Owner's Manual (HP-505_HP-503_OM.pdf) - Roland


Owner's Manual (HP-505_HP-503_OM.pdf) - Roland


Adjusting the Sound to Your Taste

The unit lets you add reverberation or modify the brightness of the sound.

Adding Reverberation to the Sound (Ambience)

You can add a pleasant reverberation to the sounds of the unit, producing the impression that you are performing in a concert hall.

This effect is called “Ambience.”

1 3

1. Press the [Ambience] button.

The [Ambience] button will light.

2. While holding down the [Ambience] button, press the [–] [+] buttons.

The display will indicate the depth of the ambience effect values.


Saving your settings

The unit’s settings will revert to the

default values when you turn off the

power, but you can save them as

described in “Retaining the Settings

Even After Power-off (Memory Backup)”

(p. 41).

Screen Value Explanation


(default: 5)

Higher values apply deeper ambience.

3. To turn off the ambience effect, press the [Ambience] button once again.

The [Ambience] button will go out.

* It’s not possible to specify the depth of ambience individually for each tone. The effect will be applied in the same way to each tone.

Adjusting the Brightness of the Sound (Brilliance)

You can adjust the brightness of the sounds played on the keyboard or played back by a song.

1 3


1. Press the [Brilliance] button.

The [Brilliance] button will light.


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