Menzi Muck A61

Machine slow to move. Pilot pressure too low. Clean supply pressure filter.

hydraulic oil temperature

gets too warm.

Machine performance


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No LS signal Measure LS pressure. Rectify LS pressure lost.

Radiator clogged. Clean radiator.

Hydraulic oil too low. Top up hydraulic oil.

Radiator fan turns too slow Check speed and if too low disconnect electric cable from

Excessive consumption, possibly from

additional equipment.

the fan control (full speed).

Reduce consumption.

Incorrect operation. Adapt operation.

Temperature sensor or cable defective. Check temperature sensor cable and replace temperature


Machine overheats. Reduce load, clean radiator and check cooling liquids.

Engine output too low. See Trouble Shooting, Engine „Impaired performance“.

Machine not serviced. Carry out maintenance.

Incorrect settings. Have settings checked and adjusted by a specialist dealer.

Certain components worn. Replace worn components.

no message in display. Power supply interrupted. Replace fuse, check connection.

charge indicator lamp


General faults on the

electrical equipment.

Flashing / warning lamp

unit inoperable.

Cable not connected to rotary current


Cable to rotary current generator charge

indicator lamp has shorted or cable


Check cable connection

Rectify short circuit on line.

Rotary current generator defective. Check rotary current generator and repair or replace as

No contact between connection pins and

battery terminals.


Clean oxidation from pins and terminals, tighten terminal

screws; coat pins and terminals with anti-corrosion


Glow plug defective. Replace glow plug.

Power supply interrupted. Check fuse and power supply.

Flasher unit failed. Replace flasher unit.

light unit inoperable. Glow plug defective. Replace glow plug.

Power supply interrupted. Check fuse and power supply.

horn inoperable. Power supply interrupted. Check fuse and power supply.

windscreen wiper unit


Horn failed. Replace horn.

Power supply interrupted. Check fuse and power supply.

Windscreen wiper motor failed. Replace windscreen wiper motor.

Windscreen washer pump failed. Replace windscreen wash water pump.

No windscreen wash water. Top up windscreen wash water.

Windscreen wash water line interrupted. Replace windscreen wash water line.

heating output inadequate. Heating water valve partially closed. Open heating water valve.

Vent filter clogged. Clean and/or replace vent filter.

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