Silent Gliss 5090 Brochure - Curtain Poles

Silent Gliss 5090 Brochure - Curtain Poles

Silent Gliss 5090 Autoglide

Electric Curtain Track System

Silent Gliss 5090 Autoglide

Ideal for extra security, ease

of operation or just a simple

touch of luxury.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you

can rely on our Electric Curtain Track System

Silent Gliss 5090 Autoglide, the made-to-measure

powered curtain system from Silent Gliss, to

operate your curtains automatically.

For 50 years Silent Gliss has led the market for

automated window treatments. The aluminium

track and belt technology combines a touch of

true luxury with an excellent deterrent to intruders.

With Silent Gliss 5090 let your curtains look after

themselves – and your home.

Silent Gliss 5090 is available with three optional

upgrades – each supporting a maximum curtain

track width of 5m and maximum curtain weight

of 15kg.


Basic Operating Method – Silent Gliss 5090

The standard operating method lets you control the

system Silent Gliss 5090 at the touch of a button.

Option 1 – Silent Gliss 5090IR

For the ultimate in ease of operation choose the

5090IR which includes a remote control handset

allowing you to operate the curtains from the

comfort of your seat.

Option 2 – Silent Gliss 5090TL

This option includes a simple Timer Unit allowing

you to select specific opening and closing times,

giving you increased control. Programming the timer

is incredibly simple. A window in the unit shows

the time and the buttons on the side allow simple

setting of the desired opening and closing times of

the curtains. Also included is a dawn to dusk sensor

which can be set to open and close the curtains

according to levels of daylight. Either program can

be overridden at anytime and the curtains can be

manually operated using the open and close buttons

on the Timer Unit or fixed wall switch.

Option 3 – Silent Gliss 5090TC

The Total Control (TC) option includes our Timer Unit

in combination with the Remote Control giving you

ultimate choice of control methods over your system.

5 m









(kg max.)

Silent Gliss is the leading global supplier of motorised and manual

curtain and blind systems in the high quality market. We offer our

customers the very best in terms of quality, design, technology,

service and individuality. Our core competence is innovation –

inspired and driven by customer needs. A team of highly skilled and

experienced professionals works on new developments as well as

on the improvement of existing products. With committed customer

support teams Silent Gliss provides an extensive range of services

including technical advice, fitting services and maintenance all

around the world.

Silent Gliss Ltd.

Pyramid Business Park

Poorhole Lane, Broadstairs

Kent CT10 2PT

Tel: +44 (0) 1843 863571

Fax: +44 (0) 1843 864503

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