15.6.3 Replacing the partial flow filter (optional)

The partial flow filter must be replaced after every 500 hours of

operation. The filter is located on the hydraulic tank next to the

filling nozzle. Remove the three screws (A) from the filter cover

and detach the cover carefully. Remove the filter element

(B) and dispose of it. Clean the filter housing and the filter

cover. Slide the new filter element into the clean filter housing.

Before mounting the filter cover, check that the sealing ring

(C) is correctly seated in the groove. Mount cover and tighten


15.7 Hydraulic pumps

The latest generation of LIFD pumps (load­independent flow

division) works with a variable displacement axial piston

pump (D), working pressure 280 bar. The control is highly

sensitive. The LIFD eliminates all the drawbacks of the old

load sensing control. The total output is 300 l/min. / 79.25

US­Gall. Working hydraulics 170 l/min. / 44.9 US­Gall., drive

hydraulics 130 l/min. / 34.35 US­Gall.. The traction drive (E)

is actuated by a separate variable displacement axial piston

pump. The working pressure is 400 bar. During repair work,

the stop­cocks can be used to disable supply to the working


The pump housing must be filled via connection (D, E)

prior to starting up or carrying out repair work on the

hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump must never be

operated with closed stop­cocks.




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