2 Directions of safe operation

2.1 Operators

MENZI MUCK excavators may only be operated or serviced by these people who:

a) are physically and mentally capable

b) have been instructed in the operation and servicing of the machine, and who have proved their

capability and from whom one may expect that they

c) are reliable enough to carry out the responsibilities assigned to them.

d) They should have a permit from the owner to operate or service the machine.

2.2 Operating

The machine should only be operated from the operator’s seat. Ensure that all hand rails and foot steps

(i.e. those parts used for entering the machine) are kept in a perfect condition.

2.3 Operating instructions

For servicing, maintenance, repair and transport work please follow the manufacturer’s instruction

manual. The contractor is responsible for adapting safety instructions to local laws and conditions, where

necessary. Operating instructions and written directions should be displayed visibly in the operator’s cab

or at the site of operation.

2.4 Road driving

Menzi Muck may only be driven on public roads when a permit has been obtained.

2.5 Danger Zone

No one is allowed within the machine’s danger zone. The danger zone is that area around the machine

where people could come to harm through operational movements (of the machine it’s hydraulic arm or

accessories) or through falling debris or collapsing machine parts. The operator may only operate the

machine when no one is within the danger zone. The operator must warn those people of approaching

the danger zone. If they do not leave the danger zone, the operator must stop work. Compliance with

these instructions will ensure that those accidents that are typical for excavator operations, e.g. when

transferring loads or during spotting etc. are avoided.

2.6 Safety distance

To avoid danger of crushing, a safety gap of minimum 0,5 m / 1,5 ft should be left between the machine

and solid constructions such as buildings, working faces, scaffolding and other machines. If for some

reason the safety gap cannot be maintained, then the gap should be barricaded.

2.7 Stability

The machine may only be operated as long as it’s stability is assured. Factors which can impair the

machine’s stability are: overloading, unstable subsoil, sudden acceleration or working on very steep

slopes. Important also is that the operator adapts his style of work to the environmental conditions, and

that loads should be moved as near the ground as possible (to lower the center of gravity).

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