of the Australian Beef Association

3:30 Checkoff Report

Randall Jones, Associate Deputy Administrator of Livestock and Seed Program, AMS; Update on Checkoff Task Force Meeting

Jim Hanna, R-CALF USA Checkoff Committee Chair; and Nancy Robinson, Vice President for Government and Industry Affairs, LMA

4:45 Committee breakouts for policy development

5:30 Trade Show, Silent Auction, and Cowboy Social

7:00 National Western Rodeo

Friday, January 19, 2007

7:00 Registration Opens

8:00 Tradeshow opens

8:00 COOL Report

A.J. Fabre, President - Louisiana Shrimp Assn., Chairman of the Louisiana Farm Bureau Advisory Committee; Carrie Stadheim, Executive

Director of SDSGA, on “Raised in the USA” Campaign; Danni Beer, R-CALF USA COOL Committee Chair; and Jean Halloran,

Consumers Union, Yonkers, NY

9:00 Honorary Speaker: Mike Johanns, Secretary of Agriculture

10:15 Marketing Report

James Link, GIPSA Administrator; Doug Ross, Special Counsel for Agriculture, Department of Justice; Robert Taylor, Alpha Eminent

Scholar and Professor Agricultural Economics, Auburn University and Randy Stevenson, R-CALF USA Marketing Committee Chair

11:15 Farm Bill Opportunities

Bill Hawks, AgWork Solutions LLC; Elizabeth Drake, Stewart & Stewart Law

Noon Luncheon: Leo W. Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers Union

1:30 Trade Report

Bill Frymoyer, Stewart & Stewart Law; Robert Taylor, Alpha Eminent Scholar and Professor, Agricultural Economics, Auburn University;

Alan Tonelson,Research Fellow, U.S. Business & Industrial Council Educational Foundation

3:30 Market Outlook

Charlie McVean, McVean Trading and Investments, LLC

4:30 Policy development

5:00 Trade Show, Silent Auction, and Cowboy Social

7:00 Banquet and Awards Presentation with entertainment by Coyotee Moon

Saturday, January 20, 2007

8:30 Ranching in Australia

Danni Beer, COOL Committee Chair

9:00 Staff Reports

9:30 Second Reading of Policy (Only policy introduced by 5 p.m. Friday will be considered) and Regional Director Nominations

(Regions VII, VIII, IX)

Noon Luncheon: Closing remarks by R-CALF USA President Chuck Kiker


An Excellent Line-up of Speakers are on the

agenda including:

Brad Bellinger, Chairman Australian Beef Association

Brad Bellinger grew up on his family’s mixed grazing farm in Tasmania. Bellinger currently operates a grazing property called Trevanna

in northern New South Wales where he runs 5000 sheep and 500 head of cattle. For the last two decades, he has been committed fighting

a long list of government lead infringements on his right to farm and the ability to run to run his enterprises in a manner, which he

sees fit. As Chairman of the Australian Beef Association, he endeavors to prevent government intervention in the raising and selling of


Bill Frymoyer

Bill Frymoyer is Senior Advisor at the international trade law firm of Stewart and Stewart in Washington, DC. Bill leads both the firm’s

government relations division as well as its new business development efforts. He works with a variety of U.S. business, agricultural and

non-profit clients on international trade, economic and energy issues. R-CALF USA retains Stewart and Stewart on a variety of issues.

Leo W. Gerard

Leo W. Gerard is the current President of United Steelworkers International. Gerard, the son of a union miner, was born in Sudbury,

Ontario, and grew up in a company town next to Creighton Mine. At age 18, he started work at the company smelter. Under Gerard’s

leadership, the union has secured tens of thousands of jobs throughout North America, strengthened workers’ bargaining leverage by

forging strategic alliances, and advanced the USW’s commitment to protecting the health, safety, and environment of workers, their families

and their communities. He has worked with equal fervor to develop strategies that inject the rights of workers into trade agreements,

investment priorities and corporate governance.

Bill Hawks

Bill Hawks served President George W. Bush as United States Department of Agriculture Under Secretary of Marketing and Regulatory

Programs for over four years. As USDA Under Secretary, Hawks was responsible for three critical agencies; the Agriculture Marketing

Service (AMS), the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), and the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards

Administration (GIPSA). Prior to his tenure at USDA, Hawks served as a Mississippi state senator for five years. Currently, Hawks is a

partner in the consulting firm AgWorks Solutions headquartered in Washington D.C. R-CALF USA retains AgWorks Solutions on a variety

of issues.

Jean Halloran

Jean Halloran is Director of Food Policy Initiatives at Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports. In her 25 years at Consumers

Union she has led many projects on food safety, sustainable consumption and trade issues. She is currently responsible for developing

policy and staff initiatives on biotechnology, mad cow disease prevention, mercury in fish, bacteria in meat, poultry and produce, and

waste recycling.

Robert Taylor

Dr. Taylor delivered the decisive testimony in a $1.28 billion price-fixing verdict a federal court jury in Montgomery, AL handed


against beef-processing giant Tyson Foods. Testifying as an expert witness for cattlemen in the class-action lawsuit, Taylor provided

explicit evidence that Tyson Fresh Meats, formerly IBP Inc., used contracts with select feeders to create a captive supply of cattle and

thereby drive down the prices paid on the cash market to independent cattle producers an average of 5.1 percent a year from 1994

through 2002. Taylor, the Alfa eminent scholar in agricultural and public policy in AU's College of Agriculture, based his statements


oath on exhaustive statistical analyses he conducted on previously undisclosed internal financial records detailing the per-head prices

IBP/Tyson paid to independent producers over the course of almost nine years.

Charlie McVean

A Memphis native, McVean spent his summers in Missouri working on the family livestock operation. After graduating from Vanderbilt

University with honors, he worked for a soybean crushing company in Mississippi before joining Cook Industries in grain trading.

Eventually he worked for the Louis Dreyfus Corporation and was an early partner in REFCO before starting his own firm in 1986. Today,

in addition to being company chairman and CEO, McVean is one of seven senior traders at the company headquarters in Memphis. The

company employs 75 people, the majority of whom are in Memphis, offering research and support staff to the major players. Other

investment offices are in Birmingham, Ala., Houston and Fort Worth, Texas, and Des Moines, Iowa.

Alan Tonelson

Alan Tonelson is Research Fellow at the USBIC Educational Foundation, a Washington research organization studying U.S. economic,

technology, and national security policy. Tonelson’s articles on American politics, foreign policy, globalization, and technology policy

have appeared in numerous publications including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The New Republic. Tonelson has

testified before the Senate Commerce Committee, the Congressional Trade Deficit Review Commission, and the Congressional China

Security Review Commission.

Also the following Government officials will also make presentations: Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns, John Clifford,

USDA-APHIS; Randall Jones, USDA-AMS; James Link, USDA-GIPSA; and Doug Ross, DOJ







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