data sheet hathor 24... - ADB Lighting Technologies

data sheet hathor 24... - ADB Lighting Technologies

HATHOR 24 Subfader Extension Module

The HATHOR Subfader Extension Module is designed to act in conjunction with the HATHOR range desks. It has the same

depth as the LIBERTY and FREEDOM and offers 24 additional Subfaders, allowing operators to use 48 Subfaders instantly.

Used as stand-alone wing, it is a perfect complementary product for the Rack PC Unit, by adding 24 Subfaders and 6

assignable buttons.

The HATHOR Subfader Extension Module may also be used where remote control wings are required.

Hardware Features

• 24 physicals 60 mm submasters with 24 assign keys

and 24 Flash keys.

Modes: Solo / Inhibit / Focusing / Rubberband &

Auto-execute look.

Loading possibilities: Channels, Groups, Presets,

Looks, Chasers, Attributes and Palettes.

• 6 free assignable buttons allowing to assign any

HATHOR key function, such as Go, Go Back, Pause,

and so on.

Physical Input Connections

• Communication: DB15 male connector

• Power: Jack 9 mm

Power Requirements

Power is supplied by the desk thru the DB 15 1.50 m cable.

If the extension is used far from the desk, with the Extension

30 m cable, it is necessary to use the optional 9V-300 mA

Power supply.

Power Consumption: 300 mA

Physical Specifications

Operating temperature range: from + 5 °C – + 35 °C.

Humidity: relative humidity not more than 95% noncondensing.

VESA mounting holes (100 mm).

Note: the power supply is optionnal, necessary only in case of

use of the extension at a distance higher than 10 meters.



L x P x H (mm) : 314 x 481 x 148

Net Weight (kg) : 5

Lighting Technologies

HATHOR 24 Subfaders Extension Module

Ordering Information

Description References

24 –Subfader Extension SUB24/EXT/H

Supplied with: extension 1.50 m cable and a dust cover

Hardware Options and Accessories

External Power Supply

Extension 1.50 m cable

Extension cable kit (30 m / non assembled)





jack 9 mm



This equipment complies with all applicable European

directives and carries a CE mark.

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