2011 Price List Liste De Prix - Heel


2011 Price List Liste De Prix - Heel

Books - Livres

87035 The Clinical Guide to Biopuncture by Jan Kersschot, M.D. $55.00

This book describes how musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, headaches, inflammations

and allergies can be treated by Biopuncture. Cases from the author's practice, as

well as from those physicians who have attended (the author's) Biopuncture courses,

reveal new insights into the scope of using these injections in daily practice. Although

research on local biotherapeutic injections is lacking, a lot of anecdotal information on

the benefits of Biopuncture is coming to the surface these days. This textbook is a call

for further experimental and controlled clinical studies on Biopuncture. More and more

patients are reporting to their family physicians that they got rid of neck pain without

cortisone injections or that they avoided back surgery for a herniated disc after being

treated by a biopuncturist. As a result, a lot of physicians these days find Biopuncture

intriguing. And those doctors who have learned about the techniques of Biopuncture

and practice this injection technique on a daily basis describe it as an effective and

safe procedure in the treatment of a variety of disorders covering general practice,

pain management and sports injuries.

87023 Homotoxicology and Ground Regulation System (GRS) $20.35

by Hartmut Heine, M.D.

This 75-page book discusses the structure and essential roles of the ground substance

or matrix with its interactive systems and its implications for diagnostic and therapeutic

measures in antihomotoxic medicine. Nothing less than a revolutionary approach to the

maintenance of homeostasis!

87028 Inflammation Means Healing by Bruno Van Brandt $19.35

This 80-page publication presents a different view on inflammation. It is no longer

seen as a disease process, but more as a self-regulating process of detoxification.

As valuable regulation therapy, the antihomotoxic treatment adjusts this regulation

instead of suppressing or blocking it.

87025 Injured... What now by Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt and H.J. Montag $15.25

How to handle sport injuries when every minute counts is explained to you in a

very practical and explicit way. (135 pages)

87015 Materia Medica, 4 th Revised Edition, 2002 $61.20

by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, M.D.

A comprehensive reference which gives information on the derivation and primary

clinical uses of remedies Dr. Reckeweg frequently employed. Due to its prescriptions

of nosodes, sarcodes and other generally less prescribed remedies, this volume is

invaluable for practitioners. It can also be used well to complement other Materia

Medica. (626 pages including a CD)


87021 Homotoxicologie et biothérapie par Bruno Van Brandt $19.35

Cet ouvrage explique d’une façon détaillée l’homotoxicologie telle qu’élaborée par

le Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, et adaptée ensuite suivant les développements les

plus récents de la médecine biothérapeutique. Ce livre de 120 pages est un «must»

pour tous ceux qui désirent approfondir leurs connaissances en biothérapie.

87020 Médecine antihomotoxique en chirurgie dentaire journalière $15.30

par Werner Becker, M.D.

Cette brochure scientifique de 76 pages démontre la nécessité d’un point de vue

holistique dans la médecine naturelle moderne. La thérapie antihomo toxique

y trouve une place toute particulière.

Others - Autres

89502 DVD - Weekend Intensive on the theory and therapeutics $153.00

of antihomotoxic medicine by Dr. Alta Smit

Bridging Naturopathy and Pathophysiology in your practice

(Approximate duration: 17 hours - 5 DVD package + course notes)

86900 Pipettes (for/pour ampoules) 12 / $1.85


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