Menzi Muck A61

13. Engine and cooling system

13.1 General

This operating manual provides supplementary machine information. It does not contain detailed

information on maintaining, commissioning and storing the diesel engine. For details on the engine, refer

to the operating manual provided by the manufacturer of the engine.

13.2 Cooling water

The coolant level must be checked every day prior to

beginning work. This is easily done by opening the right

casing. The level in the cooling unit must completely fill the

gauge. Additionally, the level in the expansion cylinder is

continually monitored and displayed on the display (see

chapter 5). If the display lights up during operation, the

coolant is low and must be replenished immediately. This

is achieved by tipping the cab. The coolant cover is located

toward the rear under the cover.

When the engine is warm, the coolant circuit is under

pressure. Be carefully when opening the radiator cap not to be burned by spraying steam.

The cab cannot be tilted completely, as otherwise the heater would be above the level of the

radiator, resulting in the potential formation of air bubbles in the system.

13.3 Cooling water quality

The cooling water quality you used has a significant influence on the efficiency and life span of the

cooling system. Basically, a mix of maximum 40­ 60% anti­freeze should be used. Use clean and soft

water for the cooling system (see the operating manual provided by the engine manufacturer).

13.4 Cleaning radiator

The engine, hydraulic, charge and air conditioning coolers must be cleaned periodically and any dirt

removed. Regular maintenance is especially essential when working in extremely dusty environments

and damp weather. The radiators are mounted in a

maintenance­friendly location on the right­hand side and can


be easily accessed by opening the engine cover.

The air­conditioner radiator can be pushed forward (D) and

folded down, by loosening the screw (C) providing easy

access to the radiators located behind it.

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The radiators must not be damaged by excessive

water pressure when cleaning.


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