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NEWS • February 2013 • Volume 41, Number 1



Enclosures I Motion Control I Fluid Power I Sensors I Power Transmission

Cylinder rated to 3000 miles

Bimba Manufacturing Company

has announced enhancements to its

round line, non-repairable Original

Line product series. Design modifications

to extend the rating of the cylinders

from 1400 to 3000+ miles, as

well as new product packaging.

Solving the arch window

covering design challenge

Macadam Blinds’ innovative Moon Shade adds finishing touch

Analytical electronic valves

Clippard Instrument Laboratory

has introduced the “A-E” Analytical

Series electronic valves. Available in

2-way or 3-way, NC or fully ported,

power consumption is 0.67 W, response

time is 5 to 10 ms, and voltages

are 6, 12 or 24 Vdc.

PM# 40065710

By Mike Edwards

GUELPH, ON – Putting a square peg in a round hole. That’s the challenge

window blind manufacturers face when it comes to covering an arched shape.

With mechanical engineering know-how and a number of prototypes

along the way, Macadam Blinds ( has unlocked

this challenge with its hardcover retractable Moon Shade Blind design. Units are available

in motorized- or cord-driven versions.

According to Macadam Blinds president Tom Lokody, the company had to address

several innovation obstacles – simultaneously – in order to be in a position to economically

produce the blinds for this classical window opening shape: “Our shade looks

simple, but there is so much behind it.”

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Programmable rotary sensor

Novotechnik has announced the

EasyAdapt Programming Tool for its

Programmable Vert-X line of rotary

angle sensors and encoders designated

Vert-X MH-C2. The tool lets users

program output characteristics including

custom characteristic curve.


Automation & Motion Control Products

Produits de contrôle d'automatisation

et de mouvement


⁄32 DIN Temperature, Process

and Strain Meters and PID Controllers

Contrôleurs PID et indicateurs 1 ⁄32 DIN de

température, de procédé et de contrainte

• High Accuracy ±0.5°C (0.9°F), 0.03% Reading

• Totally Programmable Color Displays (Standard)

• User-Friendly, Simple to Configure

• Lecture très précise ±0.5°C (0.9°F), 0.03 %

• Affichage à couleurs programmables (standard)

• Conviviaux et faciles à configurer




Starts at

À partir de



Harsh Environment Inductive Proximity Sensors

Capteurs inductifs de proximité pour

environnements rigoureux


Starts at

À partir de



2-Wire DC Inductive Proximity Sensor

Capteur de proximité inductif CC à 2 fils



Starts at

À partir de



Intelligent Relays

Relais intelligents



Starts at

À partir de




3.2" Web Enabled Operator Interface

Borne d'interface Web de 3,2 pouces



G3 HMI303


Starts at

À partir de




Dilbert © United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

MD ®

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Laval, Québec

Canada H7L 5A1




SureStep ®


Drive .... at only $89

This new compact stepper drive operates with high-speed

pulse input signals (Step and Direction, or jumper-selectable

CW/CCW step) and has a selectable resolution range of 200 to 20,000

steps per revolution. Additional features include automatic self test,

digital filters and optically isolated I/O. For just $89, precise motion

control is more affordable than ever!

Motor Features

• Available in single-shaft and dual-shaft models, starting at $18

• Square frame step motor style produces high torque

• 2-phase bipolar, 4-lead

• 1.8° per step, 200 Steps per Revolution

• Standard NEMA Sizes (17, 23, & 34)

• Connectorized motor leads and matching extension cables

make wiring simple and easy

FREE configuration software!

The SureStep family of motion products also includes

advanced microstepping drives (that use free configuration

software), power supplies and cables, all at direct prices

that can get you a 1-axis system for as little as $242.

Also Available


Stepper Drives

Stepper Motors


AutomationDirect Competition

A complete 2-axis SureStep Stepping System* for less than

just the competition’s stepping drives.

Ours includes:

• Two Microstepping Drives


• Two Stepper Motors


• One Power Supply


• Two Extension Cables







SureStep ® NEMA 23

System Long Stack



(p/n E-DC)

For 2 drives

All prices are U.S. published prices. AutomationDirect prices are from December 2012 Price List.

Parker prices are from 2/20/12. * All components sold separately

Power Supplies


& Cables



Go online or call to get complete information,

request your free catalog, or place an order.


Our shipping policies make it easier than ever to order direct from the U.S.!

Free standard shipping is available for orders totaling over $49 U.S. (except for orders which require LTL shipping, see Web site for details). Also, save on brokerage fees when shipping standard

ground to Canada - you can choose to allow AutomationDirect to nominate a broker for your shipment for parts shipping via standard ground. This can save you big on brokerage fees.

See Web site for details and restrictions -





February 2013

Franklin Empire brings Ontor

division into its fold


Franklin Empire Inc. has acquired the Industrial

Systems Division of Ontor, a national supplier

of automation and industrial products.

Linear bush components add

to design simplicity

Multiprotocol Industrial

Ethernet product now a reality


With its new multiprotocol devices, Turck is

offering an efficient way to use the option of

Ethernet protocols.

Steer-by-wire gets boost from

engineers at Nissan

Ad Index

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AutomationDirect ..................................3

Baldor Electric Company .......................5

Bishop Wisecarver ...............................21

Canadian Standards Association ..........11

Clippard ..............................................24

Conductix-Wampfler ...........................21

Emphatec Inc ......................................13

Festo Inc ...............................................7

J.W. Winco ..........................................18

Lovato Electric Corporation .................23

Master Bond Inc .................................20


Omega ..................................................2

Pamensky Canada .................................9

Ringball .........................................12,13

Rittal Systems Ltd................................19

Siemens PLM Software ........................17

Smalley Steel Ring Company ...............15


Linear motion components distributorship

inspired by simplicity – the simplicity of creating

assemblies that solved motion control problems.


By Design

Chartwell Automation

lands record contract

Harting production in

U.S. offers flexibility

9 Sensors

Novotechnik technology

exploits magnetic theory



E-T-A Circuit Breakers

provides safety for LNG





Architecture of the Nissan steer-by-wire system

planned for the Infiniti G-Series within the year,

according to Bill Vance of Automotive Scene.

Power Transmission

Power transmission

components and systems

Motion Control

Product Spotlight on

drives, controls & motors

CAD Chronicle

Product Spotlight on CAD,

simulation & analysis




Medical Engineering

Eyewear brings vision back

to the clinically blind

Editor’s Choice


Product Spotlight

on select new




CAD Industry Blog

Bill Fane reviews the latest

version of Maplesoft, the

mathematics-friendly analysis

and design software tool

Renderings Blog

The Provincial Monitor

newsletter from BMO Capital

Markets takes the pulse of

Canada’s fiscal health


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4 Design Product News •

February 2013

Invest in Gold

Electric motors consume 63 percent of all electricity used

in U.S. industry. Designed and built to meet or exceed

NEMA Premium ® efficiency standards, Baldor•Reliance ®

Super-E ® motors run cooler, last longer and cost less every

minute they operate.

Fractional to 15,000 Hp, Baldor•Reliance Super-E

motors reduce your electricity costs with a return on your

investment that’s as good as gold. 479-646-4711

• Energy Efficient

• Unmatched Quality

• Superior Reliability

• American Made Since 1920

©2012 Baldor Electric Company

Renderings By Mike Edwards

What we can learn from

Japan’s industrial design

Studying another culture’s desires can shed light on your own

Geeky-Girly Innovation: A

Japanese Subculturalist’s

Guide to Technology and

Design might not be an enticing title

for everyone to pick up and read.

But as the father of two teenage

Canadian girls obsessed by

Japanese manga (comics) and

anime (cartoons), as well as the editor of two design

engineering magazines, this book by Morinosuke

Kawaguchi from Stone Bridge Press (www.stonebridge.

com) had my name on it.

The art and science of industrial design dictates that

the product developer must study the demographics of

the target market. Author Kawaguchi, principal associate

director for the consultancy Arthur D. Little Japan

and a lecturer at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, is

considered the inventor of a new concept in product engineering

and technology development that draws from

Japanese culture.

Analyzing everything from super-toilets to cute character

stationery goods, Kawaguchi argues here that the

Japanese have leveraged the childlike, feminine, cute aspects

of their otaku (geek) culture into top-tier products

for world markets.

When you see “Hello Kitty” pajamas, toothbrushes

and luggage from Japan here in the West – that is just the

tip of the iceberg, according to Kawaguchi. Wide-eyed,

cute characters in this vein have proliferated across the

daily lives of Japanese. Everything

from vending machines to highway

warning signs is replete with sweet

images drawn to inform and entice.

In Part 2 of the book, Ten Geeky-

Girly Rules of Japanese Products,

the author details Rule #1 – Make

the Object (Almost) Human: Anthropomorphism.

Japan’s polytheistic culture observes a

life force not just in living things but also inanimate objects.

Therefore, when something dies or breaks beyond

repair, it can be given funeral rites. Sewing needles, chickens

and germs are all recipients of this treatment in Japan.

This is where you find KFC honoring the dead that have

fed so many.

I was beginning to wonder if the country’s demographics

were just too foreign to consider transferring

its ideas to the rest of the world, but Kawaguchi demonstrates

how attractive Japan’s cultural influences can be

when he discusses robot and automotive design.

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WATCH the latest technical innovations


Video highlights at from Autodesk University 2012 in Las Vegas demonstrate how the software giant is

addressing design engineering in the cloud, automation design and mechatronics design productivity.

Autodesk University 2012: CEO

Carl Bass announces Fusion 360

3D design in the cloud

Wide-eyed, cute characters

have proliferated across

daily lives in Japan,

including factories

Autodesk Simulation 360

cloud capabilities explained

at AU 2012

Autodesk Product Design Suite:

the correct tool for the task at

hand from IMAGINiT

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Autodesk CEO Carl Bass introduced

Fusion 360 during a keynote address to

the 8,000 attending Autodesk University

2012 in Las Vegas. Fusion 360, which

permits 3D design and collaboration in

the cloud, is now in a Beta Program.

Luke Mihelcic, Simulation Product

Marketing Manager at Autodesk,

explains the experience and possibilities

of the next generation of cloud

simulation tools for flow, thermal and

stress – Autodesk Simulation 360.

Caleb Funk, a solutions consultant with

IMAGINiT Technologies and Autodesk

University 2012 presenter, explains

how the Autodesk Product Design Suite

offering assists designers with providing

the correct tool for the task at hand.

6 Design Product News •

February 2013

Cover Story FEATURE

Moon Shade solves multiple challenges

continued from Front Cover

Not only did the product have

to be defined for a market that is

accustomed to refined appearances

in its finishes, but so did the production

process, assembly machine

design and the materials used in the

blind blades. “We spent the better

part of 2009 working on these steps

– it has been the hardest design engineering

project I have faced in 10

years,” said Lokody. He added that

the design challenge was much more

demanding than a typical automotive

special purpose machine project

that his other company (EMD

Integration) gets involved in since

there were so many variables that

needed to be satisfied.

blade material thickness and height.

That way, we can tell if the blade

is too long and define the product

around standard window valences.”

The goal of Lokody is to grow

Macadam Blinds organically by

scaling up production. He noted

that since his production process

has been perfected, options for

adding more facilities is now a

possibility, as is the opportunity to

license the technology.

The archway opening is as old as

architecture, but to successfully cover

a window required the ingenuity and

engineering know-how of Macadam Blinds.

The expertise of Lokody has

been crucial to bringing the Moon

Shade closer to success after company

founder Mac Foy appeared

on season three of CBC television’s

Dragon’s Den in 2008 (

goez4) to demonstrate the product

and look for investors. Foy was

inspired to create the original blind

after waking up with sun streaming

through the top of an arch window


The Macadam production

assembly machine can customize the

size of the blinds in seconds due to

the machine’s simplicity, explained

Lokody. “We found a Canadian supplier

of blades that is already in the

window blind industry. The blades

also use the same sunlight-resistant

material found in matching horizontal

or vertical blind configurations.”

SolidWorks software has been

instrumental in bringing the original

Moon Shade concept forward.

“We wanted to reduce the number

of prototypes for the blade assemblies,”

said Lokody.

“Each customer provides dimensions

for a different opening, driving

the software to determine the proper

Variety as standard

Standard and versatile. Tough and

leakproof but always compact and

powerful—Festo’s range of products

for gripping and positioning is truly

comprehensive. New: miniature

standard grippers DHxS.

Powerful, precise and resilient.

Festo Inc.

Tel: 1 877 GO FESTO

Fax: 1 877 FX FESTO

February 2013

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Festo_DPN_Feb.indd 1

17/01/2013 4:15:18 PM

2013-01-21 12:38 PM • Design Product News 7

By Design

Harting U.S. plant produces

custom cabling and PCBs

Pratt & Whitney and Viking sign

10-year agreement

ELGIN, IL – Starting in 2005, the

headquarters and distribution site of

Harting Inc. of North America serving

the U.S., Canada and Mexico,

Abram Pries, production manager at the

Elgin, IL-based Harting plant.

also become a production facility

serving North American machine

manufacturing, factory automation,

information technology and transportation


During a recent sponsored tour

of the facility, Harting demonstrated

how it produces value-added customized

cable harnesses and cable

assemblies, as well as products from

the Harting Integrated Solutions circuit

board technology division.

The cable assembly capability

includes support of the company’s

Han-Modular line of rectangular

industrial connectors, including the

latest Han-Power T power distribution

connections to multiple motors

for equipment such as conveyors.

Printed circuit board (PCB)

technologies are supported by vapor

phase reflow ovens suitable for

large, thick backplanes and heavy

power planes, as well as by computer-controlled

automatic presses for

precise and accurate pressfit repeatability

of connectors.

Pratt & Whitney Canada and Viking

Air Ltd. have entered into a 10-year

General Terms Agreement to supply

Twin Otter aircraft from Viking Air are

consumers of Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6


PT6 engines, including the PT6A-34

for the Twin Otter aircraft.

“This agreement bears witness to

the strong bond P&WC and Viking

Air have always enjoyed,” said Denis

Parisien, vice-president, general aviation

products, P&WC. “The Twin

Otter and the PT6 have always been

and continue to be inseparable.”

The PT6 has captured more than

130 applications around the world

for general and business aviation,

helicopters, commuter, utility and

trainer aircraft. With more than

49,000 engines delivered, and close

to 400 million hours flown, the PT6

is the world’s most popular engine

in its class. Compared to the first

PT6A model, today’s engine is up to

4 times more powerful, with a 40%

better power-to-weight ratio and up

to 20% better specific fuel consumption


Chartwell lands massive utility order

Bill Carothers, Alcoa Howmet (right), accepts

aerospace award on behalf of Alcoa

Howmet Georgetown from Investment

Casting Institute board member Cliff Fischer.

Alcoa Howmet Georgetown

named institute casting

contest winner

Alcoa Howmet of Georgetown,

ON, has been named a winner in

the Investment Casting Institute’s

annual casting contest.

The contest, conducted in conjunction

with the 59th Technical

Conference and Equipment Expo

in Nashville, had a total of four


The 2012 Aerospace casting

award for Alcoa Howmet illustrated

the complexity that can be

achieved with the investment casting


A fuel metering unit for an

aircraft engine, the aluminum part

volume was 11 x 10 x 8 in. It has

six intricate cores ranging from 3

to 12 in. long, with 0.600 to 1.5

in. diameters.

MARKHAM, ON – Chartwell

Automation Inc., with its partner

Grace Engineered Products, have

received and shipped the largest

Canadian order for SafeSide voltage

indicators in Grace’s history.

A major Canadian utility awarded

the order to Grace Engineered

Products in early December. These

permanent electrical safety devices

can be used in conjunction with a

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) procedure

to ensure that safe entry into

electrical panels can be achieved

in accordance with CSAZ462 and

NFPA70E Standards.

SafeSide voltage indicators are assisting a

major Canadian utility with creating safer

electrical panel access.

The Canadian utility identified

the SafeSide voltage indicator as a

key aid in its LOTO procedure put

in place to ensure employee safety

when accessing electrical panels.

This is its second order for this

product, the largest to date, to finish

a multiyear retrofit of electrical

panels. The utility will install them

in the next 12 months in an ongoing

effort to reduce injuries when

accessing electrical panels.

Chartwell Automation sales offices

serving factory and process

Franklin Empire Inc. has acquired

the Industrial Systems Division of

Ontor. The Ontor division is a national

supplier of automation and

industrial controls, motion, drives

and machine safety products with

sales locations in Toronto, Mississauga,

Burlington, Kitchener,

Montreal, Quebec and Calgary. In

conjunction with this acquisition,

Franklin Empire will become the Siemens

EID (Exclusive Industrial Distributor)

for The GTA, Mississauga/

Brampton and Oakville/Hamilton/

Niagara. Franklin Empire is already

the Siemens EID for Southwestern

Ontario, Ottawa and the province

of Quebec.

The remaining Ontor divisions,

HVAC and Romark, are not a part

of this acquisition and will continue

under Ontor Ltd. All of Ontor’s ISD

automation companies are in Vancouver,

Calgary, Edmonton and

Montreal, as well as Waterloo, London

and Hamilton, ON.

Franklin Empire acquires

Ontor IS Division

staff and inventory will merge into

Franklin Empire’s nearest locations.

From left shaking hands: Clifford Backman,

vice-president/owner Franklin Empire and

Rob Elder, president of Ontor. Employees of

Ontor are in the background.

With this acquisition, Ontor’s

customers will have access to more

electrical products and Franklin Empire

staff will gain new market opportunities

and forge new supplier


8 Design Product News •

February 2013


How to substantially reduce encoder cost

while gaining functionality

Multi-turn rotary position sensors employ a multi-layer scheme to accurately determine position

Many applications require

rotation counters that can

measure angles greater

than 360º. However, the low-cost

10-turn potentiometers most design

engineers are familiar with can’t

always meet user requirements for

resolution and reliability.

A better distribution

of the air is ensured in

the enclosure

As an alternative, optical absolute

encoders are too expensive for

many applications. These solutions

require a continuous power supply

or they will lose count when power

is restored. Also, geared technology/

rotation counters are subject to significant


Novotechnik RSM 2800 series

multi-turn rotary sensors address

this unfilled customer need. These

are the first rotation counters to be

based on Novotechnik’s patented

novoturn technology built on an

enhanced giant magnetic resistance

effect. They provide substantial

cost savings compared to optical

encoders, maintain reliability and

accuracy, plus they offer additional

useful features.

Magneto resistance is a phenomenon

in quantum mechanics that

occurs in thin film structures when

two ferromagnetic layers are separated

by a thin non-magnetic film.

It is a technology used in hard disk

drives. When the two magnetic layers

are parallel, resistance drops to a

minimal value. As the magnetic layers

are turned so they are no longer

in parallel alignment, electrical resistance

increases. This increase can be

By optimizing magneto resistive technology for encoder and positioning applications, Novotechnik has created a combined multi-turn

rotation counter and position sensor that senses without contact or power.

used to measure absolute position

values, e.g. full rotations.

Novotechnik has optimized this

patented technology for encoder and

positioning applications. The result

is a combined multi-turn rotation

counter and position sensor that

senses without contact or power. The

sensed count can be held without

power for years.

By measuring the resistance of

the structure, a custom integrated

circuit stores the changes of resistance

and applies a pre-determined

offset to count the number of turns.

The number of spiral tracks determines

the number of rotations that

can be detected.

A second 360° sensor is used

to determine the specific angle in a

single-turn range and combined with

the count sensor just described, this

technology can determine the angle

and number of turns- even tracking

when no power is present.

In the RSM 2800 series, two

multi-turn elements are offset by

90º in a diamond pattern. With this

structure, a clear rotation value can

be derived in any angular position

using a corresponding evaluation


The sensors are true “power on”

systems that provide these measured

values immediately following startup.

The technology eliminates the

need for the gears or the external

power supply required in conventional

rotation encoders. The result

is a series of very compact multiturn

sensors that can be easily integrated

into a wide variety of applications

to measure angles between

2 to 15 turns and supply absolute

position values over 360° without

mechanical gearing or a buffer.

And, since these are non-contacting

sensors, they provide long life and

can be easily integrated into a wide

variety of applications without the

need to create mechanical linkages.

The RSM 2800 is the first multiturn

rotation counter to be based on

novoturn technology. This sensor has

a 24 V power supply and 2 separate

0 to 10 V outputs (24 V supply) with

12-bit resolution. Units provide independent

linearity up to ±0.1% with

an electrical range up to 5400º. This

is a true power on sensor. The sensor

counts revolutions even with power

off, and no battery is required.

This article was excerpted from a White Paper

contributed by Novotechnik.





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with your smartphone

to visit our website.

New W22 Line of Motors

CFW 11 Variable Frequency Drives

More information,

literature and more at:

1 877 PAMENSKY (726-3675)

February 2013

Pamensky_DPN_Feb.indd 1

12-01-19 9:16 AM • Design Product News 9


Multi language talents drive automation

New multiprotocol gateways and block I/O modules

By Jörg Kuhlmann

The principles by which the

controller manufacturers are

marking out and securing their

claims has resulted in a number of

similar Ethernet protocols: the leaders

of the standard Industrial Ethernet

protocols, Profinet, Ethernet/IP and

Modbus TCP, are sharing the majority

of the automation market between

each other.

Costs and complexity

of inventory control are

effectively reduced

Automation manufacturers on

the one hand, and machine and system

builders on the other have to deal

with this diversity – both with fieldbuses

and with Ethernet. One trend

therefore continues to characterize

the industrial automation sector: The

range of standards and devices that

fulfill similar tasks but which are nevertheless

based on different protocols

continues to increase.

Turck has pursued a different

approach which provides a solution

for this challenge: The automation

specialist is launching the first multiprotocol

Ethernet gateways and

block I/O modules in the world that

can be operated with the Profinet,

Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP Ethernet

protocols without any intervention

required by the user.

With its multiprotocol devices,

Turck is not only reducing the diversity

of proprietary device types, but

also the number of customers that

use different protocols in different

parts of their production or in different

country-specific versions of their

machines. In automotive production,

for example, it often occurs that body

construction and final assembly are

automated using different protocols.

In the future, all these users only

have to keep one gateway type in

stock, regardless of the Ethernet protocol

used. As purchasing and warehousing

are often centralized, this

will enable the costs and complexity

of inventory control to be effectively


The multiprotocol devices make

it possible to implement machines

and plants that can be planned and

constructed identically. They can also

With its new multiprotocol

devices, Turck is offering

an efficient way to use

the option of Ethernet


be provided with different controllers

or masters to meet specific customer

specifications, enabling communication

in different protocols. Besides

the benefits with regard to spare parts

management and procurement, the

provision of multiprotocol devices

from other automation manufacturers

will make it possible to create

identical installation plans for electrical

designs which just have to be


Turck multiprotocol devices have

gateways that feature internal switches

which enable installation in line.

The Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP and

Profinet protocols are combined in a

single device firmware.

The multiprotocol functionality

is made possible by an intelligent

identification routine of the gateways.

During startup, they determine

which Ethernet protocol is running

on the cable by listening to the traffic

in the so-called snooping phase. The

devices then automatically switch to

the detected protocol and ignore the

telegrams of the other two.

The implementation of the protocols

is in no way inferior to that

of the single protocol devices. In

Profinet mode, topology detection

and address allocation are supported

with LLDP, and Ethernet/IP with

QuickConnect and Device Level

Ring (DLR media redundancy).

However, the multiprotocol talent

is not the only source of innovation

on the new Turck gateways. The

multiprotocol devices also have a

turbo on board that enables a highspeed

startup. They support Fast

Startup in Profibus mode and feature

QuickConnect in Ethernet/IP mode.

Due to the extremely slim architecture

of the microprocessor and the

operating system, they can achieve

startup times that were previously


The automotive industry in particular

required short startup times

in order, for example, to increase the

cycle rate for a tool change on robots

in body shell construction. The faster

the I/O module on the tool changer

returns to operational readiness, the

faster the cycle time for an operation.

For the automotive manufacturer, a

shorter cycle time means either more

output per unit of time or fewer

robots for a particular operation –

both significant alternatives from an

economic standpoint.

Turck developed an optimized

electronic architecture for its

Ethernet I/O modules that ensures

that processors are operational considerably

faster – largely regardless

of any protocol modifications – and

speeds up the startup times. The

Turck block type fast startup modules

now achieve startup times of


Improving safety in LNG applications

Automation control systems meet hazardous environment compliance

The chemical make-up of natural

gas induces complex contaminates

such as CO, H 2


CO 2

and other acidic gases which

can hinder the liquefaction process.

Several operations are needed not

only to overcome the process bottlenecks,

but also to meet liquid natural

gas product specifications, and to

prevent corrosion of process equipment

and the plant environment.

This environment is known as

a Class 1, Div 2 hazardous location.

Several options are available to

deploy an automation control system

in a hazardous environment. In

the past, NEMA 7 Explosion Proof

Enclosures were predominately used

to prevent an arcing or flame from

a component failure inside to the

outside volatile process area. Today,

a NEMA 4/4X industrial enclosure

is commonly employed with an air

purge system.

As a replacement to both of

these options, E-T-A offers a line of

solid state electronic circuit breakers

for Class 1, Div 2 hazardous

location applications. This new

solid state technology is an alternative

to 24 Vdc field devices in a

hazardous location because as long

as all the components in an electrical

control enclosure have a Class

1, Div 2 approval, the NEMA 7

enclosure and/or purge system are

no longer needed to meet most

application specifications.

Integrating E-T-A’s solid-state

devices, a leading North American

liquid CO 2

and liquid natural gas

(LNG) system supplier has successfully

implemented the products on a

LNG pre-treatment application.

The company benefited from better

protection for field devices than

any other technology available for

24 Vdc switch mode power supplies.

The E-T-A product is designed

to detect both overload and shortcircuit

conditions within 200 ms of

the overcurrent event. Because this

component has a current-limit function,

it will supply no more than 1.3x

rated current of the circuit breaker at

any time during the fault condition,

then after 3 s it completely disconnects

the current from the switch

mode power supply to the load.

In the event of an overload or

short circuit, the device allows for

individual disconnection between

the power source and the load

via a power switch on the face of

the product. Other models have a

Remote Reset option allowing a

PLC/DCS control output to disable

or disconnect the current flow to

the field load preventing the power

supply from being compromised by

a single point of failure.

This product carries a UL 1604,

Class 1, Div 2 (CIDC) approval,

which allows it to be used in this

application with a CID2 switch mode

power supply, I/O modules, terminal

blocks, and industrial switches.

This White Paper has been provided by E-T-A

Circuit Breakers Ltd.

There is one common factor in the

numerous gas-treating processes. They

all require a sophisticated automation/

process control systems in very

hazardous Class 1 Div 2 locations.

February 2013

CSA_DPN_Feb.indd 1 • Design Product News 11

2013-01-18 9:28 AM


50 mA surface mount

chip fuse

Schurter has introduced a surface

mount chip fuse in a 50 mA rating

for its USFF series. The USFF 1206

uses wire-bonding technology for

reliable operation of ambient temperatures

from 55° to 90°C. The

fuse is suitable for the protection of

smart metering systems, has cURus

certification, is halogen-free and

conforms to RoHS.

8-channel wireless thermocouple module

Potentiometer selected for Encompass program

The Posital Programmable Potentiometer from Fraba has been added to the list of

products referenced by the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork. Through Encompass

Product Partners, designers can locate complementary products to solve

application challenges. The product is based on a magnetic sensor technology that

requires no physical contact between rotating components and the sensor element.

Expanded ultrasonic sensor line

AutomationDirect’s ultrasonic sensor offering now includes additional

18 mm round plastic DC models. The UK1 series are IP67 rated sensors

with a 15 to 30 Vdc operating range and are fitted with an M12

quick-disconnect. The series offers six

different output types: single PNP, Dual

PNP, 4 to 20 mA only, 0 to 10 V only,

PNP and 0 to 10 V, and PNP and 4 to

20 mA. Models are available in four

sensing ranges: 50 to 400, up to 200 to

2200 mm.


The 8 channel wireless thermocouple input module supports thermocouple types

J, K, T, E,N, R, S and B. The OM-WLS-TC can be operated as a standalone

plug-and-play device when connected directly to the computer’s USB port or

as a remote wireless device that communicates with the

computer through the OM-WLS-IFC USB-to-wireless

interface. The module is CE compliant and ships with an

impressive array of software including the new TracerDAQ,

and full-featured, out-of-the-box data logging viewing, and

analysis application.

Identify the selection of

positioning sensors

Turck has announced a white paper,

How to Select the Right Positioning

Sensor Solution, is available

at An explanation

of how sensors using the

resistance inductance capacitance

(RLC) technology enhance position

sensing is provided. Sensors using

the RLC operating principle are designed

for accuracy, flexibility and


The World of Bearings and Power Transm


enables us to respond rapidly

to your requests. Our manufacturing

can handle any size

order. Our quality control

procedures ensure consistent

tolerances and our engineering

expertise give you a deep

knowledge base to draw on.

• Standard Needle Bearing

Cam and Cam Yoke Followers

• Eccentric Stud Cam Followers

• Heavy Stud Cam Followers

• Neverlube Cam and Cam

Yoke Followers

Xtenda TM Stainless

Steel Cam and Cam

Yoke Followers

One of the world oldest mounted bearing

manufacturer, they are available in wide array of

sizes and styles.

Hi-Roller TM Bearings

For Special Environments try

Ceraball Hybrid Bearing Units

good for up to 450° C (842° F)


(514) 685-6006 (905) 826-1100 (204) 694-1455 (780) 465-3311

Fax (514) 685-6007 Fax (905) 826-9691 Fax (204) 633-7230 Fax (780) 490-4664

12 Design Product News •

February 2013

Ace_DPN_Feb.indd 1

Ringball_DPN_Feb.indd 1

2013-01-21 2:30 PM

Power Transmission PRODUCTS

Gearhead uses roller pinion

system integration

Nexen Group has introduced its

Harmonic Gearhead. Said to be

a true zero backlash automation

gearhead, the unit is designed to

deliver superior positional accuracy

and torque capacity. Integrated

with the company’s Roller Pinion

System (RPS), the gearhead maintains

zero backlash.

Tapered roller bearing offers increased reliability

AC brushless servo actuator

The SHA brushless servo-actuator from Harmonic Drive LLC is

said to provide the highest torque density of any actuator in its

class. Positional accuracy is rated better than 1 arc-min and ±5

arc-sec repeatability is achieved while delivering up to 30,000

in. lb of torque. A cross-roller bearing allows mounting of large

loads directly to the actuator without

additional support. The actuator also

features a hollow shaft configuration

with an inside diameter up to 65 mm,

output torque up to 3400 Nm and 17

bit magnetic absolute encoder.

Baldor Electric Company has introduced the Dodge Type EXL tapered roller bearing

that provides both misalignment and expansion capability, while maintaining Type E

mounting dimensions. The design incorporates a cartridge-style inner unit into a split

ductile iron housing. The split-housing design allows the inner unit to swivel freely in

the housing allowing up to ±4º of static misalignment.

The new bearing design offers a 13% to 14% increase in load ratings over the

previous tapered bearing design. The new design is available in both two- and

four-bolt pillow blocks and utilizes the same inner unit for both expansion and

non-expansion housings. Bore sizes range from 1-3/16 to 5 in.

High-torque 1.8˚ stepping motor plays one size up

Oriental Motor has introduced its high-torque 1.8˚ stepping motor, the PKP

series. By using a high-torque motor, a torque increase of 1.2 to 1.7x the PK

series standard type of the same (maximum holding torque) has been achieved.

The PKP series provides torque equivalent to a motor of the next larger frame

size, and is available in 20, 28, 35, 42 and 56.4/60 mm frame sizes.

Overload safety couplings

Overload safety couplings from

Zero-Max are available in models

designed for washdown applications.

Torq-Tender overload safety

couplings serve both as a safety device

and as a coupling in a power

transmission system. Available in

torque ranges from 2 to 3000 in.

lb, units provide tamper proof

preset torque settings. As a coupling,

the units can handle up to

1.5º of angular misalignment and

a maximum parallel misalignment

of 0.005 to 0.015 in. Different

coupling models provide torque

ranges that range from 2 to 60 in.

lb (TT1X) up to 750 to 3000 in. lb.



Shaft Collars & Couplings

Bushings, Hubs & Sheaves

Roller, Leaf & Conveyor Chain


Linear Rail




Linear Rail System

Ball Screw

Support Units

Linear Bushings

Cross Roller Guide

Robot Carrier Guide

Linear Actuator




(604) 294-3461

Fax (604) 294-4680


120V maintenance outlet for control cabinets includes

a 5A supplemental circuit breaker.

Toll free: 1-866-698-1134

February 2013

2013-01-25 9:01 AM

Emphatec_DPN_Feb.indd 1 • Design Product News 13

2013-01-17 2:46 PM

Motion Control PRODUCTS

Single-axis controller

Galil Motion Control has announced

its latest drive option for

the DMC-30000 Pocket Motion

Controller Series. The new DMC-

30016 combines a single-axis motion

controller with a 1.4 A/phase

stepper drive in a compact unit. The

controller drives a two-phase bipolar

stepper motor in full-step, halfstep,

¼ step or 1/16 step. The unit

is user configurable from 0.5 to 1.4

A per phase in 10 mA increments at

12 to 30 Vdc. The controller/drive

package is 3.9 x 5.0 x 1.5 in.

Programmable servo drives for single axis control

Kollmorgen has introduced AKD BASIC servo drives. The Ethernet-based drives

feature an integrated single axis motion controller. The camming, s-curve and freeform

motion profile capabilities delivered by the integrated motion controller, combined

with the simplicity of BASIC programming language and a built-in Program

Editor with debugging tools, is said to enable machine builders to easily execute

complex processes, faster. A Programming Editor is integrated into the same AKD

WorkBench application as the rest of the AKD servo drive family; no extra software

package is required.

Brush DC motors

Portescap has introduced 12GS motors to its Athlonix platform of highpower

density brush DC motors. The 13.5 g package offers output power

up to 1.2 W and the motors provide maximum continuous torque up

to 1.5 mNm. The motors feature an energy efficient coreless design with

an optimized self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit to maximize density,

the company says. Units are compatible with incremental encoders

and gearheads of various sizes and ratios. They are manufactured in an

ISO certified facility and are RoHS compliant.

Motion Control FEATURE

Slide bush components inspire designs

Printer assembly and linear digital measuring device applications benefit

By Larry Hansen

Specialty Motions, Inc. (SMI), a

linear motion components distributorship

in California, was

inspired by simplicity – the simplicity

of creating assemblies that solved

motion control problems.

Specialty Motions

is now both a

distributor and a


For example, a client’s need for

an inexpensive, easy to maintain

way to load material into a printing

system led SMI (

to create a simple, reliable

X/Y assembly.

SMI attached aluminum pillow

block slide bush components to a

custom machined metal plate. SMI

founder Tom Corey explains the

choice: “If something were to happen

– say it (a bearing) wears out

over time – and everything wears

out – it is so easy to replace the bearings

inside an NB Corp. of America

(one of the manufacturers that SMI

carries) pillow block as opposed to

Side view of SMI’s linear digital measuring device (LDMD) designed with the TOPBALL selfaligning

slide bush line (inset) from NB Corp.

the competition.

“With (product from) NB, all

you do is take four fasteners off the

bottom, remove a skip plate and

the old bearing slides out. You put

the new bearing in place, put four

fasteners back in and you’re off and

running again. With the competition

on the other hand, they’re pinned in

place by a roll pin. You have to either

destroy the pillow block or the roll

pin to get this thing apart and typically

you can’t get the new one back

in using the same hole.

‘With the NB product you

can replace the bearings internally

without destroying the block.

With the competition you have to

replace the whole block and it is

twice as expensive.”

In the case of another SMI customer

application, SMI needed to

measure long flat, square or round

materials, such as shafts, right at

the shop floor – beyond what the

typical vernier caliper could measure.

To construct the measuring

device, they used the open pillow

block slide bush type TW8UU from

NB’s TOPBALL self-aligning slide

bush line.

SMI combined a half-inch slide

bush with a shaft and incorporated

a 120 in. linear scale with a Digital

Read Out. The DRO consistently

reads where the carriage is relative

to the end plate. The linear digital

measuring device (LDMD) can be

fixed or mobile. A “VEE” groove

allows the material to accurately

nest for measurement. The LDMD

is capable of accuracies up to ±.001

in. and any length up to 120 in.

The unique characteristics of a

tremendous variety of reliable and

easy to maintain slide bush components

made all of these assemblies

cost effective. Now SMI is both a distributor

and a manufacturer.

Larry Hansen is Director and General Sales

Manager at NB Corp. of America. NB linear

motion products are represented in Canada by

RotoPrecision Inc. (

14 Design Product News •

February 2013

CAD Chronicle

3D CAD in the cloud for

design, collaboration

Autodesk has introduced Fusion

360 that permits 3D design and

collaboration in the cloud. Currently

rolled out in a Beta Program,

the cloud software is said

to: realize design ideas faster using

an intuitive interface and built in

guidance; go from downloading

to designing in a matter of minutes

on a Mac or PC; share design

ideas using social “media” tools.

LBP-003 (CN 4.25 X 7.25).ai 1 12/20/2011 8:26:23 AM

Synchronous technology for

mainstream CAD

Siemens’ product lifecycle management

(PLM) software business unit

has introduced a new 3D CAD editing

tool to the mainstream market,

based on synchronous technology,

that has been shown to increase productivity

by a factor of ten or more

when working with imported CAD

data. Available to users of any CAD

application, the 3DSync application

can be used at no charge until May

15, 2013.

3D online configurator

Bimba Manufacturing and


(, a provider

of 3D parts catalogs and

online configurators, have announced

the addition of 3D functionality

to Bimba’s online CAD

models. The CAD configurator

allows all configured and generated

CAD models to be viewed

by Bimba customers in 3D with

traditional 3D glasses.

Application finds and

applies materials

Granta Design has announced the

latest release of Granta MIT, a materials

information management system

for engineering enterprises. Version

6 contains new features to

manage and search materials data,

expanded integration with key CAD

and CAE software – including Ansys

Workbench, Siemens NX, Pro/E and

Abaqus – and data and tools for considering

automotive steels, restricted

substances and surface treatments.









February 2013 • Design Product News 15

Amacoil_DPN_Feb.indd 1

2012-12-18 8:54 AM

CAD Industry Watch

By Bill Fane

Prepare to set your sights on DraftSight

Is “free” really an actual price

ASolidWorks have been a

prime mover in the MCAD

market ever since they were

the first to release a parametric 3D

MCAD modeller written specifically

for Windows 95.

Dassault Systèmes

probably hopes to

make up sales by

attracting users to its

3D products

Before long, however, it realized

that not all MCAD design work should

or could be done in 3D and that

AutoCAD’s .DWG file format was

the de facto industry standard for 2D.

Accordingly, it soon began including

DWGeditor in its SolidWorks package.

A couple of years ago Dassault

Systèmes SolidWorks (

announced it was discontinuing

DWGeditor and replacing it

with a new product called DraftSight.

Dassault Systèmes did more than

“replace,” however. DraftSight is available

as a free download for anyone

from, and is not

limited to being bundled with any

other CAD product. It’s available for

Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Mac

OS-X, and in several Linux flavours. A

significant point here is that it is being

branded as a Dassault Systèmes product

rather than specifically SolidWorks.

So how do you make any money

from a free program An MBA would

reply, “They’ll make it up in volume.”

Dassault Systèmes, on the other hand,

probably hope to make it up by attracting

users to their 3D products.

Basic DraftSight is free, but it needs

registration (an e-mail address) and

activation to run. You can also pay

for the Premium version to get additional

features such as tech support

other than a discussion group, network

licensing, and support for Lisp programming.

Three factors to be considered

when discussing “compatibility” are

the user interface, commands and

options, and file format.

DraftSight V1R3, the latest version,

is much closer to being AutoCAD

LT than it is to full AutoCAD. Even

then, the user interface is an interesting

point. It is either very close to matching

AutoCAD or it’s completely different

in that it retains the “traditional”

interface of a menu and toolbars of

AutoCAD 2009 and earlier rather than

adopting the later Ribbon interface. I

leave it up to you to decide if this is the

good news or the bad news.

DraftSight nominally supports the

AutoCAD 2013 file format. AutoCAD

normally only changes format every

third release, so it will be interesting to

see how DraftSight handles AutoCAD

2014 and 2015 files. Even so, this still

puts it ahead of many of the clones and

compatibles that often lag behind by

one full file format.

DraftSight V1R3 significantly

improves file compatibility compared

to earlier releases. For example, selfscaling

annotative objects such as text,

dimensions, and hatching now survive

a round trip from AutoCAD out to

DraftSight and back again, but while

in DraftSight you can only see the scale

configuration that was current when

the drawing was saved in AutoCAD.

The parametric functionality from

AutoCAD 2010 and later now seems

to survive a round trip with a couple

of interesting quirks.

First, if you edit the specific dimension

text or if you edit objects directly

using grip editing in DraftSight, then

everything updates back in AutoCAD –

sort of. Nothing happens in AutoCAD

until you click on an object that has

parametrics attached, and then everything

updates – sort of. If you changed

the parametric text in DraftSight then

the objects update, but if you edited

objects directly using grips then the

AutoCAD parametric values rule and

you lose the grip edits you did.

The other interesting quirk is that

somewhere during the round trip it

looks like all your dimensional constraints

have vanished, but all that

really happens is that the AutoCAD

system variable AnnoAllVisible gets

turned off.

But Wait! There’s more!

DraftSight V1R3 also introduces

several other new features. First, the

preferred way of working these days

is to create ortho views in model space

and then create paper space viewports

to arrange them to suit the sheet layout.

The problem has been that it wasn’t

easy to get the model views to align

correctly, but V1R3 adds new functionality

that greatly simplifies the process.

To further enhance this

DraftSight is available as a free download for anyone from, and is not

limited to being bundled with any other CAD product. It’s available for Windows 32-bit and

64-bit, Mac OS-X (shown), and in several Linux flavors.

The default screen for DraftSight V1R3 to start or modify a DWG-compatible 2D drawing.

drawing technique, V1R3 adds

“SmartDimensions.” They include the

ability to reach in through a sheet

viewport and snap onto model entities,

but better than that they are smart

enough to recognize the entity type.

Thus, a single run of a single command

can apply mixed combinations of horizontal,

vertical, or aligned dimensions

to lines, or between two points such

as the end of a line and the centre of a

circle, or the angle between two lines,

or the radius or diameter of an arc or

circle. That’s right; all from a single run

of one command!

Additional capabilities in

DraftSight V1R3 include revision

clouds, an in-place text editor, and

the ability to explode text plus several

more new or improved features.

Finally, it now offers 3D mouse

support. This may seem a little silly

for a 2D CAD program with limited

3D support, but it does make sense if

you’re running a 3D modelling program

on the same computer and are

using a 3D mouse for it. Now the same

mouse can serve both programs.

Is it still plagiarism if I copy from

myself The following summary is lifted

almost straight from my previous

review two years ago, but it still very

much holds true.

I would describe DraftSight as

“works very similar to” AutoCAD

2009 LT and is “mostly file compatible

with” AutoCAD 2013. In fact, it

is probably the most compatible of the

various “clones” that I have seen. It is

a competent, viable 2D product in its

own right, especially considering the


Bill Fane ( is a software reviewer

and former mechanical engineering

instructor at BCIT in Burnaby, BC.

16 Design Product News •

February 2013

© 2012 Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved. Siemens and the Siemens logo are registered

trademarks of Siemens AG. All other logos, trademarks or service marks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

Great decisions in product

lifecycle management #1,509.



PLM solutions

A product manager adds a customer suggestion to the system…

and a CEO adds a new division to the company.

Teamcenter: Smarter decisions, better products.

Sometimes, the smallest decision in product life cycle

management has the greatest impact on a company’s


Teamcenter PLM solutions from Siemens PLM Software

give everyone involved in planning, developing, building

and supporting your products the information they need,

right when they need it and in the right context to do

their job.

The result: your entire enterprise collaborates more

efficiently, makes smarter more timely decisions—and

delivers successful products.

Find out how Teamcenter product lifecycle management

can help you make the decisions that make your

products better.

Learn more at

Teamcenter provides a visual user experience to readily see and understand how

data is related.

Answers for industry.

Enclosures PRODUCTS

Heater option for A/C

EIC Solutions, Inc. has introduced

a heating option for EIC thermoelectric

air conditioners used in its

electronic/electrical enclosures. The

heater is integrated into the air conditioning

unit and control system –

no dimensional changes to the transit

case or enclosure are necessary.

The heating function is automatically

activated when the internal

temperature of the enclosure falls

below 45ºF. Shut off is at 55ºF.

Extended range of instrument enclosures

Metcase has extended its Unicase range of aluminum instrument enclosures with

ten new models in black. The enclosures are offered in two styles: regular and

slimline. There are ten standard sizes with externals dimensions from 5.11 x 7.08

x 1.96 in. to 18.66 x 11.81 x 5.29 in. All versions are now available painted in

black or light gray. The enclosures are supplied flat packed and assemble in a few

minutes. The assembly consists of the top and base covers, two internal assembly

extrusions and anodized front and rear panels. Internal assembly extrusions also

include guide rails for mounting slide-in PCBs and chassis plates.

Adhesive vent reduces condensation

W. L. Gore & Associates has introduced an adhesive vent specifically

engineered for small enclosures, such as displays for electric

bikes, mobility aids and heavy duty equipment. Available in

standard packaging of five parts across a 41-mm wide carrier,

the 2.0 x 5.0 mm VE80205 vent has a typical airflow of 103.62

ml/min/cm2. With the smallest footprint in the GORE Protective

Vent line, the VE80205 vent equalizes pressure and reduces


Pocket guide to systems, solutions enclosures

Pepperl+Fuchs has introduced the Systems & Solutions Enclosures

Pocket Guide. This guide provides an overview of enclosure solutions

for oil refining and purification, biodiesel production, cosmetics, chemical,

petrochemical, solar grade silicone

manufacturing, wastewater and power

generation-related applications. Each enclosure

solution also indicates relevant

location classifications.

PC industrial enclosures

Rittal Systems offers the PC series

industrial enclosure to house a PC, monitor,

keyboard and mouse for factory automation

applications. The IP55/NEMA 12 units include

a door, mounting compartment and keyboard

drawer. Supports are constructed from sheet

steel, handles and decorative trim panels from

plastic and door trim panels from aluminum.

Enclosure dimensions are 600 x 1600 x 636

mm (W x H x D), keyboard dimensions are 480 mm wide (max.) x 70 mm

tall (max.) x 260 mm deep (max.) and overall weight is 118 kg.

ATR enclosures

Pixus Technologies has announced

ATR (Austin Turnbull

Radio) enclosures for avionics

and other applications. The first

in the series is a conductioncooled

1/2 ATR short, developed

utilizing the frame from partner

Wakefield-Vette. The series offers

various sizes and configurations

of enclosures, in both fan convection

and conduction-cooled

versions. This includes sizes in

1/2 and 3/4 in the long and short

ARINC formats. Backplanes are

available off-the-shelf or customized

in CompactPCI, MicroTCA,

OpenVPX, VME/64x and other


18 Design Product News •

February 2013

JWWinco_DPN_Feb.indd 1

2013-01-22 9:15 AM

Hydraulics & Pneumatics PRODUCTS

Pumps bring reliability and safety

Designed for handheld gas and leak detection warning devices, the 1010 Series diaphragm

compressors and pumps from Thomas have been tested for 4000 h of nonstop

operation. The series also features oil-less operation, a sealed air path for contamination-free

analysis, and a restart option at low temperatures for use in cold environments.

Maximum continuous pressure is rated to .6 bar, and maximum vacuum to -500 mbar.

Pilot-operated water valves

Asco has announced the Series 212

water purification and conditioning

valves for membrane based reverse

osmosis systems. The NSF-tested

systems are found in drinking water

applications from restaurant food

and beverage equipment to grocery

store produce misting. Features include:

a composite body valve; 2

way, NC and NO; and, proprietary

FasN connection system available in

Turn & Lock, NPT thread.


American Sensor Technologies

has introduced a single process

point dual pressure/temperature

transmitter. Model AST46PT is

said to offer a pressure reading

along with a temperature sensor

output for less than the cost of a

stand-alone temperature sensor.

Pneumatic rod locks

Advanced Machine & Engineering

has introduced the Amlok RLI

power-off rod lock. The RLI Metric

(ISO 6431) series features include

anodized aluminum construction,

a heavy-duty clamp system and

power-off clamping. The unit uses

dry-filtered air, has a release pressure

ranging from a minimum of 4 bar to

a maximum of 8 bar.

February 2013

Rittal_DPN_Feb.indd 1 • Design Product News 19

2013-01-18 9:34 AM

Automotive Scene

By Bill Vance

Nissan makes steer-by-wire leap-of-faith

Solid mechanical link to wheels set to disappear

Since the dawn of the automobile

cars have been guided by a driver

turning a steering wheel, or

moving a tiller in some very early cars.

One characteristic of the system

was that there was always a solid

mechanical link, whether by gears,

shafts or rods, between the driver’s

hands and the vehicle’s tires. But the

method that has survived to this day

is about to be challenged.

Perhaps it is not surprising in an

era of electronically actuated throttles,

called drive-by-wire, which are now

almost universal in new cars, or even

the brake-by-wire that is starting to

creep in, that steer-by-wire is coming

on the scene. Nissan announced

in October 2012 that it will pioneer

automobile steer-by-wire in which

the traditional mechanical connection

between steering wheel and tires is

replaced by electronic signals. It plans

to introduce steer-by-wire on some

Infiniti G-series models within a year.

Steer-by-wire should not be

confused with increasingly popular

electrically assisted power steering

in which the traditional belt-driven

hydraulic pump is replaced by an electric

motor. Steer-by-wire is a different

concept, although it is not new, having

5015MP_3.125x4.75 DPN

find the



Master Bond makes it easy

• Epoxies, silicones and

UV cures to meet your


• Personal one on one

technical assistance

• Available in large and

small quantities

been used to regulate the movement

of control surfaces on airplanes for

several decades where absolute reliability

is critical. It is also found in

more mundane applications like tractors

and forklift trucks.

While Nissan’s will be the first

automobile production version of

steer-by-wire, it will not be the first

demonstration of the technology.

About a decade ago General Motors

showed its futuristic Autonomy concept

car powered by a fuel cell, and

with full by-wire capability, including

steer-by-wire. GM built several prototypes

but so far there appear to be no

firm production plans.

Nissan calls its steer-by-wire system

Independent Control Steering

Technology because it “allows independent

control of a vehicle’s tire angle

and steering inputs.” When the driver

turns the steering wheel it sends a

message to the electronic control unit

(ECU) that processes the signal and

forwards the appropriate signal to two

electric motors, one for each wheel.

The motors instruct the steering

angle actuator (a rack-and-pinion

system) to direct the wheels. Nissan

says it eliminates the fatigue-inducing

need to grip the steering wheel









Architecture of the Nissan steer-by-wire system planned for the Infiniti G-Series within the year.

tightly to counteract the vibrations

and disturbances caused by things

like road irregularities, ruts, ridges

and potholes.

Steer-by-wire also compensates

for road camber changes, curves and

cross winds, and is said to operate

faster than a mechanical connection.

And lest driving enthusiasts despair,

“road feel” can be engineered into the

system, implemented by an electric

motor near the steering wheel.

The scheme uses Nissan’s

“straight-line stability system” in

which a camera mounted above the

rear-view mirror “reads” road markings

to provide lane control and monitor

road curves and vehicle direction

changes. If deviations are detected, it

Design Product News ETEC final.pdf 1 13-01-28 1:40 PM

You don’t want to miss the most important

power management event ever!


Technical Education


Educate. Innovate. Connect.

Solutions based seminars

and product showcase

for the electrical industry

April 9-11, 2013

The Conference Centre at the BMO Centre

20 Roundup Way SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

signals the ECU (electronic control

unit) that makes slight steering angle

adjustments as required.

The system can also be engineered

to automatically steer the car

around obstacles such as pedestrians,

a feature that could make it a building

block for the totally autonomous

vehicle in the future.

Nissan claims several advantages

for steer-by-wire. Because there is no

mechanical connection between tires

and steering wheel, the system isolates

the driver’s hands from the road.

Another advantage is that the

steering ratio can be adjusted for

changing conditions such as high

speed cruising, slippery road surfaces

or even parking manoeuvres where

different rates of tire response to

steering wheel movement would be


The big concern of motorists, of

course – and a possible psychological

barrier – will be the fear losing control

of the vehicle in the event of a system

failure. Nissan recognizes this and their

engineers have built several steps of

redundancy into the electronic system.

In addition, they had provided the ultimate

failure insurance by retaining the

conventional steering column.

In the unlikely event of a power

failure a clutch automatically makes

a mechanical connection between the

steering wheel and the road wheels.

While it will seldom be required, it

will ease the mental barrier of transitioning

away from that age-old and

reliable mechanical link.

Steer-by-wire definitely appears

to in our future, but unlike throttle-by-wire

and even brake-by-wire,

electronic steering control will be a

larger, but likely not insurmountable,

mental hurdle for drivers.

Hackensack, NJ 07601 USA • +1.201.343.8983 •

Agenda and registration

details at:


Bill Vance is a founding member of the

Automotive Journalists Association of Canada

& author (

20 Design Product News •

February 2013

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2013-01-10 Eaton_DPN_Feb.indd 9:53 AM 1

2013-01-29 11:05 AM

Medical Engineering

By Mark Sunderland

Intelligent eyewear recovers usable vision

Sight, sound, taste and touch are the senses

that engage us with the physical world and

the loss of any one of them can seriously

compromise our work, our pleasures, our safety,

our security and our connectedness with others.

In 2006, Conrad Lewis, a well-known Ottawa

technology veteran founded the intelligent eyewear

company eSight Corp. (www.esighteyewear.

com). The eSight technology is an amalgam of

those that Lewis acquired from his Mitel and

Newbridge experiences and applied now in a

manner that can benefit people with impaired


Lewis is personally acquainted with vision

problems – although certainly not in the business

sense. His wife is severely nearsighted and he has

two sisters who have Stargardt’s disease, a disease

that causes people to be especially sensitive to

glare and the disease for which eSight developed

No other electronic low vision aid is mobile,

hands free, and suitable for near, far, and mid-range tasks.

its original prototype.

The eSight device consists of a headset, a

frame that includes personalized prescription

lenses, and a controller that holds a 4-hour battery.

Each unit can be calibrated to suit its user’s

medical condition and the lenses can zoom to

text and allow a book to be read at a normal

distance rather than holding it against the face.

The eyewear incorporates a high-resolution

video camera and a bright, high–contrast, “virtual”

display for each eye. The eyewear is

personalized and algorithms are programmed

according to the user’s eye condition and preferred

activities and, in addition, prescription

lenses can be built directly into the eyewear.

eSight is most suited to people with visual

acuity between 20:60 and 20:400, and for

people under 75 years old. It is not suitable for

those with severe tunnel vision.

Mark Sunderland is President of Ottawa-based BioMedical

Industry Group (

High-Performance Energy and

Data Transmission Systems

Conductix-Wampfler has one critical mission: To provide you with energy and

data transmission systems that will keep your operations up and running

24/7/365. Our rugged, low maintenance products are time tested in the most

demanding environments. Our systems are backed by a combined worldwide

sales and service network unmatched in our industry.

We offer a complete line of mobile electrification products and have over 60

years of experience applying these products to real-world industrial applications.

If you need reliable solutions, look no further than Conductix-Wampfler.

Motor Driven Reels

Conductor Bar Systems


HepcoMotion® PRT2 Precision Ring and Track Systems exclusively from Bishop-Wisecarver

include a wide range of single and double edged rings, slides and segments. Available in stainless

steel as standard, this low friction, debris-tolerant system includes increased bearing and lubricator

sizes, floating bearings, fixed center carriages with clamping brake, continuous bleed lubrication,

pinions and more. Track shape possibilities are endless!

Visit to learn more about our wide

range of products, watch videos, download

data sheets and CAD files, view catalogs, read

application stories and much more.

Electric & Air Supply Systems

Cable Reels

Conductix-Wampfler... let us help you

Conduct Your Business

watch HD videos

Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation is a certified woman-owned

manufacturer of the original DualVee® guide wheel and industry leader in

linear and rotary motion technologies. Send us an email at!

Conductix-Wampfler | 175 Blvd JF Kennedy St. Jerome, QC J7Y 4B5

Tel: (800) 667 2487 | (450) 565 9900 | Fax: (450) 432 6985 |

February 2013 • Design Product News 21

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12-04-23 9:09 AM

Editor’s Choice PRODUCTS

Linear drive with adjustable pitch enables variable speed

without changing drive motor speed

All Uhing Model RG linear drives from Amacoil now feature a manual pitch control which permits a 10:1 adjust-

ment of the linear pitch of the drive unit. Each of seventeen Model RG drive units has a specific

maximum linear pitch. This is the linear distance the drive will move on the shaft per one

revolution of the shaft. The pitch control lets users turn the pitch down in 0.01 increments

across one hundred discrete settings. For example the model RG30 drive has a maximum

pitch of 26.0 mm and may be turned down to 2.6 mm.

Even When You Lose Power,

You Can Count On It

The RSM2800 Magnetic Encoder counts

turns, measures angles down to the last

degree, and remembers shaft positions

without power

Pneumatic valve terminal

The VTUG valve terminal from

Festo is designed for low-cost, multipurpose

use. Configurable units are

available as multi-pin or fieldbus

valve terminal – for quick and easy

conversion, the company says. The

valve terminals are Profibus, CanOpen,

DeviceNet, CC-Link or Ethercat

compliant and include an IO-Link.

Don’t try this with other encoders: imagine your

machine with the RSM2800 inside both lose power

and are still turning without power; when power is

restored, the RSM2800 reports the correct position

including the counts that occurred with no power!

RSM2800 magnetic encoders provide the level of

reliability and accuracy sought in demanding

applications like:

• Material Handling • Agricultural Machines

• Forklifts

• Cable Extension Transducers

• Overhead Doors • Medical Equipment

The RSM2800 is based on

Novotechnik’s patented

non-contact multi-turn for

absolute 5,760° (16 turns)


This new wear-free technology

combines advanced capabilities

with mechanical simplicity in a

very compact and sturdy housing to

provide for longer life and lower cost

than optical encoders.

Competitively priced.

Contact us for samples or for complete specs,


Novotechnik U.S., Inc. • 155 Northboro Road • Southborough, MA 01772

Tel: 508-485-2244 Fax: 508-485-2430

RSM2800 Specifications:

✔ Absolute multi-turn

✔ Up to 16 turns

✔ Up to 0.1° resolution

✔ Up to 0.1%

independent linearity

✔ Outputs: 0.1 to 10V

or 4 to 20 mA

or 0.25 to 4.75V

✔ Housing OD=30 mm

✔ IP rating options:

IP54 or IP67

✔ No gears, no optics,

no batteries


instrumentation cases

Hammond Electronics’ 1553T

range of T flame-retardant ABS

cases is designed for use in a wide

variety of hand-held instrumentation,

data capture and controller

applications. Initially available

in two sizes, 165 x 80 x 28

mm and 210 x 100 x 32 mm, the

enclosures feature recessed areas

for keypads and displays.


Rotary position sensors with

programmable switches

Novotechnik has introduced the

RFC4800 series of touchless rotary

angle sensors that provide absolute,

rotary position. It is available with

two programmable switch outputs

on the analog version. The series

uses a magnetic pickup to provide

a touchless range of 0 to 360°.

22 Design Product News •

February 2013

Novotechnik_DPN_Feb.indd 1

2013-01-17 2:20 PM



Power factor


DCRG series

Key features include:

• Three current inputs

• Event logging

• Capability of step extension to 16

relays in a single controller

• Capability to work in Master-slave

configuration up to 1 master + 8

slave controllers with 32 total steps

• Capacitor protection and Ethernet

module add-on

• Suitable for dynamic (fast) and

medium-voltage systems

• Harmonic analysis

• Wide measurement range (100 to

690VAC) and auxiliary power

supply (100 to 415VAC).


Plug and play GSM

modem module to

optimise and simplify

remote supervision

Wi-Fi key for quick

diagnostics by smartphone

and tablet Apps for operation

and maintenance purposes

Graphs and text in multi

language to view waveforms,

text, trend and bar graphs in 10




Optical interface on front

for quick setup and

diagnostics without needing

to open the control panel

Expansion modules to have

access to any type of

communication port, I/O

configuration and memory.


3200 Jacques Bureau Avenue

Laval, Quebec H7P 0A9


Tel.: 450 681-9200

Fax: 450 681-9884


Hundreds of Options, Models,

Applications & Opportunities!

Minimatic® Electronic Control Valves

Quality Stainless Steel Cylinders

Clippard pneumatic cylinders feature polished I.D

304 stainless steel tubes for low friction. Available

in 12 bore sizes with strokes to 40". Precisionrolled

construction, clear anodized machined aluminum

heads, and rods ensure long life and


Huge Inventory—

Same-Day Shipping!

Call 513-521-4261 today or visit to request a free

full-line catalog.

Standard &

Custom Designs


EPR, FKM and

Silicone Seals



Low Flow











Cycle Life in

the Billions

FREE 360-Page





Clippard 10 mm & 15

mm Solenoid Valves

Clippard’s compact valves

offer many features for

design flexibility especially

in applications

with limited space. Available in

2-way or 3-way configurations, as Normally-

Open or Normally-Closed, flow rates from 0.5 to

3.0 scfm are available dependent on the orifice

size. Other features include highly-visible LED indicator

light and manual override, quick response

time, and multiple mounting and voltage options.

Wainbee, Ltd.





Oxygen Clean




Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.

Providing innovative solutions for today’s engineering challenges

513-521-4261 •

Call Clippard today at 513-521-4261 or visit to request a free catalog.





• Technical Information

• Drawings

• Specifications

• Over 5,000 standard


Call Clippard today at 513-521-4261 or visit to request a free catalog.



Clippard’s Integrated Solutions Division is

dedicated to providing engineered solutions

and complete pneumatic assemblies for

unique and custom applications. Call today

with your specific requirements!

Call Clippard today at 513-521-4261 or visit to request a free catalog.

Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down

Pneumatic Safety Circuit


Clippard’s THNTD module is a self-contained

modular circuit board with all interconnections

required to provide a THNTD

pneumatic circuit. The main function is to

require a machine operator to use both

hands at the same time to actuate equipment,

helping to insure that the operator’s

hands are not in a position to be injured.

Call Clippard today at 513-521-4261 or

visit for more


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