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Adobe InDesign & Digital Publishing Adobe InDesign - Intermediate This two-day course is designed for individuals who already know the fundamental features of InDesign and need to know the more advanced functions related to color controls, typesetting, and output. Course rate $695.00 Course Topics • Using the Pages panel • Applying paragraph and character styles • Drag-and-drop text editing • Redefining styles Locations Boston Wed., Jan 21st to Thu., Jan 22nd Wed., Feb 25th to Thu., Feb 26th Wed., Apr 8th to Thu., Apr 9th New York Wed., Jan 21st to Thu., Jan 22nd Wed., Feb 18th to Thu., Feb 19th Mon., Mar 16th to Tue., Mar 17th Wed. Apr 22nd to Thu., Apr 23rd • Placing and formatting type • Editing text using the Story Editor • Using nested styles • Formatting text in tables by column Philadelphia Wed., Jan 21st to Thu., Jan 22nd Mon., Feb 16th to Tue., Feb 17th Wed., Mar 18th to Thu., Mar 19th Mon., Apr 20th to Tue, Apr 21st Online Wed., Jan 21st to Thu., Jan 22nd Mon., Feb 16th to Tue., Feb 17th Mon., Mar 16th to Tue., Mar 17th Mon., Apr 20th to Tue, Apr 21st Adobe InDesign - Advanced This Adobe InDesign training course is for you if you understand the basics of InDesign and want to master the application, improve your skills, and increase your productivity. This is the highestlevel of our InDesign classes, and helps you master the text-handling capabilities of InDesign, the advanced features, document layout and template building, long document features, and the essentials of InDesign’s XML capabilities. You will also discover how to create interactive documents for online distribution, and work effectively with Adobe Bridge. Updated for InDesign CC. Contact AGI about this InDesign training class. Course rate $695.00 Course Topics • Customizing keyboard shortcuts • Importing and pasting text • Setting up a baseline grid • Choosing the appearance of black • Creating a template layer • Loading styles Locations Boston Wed., Jan 28th to Thu.,Jan 29th Mon., Mar 23rd to Tue., Mar 24th Mon., Apr 27th to Tue., Apr 28th New York Mon., Jan 26th to Tue., Jan 27th Mon., Mar 23rd to Tue., Mar 24th Mon., Apr 27th to Tue., Apr 28th • Using Smart Guides • Using the Eyedropper on text • Changing units and increments • Advantages of template use • Loading swatches • Creating master pages Philadelphia Wed., Jan 28th to Thu.,Jan 29th Wed., Mar 25th to Thu., Mar 26th Mon., Apr 27th to Tue., Apr 28th On-Line Wed., Jan 28th to Thu.,Jan 29th Wed., Mar 25th to Thu., Mar 26th Mon., Apr 27th to Tue., Apr 28th 18

Adobe InDesign & Digital Publishing InDesign XML Integration This custom class is designed to let you or your organization take advantage of the powerful XML capabilities that are available within InDesign. This course develops the skills necessary to prepare content so it can be exported out of InDesign as XML, and to use XML to import content into your InDesign documents and templates. See our other InDesign classes if you are looking for a more general overview of InDesign. No previous XML experience is necessary, but an understanding of all features covered in InDesign Level I and InDesign Intermediate is required. This class and content can also be customized for your organization or business, and delivered either at your location or in our classrooms. Call for dates and rates Course Topics • Example XML workflows • The Structure pane • Tag markers and frames • Mapping tags to styles • Manually importing XML content • Updating XML content • Anatomy of an XML file • InDesign tags • Mapping styles to tags • Manually tagging text and images • Tagging objects to receive content • Working with XSL upon import “Overall, the instructor was very patient and made sure we understood everything. I am taking back a lot of knowledge from this course.”— Amy Introduction to XML Publishing This course provides you with a strong foundation so you can begin using XML to publish information. This XML Publishing course also covers the core technologies associated with XML. After completing this course, you will be familiar with XML’s capabilities and be able to structure information for print, or web publishing, using programs and browsers that support XML. While knowledge of JavaScript and CSS are helpful, they are NOT required prerequisites. This is an entry level XML course. Call for dates and rates Course Topics • Printing content converted for online use • Syndication • Printing content converted for archiving • Web content converted to print • Workflow considerations • XML characteristics • The importance of the DTD • Web use • RSS • DAM systems • XML imported into InDesign layout • Creating structured content • Exporting XML • DTD and schemas InCopy In this class, you will discover how InCopy integrates with InDesign to deliver a complete solution for collaborative editorial workflows. You will learn how InCopy puts copy-fitting control back in your control, thus reducing the number of revision cycles. Call for dates and rates Course Topics • Adobe InCopy workspace basics • Customizing preferences & defaults • Using recovery & undo • Working with assignment packages • Viewing stories • Moving through documents • Sharing content • Working with managed files Questions Call 781 376-6044 19

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