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User Experience & Design Digital Marketing American Graphics can help you to develop your marketing skills with training in the digital technologies. Find out how to create successful email marketing campaigns and take advantage of Google Analytics. HTML Email In this one-day HTML email training class, you’ll learn how to create eye-catching HTML emails that work on a consistent basis across multiple email clients and platforms. Beginning with an introduction that covers how HTML email design differs from web design, you’ll explore the anatomy of an HTML email. You’ll also learn about legal requirements, testing, spam compliance and known workarounds to address ways to maximize the reach of your email and impact as many viewers as possible. Course rate $495.00 Course Topics • Designing plain text email • Investigating examples of HTML emails • Identifying client permission • Promoting services • Designing HTML email • Addressing spam complaints • Blacklists, whitelists, sender reputation • Knowing what you have to sell Locations Boston Philadelphia New York Online Fri., Jan 9th Fri., Jan 9th Fri., Jan 9th Wed., Jan 21st Fri., Feb 6th Fri., Feb 6th Fri., Feb 6th Fri., Feb 20th Fri., Mar 6th Fri., Mar 6th Fri., Mar 6th Fri., Mar 20th Fri., Apr 3rd Fri., Apr 3rd Fri., Apr 3rd Fri., Apr 17th Responsive HTML Email In this one-day class, you’ll discover how to create and well-designed responsive HTML emails that can be used across mobile, tablet, and desktop email clients. This course builds off the foundational skills taught in our HTML Email class and covers more advanced topics such as coding, the use of media queries, optimizing images for mobile and mobile forms. Course rate $495.00 Course Topics • Identifying the Need for Optimization • Making Mobile Forms Work • Targeting Devices with Media Queries • Designing Mobile Email • Building Responsive Layouts • Optimizing Images for Mobile Locations Boston Philadelphia New York Online Fri., Jan 16th Fri., Jan 16th Fri., Jan 16th Fri., Jan 23rd Fri., Feb 13th Fri., Feb 13th Fri., Feb 13th Fri., Feb 27th Fri, Mar 13th Fri, Mar 13th Fri, Mar 13th Fri, Mar 27th Fri., Apr 10th Fri., Apr 10th Fri., Apr 10th Fri., Apr 24th 6

Web Design & Development Google Analytics This Google Analytics class includes hands-on exercises so you can get up-and-running quickly and understand the Analytics tools. The audience for this class ranges from web developers to marketing professionals, sales professionals, and business managers who need to understand how to use the Google Analytics tools to gather and act on information about web visitors, users, and customers. Course rate $495.00 Course Topics • Discovering web analytics essentials • Learning various methods and processes based upon your line of business • Creating/editing Google Analytics profiles • Finding actionable information • Discovering Google Analytics key features • Creating a Google Analytics account • Generating Google Analytics reports Locations Boston Fri., Jan 9th Wed., Feb 4th Mon., Mar 9th Mon., Apr 13th Online Wed., Jan 14th Fri., Feb 13th Wed., Mar 11th Thurs., Apr 16th Web Design & Development No matter your present skill level, AGI Training can help you get up and running in web design and development. AGI offers web design and development courses that range from entry level to advanced. The instructors at AGI are the authors of the Digital Classroom Dreamweaver and HTML5 books. Responsive Web Design In this course, you learn best practices to efficiently maximize responsive design, and understand how to address possible user experience trade-offs. You’ll also discover how responsive web design incorporates CSS3, media queries, @ fluidgrid, flexible images, and flexible videos, to adapt to viewing devices, user agents, devices, and environments. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required for this course. Course rate $495.00 Course Topics • Responsive web design overview • Creating the basic structure • Styling with web fonts • Styling for a responsive layout • User experience challenges • Using HTML5 for structure • Defining the basic text styles • Working with CSS3 selectors Locations Boston New York Online Wed., Jan 14th Wed., Jan 14th Fri., Jan 16th Wed., Feb 18th Wed., Feb 18th Fri., Feb 27th Fri., Mar 20th Fri., Mar 20th Fri., Apr 3rd Fri., Apr 17th Fri., Apr 17th Questions Call 781 376-6044 7

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