Menzi Muck A61

4.6 Tilting cab

The boom must be extended and lowered to the ground

The cab must be released before it can be tilted. Pull forward

the cab release lever (A) located below the driver seat. This

releases the locking pins.

Open the rear cover (see Opening rear cover). Open the

lock with the latch (B). Keep the latch pressed until the cab is

raised out of its location.

Tilt the cab using the hydraulic pump.Ensure that the valve

actuation valve (C) is switched to the right so that the

hydraulic oil is routed into the tilting cylinder.Keep hand lever

(D) pressed until the cab is fully tilted (fully extend cylinder).

When the cab is in the tilted position, the cab

fastening mechanism (E) must be positioned.

Never carry out service or inspection work without the

cab being secured.

Lower and lock the cab after completing work in the same


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