Scavenger Hunt Instructions

Scavenger Hunt Instructions

El Paso County Parks Photo Scavenger Hunt

June 1 – July 31, 2013

Detailed Information and Deadlines

Welcome to the El Paso County Parks Photo Scavenger Hunt

This eight week Scavenger Hunt is designed to help you get out, enjoy and explore El Paso County’s

Regional Parks. You will create photos to share and have fun as you learn about the activities,

amenities and trails found throughout El Paso County’s beautiful parks. You can win prizes too!

What can I win

Winners will be selected randomly from the eligible entries received during the activity period. Eligible

entries will be entered to win one of the following:

o Nature Center Bucks and T-Shirt (Value: $ 25)

o Park Pavilion Rental – Medium Pavilion (Value: $ 100)

o Birthday Party at the Bear Creek Nature Center (Value: $ 100)

o Birthday Party at the Fountain Creek Nature Center (Value: $ 100)

o Tickets (Family Pack) to the 2014 El Paso County Fair (Value: $ 20)

How can I win

Each eligible photo (tied to the parks activity taken during your Scavenger Hunt) is an eligible entry.

Winners will be chosen by a random draw of all eligible entries. If you hunt and photograph all 10

activities, and submit your photographs during the activity period, you will have 10 entries in the

drawing. Only one prize per person will be awarded. Winners will be notified by email and posted on

the El Paso County Parks Facebook page ( The drawing will take

place at Park Headquarters at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 8, 2013.

What is the Activity Period

The El Paso County Parks Photo Scavenger Hunt will be conducted from June 1, 2013 to July 31,

2013. Photos must be taken between June 1, 2013 and July 31, 2013.

How do I get started

Register for the Scavenger Hunt by emailing the following information to

1. In the subject line, please type: 2013 Scavenger Hunt

2. Name (first and last)

3. Phone Number

4. Mailing Address

Print a copy of the Scavenger Hunt Activity list that will be available on

News and Events beginning June 1, 2013. Then, get outdoors, explore your El Paso County Parks

and “hunt” for the activities.

How to Enter your Photos: Take a photo or have someone take a photo of yourself, your family

and/or your friends enjoying the activity and email your photo to If the photo

includes individuals other than yourself, please make sure you have permission to submit the photo

for the Scavenger Hunt.

o Photos must be emailed no later than August 2, 2013 by 5:00 p.m. to be included in the


o Please use the following format in the subject line of each photo emailed:

o Name (First and Last) – Photo # - Park Name

o For example: Abe Lincoln – Photo #4 – Bear Creek Regional Park

o The Photo # will match the number of the activity found on the Scavenger Hunt form

What will El Paso County Parks do with the photos

Photos will be posted to the El Paso County Parks Facebook page (

Additionally, photos may be used in Parks publications and marketing materials. By submitting your

photos, you agree to this use and the photos become the property of El Paso County Parks.

Where are my County Parks

A list of County parks is at

What if I have more questions

Please call Christine at 719-520-6996 or Tiffany at 719-520-7529.



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