Menzi Muck A61

16.3 Rotating ball bearing joint

The upperstructure and chassis are joined by a roller bearing. Every 100­120 operating hours, lubricate

the ball bearings by lubricating fittings in 3 to 4 positions with a grease gun. Shorter lubrication intervals:

In the tropics, in high relative humidity, in high dust and dirt concentrations, in high temperature

fluctuations and continual swing movements. Before and after long intervals, the swing bearing should

be well lubricated. Revolve swing bearing during lubrication. Check that a thin coat of grease exists.

Internal gearing through a permanent bath

The internal gears on the swing bearing and the pinion of the

swing gear run through a permanent bath.

After 500 operating hours remove the lid and check condition

of the gears and of the pinion, and check that a thin coat of

grease exists. The teeth of the swing gear and pinion are

sufficiently lubricated when all teeth flanks are coated with a

thin film of grease.

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A61B Dauerschmierung Drehkranz

The maximum wading ability is limited with the lower edge of the slewing ring. Never go further

into the water!

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