Owner's Manual (HP-505_HP-503_OM.pdf) - Roland


Owner's Manual (HP-505_HP-503_OM.pdf) - Roland

Before You Play

Opening/Closing the Lid

To open the lid, use both hands to lift it lightly, and slide it away from yourself.

To close the lid, pull it gently toward yourself, and lower it softly after it has been fully extended.


When opening and closing the lid, be careful not to let your fingers get caught. If small children will be using the unit, adult supervision should be


If you need to move the piano, make sure the lid is closed first to prevent accidents.

Using the lid to conceal the buttons and display (Classic Position)

You can use the lid to conceal the buttons and the display. This allows you to concentrate on performing without being distracted by the buttons or

the display.



Installing the CD Drive (Sold separately)

Attach the CD drive as shown the figure, using the mounting holes on the unit’s

bottom panel.

* For details of the attachment or connecting, refer to the owner’s manual of the CD


* Use a CD drive sold by Roland. We cannot guarantee operation if any other CD

drive is used.


• You cannot play back CD-R/RW disks to which audio tracks have been added or

CDs containing both audio tracks and data (CD Extra).

• The unit is capable of playing back only commercial CDs that conform the official standards-those that carry the “COMPACT DISC DIGITAL

AUDIO” logo.

• The usability and sound quality of audio discs that incorporate copyright protection technology and other non-standard CDs cannot be


• For more detailed information on audio discs featuring copyright protection technology and other non-standard CDs, please consult the

disc vendor.

• You cannot save songs and styles to CDs, and you cannot delete songs or styles recorded to CDs. Furthermore, you cannot format CDs.

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