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7. Operating the upper structure

7.1 General

7.1.1 Working regulations for hoisting operation in the EC.

Lifting and moving loads with a hook up device, eg rope or chain is called hoisting operation. Dislocation

of pieces, pipes or machines can be such a hoisting operation.

7.1.2 Safety conditions

– Loads may only be moved with activated overload warning device

– Adjustment of overload warning device corresponds to the highest possible stability of the machine,

ie telescoping jacks and wheels must be brought to their widest position and the jacks must be half


– The chassis should be placed as low as possible

– The excavator must be placed on an even and paved ground

– Otherwise, the operator must taken adequate precautions

7.1.3 Arbeitsvorgänge

If a load should be moved within the adjusted sector range the overload warning device is switched ON.

If an accoustic or visual signal is triggered when lifting a load or when extending the boom then the load

must be lowered to the bottom immediately (danger of tilting).

Attention: The manufacturer refuses to accept any liability for damage resulting form non­

observance of operating instructions or if the customer carries out changes to the overload

warning device.

7.1.4 Sector range of hoisting operation

Stability in the sector range at ISO 10567

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