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Microsoft classes Presentation Design Principles This class is for professionals looking to create successful, well-designed slide decks. This class is less about the tools, such as Keynote and PowerPoint, and more about an approach to design that allows you to create impressive and impactful slide presentations. In this session you work with basic design concepts and exercises that help you to make more confident design decisions and organize your content with more success. • Introduction to Design Principles • Elimination of unnecessary elements • Feeling confident about space • How to use type size, style, spacing • Design thinking and Strategy • Resources for images, icons and more • Practice in slide design • History of modern design • Design practice • Layout proportions that work • Information hierarchy • Sketching and planning your content • Building more iconic graphic presentations • Resolving real information design Boston Mon., Jan 19th to Tue., Jan 20th, Mon., Feb 23rd to Tue., Feb 24th, Mon., Apr 6th to Tue., Apr 7th Microsoft classes Our Microsoft Office courses help you learn essential skills and explore the new features and capabilities of Microsoft Office. Find out how to use popular Office programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word and more. Review our Microsoft Office classes below and register online, or call 781-376-6044 to speak with an AGI training consultant. Microsoft Word This Microsoft Word training class will give you the essential skills to efficiently and effectively use the most popular word processing application. Call for dates and rates Course Topics • Getting started with Microsoft Word • Formatting paragraphs • Working with styles and themes • Working with graphics • Editing a document • Working with pages • Working with tables Microsoft Excel In this Microsoft Excel class, you discover how to utilize this powerful spreadsheet application. See immediate results with this one-day hands-on course. You will be able to plan and create an organized spreadsheet, use absolute and relative cell references, understand the importance of labels and values, create pivot tables, and export your data into a range of file formats. Call for dates and rates Course Topics • Getting started with Microsoft Excel • Formatting cell ranges • Displaying data with charts • Adding graphic objects • Editing cells • Building formulas and functions • Analyzing Excel data 26

3D Modeling Microsoft Access In this two-day Microsoft Access training class, you will cover a broad range of topics that will enable you to utilize the power of relational databases. If you have spreadsheets containing thousands of rows, then now is the time to step into the world of databases; Microsoft Access is a perfect tool that will help you make that leap. You will learn to design, develop, optimize, query, and edit a relational database that you and your colleagues can use to streamline your business workflows and data management. Call for dates and rates Course Topics • Getting started with Microsoft Access • Creating a database • Tables • Datasheet view • Fields • Building reports • Database types • Using templates • Data types • Design view • Importing data from Microsoft Excel • Creating data entry forms 3D Modeling Learn from 3D and modeling industry pros who are the authors of many books on design and modeling tools, and who have many years of experience working with SketchUp and 3ds Max. SketchUp Pro - Introduction Discover how to quickly and accurate generate, explore, and iterate study models using SketchUp Pro for 3D modeling. Learn to use its pencil and paper paradigm in an app as you master 3D using SketchUp Pro. This SketchUp Pro course is intended for those with little or no 3-dimensional drawing or SketchUp experience, but who want to begin creating 3-dimensional models using SketchUp. For all of our SketchUp classes, see our complete list of Sketchup Training. Course rate $695.00 Course Topics • Creating 2-dimensional (2D) geometry in a 3-dimensional (3D) environment • Generating surfaces from polygons • Creating 3-dimensional geometry • Creating surfaces from lines in 3D • Connecting and generate forms • Restoring/Healing a surface • Creating surfaces from lines • Creating surfaces from circles • Generating surfaces from arcs • Viewing a model in 3D • Demonstrating stickiness of geometry in 3D • Locking inferences • Mirroring a model Locations Online Mon., Jan 26th to Tue., Jan 27th Mon., March 16th to Tue., March 17th Mon., Apr 27th to Tue., Apr 28th Questions Call 781 376-6044 27

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