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Digital Video Apple Final Cut Pro Essentials This one-day Final Cut Pro training class is designed to give you the fundamental skills you need to get up-and-running with Final Cut Pro X. You’ll learn to manage media, basic editing techniques on the timeline, and add transitions and effects. You’ll also discover how to optimize and publish your content for delivery. This Final Cut training class is geared toward first-time or novice Final Cut Pro users. Call for dates and rates Course Topics • Final Cut Pro X basics • Analyzing media • Playing back and skimming media • Editing the project • Adding transitions, titles, effects, and generators • Managing media files • Importing media • Organizing media • Creating and managing projects • Adding and adjusting audio • Sharing the project • Preferences and metadata “I took a class at the AGI Woburn, MA, location, which was convenient to get to and the facilities were top-notch. Each student had a new computer with a large screen to work with while following along with the instructor, who had his screen projected large.” — Roger Adobe Captivate Training Class This Adobe Captivate class teaches you this popular application for screen capture, video presentations, and authoring e-learning content. In this Adobe Captivate class, you’ll learn to capture content, create assessments, design quizzes, and add interactivity and animations. The Captivate class also covers ways in which Captivate content can be integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote. Course rate $695.00 Course Topics • Editing recording setup • Recording a demonstration • Recording a training simulation • Adding buttons • Modifying, resizing, and moving text • Controlling slide timing Locations Boston Wed., Jan 14th to Thu., Jan 15th Mon., Feb 23rd to Tue., Feb 24th Mon., Mar 30th to Tue., Mar 31st Mon., Apr 27th to Tue., Apr 28th Online Wed., Jan 7th to Thu., Jan 8th Mon., Feb 16th to Tue., Feb 17th Mon., Apr 13th to Tue., Apr 14th • Setting shortcut recording keys • Recording an assessment • Using highlight boxes • Inserting text • Editing caption styles • Rollovers and zoom Philadelphia Wed., Jan 14th to Thu., Jan 15th Mon., Feb 23rd to Tue., Feb 24th Mon., Mar 30th to Tue., Mar 31st Mon., Apr 27th to Tue., Apr 28th 24

Presentation Software Presentation Software Discover how to create professional presentations in AGI’s presentation classes. You will also find out how to take advantage of existing resources, such as styles and templates. Apple Keynote This Keynote training class shows you how to create visually stimulating presentations using Apple’s Keynote Presentation software. In this class, you will discover how to import graphics, create type, use master pages, choose page transitions, and animate items within the presentation. Our Instructors can show you how to produce your own presentation in less time, and to many different file formats. Learn to use these powerful, yet easy-to-use tools, and create dazzling effects that you can put in your own slideshow. Course rate $495.00 Course Topics • Opening Apple Keynote • Outlining a presentation in Keynote • Formatting text in Keynote • Enhancing photos in Keynote • Adding hyperlinks, navigation and transitions • Creating a Smart Build • Selecting a master slide • Pasting text into an outline • Customizing a slide layout • Making part of a photo transparent • Revealing graphics and charts in Keynote • Adding sound to a build Locations Boston Philadelphia New York Online Fri., Jan 23rd Fri., Jan 9th Fri., Jan 9th Fri., Jan 23rd Fri., Feb 20th Fri., Feb 13th Fri., Feb 13th Thu., Feb 19th Wed., Mar 18th Fri., Mar 27th Wed., Mar 18th Wed., Mar 18th Fri., Apr 17th Fri., Apr 24th Fri., Apr 24th Fri., Apr 17th Microsoft PowerPoint This Microsoft PowerPoint training class covers a broad range of topics to help you quickly get up-and-running with PowerPoint. Learn to use Microsoft PowerPoint and the rich functionality it offers to create presentations with an impact. You will learn to use outlines, create slides from existing Microsoft Word documents, establish the timing of presentations, as well as add sound, animation, and video to your presentations. You will also learn design guidelines for creating effective presentations. Call for dates and rates Course Topics • Customizing the quick access toolbar • Using the notes pane • Aligning text within columns and rows • Changing chart types • Using the drawing tools • Using shape styles • Grouping and ungrouping elements • Applying a theme • Working with tables and charts • Working with styles and shading • Working with graphic elements • Creating background graphics • Applying effects • Creating a diagram Questions Call 781 376-6044 25

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