– 500 hour service only by authorized workshops.

– Shut down engine and activate ignition. The hydraulic system has to be at zero­pressure

by activating the control lever and opening the hydraulic tank screw­cap (hydraulic tank is


– Shut down engine. Exceptions are only allowed for maintenance and repair works which cannot be

carried out without running engine.

– If in the absence of an assembly pit, the excavator has to be hoisted by the boom, legs or wheels,

work should begin on the chassis only when the raised side of the excavator has been stabilised.

(e.g. timber underlay)

– Disconnect battery when carry out welding jobs.

– After completing servicing, assembly maintenance operations, replace all safety devices.

– Use only original spare parts to ensure correct function and warranty conditions.

– Carry out adjustments on engine or hyraulic system according to manufacturer’s specifications. In

no case, change original adjustments without consulting with the manufacturer.

– Ensure that all important parts of the excavator, such as hand rails and foot steps (i.e. those parts

used for entering the vehicle) are kept in perfect condition.

– All observed defects should be reported to the responsible foreman or to the succeeding operator.

– If you know there is a malfunction, a part that needs adjustment, stop the machine immediately.

– After conclusion of repair works check effectiveness of operating elements and safety devices.

– The pump housing must be filled before the pump is started following any work on the hydraulic


It is worth reading this lubricating schedule attentively and carefully observing the individual points. In

this way you will help to avoid failure and to give it a longer service life. You will save time, money and


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