Menzi Muck A61

18. Drive

18.1 Maintenance

The rear wheels are driven by two hydrostatic wheel­hub drives filled with gear oil. The wheel­hub drives

are equipped with an automatic parking brake that also runs in an oil bath. The brake is adjustment and


18.1.1 Drive "Trasmital"

Checking oil level: Check daily for leaks or after 500 hours

1. Raise wheel and lock mechanically

2. Adjust wheel so that sealing plug (1) is positioned horizontally

3. Open sealing plug and check oil level

4. Top up if necessary

5. Close sealing plug

6. Lock wheel

Oil change interval: 1,000 hours or annually

1. Raise wheel and unlock mechanically

2. Provide suitable catch container (capacity at least 3 litres)

3. Position wheel so that sealing plug (2) is at bottom

4. Open sealing plugs and drain oil into suitable container

5. As soon as oil has drained completely, turn wheel so that sealing plug (1) is at top and (2)

positioned horizontally

6. Pour in suitable gear oil (see lubricant table) until oil runs out at horizontal opening

7. Close sealing plugs

8. Lock wheel

New oil must not be poured in too quickly so that no air bubbles are formed that produce incorrect

measuring results.

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