Owner's Manual (HP-505_HP-503_OM.pdf) - Roland


Owner's Manual (HP-505_HP-503_OM.pdf) - Roland


Saving a performance you’ve recorded

* If you want to save to the USB flash drive (sold separately), connect your USB flash drive to the USB memory port before you continue.

1. Press the [ ] (Fast) button to select “Y.”

Saving will begin.

The recorded performance is saved at the earliest vacant song number.

The song is automatically given a name in this format: “Song nnn,” where “nnn” is the song number.


Never turn off the power while the screen indicates “Working...”

Saving to a specific memory, song number, or song name

If you press the [Song] button instead of the [ ] (Fast) button, you’ll be able to specify the save-destination memory, song number, and song

name used for saving.

For details on the procedure, refer to “Saving a Song with the Name You Specify” (p. 39).

Erasing a performance you’ve recorded

1. Use the [ ] (Slow) button to select “N.”

A message will ask you to confirm that you want to erase the song.

2. Press the [ ] (Fast) button to erase the song.

Listening to a performance you’ve recorded

1. Press the [ ] (Play/Stop) button.

Playback will start from the beginning of the recorded performance.

Overdubbing a Recorded Song

When recording an SMF, you can overdub each part separately. For example, you can record the left-hand and right-hand parts separately, or record

along with a song.

Recording each hand separately

You can separately record your left-hand performance to the [Left] button and your right-hand performance to the [Right] button. You can also

separately re-record each hand afterward.

Getting ready to record

1. Select the tone that you want to use for performing (p. 16).

2. Press the [ ] (Rec) button.

The [ ] (Rec) button will light, the [ ] (Play/Stop) button will blink, and the unit will enter recordingstandby


If you decide not to record, press the [

] (Rec) button once again.


3. If desired, sound the metronome (p. 24).


If you change the metronome’s tempo and time signature, they will be recorded with the song, allowing the metronome to sound correctly during



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