Color&design; flipover manual 05 - Balmain Hair

Color&design; flipover manual 05 - Balmain Hair


Color & Design

Manual for training flipover

Color & Design Manual

exclusive for Balmain educators

Time Guide Color & Design course

9:30 Welcome

• Introduction of yourself

• Agenda of today

• What and what not to expect

• House rules

9:35 • Introduction of the students and explanation of why they follow this course.

9:40 Theoretical part

• Welcome to Balmain!

• Euro Hair Fashion

• Mission statement

• Overview courses

• The freedom of extensions

• Why extensions

• The hair

• The equipment (Color & Design kit)

• Plug & Play Connector

• Plusbonds

• Colorring

• Perming & Coloring

10:45-11:00 Break

11:00 • Show the 7 - Stages

• Chains

• Special Techniques

• Show the placement of micro extensions

• Sneak preview Double Hair

• Cutting techniques

Hair Care

• Show the Remove and re-use

• Promotion for your new service

Hair Jewellery

• Website

12:30-13:15 Lunch

12:45 Practical part

• Show one step by step placement of an extension (7-stages)

• Practice one placement of an extension (7-stages)

• Practice one chain for lengthening of 4/5 extensions

• Practice one loose chain for thickening of 4/5 extensions

• Practice some spots for creating designs

16:00 Evaluation

• Evaluate with the students and answer all questions.

• Give every student an evaluation form

• Fill in the evaluation form for trainers yourself

16:15-16:30 Finish

Make sure every student knows about the next course 'Length & Volume'.

Only give the certificates if the student passes the course correctly.


Presentation Script Training Flipover & PowerPoint Slides

Slide 1/2

Welcome to the future! Welcome to Balmain

Introduction of yourself and the trainer.

This is a real important session for the development of your professional skills.

We are sure that at the end of the day you are ready for the future source of income and you will be ready to apply a

new service already tomorrow. You will see, how easy it is. We are talking today about a service, that with-out going through

years of education, can be applied immediately. Only one person is required, either you, or your collaborator in the salon. You

will see, that pure extending of hair is only a part of a huge business potential that’s coming up. The service of extensions

started 25 years ago. Today we are ready to cover the total service of fill-in hair for all your clients.

Slide 3

Fashion house Balmain

Before we start some words about the brand we are representing. The brand BALMAIN is coming from the french designer

Pierre Balmain born in 1914. He opened his own Haute Couture house in Paris in 1945. Clients quickly flocked to Balmain

and were thrilled to discover the new image he had created for women.

• The name Pierre Balmain stands for a unique concept of elegance

Balmain is leader in the fashion industry for more than 50 years

Balmain has more than 200 licensees in wellness, beauty and lifestyle

Today more than 200 licences cover the concept of Pierre Balmain in products refering to Lifestyle, Beauty, Wellness.

Slide 4

Euro Hair Fashion

Euro Hair Fashion is a Pierre Balmain licensee since 1975 and covering the concept of Balmain to hair.

Euro Hair Fashion is your partner in hair extensions and integrations. The constant contact to the Balmain centre in Paris

gives you the guarantee of state of the art updating of fashion statement in colour and style. Today Euro Hair Fashion is

represented in nearly all countries in the world.

Since 1971 it’s our mission to serve the salon-market with products and concepts to increase salon revenues in a highly

profitable way and on a continuous basis.

• Your partner in hair extensions - and integrations

• Inspired through Balmain’s expertise of fashion statements in color and style

• Represented all over the world

• Founded in 1971

• Dedicated to support you with a new salon service to become a source of profitable and continuous



Slide 5

Mission statement

Euro Hair Fashion, is a global organization committed to the development and delivery of innovative, high quality

alternative products and education for the hair and beauty industry.

Slide 6

Overview courses:

• Color & Design course for Fill-In Extensions & DoubleHair

We take you into the world of Balmain. You learn everything about the product ‘Fill-in Extensions’, the application, the different

structures, creative ideas and about the after care. What you learn that day will be straight away put into practice.

After the Color & Design training you will be able to make small style changes in relation to Color & Design.

Other courses are:

• Volume & Length course for DoubleHair & Fill-In Extensions

• Train-the-Trainer

• Excitement presentation

• School Program

• Chain course

Slide 7

Color & Design course for Fill-In Extensions & DoubleHair

Today we go through:

• General

• Materials

• Consultation skills

• Preparation

• Placement and Planning

• Styling

Hair care

• Remove & re-use

• Marketing

Slide 8

Extensions give you the freedom to - for example:

• Change the color every 2 weeks

• Create your own fashion statement in color

• Apply permanent waves without chemistry

• Create long hair in only 35 minutes


Fill-In Extensions

They are:

• 100% High Quality Human Hair or Flairhair

• 30/45/60 Centimeters of length

• Connected (bond) with Plusbonds last up to 6 months

Plusbonds are made of keratine which is part of our nails and hair, so this natural products fits perfectly to make the connection

between the own hair and the Balmain extensions totally natural.

• Connected with heat (140º Celsius)

The hair is in a condition to sustain up to 180˚ Celsius for a short time - without any damage. So simply take care about

the scalp. Our protector is helping you.

• Applied by 1 person

• Ready to wear

Show the products and let the students feel the hair.

Slide 9

Balmain offers the highest quality!

Balmain Fill-In Extensions and DoubleHair are made of 100% guaranteed human hair of the highest quality.

Balmain uses the best quality ‘Asian hair’. The hair is sorted in one direction so all the cuticles are in the same

direction and the hair will not tangle anymore. After sorting the hair will be treated with enzymes. This treatment

gives the hair the effect of european hair which can be colored and permed as your own hair.

High Quality

High quality is very important to Euro Hair Fashion (the manfacturer & licencee of Balmain hair fashion), that is

why we have our own R&D department to not only watch over the quality, but also to improve our products

wherever possible. Besides that, our researchers are always looking for new applications and new methods for

attachment, that fit even better to the deamnd of the modern consumer.

If you like long hair, extra color, volume or texture in your hair ask your hairdresser for personal advice.

Slide 10

Color & Design course for Fill-In Extensions & DoubleHair

Symbols, lengths and colors

Show the extensions

Slide 11

Our Color & Design Kit gives you immediate access to unlimited design and structure. Buy the kit for Euro 298.- and

create Euro 400,-.


Materials to start with:

Color & Design Kit

• 6 units Fill-In extensions

• 2 units Fill-In Highlights

• 1 DoubleHair

• Plug & Play Connector

• Heat resistant bag

• Coursebook / DVD

• 6 Protectors, 3 clips

Hair extension brush

• Dissolvent, Disconnector

• Style selector

• 25 consumer brochures

• Color ring

• Micro Plusbonds

• Poster

• Window sticker

Slide 12

Plug & Play Connector

• Highest quality standards

• Automatic temperature control

• Very light weight

• Ergonomic design

• Teflon coated

• Extra long 3 meter power cord

• 1 year guaranty (guaranty-card)

• Micro Connector is for Advanced work

• Fine Finishing

Also available: Junior Connector for test and training

Slide 13


Individual Keratin bonds that are designed for many reasons, available in regular and micro size.

Where are they used for:

- Re-applying clients extensions during maintenance program

- Using less extensions on shorter hair styles (flexibility to use wasted length)

- To attach Balmain DoubleHair

- On Avant Garde techniques or hairstyles

Plusbonds are especially for long hair and oily hair. They are transparent and do not stick to the fingers while

you are applying.


Slide 14


The colorring is the most useful tool when selecting the right color.

Choose the color closest to the mid-lengths and ends of the client’s natural hair color by using your colorchart.

This is because this is where the existing hairstyle will be blend into the new extended length

• To make the hair look natural we advise to use/select two colors

• Take the color overview and select color with the colorring or color chart

• Levels 10 - 8 - 6: Any color can be applied

Slide 15

Let’s start

• Important: Discover your client’s expectations

• Stress the importance of good maintenance

• Length of hair: neck: min. 8 cm - top: min. 12 cm (normal density)

• If the hair is weak, apply 5 extensions; test after 1-2 weeks

• Wash the hair with Cleanser - Do NOT apply conditioner

• Dry and brush the hair, make sure the hair is cooled off completely

Slide 16

Tips & Tricks

• Make certain that the bonding closes off completely

• The bonding must be rolled around the hair and should not close on one side only but close all around

• If the bonding is not closed correctly, moisture may penetrate and cause it to break off later

• When attached, the bonding should not be longer than its original length, because it carrying capacity may

decrease. If the bonding is longer than its original length, you have probably moved it while attaching

• Bonding may not be white anymore. If it is, you have not applied proper heat. It is also possible that the

bonding was too long, the length of the wax must be even with the edge

• The connector must be cleaned regularly. Otherwise the bond will not get the right amount of heat.

When you are finished, clean the connector with a disinfectant.

• Close the connector for a while before you start, in this way the cold part of the connector gets some heat

Slide 17

Perming / coloring If more color or structure is desired

• Always start with perming or coloring before applying

• Human Hair extensions can be permed and colored

• If you perm - use a ‘soft’ perming-lotion at room temperature

• If you color - mix permanent color with max. 3% peroxide

• Choose a color of the same level or one level darker

• Protect the keratin/wax behind a comb

• Color or perm extensions 3 days before the application

• Extension color 613, 614 and level 10 - never perm or color!


Slide 18

Fun with just a few Fill-In Extensions

(Show the models and describe the application with the help of the technical drawings)

Slide 19

Symbols 7 - stages

(Give a demo of the 7 stages)

• Stage 1 - Sectioning

• Stage 2 - Protecting

• Stage 3 - Distance

• Stage 4 - Holding

• Stage 5 - Heating

• Stage 6 - Rolling

• Stage 7 - Polishing

Slide 20

Application - Step by step - Microbonds

1. Section the client’s hair

2. Take up some of the client’s hair in a triangular shape about the same diameter of the extension.

Flatten the triangular shape at the bottom.

Make sure the extension is applied to the same amount of own hair as the extension. If applied to less hair than the

extension itself, the own hair will break and the extension will fall off. If you take too much own hair the bond will not

close and the extension will let loose, there will be too much tension on the hair.

3. Place the protector around it and make it slide down slightly and evenly so that the hair hangs down loosely,

without any strain.

4. Secure the hair protector with a clip

5. Hold a strand of the client’s hair between thumb and forefinger and place the extension right under it.

Hold the extension and the client’s own hair at the right distance 1-1,5 cm from scalp. For more durability of the

extension, do not move too far from scalp.

6. Place the bond in the connector. Keep it still, do not slide up and down. Melting the bond is the most critical

part in applying extensions.

The bonding must contain hair over the whole length, cut off excess bonding.

7. Wait until the wax begins to bubble and becomes white.

If the bonding is not heated properly, it stays white and does not change color. Do not heat too much, the bond will

liquefy and flow away. If the bond is not heated enough, it will not stick properly to the own hair. Melt from below.

8. Tap the connector twice, this has to be a short and quick movement otherwise the wax will stay on the cold

part of the connector.

9. Roll the bond with your fingers. Take care that the hand that is rolling the bond rests on the client’s head

(palm turned towards the scalp) and that you roll downwards.

10. Seal the wax by polishing the seam with the hair connector, the ragged edges at the ends of the bond should

be polished. Melt away the ragged edges with the hair connector. The bond has now become transparent.

11. Polish/heat again if there still are white spots on the bond.

Always polish down, never up as you can stretch the bond and reduce the bonds effective holding power.


Slide 21

Rows & projection

(Show the technical drawings and explain them)

Slide 22

Special Techniques - Specially for fine hair structures - zigzag technique

Part, place 3 rows, 1,5 cm space

Slide 23

Sneak preview DoubleHair

1. Make a parting in the hair.

2. Place the strip under the parting, split open, flip top-part over the head and fix with a hairclip.

3. Pull strands through the 8 locking points.

4. Lock 4 hairstrands together with a Plusbond.

5. Flip back the top-part to cover the bondings.

Ask for the volume & length course

Never perm level 10

Slide 24

Cutting techniques

Show special techniques

• Integrating customers own hair with added hair

• Twist the hair and texturize the hair towards the ends with a feather razor

• Extensions at contour line

Slide 25

Hair Care

Important: Your clients are wearing hair that’s not their own

Special care is required to keep the hair and connection in good shape!

Use Balmain Haircare products

- Balmain Shampoo

- Balmain Conditioner

- Balmain Hair Mask

- Balmain Shine Spray


• Brush the hair - don’t comb

• Don’t play with the bonding

• Tie up hair at night or at sports

• Use finish products without alcohol

- Extension can be worn 2-3-4 months - all depends on care

- 10% of the extensions can fall out in first 6 weeks

- Make an appointment - check after 10 - 14 days

Slide 26

Remove and re-use

Removal of Balmain extensions is a simple, safe and easy process, which does not damage the natural hair in anyway if

it's performed by your extension stylist. Before you remove the bonds wash the client’s hair with a correct shampoo and

dry it. In case of a full length extension, divide the hair again in 5 areas.

New System

with the Quick Remover it is more easy to remove!

- 75% timesaving

- All in one

- UV dissolve control

- Ergonomic

- Light weight

• Place the bonding in the pincer.

• Pull the dissolvent trigger to squirt the dissolvent on the bonding and to activate the UV light.

• Pull the pincer trigger to crush the bonding.

• The bonding can be removed

Old System

Use the disconnector and the dissolvent Always wear gloves when you remove the extension or strips!

• Apply some drops of Dissolvent Lotion on the bondings

• Protect scalp with a tissue

• Moisturize the whole row

• Flatten the bond using the disconnector

• Carefully pull out the extensions

• Remove any residual wax with a comb

• Use Plusbonds for re-using


Slide 27

Promotion for your new service

Talk to your clients!

Go public!

• public adds (local newspaper)

• private parties

• consumer fairs

• window decoration

Slide 28

Hair Jewellery

Falling Star & Sparkling Night

Two beautiful accessories to enlighten your hairstyle during the holidays and on special occasions

Slide 29

For more information

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