Owner's Manual (HP-505_HP-503_OM.pdf) - Roland


Owner's Manual (HP-505_HP-503_OM.pdf) - Roland


Converting a Song Recorded as an SMF to Audio

By converting a song recorded in the form of an SMF to audio, you’ll be able to listen to it on your computer. You can also use your computer to burn

the song to a music CD, or upload it to the Internet.

Copying an audio recording of a song to your computer

If you save an audio recording of a song on the

USB flash drive, you'll be able to listen to it on your


In order for an SMF song recording to be used on your

computer, you’ll need to convert it to audio (WAV file).

Audio recordings of songs are saved as WAVE files

(16-bit, 44.1 kHz).

You can use your computer to burn them to a music

CD or upload them to the Internet.

1. Connect a USB flash drive (sold separately) to the USB memory

port (p. 10).

* Audio data cannot be saved in the unit itself.

2. Select the song that you want to convert to audio (p. 26).

3. While holding down the [ ] (Rec) button, press the [–] [+] buttons

to select “Audio.”


page 38

A song recorded on the unit can be

copied to your computer by means of a

USB flash drive.

Use computer software (such as

iTunes) to burn the song to a CD.

4. Press the [ ] (Rec) button.

The [ ] (Rec) button will light, and the [ ] (Play/Stop) button will blink; the unit will enter converting-standby mode.

At this time, New Song will be selected.

If you decide not to convert, press the [ ] (Rec) button once again.

5. Reselect the song selected in step 2 by pressing the [+] button.

6. Press the [ ] (Play/Stop) button.

The song will play back, and the conversion will begin.


If, during conversion, you play the keyboard, input something via the MIDI connector, or on the HP505, input sound via the Input jacks, all sound

including those sounds will be converted. Muted parts will not be converted.


• Never turn off the power or disconnect the USB flash drive during conversion.

• For some SMF recordings, it might not be possible to perfectly convert the recording in its original form.

7. Press the [ ] (Play/Stop) button.

Song playback will stop, and the section that was played back will be converted. A confirmation message will ask whether you want to save the file.

8. Either save the performance or erase it (p. 32).






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