1.2 Warnings and use instructions

Be sure to understand the following warning and use notes:

Warning: Danger or unsafe action, which may result in serious injury or death.

Warning: Danger or unsafe action, which can result in only mild injury, but can cause serious

property damage, financial losses or environmental harm.

Note: Information intended to provide the user with use the product in an efficient and technically

correct manner, or to understand product characteristics.

1.3 Safe handling of fuel

Exercise care in handling fuel: it is highly flammable. Never smoke while

fuelling the machine and make sure that no open flame or sources of

sparks are nearby. Shut down the motor while fuelling the machine. Only

fuel outdoors. Prevent fires by making sure the machine is kept free of dirt

and greasy residue. Always clean up spilled fuel.

1.4 Emergency preparedness

Be prepared for potential fires. Keep a first aid kit and fire extinguisher within

reach at all times. Keep the emergency numbers for doctors, ambulance,

hospital, and fire department available at the telephone at all times.

1.5 Safe handling of starter fluids

Starter fluids are highly flammable. When using starter fluid, keep away from

sparks and flames. Keep starter fluid away from batteries and cables. To prevent

accidental discharge during storage of pressurised containers, do not touch the

seal cap and store the container in a cool, safe place. Do not burn or puncture

starter fluid containers.

1.6 Wearing protective clothing

Wear close­fitting clothes and the necessary safety gear for the task at hand.

Safe operation of the equipment requires the complete attention of the

operating personnel. While operating the machine, do not wear headphones

for listening to music or the radio.

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