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The Hebron Fund/The Jewish Community of Hebron


Now & Forever

Adar 5771 Spring 2011

shn,ku ztn

Looking to the Future

By Teddy Pollak, President, Hebron Fund

Today, we as Jews stand with honor and pride,

following the ways of truth taught to us by

our Torah given to us by the everlasting, eternal

G-d, who represents eternal truth. That which the

Torah teaches will last forever and always prevail,

withstanding all of the trials and tribulations that

we’ve faced as a nation, time and again, throughout

our history.

Today, as every day, we are making history!

Hebron is living proof! This is where it all began…

with our founding forefathers and mothers. By

keeping Hebron alive, by visiting and continuing to

Education Minister Proposes

Required School Trip to Hebron

By Shana Attar

On Tuesday February 15th, Israel’s Education

Minister Gideon Sa’ar proposed a new

school program which will facilitate field trips for

all Israeli students to the Tomb of the Patriachs in

Hebron. A current program requires Israeli students

to visit Jerusalem, and Sa’ar suggested extending

that requirement to include Hebron as well.

The goal is to emphasize that Jews will remain

in the city of Hebron. “We must not mislead the

build a relationship with our grandparents, we are

holding onto our past and fortifying our future as

a nation of Am Yisrael!

Just as the second holiest city to the Jewish people,

continues to build, grow, flourish and spread

awareness to those blinded by the world media, we

too, at The Hebron Fund, continue to grow.

We would like to take this opportunity to express

our sincere gratitude to Yossi Baumol, our past

Executive Director for over six years, for his selfless

dedication and devotion to The Hebron Fund and

the Jewish Community of Hebron. We wish him

Arabs into thinking that one day there will be no

Jews living in Kiryat Arba and Hebron,” Sa’ar said,

as reported by Arutz Sheva.

According to Sa’ar, strengthening the Hebron

Jewish presence is necessary to ensure the

continued Jewish right to visit the Tomb of the

Patriarchs, “one of the most important places to

the Jewish people.”

Bringing large numbers of Israeli students to

much success in all his future endeavors!

We would like to welcome Ari Lieberman, the

new Executive Director for The Hebron Fund, who

has accepted this position with determination to

continue to expand the already existing foundation!

Thank you to all of our generous donors for all

of your support to this most worthy cause during

these trying times. As we stand together, we

strengthen ourselves knowing that all our prayers

for the final redemption pass through none other

than the Ma’arat Hamachpela that will forever be in

Jewish hands!

Hebron is also expected to broaden the students’

awareness of their Jewish ties to this biblical city.

Said Mayor Malachi Levinger, this program allows

“Hundreds of thousands of students to be

exposed for the first time to the city of the

patriarchs and the ancient Jewish heritage hidden


Sa’ar discussed the program’s preliminary

budget with other school officials on Tuesday.

Asneak peek

of what’s inside this issue!

Looking to the Future ................................. Cover

By Teddy Pollak

Education Minister Proposes ...................... Cover

Required School Trip to Hebron

By Shana Attar

A Message from the Executive Director .. page 2

By Ari Lieberman

The Gardens of Eden .................................. page 3

By Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum

Annual Report ............................................ page 4

By Menachem Livni

Rooting for a Roof ..................................... page 5

By David Wilder

The Hebron Aid Flotilla .............................. page 6

By David Seidemann

The Battle for Awareness .......................... page 8

By Noam Arnon

Aliyah L’regel to Hebron ........................... page 10

By Yoni Bleichbard

Shabbat Chayei Sarah ............................. page 11

A Righteous Man-Herb Zweibon z”l ......... page 12

By David Wilder

AFSI Applauds Jewish ............................. page 13

Building in Jerusalem

By Helen Freedman

Featured Hebron Family .......................... page 14

By Uri Karzen

Hebron Comes to North Miami Beach .... page 14

By Naomi Weiss

Hebron Projects 2011, ............................ page 15

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2 Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011



By Ari Lieberman

As Heraclitus of Ephesus a Greek

philosopher notably stated, “The only

constant is change” – or is it Change

is definitely omnipresent in our

universe – from the Bronze Age to the

Industrial Revolution, from the

Egyptian superpower to the American

superpower, and from the 8track to

the iPod. Wherever we look, we find

change, with one notable exception -

Hebron. The home of Ma’arat

HaMachpela, the eternal resting place

of our patriarchs and matriarchs,

remains intact, even as the world

around it is ever changing.

Miraculously, although battles have

blazed on every inch of land around

Ma’arat HaMachpela, the historical

building itself remains standing.

What is its secret How can it be

that Hebron remains when entire

nations, countries, and empires have

become extinct Abraham’s purchase

of Ma’arat HaMachpela in Hebron is

well documented in the Bible. Hebron

stands as the testimony of the Jewish

People’s right to Eretz Israel. It is

believed that the passage to the

Garden of Eden is in Hebron. Is the

secret to its everlasting existence the

protection emanating from its innate

The Hebron Fund/The Jewish Community of Hebron


Now & Forever


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Tel. 972-02-996-5333 • www.machpela.com

holiness Without a doubt, it is. And,

were it not for the heroically

passionate people who remain in

Hebron to guard this location – world

Jewry would not have access to this

holy site today.

Since childhood, I have had a

personal passion for Hebron. My

passion is deep-rooted, stemming from

my father’s passion, and his father’s

before him. Conversation about the

significance of Hebron was frequent in

our home. We spoke about its

importance, its inspiring past, its

relevance in our time and its meaning

for our future. We sang lofty tunes of

its spirituality and dreamed of the day

that we could visit the entire holy site

freely. I passed this love for Hebron to

my children through our frequent visits

to Israel.

In my new role as Executive Director

of The Hebron Fund, I pursue my

passion with a new perspective. Is it

sufficient to “visit” Hebron, to “love”

Hebron and even to “defend”

Hebron Or, do I too need to change

The passion for Hebron – that until

now existed mostly in my mind -

needed to evolve into a passion

concretized by action – both in the

form of financial support and certainly

in advocacy. We must convert our

passions to actions, for if we do not,

our lack of actions may risk the

“eternal” Hebron.

After being a witness to the

overwhelming impact that The Hebron

Fund has had and is continuing to have

on the historical and modern day

Hebron, I am confident that we as a

team will be able to continue to

support not only the community of

Hebron, but to support Hebron as a

pillar to the Jewish Community as a



1760 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y. 11230 U.S.A.

Tel. 718-677-6886 Fax. 718-677-6883

hebronfund@aol.com • www.hebronfund.com


P.O. Box 105 Kiryat Arba - Hebron 90100 Israel

Tel. (972)-2-996-5333 Fax. (972)-2-996-5304

office@hebron.com • www.hebron.com


Ari Lieberman

Esther Shifra Mahatuf

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Shana Attar

Sarah Davis

Adam Davis

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Photographs: David Wilder

The Gardens of Eden

Machpela, Hebron

Iam writing to you from the hills of Hebron. Yes it’s true!

G-d has brought us back after so many years and the land

is finally rejoicing and responding to her children’s touch.

The same desolate land that lied in waste throughout the

various foreign conquests is now alive once again.

The prophecy of Yechezkeil is being fulfilled before

our very eyes ofpbg ktrah hrv o,tuW

Wtuck ucre hf ktrah hngk uta, ofhrpu ub,,

(Yechezkeil, 36: 8) “The Branches and

hills of Israel are giving forth their

fruit and the salvation is drawing

near”. Rashi comments there is no

greater sign that we are in the time of

Moshiach (Messianic Era) than the fact

that the land is turning green and

producing once again.

Thank G-d that here in Hebron, we

too are engaged in planting and

reviving its ruins. Today our children

planted trees behind Beit Hadassah and in the Avraham

Avinu neighborhood. Last year a new park was

established across from Beit Schneerson by Steve & Celina

Frisch. Every Shabbat children gather for Bnei Akiva youth

groups, and soldiers sit on the benches and relax after long

hard hours of guard duty.

At the Ma’arat Hamachpela, Bar Mitzvah, wedding and

Brit Milah celebrations take place in our new beautiful

garden given by our dear friend Moshe Katlowitz. Almost

Gan HaBama $18,000

Wl,kvb rvc ungy,u unthc,W

“Thou bringest them in, and plantest them in the mountain of Thine inheritance.” (Exodus 15: 17)

Recently, work has

begun on renovating the

many gardens situated in the

Machpela Field at the very enterance

to the Machpela Courtyard. We are now in a

position to offer dedications of the various

gardens to our supporters.

Planters $5,000

The rose garden $48,000

the eden orchard $60,000

By Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum

every day one can see soldiers receiving explanations and

lectures in the Jack Deutsch & Harriet Deutsch garden. The

destruction caused in 1929 and 1967 is being revived ruin by

ruin, and Hebron is being transformed from what Chazal

termed “the ugliest city” into a beautiful Garden of Eden.

Two new additions have been born and planted in Hebron

during this month of Shvat. Shalom &

Ruth Yisraeli were blessed with a

beautiful boy who was circumcised and

named in Ma’arat Hamachpelah ‘Yehuda

Maor’. Uri and Leiba Ofer were also

blessed with a new baby boy, ‘Dagan Oz’

named after one of the soldiers killed in

Operation Cast Lead. Both moms are

second generation Hebronites!

Baruch Hashem spiritual fruits are

also being produced in Hebron.

Ma’arat Hamachpelah is packed

every morning at 4:30am with men

studying, learning and saying Tehillim. The Kollel “Ohr

Shlomo” in memory of Rabbi Shlomo Raanan continues to

train and certify Rabbis and Jewish educators.

Thank your for your help in being partners with us in

fulfilling these prophecies. May we be privileged to “rebuild

all the ruins of Zion and transform the desolate areas into a

garden of Hashem, where joy and happiness will be heard

and voices of thanks, joy and song will resonate!” Amen!

(Isaiah 53: 3)

Gan HaPina $10,000

The Cave Garden $80,000

The flower garden $36,000


seventh step garden

Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011 3


Jewish Community of Hebron

presented to The Hebron Fund 3 Shevat 5771 – 1/7/11

by Menachem Livni

Shalom from Hebron,

On the first anniversary of my work as CEO of

the Hebron Jewish community, I am honored to

present our annual report and to share with you

our expectations for the coming year.


Despite the large financial deficit that existed in Hebron

as I began my position, we successfully continued all the

traditional annual events in Hebron: the Pesach and

Succot festivals, the Selichot services, and the Chayei

Sarah weekend. Over one hundred thousand people

attended these events, including Knesset members and



During the Pesach festival, Ma’arat HaMachpela was

declared a national heritage site by the Israeli

government. Unfortunately, to date the government

has not transferred any financial assistance to Ma’arat

HaMachpela. I have conducted many meetings with

high-ranking government officials in the Prime

Minister’s office and various ministers’ offices in order

to expedite reception of government funds.

Presently, The Jewish Community of Hebron is

responsible for maintaining the Machpela area,

cleaning, landscaping, posting directional signs, and

organizing events (such as Brits, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs,

weddings and others). This year, as a result of various

contributions, we expanded the landscaping activities

around the Ma’arat HaMachpela courtyard.

It should also be noted that we continue efforts aimed

at allowing the construction of a roof over the Ma’ara

courtyard. (See article below)


The general plan, which commenced years ago, is to

build 32 residential housing units. This plan is currently

being promoted at the Ministry of Housing, and

includes the construction plans from start to finish; this

means we can begin searching for a contractor

whenever the present political constraints are lifted.


Despite numerous attempts to establish another

kindergarten in the Jewish quarter in Hebron, we have

yet to obtain the necessary permits. We continue to

persuade the Ministries of Education, Defense and

Justice in the hope that this year the kindergarten will

be built.


Because of a specific donation from Norway, our

archives have been upgraded to include new

computers, with new and upgraded archive software.

The archives’ staff will continue to search for and index

documents, films and recordings of events and

personalities related to the Jewish history of Hebron.


Unfortunately there are no empty apartments available

for Jewish families in Hebron. Our construction options

are very limited. This has led to a major housing crisis

and terrible overcrowding. Large families find it more

and more difficult to manage in very small living

quarters. In order to partially alleviate this issue, we are

continuing with various improvements and renovations

in existing apartments.


We continue to invest tremendous time, energy and

funds on one of our most precious belongings: our

children and youth. For a list of the current programs

please see the full article at www.hebronfund.com.


The IDF is an essential element of Hebron’s security.

Soldiers and officers work day and night to protect

Hebron residents and the hundreds of thousands of

tourists visiting Hebron annually. We have enacted a

program in an attempt to show appreciation for their

dedication. This program includes: distribution of cake

and a ‘Dvar Torah’ to soldiers at all IDF points in the city

every Erev Shabbat; a children’s coffee-patrol distribution

of coffee to soldiers; hosting soldiers at Hebron homes

on Shabbat evening; free use of the sports room; and

distribution of pizza and drink on various occasions.


Well over a half a million people visit Hebron annually.

Primarily due to the efforts and hard work of Simcha

Hochbaum, David Wilder, Noam Arnon, Sarah Edri and

Yossi Baumol, tens of thousands of people have toured

Hebron. These tours include individuals arriving from

around the world and include Jews and non-Jews.

However, this is still not enough. It is a necessity to

introduce Hebron to other sectors of the Israeli and

international public, including secular Jews. Over the

years, during tours conducted with thousands of

members of Israeli security staff (soldiers, officers, police,

air force), we have seen the difference two hours can

make in changing preconceptions. Therefore, we have

set, as a goal, to begin bringing as many secular

communities into Hebron as we possibly can. This will

entail subsidizing transportation costs, guides and even,

perhaps, snacks. However, the rewards Hebron can reap

from this activity are innumerable.


We have spent much time and energy dealing with

Arab renovations in the neighborhood east of Ma’arat

HaMachpela. This area was abandoned for years, but is

now being renovated with millions of dollars donated

primarily by foreign countries and the EU. This area is

located between Ma’arat HaMachpela and Kiryat Arba

4 Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011

and borders the only street that joins Hebron and Kiryat


Arab plans include housing some 900 families, with

more than 4000 people. Many of these people are

released terrorists, who receive monetary incentives to

live in this neighborhood, intending to strangle the

Jewish Community of Hebron by surrounding it.

In addition, the Arab Hebron Municipality has

established a special company to rehabilitate the

western Kasba, which continues from behind Beit

Hadassah to Ma’arat HaMachpela. They have received

major financial assistance: hundreds of thousands of

dollars from Europe, especially from the governments

of Spain, France, Sweden and Germany. Here, too, the

municipality gives priority to housing freed terrorists,

who receive a monthly grant of $200 per family and

other incentives. UNESCO intends to declare this area

a Palestinian Heritage neighborhood, in order to

internationalize the neighborhood adjacent to Ma’arat

HaMachpela. This year we have worked closely with top

members of the IDF and police force in order to stop

this construction process—as this land does not belong

to the Palestinian Authority. The populating of this

neighborhood is a serious security threat for the Jewish

Community of Hebron and Kiryat Arba, and endangers

access to Ma’arat HaMachpela. Our budget, to deal with

this issue, is nearly nothing, while the monies funneled

to the Arabs is huge—over a hundred million dollars!

For a more detailed understanding of this important

issue please see the full article at www.hebronfund.com


We call on you to redouble your efforts, together with

us, to succeed in overcoming the issues we currently face.

It seems that the time has come to move on and we

hope that, as in years past, you will now continue to

express your generosity.

Presently there are a number of organizations

fundraising for various projects in Hebron. It should be

advertised that we are the only official organization

representing The Jewish Community of Hebron, working

together with the Hebron Municipal Council, for the

continued development of Hebron, and that we are the

only organization authorized to fundraise in the name

of The Jewish Community of Hebron.

I would again like to take this opportunity to express

my gratitude on behalf of the entire Hebron Jewish

Community for your continued mesirut nefesh for

Hebron and all Eretz Yisrael.


Menachem Livni

CEO, Jewish Community of Hebron

I know it may seem difficult to fathom, but there are

certain elements of life in Hebron that have nothing to

do with politics. At least, they shouldn’t.

One example is Tel Hebron. A preeminent

archeologist has called this site the second most

important archeological site in Israel, after Jerusalem.

Such a site, anywhere else in the world, would be

classified as a national treasure and related to

appropriately. The government would invest funds to

beautify the area and ensure its well being, while

encouraging multitudes to visit the site each year. In

our case, there is nothing more impressive than

standing on 4,000-year-old stairs that lead to the gates


of the city of Hebron, which

contains not only the roots of

Judaism, but also the roots of all

of monotheism.

I have taken countless

journalists to this site, yet almost

none of them have seen fit to

include such a precious parcel of

history in their articles. So,

ignored it is, even by our own

journalists, politicians, and

anyone else of any stature.

The greater issue is about

Ma’arat HaMachpela, the tombs of the Patriarchs and

Matriarchs. Very recently, after numerous requests and

much time, Prime Minister Netanyahu declared this

site to be of national significance and included on the

list of national heritage sites.

But what do people see when they arrive at the

Machpela Climbing the stairs and entering this massive

2,000-year-old structure, visitors find themselves

standing under a canvas awning in the building’s mains

courtyard. Not a roof, but rather a tarpaulin. This

covering, a poor attempt to protect visitors and

worshipers from the elements, hasn’t been cleaned in

years. A filthy, water-creased tent-like structure adorns

the second holiest place to the Jewish people.

The temporary covering, and the subsequent

indifference to it, is disgusting and disgraceful. Is this the

way to commemorate our nation’s founders: Abraham

and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah

For about a decade, the Hebron community leaders

have been trying to convince the ‘powers that be’ to

remove the awning and replace it with a stable

permanent roof. This change would be befitting of

such a national monument but to date our efforts have

been in vain. Despite hundreds of thousands of annual

visitors, of all races and religions, a permanent roof is

too political.

Recently, when on Shabbat, thank G-d, rain finally

began to fall, water dripped down from the canvas

covering and onto a Torah scroll. The Torah reading

was stopped and the scroll immediately moved. Soon

after, as a result of heavy winds and rain, the roof finally

caved in, falling to the ground and leaving a gaping

hole, with a great view of the sky above. Rain fell on

worshipers’ heads.

Isn’t it time to stop playing politics with our national

treasures, and bring an end to such humiliation The

solution is not to replace the old canvas with a new one.

The time has finally come to take the giant step and

authorize a real rooftop over Ma’arat HaMachpela.

Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011 5

The Hebron Aid Flotilla

Hebron Fund Annual Dinner

by David Seidemann

Morris & Jennifer Abraham & family

Ruth Simon & Barry Picker

The Romanoffs with Yoni Bleichbard

Members of The Hebron Fund and the Jewish Community of Hebron with Caroline Glick

6 Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011

David & Joclyn Stern receiving Chasdei Avot Award

presented by Rabbi Eliezer Baruch Shulman

Fred & Carole Samuel receiving Magen Avraham Award

presented by Bernie Thau

Ester Arieh – Hatanian receiving Aishet Chayil Award

presented by Harriet Deutsch

Caroline Glick, Keynote Speaker and receiving Gevurat HaImahot Award

presented by Avraham Ben Yosef, Mayor, Hebron Municipal Council

and David Wilder, Hebron Spokesman, Ben Brafman, MC and Yossi Baumol

David & Jane Seidemann receiving the Bonei Hebron Award

presented by Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

The Stern Family

The Samuel Family

The Seidemann Family

The Hatanian Family

Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011 7

The Battle



by Noam Arnon

Recently I have been asked: “Why should we donate if we’re not even

allowed to build”

Questions like this are proof that many people do not yet understand

what’s taking place before our eyes: Today, the struggle for public opinion

and perception is much more important than building another house or

kindergarten. When you can’t build – it is critical that you work even

harder than usual in the field of public relations. Our enemies understand

this and today they control the majority of

communication tools, including internet

networks for websites. They affect public

opinion and thus sway governments and

influence political processes. But, we also

have what to say and so we need to build -

very quickly - strong and efficient tools that

will allow us to publicize the truth.

For around 200 years, since the Aliyah

of the Prushim and the Chassidim in the

First and Second Aliyah movements, the

Jewish nation returned to inhabit the land

of Israel. Their motivation came from the

desire and the aspiration to grow, hold, settle and deepen their roots in

their Homeland of Israel. Their faith gave them the strength and

confidence to overcome indescribable hardships: earthquakes, famine,

and epidemics. These pioneers suffered robberies, diseases, poverty and

destitution. Their successors, the pioneering movement who established

new communities, held onto the soil of the country withstanding attacks

by gangs and a never-ending war. They founded an agricultural,

8 Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011

“We need to build

- very quickly -

strong and

efficient tools

that will allow

us to publicize

the truth.”

economical and military system. “Gush Emunim”, which began its work

in the mid-1970s was inspired by all these movements, and continued

the momentum. Foundation communities sprouted up around the country

including the areas of Judea and Samaria, Sinai and Golan. What led them

was the knowledge that these communities would bring the Jewish nation

the needed momentum for spiritual and social renewal.

Many communities arose housing hundreds of thousands of Jews. At

the same time a vicious campaign against

them was launched. A combination of anti-

Semitism, neo-Nazism, radical Islam,

anarchism, communism and anti-Zionism

– all united with one goal – to overthrow

the communities and thereby the State of

Israel in its entirety. This system continues to

be fueled by huge funds flowing from Arab

and other countries (particularly Saudi

Arabia), as well as from foundations around

the world. Thousands of organizations

spread out like an octopus opposing Jewish

and Zionistic actions. They use powerful

tools, including legal, media, political, academic and others.

The Oslo Accords, this system’s starting point, gave support and power

to the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel supporters of terrorism the world over.

They continue to expand and increase their enormous power. These

organizations are not silent for even a moment. Their actions are varied,

influential and powerful. Aided by information-distribution tools intended

to make the greatest impact, their activities include demonstrations, high

profile arrests, constant presence, and creating conflicts. All of this results

from a huge investment of money, media capabilities, and research. In

addition, naive activists around the world wrongly reason that they are

acting in support of justice, morality and human rights.

Ultimately, this pernicious system has created a strategic change on an

global scale. It has created negativity towards the entire Jewish pioneer

movement especially in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Circles of legal,

communication, economic and academic professionals around the world

have been enlisted against this movement to

condemn it. This has created a situation in

which anyone wanting to maintain a positive

reputation in any field cannot identify with the

movement which has been labeled colonialist,

racist, fascist or nationalist. Anyone supporting

the movement of establishing communities has

become a “pariah” in every area of importance

in the political arena.

The most prominent example has been

the destruction of Gush Katif. Ariel Sharon

was convinced that he had to make a significant sacrifice. Of course, the

destruction of Gush Katif was only the introduction.

In order to change this process, it must be understood and acted upon.

Through public relations we must change the level of consciousness of the

world at large. We need to empower the establishment of communities with

legitimacy and support throughout academia, the legal system and global


Today our enemies supporters include financial and economic giants

willing to proudly be associated with this destructive goal. We must create

a situation in which people are not afraid to identify with the Right and with

the founding communities. Donors and supporters of the communities and

anybody loyal to the Jewish nation and the Land of Israel must understand

that the work is critical and costs a lot of money. We face a gigantic

international monster, being funded by states and governments around

the world. Even this monster’s Israeli branch is very active. Leftist Israeli

organizations opposing the so-called “occupation” are supported

by the “New Israeli Fund” and other funds to destroy the this

movement. In order to defeat them, we need a lot of manpower,

sophistication, imagination, talent and of course, a lot of money.

However, the donors from the Right are not prepared to fund

these activities – rather, they hide and avoid the truth. Thank G-d,

Hebron is one of the places and topics that can achieve a

breakthrough in our favor. The facts here are optimum: it has the

history, heritage and roots, and unfortunately a community that was

built based on Arab terror. T herefore, the Left concentrates a special

effort here in order to create a fake message of oppression and abuse

of Arabs by the residents and the army. These activities have been

greatly successful.

The organization “Breaking the Silence” conducts misinformation

tours almost every day, attracting hundreds of people a week. The

participants in these tours include Israelis, international tourists and

influential people such as ambassadors, diplomats, journalists and more.

“We must

recruit and unite

all Jews to help

in the battle for

public opinion.”

The organization “Betzelem” has established an entire propaganda factory

regarding the closed stores in Hebron. Foreign organizations are active in

the city and distribute strong anti-Semitic messages around the world.

Against all this, no actions on the part of the government of Israel are

taken. There is no support, no explanation given – nothing! The

government does not bring diplomats to Hebron, leaving the land in the

hands of the leftist organizations. Ultimately, the war for public opinion

falls on The Jewish Community in Hebron, which includes a few dozen

families. Even the declaration that Ma’arat

HaMachpela is a national heritage site has

not had any support, budget or PR

regarding it. There has been no renovation

on the cave, and this declaration has

dissolved into thin air. Now, as expected,

with this empty declaration, an international

counter-action has arisen. The UNESCO

organization has already announced the

Ma’arat HaMachpela as a Muslim mosque

and is preparing to soon declare the area a

Palestinian heritage site. The Israeli government still is taking no action

in this regard.

Even the government does not understand the changing world and

what is occurring around it. Based on these facts it is imperative that

immediate action be taken on the appropriate scale in order to succeed

and to win. Now with full force we must recruit and unite all Jews to help

in the battle for public opinion. Today, when it is tragically impossible to

build a home, it is vital to invest in an efficient, effective website, and

nothing less. Establishing and operating such a site requires great

manpower and large investments. Only serious and massive recruitment

from all friends and donors backed by professional strength and

financing, can bring – with G-d’s help – change and victory.

Hebron is the right place for this – let’s do it!

Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011 9

Aliya L’Regel to Hebron

byYoni Bleichbard

Chief Security Officer of the Hebron Community

The Shalosh Regalim, the Three Festivals, are very special times.

All of Am Yisrael is busy with one thing: the Aliyah L’Regel

(pilgrimage to Jerusalem) to the Beit HaMikdash and the great joy

that is celebrated by all Am Yisrael together. There is no way to

describe the joy and sanctity as seen in those days in


Today, some of those same special feelings can be

felt in Hebron, the city of our Forefathers, during three

special times a year: Sukkot, Shabbat Chayei Sarah, and

Pesach. These three festive times see thousands of

Jews making Aliyah L’Regel to The Jewish Community

of Hebron to express their support and celebrate the

joyous holidays with our Holy Fathers and Mothers.

The sight is simply amazing. Thousands of Jews fill

Ma’arat HaMachpela and the Jewish neighborhoods

with one simple message, “We are here for The Jewish

Community of Hebron”!

At times you can’t see the street because of all the people. The

streets are covered in white, but not because of snow. It is a holy

scene of white shirts and white kippot in honor of the holiday!

When people abroad are interested in participating in these

events, we always suggested that they shouldn’t come during

these crowded times. It would be better to come the day after the

events since those days are much less crowded. There are no long

lines at the entrance to Ma’arat HaMachpela and the huge crowds

have scattered. Those visitors who take thi s opportunity enjoy a

quiet tour of the community and reach all the sites without having

to stand in crowded lines.

While there are no long lines, the special atmosphere is missing.

This past Succot we decided to take up the challenge and

provide some extraordinary people with the special atmosphere

of the most festive days. We selected some very special people:

Hebron’s greatest supporters. We held a VIP event to unite these

dear people with the unique atmosphere in Hebron and to pay

tribute to those who give their all for the community.

First and foremost, an event of this magnitude requires

thorough security coordination from A-Z. The event management

was up to me, as part of my role as director of the Community’s

security. The dedicated people of The Hebron Fund (Yossi, Esther

Shifra Mahatuf, Ester Arieh, Sarah Edri, and Rav Simcha

Hochbaum) coordinated all the logistics surrounding the event.

They mailed out the invitations and were busy with scheduling

reservations for buses and tours.

The tours in Hebron usually begin in the neighborhoods or in

Ma’arat HaMachpela. For this special occasion we had prepared a

different program, a unique tour reserved for extraordinary


Because of the strong bond we have with the army and the

Yehuda Brigade, the army opened the old Jewish quarter of

Hebron known as “HaKasba” for the tour. Usually the Kasbah area

is open only for an hour on Shabbat, while under heavy security.

The brigade officer agreed to open the Kasbah in the middle of

the week in honor of The Hebron Fund guests.

The tour that was led by Noam Arnon was

breathtaking. The people’s excitement was tangible.

The feeling of walking around the Kasbah was like the

days pre-1929. We walked as proud Jews, able to touch

and see history, to witness abandoned Jewish property

and to feel we’ll be back there soon!

After the tour the whole group went to the Avraham

Avinu neighborhood to take part in a ceremony in

honor of the end of the building freeze. The Deputy

Education Minister, Rabbi Meir Porush, led the

ceremony. This was followed by a press conference with press

from around the world covering the ceremony.

The participation of the VIP guests in this ceremony was very

important. We had to show the world that the basic request to

allow Jews to build in Hebron and throughout Judea and Samaria

is not the claim of a few crazy fanatics; but a legitimate claim of

many Jews from all over the world who seek a simple request—

to allow them to follow in the way of their fathers on their land.

After the ceremony came the highlight of the tour.

We created a secure area behind the performance stage for our

dear guests, with a large Sukkah and refreshments. The guests

could sit, eat, meet with great Chassidic singers (Lipa Shmeltzer,

Chaim Yisrael, etc.) and sit in front of the stage and enjoy the

amazing Chassidic Music performance.

For all those who wanted to enter Ma’arat HaMachpela and

pray, I arranged for them to go inside through a side entrance.

They bypassed the lines of thousands coming from near and far

to visit the graves of our ancestors.

Time restraints proved to be a formidable challenge, but we

managed to do it all! As you know, “Time flies when you’re having

fun” and we always want to stay longer. However, we promised

our guests to get back on time and Baruch Hashem we kept our


The feedback we received was amazing and we look forward to

having many more VIP tours in the future.

10 Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011

(left) Former Deputy Education Minister, Meir Porush with Jack Deutsch at the ceremony marking

commencement of a new building project in Hebron during the VIP event on Succot

(center) Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom speaking at Succot ceremony in Hebron

(right) Lipa Schmeltzer at Succot MusicFest


Chayei Sarah


NOVEMBER 18-21, 2011

To make reservations or for sponsorship opportunities for Shabbat Chayei

Sarah, please contact our office at 718-677-6886 or hebronfund@aol.com

This year in Hebron we were treated to a

walk through the Kasbah. For many of us,

this was our first visit—and we saw this part

of Hebron come alive.

I urge all of you who have missed out on

these special visits to our holy place to come

next year and join us for Shabbat Chayei


- Phil Rosenblatt

In one word - amazing! Amazing and

unforgettable! I felt enormously proud to be

part of the thousands of Jews from all over

the world that came to Hebron that day. In

the words of Caroline Glick at the annual

Hebron Fund dinner, I saw the Jews who will

not leave, who will not move, who will not

retreat. Jews that wear different clothes and

kipas, speak different languages, have

different skin color. But with all that I haven't

seen people more united than in Hebron on

Shabbat Chayei Sarah. Whether its being

part of Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat with

Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum or davening in

Ma’arat HaMachpela or listening to

Rebbitzin Miriam Levinger and Dr. Aaron

Abraham of Mumbai - it simply cannot be

better than that.... An important thought

that I feel so strongly about is that those

who experienced Shabbat Chayei Sarah in

Hebron should be ambassadors of this holy

city in their own synagogues and schools,

talk about the heroes of The Jewish

Community of Hebron and the city of Kiryat

Arba, and support them in every way


I would like to thank everyone in The

Hebron Fund in Israel and the US for what

they are doing, day after day.

- Mikhail Blank

It’s an experience, a spiritual high in all

aspects: the davening, the atmosphere, the

feeling of closeness to 25,000 – 30,000 other

Jews. You can’t imagine the feeling, it must

be experienced!

- Barry C. Picker

We had heard from a variety of attendees

about the event and were concerned that,

being in our late 40's, we might be among

the oldest and that the accommodations

might be rough. After a few more inquiries,

we decided to attend through the Hebron

Community Fund.

The Erev Shabbat trip was informative

and inspirational as Yossi Baumol guided us

first to Kever Rochel, and later to a

monument in memory of those who were

murdered shortly before Rosh HaShanah, to

the vineyard of Menachem Livni and to the

home of the family who was orphaned by

the murders. The family appeared deeply

moved by our visit, as were we. We then

went on to Hebron for an informative tour

(including two reopened cemeteries and

the resting place of Rebbetzin Menucha

Rochel) and then to daven Mincha at the

Ma'ara, and were taken to our lodgings at

a dormitory in Kiryat Arba, a short walk

from the Ma’ara.

I’m glad we did it as are my wife (who

was the most hesitant) and daughter.

I don’t think we would hesitate to return.

- Neal Gittleman

Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011 11

A RIGHTEOUS MAN:Herb Zweibon z”l

By David Wilder

Early this afternoon I had a few minutes before leaving

the office to photograph children planting trees and

bushes here in Hebron. An envelope had been sitting

on my desk for a couple of days and I finally had a chance

to open it. It contained the monthly edition of OUTPOST, a

magazine published by AFSI – Americans for a Safe Israel.

AFSI is one of those rare organizations that I can define

as pure. Really pure. Without any hidden agendas, without

any need or desire for anything for itself. Their only

concern is the welfare of Israel. And AFSI’s Israel includes

places like Hebron, Kiryat Arba, Beit El, Shilo and Gush

Katif. I’ve been in contact with AFSI since beginning to

work in Hebron, about 17 years ago.

Seeing OUTPOST’s headline, earlier today, took me back

a year or so ago. The organization’s founder and chairman,

my friend Herb Zweibon, a true Jewish patriot, decided to

boost one of his favorite subjects. Via AFSI, he sponsored

a national contest for Israeli school children, dealing with

Zeev Jabotinsky.

Being extremely aware of Jabotinsky’s significance, and

knowing that certain elements of Jewish history have

ways of ‘getting lost’, Herb initiated an essay contest, offering

monetary prizes for the best works written about Jabotinsky, who

died exactly 70 years ago. One month ago, the prizes were

awarded at a prestigious ceremony in the Knesset, which included

participation by Knesset speaker Rubi Rivlin and Education

Minister Gideon Saar.

Looking at the article I felt a real emotional tug: Here is a man

who doesn’t just talk about his beliefs, but actually does something

about them. Of course, this is not new to AFSI – this is what they’ve

been doing for years. But this event, perhaps more than any other,

bringing Jewish heritage to Israeli children and youth who

otherwise might never know who Zeev Jabotinsky was, is more

than just impressive. It’s an

action worth saluting.

A few hours later, sitting at a

friend’s home in Kiryat Arba,

as I was participating in a small

celebration, I opened my

email to check the latest

arrivals. And there, to my

shock and surprise, I read an

article that had been just

posted, in memory of Herb

Zweibon. I sort of had to

pinch myself. But there it

was. Last night, after a short

illness, Herb suddenly passed

away. Despite the happiness

of where I was, an

overwhelming sadness

enveloped me. It’s difficult

to think of Herb in the past.

Every time he visited

Israel, for as many years as

Herb Zweibon and Noam Arnon at Beit Hadassah

Herb Zweiben and friends at Ma’arat HaMachpela

I can remember, Herb came into Hebron. He brought friends with

him, and insisted on taking a tour of the city, places he’d seen

dozens of times. We walked to different sites even though his legs

weren’t in great shape; he refused to give it up. We would sit and

discuss current events, he praised the good while trying to find

solutions to the problems.

Herb was here a couple of months ago. When he called, I

already had another group planned for that day, and asked Noam

Arnon to spend a couple of hours with him and his friends. I’m

very sorry that I missed him that day.

Herb was also very generous. When times were difficult and

others facing financial difficulties had no choice but to cut back,

Herb’s generosity continued as if the monetary problems did not


Herb’s love for Israel, for the state of Israel, for Eretz Yisrael,

knew no limits. And he worked tirelessly to help Israel as much as

he possibly could. AFSI is the embodiment of his love, concern and

action, and as I wrote above, it is truly a ‘pure’ organization. Herb

looked for nothing for himself, only for Israel.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that Herb died on

Tu B’Shvat, known as the holiday of trees, and also the holiday of

Eretz Yisrael. The roots of the trees he planted for Israel run deep

into the holy ground he so loved, and will undoubtedly bear fruit

for decades to come. Herb was a righteous man, and he will be

sorely missed. I haven’t met many people like him, and consider

it an honor to call him a friend. On behalf of the entire Hebron

Jewish Community and The Hebron Fund, I wish to offer

condolences to Herb’s wife of 58 years, Sheila, to his children and

grandchildren, and to all the AFSI staff, who too will feel his loss

as creating an irreplaceable vacuum.

I’m sure that Herb Zweibon, where he is now, will continue to

work for Israel, on a much higher plane. May his memory be blessed.

12 Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011

AFSI Applauds Jewish

Building in Jerusalem

Helen Freedman, Executive Director of AFSI/Americans for a Safe Israel

– as appeared in the Wall Street Journal–

Ihad to check myself when I saw your headline,


JERUSALEM (Jan. 10, 2011). The headline suggests

that construction in Jerusalem had been part of the

freeze agreement which ended a few months ago and

was not renewed. Jerusalem was NEVER in that

agreement, although the Israeli government did cancel

many projects that should have been completed.

Charles Levinson’s article then continues with the

misinformation about and delegitimization of Israel.

The area in which the Shepherd hotel is located is NOT

“predominantly Palestinian East Jerusalem.” There is no

such area. Sheikh Jarrah is the Arab name for the old

Jewish neighborhood of Shimon HaTzaddik, named

after the great rabbi, Simon the Just. His tomb is visited

every day by hundreds of visitors who come to show

their respect. Israel did not “occupy the land in 1967.”

The Shimon Ha-Tzaddik-Mt. Scopus neighborhood was

in Jordanian hands from 1948-1967 when Israel won its

defensive war against the Arab countries and re-united

Jerusalem. During the time the area was in Jordanian

hands, Arabs trespassed into the Jewish homes. Through

a long, laborious and costly process, Jewish people have

begun trying to reclaim the homes that had been theirs

years ago, despite the fact that “Palestinian families are

living in them.” The Nachlat Shimon area is the name of

one such neighborhood.

Levinson's second paragraph about the “blows to U.S.

efforts to revive the peace process” is another ridiculous

statement because the peace process must be

something pursued by the parties trying to make peace

—NOT outside parties. Since the Arabs have stated over

and over again that they are not interested in peace

with an entity whose existence they refuse to

acknowledge, it doesn’t make sense to talk about U.S.


Hillary Clinton’s remarks about the logic of a

“reasonable and necessary agreement between the

parties on the status of Jerusalem” indicates that she has

learned nothing from her years in the White House and

the many attempts of many U.S. presidents to be the

peace brokers. It doesn’t work. The Arabs don’t want it.

They don’t want to divide Israel or Jerusalem. They want

to remove Israel from the map.

There are Jewish neighborhoods throughout the

Shimon Ha-Tzaddik area and the Moskowitz family

should be commended for the remarkable patience,

time, energy and money that they have invested in

preserving the city of Jerusalem for the Jewish people.

They bought the Shepherd hotel in 1980, and it has

taken all these years for the demolition of the building

to start and the hoped-for construction of the 20

housing units for Jewish people. If Arabs want to live in

that neighborhood, they will have to abide by the rules

of the Jewish capital and Jewish state and be lawabiding

citizens. The Israeli world has always been ready

for this. As epitomized in the words of Abdel Qadar al-

Husseini, a relative of the Mufti of Jerusalem who aided

Hitler, the hatred expressed by the extreme Islamic

world will “kill any chance for peace”.

The first obligation of the journalistic world is to get

the language and facts straight. The Wall Street Journal

has gathered readers because it is known for its

adherence to truth and accuracy. Please keep it that way.

Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011 13

Featured Hebron Family:

by Uri Karzen

THEKarzen Family

Uri and Shelli Karzen have been residents of the Jewish Community

of Hebron for 27 years. They were among the first 4 families in Admot

Yishai (Tel Rumieda) and the only family to move in with a child. That

toddler, Elimelech, is now a proud father of 2 girls and himself resides in

Beit Haddassa with his wife, Noa.

The Karzen’s have since had four more children, Odeya, Michael,

Emuna and Ayelet Hashachar. Odeya lives with her husband Yehuda and

their daughter Shaked in a small community in East Gush Etzion, called

Ebay Hanachal.

Uri and Shelli both made Aliya after graduating from the ICJA High

School in Chicago in 1978. They participated in the Bnei Akiva Hachshara

kibbutz program.

Uri joined the Hesder Yeshiva program in Kiryat Arba while Shelli

studied at the Orot women’s school. They went back to the United States

for two weeks for their wedding and returned back to Israel to make their

home in Kiryat Arba.

Shelli was the first secretary of the Hebron community. “The office

was in our living room,” Shelli relates, “the only possession they had was

an IBM ball typewriter, the kind that could type in Hebrew or English. I

used to type up letters to the Israel Cabinet members for Rabbi Levinger

as well as fund raising requests for Yigal Kutai, Hebron’s ambassador to

the world.”

Today, Shelli works in writing and translating for the Manhigut Yehudit

faction of the Likud party. She has translated a collection of articles by

Moshe Feiglin into English and is responsible for the “Machar” website

of Manhigut.

Uri has served the Jewish Community in Hebron as the Head of

Security and Secretary of the Va’ada, the Jewish Municipality of Hebron.

He was then certified as a Magen David Adom paramedic and later served

as the Chief Paramedic of Kiryat Arba.

After entering the business world, Uri sold and developed real estate.

Half a year ago, he opened up “Yodei Chen”, a school for professional

jewelry making in Kiryat Arba. Uri explains: “Hebron and Kiryat Arba

have built outstanding educational systems, from pre-school through postsecondary

Yeshiva study. Kiryat Arba is a teacher’s paradise, but those who

aren't in the educational field have a hard time finding jobs. Our goal is

to create a jewelry industry that will create income for a large segment of

the community. We want to have the name of Hebron synonymous with

the Ma’arat HaMachpela and Jewish jewelry. We are currently training 20

students of all ages with great results.”

Shelli: “Raising our family in Hebron has been incredibly satisfying.

You are next door to Abba and Imma: the Patriarches and the Matriarchs.

It says in the Zohar that all of the prayers of the Jewish People ascend to

Hashem via the Ma’arat HaMachpela. And we have the Z’chut not only

to pray there on a daily basis, but by living here, we ensure that Jews from

all over the world will have access to the entrance of Gan Eden.”

(L-R) Emunah, Shelli, Noa, Odeya, Michael, Uri

Front: Ayelet Hashachar Inset: Elimelech

HEBRON COMES TO North Miami Beach!

By Naomi Weiss

14 Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011


Award Presentations to the Rabbis

by Ari Lieberman


Award Presentation to Mr. Elliot

Hahn by Ari Lieberman

Right: Keynote Speaker, Yoni

Bleichbard, Chief Security Officer

of Hebron

This past Motzei Shabbat, February 26,

2011, the Israel Committee of Greater

Miami proudly hosted a Melave Malka in

North Miami Beach in support of the

faithful and courageous community of

Hebron. To a full house, Rabbi

David Lehrfield of the Young

Israel of Greater Miami, Rabbi

Ephraim Eliyahu Shapiro of

Congregation Shaaray Tefilah,

and Rabbi Eliezer Wolf of Beth

David Highland Lakes Shul each

spoke of the eternal spiritual

and physical connection

between the city of Hebron and

the Jewish people. Hebron’s Chief Security

Officer, Yoni Bleichbard, and The Hebron

Fund’s Executive Director, Ari Lieberman,

delivered a superb and inspirational

presentation. Our community felt a

renewed and strengthened bond with their

brothers and sisters who secure the source

of our lifeline: Ma’arat HaMachpela and the

Jewish city of Hebron. Deeply moved by the

monumental work and

challenges that the Hebron

community faces daily, the North

Miami Beach and Skylake

communities pledged their

commitment to always stand

with the people of Hebron and

were honored to support the

establishment of a Computer

Lab for the children of the

Jewish community. We urge Jewish

Communities throughout the United States

to join together and support these Jewish

heroes living in Hebron today.







— Highlighted Projects have been sold —

$250,000 Sponsor of Shabbat Chayei Sarah

$100,000 Sponsor social media campaign

$90,000 Purchase of New Hebron School Bus - Bullet Proof

$80,000 Dedication of Archeological Gardens

or 1 of 7 Machpela “Gardens of Eden”

- Gan H’Avot by Jack Deutsch & Harriet Deutsch

- The Wedding Canopy Garden by Moshe Katlowitz

- Avraham Avinu Town Square & Play Center by Ruth & Hyman Simon

$72,000 Dedication of Adult Outdoor Gym (and Park)

behind Beit Schneerson

$60,000 Renovation of the Avraham Avinu Shul

$60,000 Hebron Day Camp – 200 children for 5 weeks

$50,000 Sponsorship of Holiday Musicfest at Maarat HaMachpela

– Pesach SOLD

– Sukkot

$36,000 Dedication & Renovation of Entrance to the

Avraham Avinu Jewish Quarter

$26,000 Dedication of a Room in the Beit Haddassah Museum

- 1929 Memorial Room SOLD

– Four rooms still available

$25,000 Purchase of ATV for security patrols and snow emergencies

$20,000 Sponsorship of main Selichot Event

$18,000 Sleep Away Camp - 170 children camp at a JNF campground for 5 days.

$18,000 Sponsorship of Annual 1929 Memorial Event

$18,000 Playground or Park

Beit Schneerson Park - Dedicated by Steve & Celina Frisch

Fink House, Beit Hadassah, Gan Elazar still available

$16,000 Overhaul of Children’s Computer Club

Dedicated by The Israel Committee of Greater Miami

and the Hahn Family Foundation

$15,000 Renovation of Hebron Gym and Workout room

$11,000 Renewal of Beit Haddassah Basketball Court

Dedicated by Ariella Ciment in honor of her Bat-Mitzvah

$9,000 Renovation and Renewal of Beit Haddassah Synagogue

$8,000 Installation of 12 park benches & sitting areas throughout Hebron

$7,200 Air Conditioning, Beit Haddassah Museum

$5,000 Dedication of Ambulance garage

$1,800 Mini Fire Engine

$1,000 Adopt a Club – Subsidize one of the many extra-curricular

programs we offer our children such as computers, sewing, art,

martial arts, dance, drama, music, Torah, etc.

$1,000 Sponsor a Children’s “Siyum” at the Ma’arat HaMachpela

$500 Sponsor a Mini-Vacation for a Hebron Mother


$12,000 Annual support of 1 Kollel Family

$10,000 Soldier Hospitality Program - One Year

$3,600 Summer Camp Day Trip

- Day of swimming or amusement park rides for 200.

$1,800 Training Emergency First-Response Team Day of Training

$1,000 Maintaining and Acquiring Emergency First-Aid Equipment

$1,000 Fund one Project Connections day bus tour

for unaffliated Israeli youth

Project “Adopt a Soldier” — The Jewish Community of Hebronʼs Flagship Project

$500 Welcome or Farewell Party for the Entire Platoon

$360 Pizza and Drinks for the Entire Platoon

$180 Pizza for the Entire Platoon

$126 Shabbat Cake and Torah Sheet

$100 Coffee and Cake

$54 Round of Treats


Sponsored by

The Hebron Fund and The Jewish Community of Hebron, express our

condolences to our dear friends on the passing of their loved ones:

Teddy Pollak on the passing of his mother, Judy Pollak

Cheryl Jacobs Lewin on the passing of her father Benjamin Jacobs

Lenny Gamss on the passing of his father Yisroel Gamss

Dov Stern on the passing of his mother Chaya Rochel Stern

Jay Knopf on the passing of his sister Anita Dougherty

Chesky Stern on the passing of his mother Rivka Stern

Rabbi Aharon Avraham & Chana Mindel Goldscheider

on the passing of their son Elisha Chanina

Elisha Chanina Goldscheider z”l

May they be a Mailitz Yosher for each of the families

and all of Klal Yisroel!










We thank you for your continued support

and look forward to seeing you in 2011.

We welcome the opportunity to come to your community.



AT 718-677-6886


Hebron Now & Forever Adar 5771/Spring 2011 15


1760 Ocean Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11230







Tel. 718-677-6886

Fax. 718-677-6883




SpringtimePesach Holiday Projects

There is a recession on – choose your charity wisely.

The heroic families of Hebron need your Purim & Pesach charity more than ever!

PESACH is a time when we celebrate Jewish Freedom.

This year make a point of sharing your holiday experience with the heroic families of Hebron!

Springtime Pesach Holiday Projects

$360 Kimcha D’ Pischa – Maot Chittin for one family

$360 Special Pesach treat for the children of Hebron

$500 Sponsorship of a Pesach Seder for one family

$500 Pesach packages for Soldiers stationed in Hebron

$720 Pesach packages for Senior Citizens, distributed by children of Kiryat Arba/Hebron

$5,000 Sponsorship of Pesach Seders for ten families

$36,000 Kimcha D’ Pischa – Maot Chittin a hundred families

$50,000 Sponsorship of Pesach Seders for a hundred families

$50,000 Sponsorship of Hebron Community Pesach Concert (50,000-60,000 guests) - SOLD

For additional sponsorship opportunities please contact us today at 718.677.6886 or go to www.hebronfund.com

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