13.5 Servicing the air filter

The interval for servicing the air filter unit depends on the

dust concentration in the air and on the speed of the engine.

Ideally the filter cartridges are only cleaned or replaced when

the service switch is activated (no later than the ordered

hours). However, every time on starting up the engine it

should be briefly brought up to its maximum speed, and

then it should be observed whether the lamp lights up, and

thus the functioning of the monitoring system is checked.

Regarding the replacement of the air filter cartridge, refer to

the engine operaters manual.

13.6 Heating/Air conditioning system maintenance

With few exceptions, the heating and air conditioning system does not require any maintenance.

To ensure the fault­free operation and maximum performance of the system, depending on dust

concentration levels, the intake air must be flushed out of the air channel in the intake port at least every

150 operating hours. The intake air flow will be reduced dramatically if the filter elements are excessively

dirty, considerably affecting heating and cooling performance. The filter element is easy to maintain and

can be accessed from the left­hand side of the machine by removing the intake port.


The air conditioning system coolant circuit contains approx. 750 g of coolant. The manufacturer

designation of the coolant used, which is a tetra­fluoro­ethane compound, is R134a. Unlike the

compounds used in the past, like R12, which were composed of

fluorine, chlorine, carbon and hydrogen, this coolant meets the

conditions and requirements of a modern environmentally­friendly

coolant. However, guidelines governing the use of such coolants,

which are designed to protect health and the environment, must be


A61B Luftfilter

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