New Innovative Culinary Arts Programme In ... - César Ritz Colleges

New Innovative Culinary Arts Programme In ... - César Ritz Colleges

November 2006 n°39

New Innovative Culinary Arts Programme

On October 1, 2006 «César Ritz» Colleges

Switzerland launched the Culinary Arts Academy,

Switzerland. This innovative educational

undertaking is based on 25 years of Food &

Beverage teaching experience at «César Ritz»

Colleges and will further enhance the range of

learning opportunities its students already enjoy.

Located at Institut Hôtelier «César Ritz»,

Le Bouveret, the Academy will initially offer two

programmes, i.e. the Advanced Certifi cate in

Culinary Arts and the Swiss Higher Diploma in

Culinary Studies.

The Culinary Arts Academy seeks to develop

graduates who aspire to be different – not only to

appreciate excellence but to provide it. The culinary

The Chef

The Culinary Arts Academy

in action

Gastronomy calls for high levels of innovation,

creativity and for certain traditions to be observed

if it is to be practised well. Some culinary trends

disappear shortly after emerging and some enjoy

success for several decades. Others even outlive

their creators!

Some of the most popular cuisines today are Asian,

Mexican, Eastern European, Mediterranean, and the

classics – Italian and French. While all these styles

come from very different cultural backgrounds

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world offers a myriad of possibilities including

positions as chefs, managers, restaurateurs and

specialists within the gastronomic industry.

The programmes develop a solid foundation in the

appreciation of culinary excellence with a balance

of hands-on classes and theory, allowing future

employment throughout the world. Students

progress through traditional culinary best practice

to the study of international and ethnic cuisines.

At the Academy, students are prepared for the

future by experiencing different cultures and

excellent culinary practice. The courses taught

include regional cuisines, baking and pastry art,

beverage management as well as principles of

marketing and intercultural studies.

Small classes require students to work individually

and in teams, under the guidance of “world class”

chefs who highlight the values of our Leadership

Programme. Each student has a personal advisor to

assist and guide them during their studies.

Reto Leder, Director of Marketing & Communication

«César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland

and require an endless list of ingredients, they have

one thing in common: their success is due to the

professional people who have mastered the art to

perfection. These people are successful because

they possess key aptitudes such as character,

leadership and team spirit. They are also curious

and value education.

Bruno Neveu

Programme Director of the Culinary Arts Academy

at Institut Hôtelier «César Ritz» in Switzerland

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News from «César Ritz» Colleges

Partners in Excellence

Directors of hotel and tourism schools from all over North and

South America took part in the 2nd seminar on “Total Quality

Management in Professional Education”, held at University

La Sabana in the Colombian capital, Bogota, from February 20

to 24, 2006. The event was sponsored by the Nestlé Foundation

“Pro Gastronomia” and the Limmat Foundation, Zurich.

The 50 participants at the seminar were all directors of hotel and

tourism schools from 16 countries, including Canada, the USA,

Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia and Peru. The schools

were of different educational levels.

The photo shows: Mr Otmar Sorgenfrei, Dr Oskar Sykora

and Mr Reto Leder with two of the seminar participants

A Strengthened Partnership with MMU

University Centre «César Ritz» (UCCR) is cementing its relationship

with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) by converting its

Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management

(PgDip-IHM) into a fully validated programme of the British

university. It’s expected that a newly validated course will be offered

at UCCR from the beginning of next year.

UCCR has offered the Postgraduate Diploma in International

Hospitality Management, which is already formally recognized

by MMU, for the past six years.

By converting the course into a fully validated MMU programme,

there will be a heightened level of academic cooperation that

Invited guest speakers were Dr Oskar Sykora, former Director of

Ecole Hôtelière de Genève and Reto Leder, Director of Marketing

and Communication of «César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland.

The seminar consisted of theoretical sessions as well as workshops

in which those taking part were asked to develop concepts on

how to improve the teaching of essential skills at their respective

schools. The event also raised the opportunity to set up regional

networks with the aim of facilitating information exchange and

knowledge sharing between schools of a similar nature.

The involvement of «César Ritz» Colleges was no accident! Our

partnership and friendship with the Nestlé Foundation has a

long history and Mr Otmar Sorgenfrei, Executive Director of the

Foundation from 1998 to 2006, has been a regular guest at IHCR

graduation ceremonies.

University La Sabana is one Colombia’s leading universities and

its Business School, INALDE, enjoys an excellent reputation even

beyond the country’s borders.

In 2004, «César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland signed an agreement

of academic cooperation with La Sabana allowing students to

complete a dual bachelor degree in Colombia and Switzerland.

Similar agreements have recently been signed with the University

of Piura in Peru and the University Del Istmo in Guatemala.

Reto Leder

Director of Marketing & Communication

«César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland

will facilitate knowledge-sharing and strengthen research


The validation panel comprises members from both institutions,

including the MMU’s Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of Faculty,

Professor Murray, the President of «César Ritz» Colleges,

Mr Kisseleff and the UCCR School Director, Mr Gutzwiller. MMU

is the United Kingdom’s fourth most popular university with 33,000

students enrolled in more than 700 courses. It is also ranked fourth

among new universities in terms of attracting research funds from

the Higher Education Funding Council for England.

Dr Matthew Yap, Director, Postgraduate Programme, UCCR

«César Ritz» & WSU – More than Just Good Friends!

It was more than just two signatures on a piece of paper – it

was the symbol of a 22 year-old relationship and a promise of

shared learning to come. On 19 September 2006, Martin Kisseleff,

the President of «César Ritz» Colleges and Dr Eric Spangenberg,

the Dean of Washington State University (WSU) College of

Business, cemented the relationship started so many years ago.

Dr Lance LeLoup, Associate Vice Provost of International Programs

and Dr David Whitbee, Associate Dean of the College of Business

accompanied Dr Spangenberg.

In 2006, a semester-abroad programme replaced the WSU Bachelor

of Arts degree previously offered at the Brig campus. Twenty-seven

students enrolled in the new degree programme for WSU students

in the College of Business with a WSU faculty member teaching

two of the courses with UCCR students attending the WSU classes

and exchange students taking various courses from UCCR offerings.

The UCCR credits for courses taken by the exchange students go

directly into their WSU transcripts. Assuming the leadership is

Dr David Sprott, a former exchange faculty in Brig for the old BA


More good news is that a new programme will start for the 2007

Fall Term. UCCR students who have completed 90 ECTS with good

Surpassing Career Dreams

In 1994, Matthew Yap began the Diploma programme at the

Institut Hôtelier «César Ritz» with the dream of becoming a hotel

manager at one of Singapore’s top luxury hotels.

In June 2006, Matthew Yap graduated with a Doctorate of

Philosophy from Manchester Metropolitan University after

years of research conducted while holding a full-time position

at UCCR as Postgraduate Programme Director, Registrar and

Lecturer. Dr Yap also leads the «César Ritz» Colleges research

group and is responsible for the co-ordination of research and

its dissemination in journals, at conferences and through our

own website.

Such research activities are essential to ensure that faculty

members keep up-to-date with current teaching methods and

trends. Sharing results with other academics is an important

benchmarking tool, encourages networking and benefi ts student

teaching. In addition, students can publish their own fi ndings on

the internet to share their work with other industry professionals,

including «César Ritz» Colleges alumni.

academic standing will earn an International Business Certifi cate

(IBUS) in addition to their BIB degrees. This is conditional on

completing two WSU-taught courses as part of the normal BIB

programme plus two additional international business courses

offered by WSU faculty members (one of the two courses taken via

distance learning). A fee will be charged by WSU for these courses.

WSU students, on the other hand, will earn either a minor or a

major in International Business for courses taken at UCCR.

Apart from strengthening our overall cooperation, this new

programme is expected to bring 30 WSU students and many faculty

members to Brig each winter and fall terms.

Plans are currently under way to allow UCCR graduates with the

BIB degree and the IBUS Certifi cate to directly enter the accelerated

WSU MBA programme in Pullman. Approval of this programme

sits with the faculty senate at WSU. If approved, «César Ritz»

Colleges students could earn the UCCR BIB and the WSU MBA in

just four years – an exciting prospect! Not bad for signing a piece

of paper one day in September.

Dr Michael Vieregge

Dean of Faculty, UCCR

Matthew with his parents and Dr Liz Ineson,

his PhD supervisor from MMU

Dr Yap is the fi rst «César Ritz» Colleges faculty member to

graduate with a PhD in the framework of the UCCR faculty

development programme. At present, another four faculty

members are studying for Doctorates under the same scheme.

Martin Kisseleff, President «César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland


News from «César Ritz» Colleges

International Alliances – a Win-Win Strategy

The hospitality and tourism industries are global and require

multicultural, internationally educated and experienced managers.

For this reason, «César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland sets great store

by its international partnerships.

Leading hotels and restaurants, airlines, resorts and online travel

agencies all need managers able to cope with the complexities

of modern-day business. Therefore, a wide range of Swiss and

international courses are offered at «César Ritz» Colleges, which

draws students and faculty members from all over the world. In

addition, a network of affi liated colleges and universities exists to

provide a genuinely international experience both to our students

and to those of partner institutions.

Currently, «César Ritz» Colleges offers student exchanges and

structured study programmes with affi liated institutions in the

following countries:


Washington State University

An academic partner of University Centre «César Ritz» with

students able to transfer to the MBA programme at Washington

State, and WSU students to take a semester abroad programme

at UCCR as a requirement for the International Business Degree

offered by WSU

Paul Smith’s College

Joint activities in the culinary programme and careers fairs

Iceland School of Hotel and Catering,


«César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland signed an Agreement for

Academic Cooperation with Iceland School of Hotel and Catering,

Kópavogur, on 21 June 2006.

The photo shows Hervé Fournier, IHCR’s School Director,

Carolyn Thompson, Dean at IHCR, Martin Kisseleff, President of

«César Ritz» Colleges, Margrét Friðriksdóttir,

School Director of the High School and Vocation

School, Baldur Sæmundsson, Programme Director

of the Hospitality School of Iceland, the Iceland

School of Hotel and Catering, Kópavogur with

Arni Solonsson, «César Ritz» Representative.

Florida Gulf University

Summer abroad programme and credit transfers, especially for

resort/club management


International College of Management Sydney

International Bachelor degree programme. Students follow

one year at the Institut Hôtelier «César Ritz» in Switzerland, a

second at ICMS in Australia, and a third at the University Centre

«César Ritz» in Switzerland

New Zealand:

Queenstown Resort College

After a two-year diploma, students may transfer to Brig to

graduate with a Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and

Tourism Management within one calendar year

United Kingdom:

Manchester Metropolitan University

Validates University Centre «César Ritz» Post Graduate Diploma

and offers a Master of Science in International Hospitality


Other academic partnerships exist with colleges and universities in

China, India, Scandinavia, Iceland, Russia, Germany, Peru, Columbia,

Guatemala, Spain and Abu Dhabi.

Martin Kisseleff, President «César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland

Falcon College of

Hotel Management & Tourism

With the incredible boom in tourism and the construction of

international 5-star hotels in the Gulf area of the UAE, together

with the lack of trained professionals for middle management and

management of the hospitality sector, Dr Abdulla Al Fahim of Abu

Dhabi has decided to invest in the development of an international

hotel management college in Abu Dhabi.

In consequence, an agreement has recently been signed

between Dr Abdulla Al Fahim, Chairman of Falcon College of

Hotel Management & Tourism, and Martin Kisseleff, President

of «César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland. «César Ritz» Colleges will

provide an academic programme which is very similar in content

to the renowned Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management

which has been offered by «César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland

since 1982.

The photo shows Devlal Sahadevan, Faculty – Department of Food

& Beverage at Falcon College with Jin Ding, «César Ritz» alumnus;

Dr Abdulla Al Fahim, Chairman of Falcon College; Sabah Ali Obaed,

Administrative Offi cer at Falcon College as well as Martin Kisseleff,

President of «César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland.

Opening Doors… and Minds!

Students serving different

“cuisines” from around

the world

«César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland prepares for yet another

milestone in its history: two brand new student dorms are being

built in Brig.

It’s hard to believe, but it is now more than nine years since the

fi rst batch of students from the University Centre «César Ritz»,

with their “pioneering spirit,” moved into the newly built ICHALET


They took up residence on 2 July 1997, but not without their

construction helmets to protect them from falling rubble, as the

building was not quite complete at the time. There were power

cuts, water came in whenever it rained, and the noisy construction

work began at 7 a.m. – so who needed an alarm clock?! But

it was worth dealing with all these drawbacks, considering the

facilities we used to have at the old Hotel Elite-Müller.

unit, a small dining room and a study room.

On 8 September, the Institut Hôtelier

«César Ritz» opened its doors to local

residents of the picturesque lakeshore

village of Le Bouveret where IHCR is

situated. As part of their academic

programme and practical experience,

the students from the Events

Management Class learn to organize

and manage a special event. This term,

the “Shiraz” class had the opportunity

to show what they could do by taking

charge of the open day.

Guests were able to discover the

campus and its rich history, as well

as see a number of demonstrations

and typical College activities. These

Helmets in Bed - a Thing of the Past...


in the southern

wing of the Good

Night Inn Hotel

complex, where

University Centre

«César Ritz» rents

the first three

fl oors. It comprises

59 double rooms,

three small single

rooms, a kitchen

The 10-year contract signed with Mr Bodenmann from Good

Night Inn is due to expire in summer 2007. For that reason,

immediately after the schools were bought by Martin Kisseleff

and Bernhard Schwestermann, the decision was taken to build

our own student accommodation. This will enable us to provide

our students with the type of facilities that they expect from a

modern campus.

There will soon be two seven-storey buildings, called Xenius and

Themis, connected by a common reception and lounge area.

Entry to the buildings will be by means of a student ID card.

ranged from culinary demonstrations

by chef Bruno Neveu (who showed

how to make delicious ice cream

using liquid nitrogen); entertainment

by international students who gave

a glimpse of their diverse cultures;

impressive dining table setting

demonstrations; and a special

presentation on the involvement of

«César Ritz» Colleges in major events

such as the Olympics.

Guests also had the opportunity to

taste different cuisines from around

the world, prepared by the students,

while local producers offered local

food and wines.

There will be 220

single rooms each

with a private

bathroom, TV,

fridge, and most

importantly, highspeed


access. There

will also be eight

kitchen areas, a

120m2 dining

room, three study rooms, a fi tness room and lounge area. An

entertainment centre will be built in the basement, as well as

a number of underground parking spaces, and an area for

parking bicycles and storing the luggage of students going on


Xenius and Themis are conveniently located halfway between the

Brig train station and the University Centre «César Ritz» – only

5 minutes away from each.

The construction permit has now been granted and work began in

September 2006. Students should be able to move to Xenius and

Themis in October 2007: just one of the things that «César Ritz»

students have to look forward to!

Daniel Gutwziller, Director, UCCR

Chef Neveu

demonstrating how to

make ice cream

The names of the buildings, Xenius and Themis, are adapted

from names of Greek gods and goddesses. Xenius comes from

Xenios, the God

of hospitality

and guests, who

avenged wrong

done to guests

and strangers.

Themis, daughter

of Xenios, is the

Goddess of order,

custom, law and



News from Down Under

Arabian Knights in Sydney

More than 130 industry supporters

were transported by magic carpet into

an Arabian Night fantasy at ICMS on

11 August 2006. Guests were welcomed

by Arabian sheiks and found themselves

in a bustling market place with merchants

selling their exotic wares, cheerful snake

charmers, brightly clothed belly dancers

and mysterious tarot card readers.

The evening was coordinated by a

talented group of ICMS events and

QRC’s Executive Education Series Proves a Success

New Zealand’s Queenstown Resort College (QRC) is leading the

way with its unique executive education series designed for future

managers in the tourism and hospitality industries.

The programme, the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere,

was introduced 12 months ago. It has already received widespread

support from New Zealand’s burgeoning hotel and tourism

industries, with large and small businesses alike benefi ting from

staff development.

Renowned presenters from all over the world provide a depth of

experience and expertise not previously available in New Zealand.

A purpose-built executive suite provides the ideal environment for

the range of courses offered.

The presenters include Dr Hannah Messerli from New York

University whose area of expertise is tourism development and

The student lounge at

Queenstown Resort College

QRC Students Start Internships

The fi rst students to follow Queenstown Resort College’s (QRC)

hospitality management diploma are starting their industry

internships as part of their 18-month programme of studies in

Queenstown. The inaugural course began in April 2006.

The diploma is delivered in partnership with the International

College of Management Sydney (ICMS) in association with

«César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland. After completing their studies

at QRC, students can transfer to Sydney where the diploma can

be credited towards the ICMS/Macquarie University Bachelor of

Business Administration. Alternatively, they can attend «César Ritz»

Colleges in Switzerland and graduate with a Bachelor of International

Business in Hotel and Tourism Management.

hospitality students. They were responsible for choosing the theme,

working to a budget and all aspects of coordinating the function

on the night. Guests were served a three-course meal, whilst being

entertained by a three-piece band before retiring to the Shisha

Lounge to relax ‘harem style’.

The evening was an opportunity to say thank you to the many

international, national and local employers who support the

College by providing students with training and employment


Adam Stepcich, Career Services Manager, ICMS

planning; Sandro Formica of Temple University USA whose courses

are designed to stimulate marketing creativity; and Gordon Potter of

Cornell University whose area of expertise is fi nancial management.

The success of the series led to the fi rst off-site executive education

course. Dr Messerli conducted a three-day training session for

Accor Hotels and Resorts management personnel in Fiji.

“We were pleased with the success of this inaugural offshore course

which attracted people at mid-management level as well as general

managers. The response was excellent,” says Jan Fitz-Gerald, QRC’s

Chief Executive. “The endorsement received from both the hotel

and tourism industries gives us confi dence that we are meeting the

demands of the market and the executive education programme

will continue to expand.”

Emeritus Associate Jan Fitz-Gerald

Chief Executive, Queenstown Resort College

Students in front of the

Queenstown Resort College

Several high-profi le establishments have offered students six-month

internships, proof that the course has gained swift recognition.

The new diploma is an important initiative in efforts to overcome

the shortage of skilled staff in the industry.

Queenstown Resort College is pleased to be part of the ICMS and

«César Ritz» family. The College has also created a partnership

with Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Colombia,

to provide international study opportunities to those following the

adventure tourism management diploma in Canada.

Emeritus Associate Jan Fitz-Gerald

Chief Executive, Queenstown Resort College

Ten Years of «César Ritz»

Programmes in Australia

The 10th birthday celebration of The International College of

Management, Sydney was held on 28 September, on Graduation

day. Mr Martin Kisseleff, President of «César Ritz» Colleges

Switzerland and Professor John Loxton, Deputy Vice Chancellor,

Macquarie University Australia, presented a birthday gift to the

college, a life-sized bronze statue, entitled “The Graduate”.

Research for Future Studies

Dominic Szambowski, the Head of Academic Programs at ICMS,

recently visited The Higher Education Academy in Hospitality, Sport,

Leisure and Tourism (HSLT) at Oxford Brookes University in the UK.

The visit was in relation to an ICMS project to gather data from

Australian and New Zealand universities concerned with assessing

intercultural management skills in hospitality and tourism students.

Judie Gannon, also of Oxford Brookes, is leading the project.

From left to right: Dr Glauco De Vita - Reader in

International Business Economics, Nina Becket - Assistant

Director of HSLT, Dominic Szambowski - ICMS,

Judie Gannon - Senior Lecturer Hospitality

Developments in international hospitality and tourism have driven

the emergence of international management programs for the two

industries in recent years. In spite of this, how internationalization

is understood and delivered through the curriculum is open to

interpretation. The project aims to identify the components

of such courses with results being used to further develop the

understanding and subsequent teaching of international issues

and intercultural management skills.

Mr Szambowski realized when comparing notes with the renowned

experts at Oxford Brookes that the intercultural subjects taught

at ICMS were “cutting edge”. He also reported how he felt that

the “internationality” of ICMS, of which all could be proud,

inherently contributed to graduate outcomes and better equipping


Dominic Szambowski, Head of Academic Programs, ICMS

College Students Play a

Leading Role in

Kidman-Urban Wedding

Students of The International

College of Management,

Sydney (ICMS), site of the

wedding and reception

for Nicole Kidman and

Keith Urban, gained

invaluable experience in

the smooth running of the


15 students of the College’s

Hospitality and Event

Management award winning

programs fulfi lled a range

of important roles in the

event, as well as the college’s

Head Chef and function

managers. The roles included

servicing the reception, food

production, event set up and

function management.

The students and staff

enjoyed this once in a lifetime

learning experience, in which they performed their duties

under pressure and under the scrutiny of the media, local and

international celebrities.

Andrew Leary, General Manager, ICMS

Nicole Kidman and

Keith Urban shortly after

their wedding ceremony

on 25 June

The team members from left to right:

• Johan Cronstedt - Australia - ICMS/MQ Masters of

Commerce graduate

• Doug Jespersen - Norway - BBA Hospitality Management


• Nick Harriman - ICMS Operations Manager

• Ivonne Yulianty - Indonesia - BBA Hospitality Management


• Andrew Leary - ICMS General Manager

• Elie Bassil - Lebanon - BBA Hospitality Management


• Vidar Saether - Norway - BBA Hospitality Management



«César Ritz» Family News

Sophia & Thomas

Marie-Isabel &


Vera & Alfonso

It was in August 2005 that Tanja Reimann tied the knot

with Jens Muenchenbach, a German chef who works at

the Follmer House Hilton. After seven years in Washington

DC, Tanja moved to Chicago where she is enjoying her

job as Assistant Director of Revenue Management at the

Conrad Hotel in Chicago.

After falling in love in Nice, Alexander Nurock got

married to Lilith Tadevossian in December 2005. They

had a nice traditional wedding in Armenia where they

live, and a big dinner party in Israel. Alex is Director of

Sales & Marketing at Armenia Marriott Hotel in Yerevan

and writes: “Everything is fi ne since my last position of

International Director of Sales at Riviera Marriott Hotel

La Porte de Monaco and Athens Ledra Marriott Hotel. I’ve

been offered a move to Yerevan to lead the sales team.

Yerevan is a new market which offers great development

opportunities and new challenges.”

The wedding of Sophia Jing Su was celebrated last

December. Sophia and her husband Thomas Vasic live just 5 minutes away

from Geneva, in Ambilly, France.

Andreas Christoforou and Eleonora celebrated their wedding on 25 April.

The ceremony was followed by a cocktail reception and dinner at the Hilton

Park Hotel. The newly-wed couple spent their honeymoon in Mauritius.

Andreas works as Course Supervisor of the Travel, Tourism and Hotel

Management program at Frederick Institute of Technology in Nicosia, the

second largest college in Cyprus. He has also started his PhD with a British

University on a part-time basis.

Marie-Isabel Kochendoerfer and Christoph Brauckhoff were married last

August: “On the way back from our honeymoon in Italy, we made a short

stop-over in Brig, to show my husband where I studied. We decided to come

back another time and spend more time in the area. I left Brig in December

1992 for UMASS and fi nished my degree there in 1994. I then enrolled at

the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland for my Masters in Tourism.

Once I had my MSc, I worked briefl y in Heidelberg for a tourism marketing

company and worked as Marketing Assistant with Utell International in

Frankfurt. I changed jobs two years later and started my eight-year career

with Tourism Ireland situated in Frankfurt, where I have been everything

from Travel Advisor to Marketing Assistant and Promotions Rep. I have now

specialized in E-Marketing & Cross Media and am responsible for everything

in this area for all of Central Europe. As we recently moved, change is on

the way. We will see where it leads me this time.” Marie-Isabel would love

to hear from old friends:

The wedding of Trent and Hillary Rath (now Carpenter) was celebrated

on 18 February. Hillary writes: “I enjoy reading the alumni news and

remembering my fun times in Brig! I attended ICHA as an exchange student

from Washington State University in 1997. After graduating, I moved to

San Diego, where I worked at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort as a National

Sales Manager. In 2004, I moved to Oregon, where I worked as Senior

Sales Manager at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel. We

are now moving to Santiago, Chile, for a year or two, where my husband

and I will work at Key Knife, Inc. I will work part-time, while taking Spanish

classes. We will also take this opportunity to travel all over South America.”

Vera Smorodina and Alfonso Biondo Maiz, a 100% «César Ritz» couple,

tied the knot on 26 August! Who would have thought that their love story

would lead to a wedding, when they started dating in Brig, in spring 2003?

Vera writes: “Our beautiful wedding took place in St. Petersburg, my home

city, where guests joined us from many countries. Marco Farina, also a

former UCCR student, was present at our wedding! We are going to live

in Madrid where Alfonso is working as a Sales Manager at a big insurance

Tanja & Jens

Alex & Lilith

Andreas & Eleonora

Hillary & Trent

Sharina & Carlos

Simone & Dierck

company. Warm regards to all the faculty members and students from Brig

who remember us. We would like to thank you for everything and to wish

you all the best in the future.” and

Carlos and Sharina Wilk-Enciso chose 25 March for their wedding. Family

members and friends came from Asia and the United States to attend the

civil ceremony in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Sharina moved from Myanmar

to Schweinfurt in Germany where her husband currently works for the US

Army. Their church wedding will take place in December.

The wedding of Felix Chi Wai Wong and Carol took place on 7 April at

the Conrad Hong Kong, where Felix works as Meeting Services Manager.

“We went to Europe for our honeymoon and spent three days in Geneva.

Unfortunately, our schedule did not allow us to come back to «César Ritz»

for a visit. As I would love to see some old faces, I will try to come to the

alumni reunion in Switzerland in May 2007!”

20 May was the big day for Isabel Yanguas Balmaseda, when she said

“I do” to the man in her life, Cesar Guardamino. Isabel writes: “I work in

my family business in Madrid, which has been running olive oil farms for

several centuries in the South of Spain. We are taking up a new challenge,

not only producing the olives but making our fi rst production of the fi nest

olive oil next year. Our target is a very high class gourmet industry and we

will export all over the world.” If anyone is interested in trying Isabel’s fi nest

olive oil, you are welcome to contact her at

On 29 July we celebrated the wedding of former «César Ritz» students

Simone Back and Dierck Kersten, who found love while studying at the

University Centre «César Ritz» in Brig. The wedding was held in Simone’s

hometown of Messkirch, not far from the river Donau, in the South of

Germany. Since graduating in 2003, the newly-weds have been inseparable.

After spending a year and a half together in Colorado, they now reside

in Bavaria, Germany. Dierck’s family and friends fl ew in from the USA to

celebrate the marriage. Simone’s family and friends went to great lengths

to create the dream wedding the bride and groom greatly deserved. The

wonderful reception afterwards was held in traditional German style, with a

lot of joy. Helene Tichawa, Arne Christian Meyer and Fredrik Svensson

represented the «César Ritz» family at the wedding. and

On 26 August, Mathy (Vanmathy Wickramasingam) and

Marco Sommer shared their important moment with family and

friends, in the picturesque village church in Gruyere. It is always a

pleasure for us to be invited to our alumni’s weddings, especially

if the couple’s love story began while they were studying at

«César Ritz». This was refl ected in the invitation: “Love fi lls a

moment, a moment fi lls a lifetime, a lifetime begins eternity,

our eternity begins here at our wedding.” The «César Ritz»

Family was represented by Mathy and Marco’s fellow students

Sandra Ganguin from Switzerland, Hannaneh Tanha from

Sweden and Ida Krohn Venas from Norway. Marga Cretton,

Trude Gulbrandsoy and Christian Konrad truly enjoyed these

very special festivities, which offered a perfect combination of

the two cultures (German and Sri Lankan) and to which the

colourful saris added a special touch. In line with her Swiss and

European tradition, Mathy wore white to the wedding ceremony

and then changed into a beautiful, heavily embroidered pink

sari for the reception at Villars sur Glane, where she grew up

and where her family lives. The traditional Hindu Wedding took

place the next morning at the Sri Kalyanamurugan Temple in

Bern and was the special highlight of the festivities. and

Mathy and Marco surrounded by

«César Ritz» family members

Felix & Carol

Isabel & Cesar


«César Ritz» Family News

Fiorence and Morgane

Siri and Runar holding

their twin daughters,

Nora and Marte

The life of Fiorence Fam changed completely on 18 November 2005, when

she gave birth to a lovely baby girl Morgane Khatelle Kai-Ying Le Bris, who

takes up most of her time at present. Fiorence was Receptionist at the

Mandarin Oriental Hotel du Rhône in Geneva, when she found out that she

was expecting. Her French husband, Eric, is working for a Restaurant of the

Palais of Beaulieu in Lausanne. Fiorence is not working at the moment and

would love to hear from her classmates, especially from Shaheed, who also

became a parent recently.

Shalabh Krityendra Sharma and Cecilie Borghild Holst Pedersen happily

announced the birth of their second child to us. John Jannak was born on

28 January and looks very much like his mum. and

Birgit Brune, now Hermening, is the happy mother of Teresa, born on

7 June.

A lovely photo showing her fi ve-month-old twin daughters was sent by

Siri Fuskeland. You can see Nora on Siri’s arm and Marte on Runar’s arm.

“It is a nice age. They sleep most of the night and are smiling and happy

during the day.” Siri says hello to everybody in school.

We received great news from Bastian Gaerner, who is married to Yulia,

and is the happy father of a little boy, Alexander. “I have just fi nished the

opening of the new Radisson SAS EU Hotel in Brussels as the Director of

Sales. It has been a real success so far. The location of the hotel is perfect,

as we are next to the European Parliament in the EU Area in Brussels.”

Jonina Hansson (Uunila) happily informed us of the latest addition to their

family. Robin’s little brother, Oliver, was born on 6 February! Jonina would

love to meet with her ex classmates: “I am in contact with Mandy Smit,

Beathe Knudstad, Mitcho Petrides, Nick Bakaris and Costas Tsilogiannis.

Maybe we could get in touch with more classmates and meet at «César Ritz»!

Anyone interested?” Jonina’s wish came true, since she

met some of her classmates in Le Bouveret in November, to

celebrate the 10th anniversary of their graduation.

After a one-year “baby-break” to take care of her little son

Constantin, Stephanie Lohmann, now Hilgers, has found

the ideal way to combine motherhood and business. She is

happy to take up a new challenge (working from home) as

Director of Partner Marketing for the Swissotel Management

AG in Zürich.

Jonina with her husband

and sons,

Robin and Oliver

Caesar Waganagwa writes from Kenya: “I am doing well both in my

private life and career. I have a beautiful wife, Alexia, and son, Jabali

(meaning rock in Swahili). He is 4 months

old and is adorable. I will bring him to

Switzerland next time I visit. I am

still Operations Manager in

Carnivore Nairobi. Always

busy, I am also now in the

process of developing a

website. Ideally, it will be a

resource centre which will

provide my friends, including

the «César Ritz» family, a

platform to share knowledge

that we have all gained in our respective

career experiences.

Limor with her family

Jabali Waganagwa

And last but not least Limor Schorr-

De Leeuw sent us this lovely t-shirt

from the Netherlands.

Shalabh and Cecilie’s

children, Ragna and

John Jannak

A very happy Birgit

with Teresa

We received a lovely message from Charoula Duller

(Minnaar), the happy mum of Louise, born on 16 June:

“Finally… As some of you might know, it is almost impossible

to have a little baby girl if either husband or wife works at

«César Ritz» in Le Bouveret. In the past years, there have been

around 17 boys in a row and no girls at all. I left Hotelconsult

just before I gave birth to my son Adrian. At that stage, I

didn’t know whether I was expecting a boy or a girl, but it

was almost impossible to have a girl, as both my husband

and I were working at «César Ritz». For the second baby,

20 months later, I was hoping again to have a girl, but my

husband Dietmar still works in Le Bouveret... So when Louise

was born I had to check twice! Honestly, my eyes were about

to pop out when I saw this miracle! I had just given birth to

a beautiful girl! Now there is hope again in Le Bouveret for

«César Ritz» staff! Good Luck!” Charoula and Dietmar Duller with Adrian and Louise


Posters to decorate IHCR

Help us redecorate the corridors and classrooms of the Institut

Hôtelier «César Ritz» with new photographs relating to the

hospitality industry! If your company has nice posters representing

beautiful hotels and resorts, the travel industry or any other related

topic, we would be delighted to display them in the school.

Thank you in advance!

Please contact Michèle Patry at for further


Stop Press!!

Just before this Alphorn went to print, some happy news arrived

from Armenia. Alex and Lilith Nurock have had a baby girl called


Lea Nurock

Loss of our former student…

It is with great sadness that we mention the passing of our

former student, Michael Kim Meng Tang. Michael was

from Singapore and a student in Lax in 1986. His friends

remember Michael well for his infectious laughter and his

‘live for the moment’ approach. Michael passed away on 18

April 2006 after his generous heart gave out. Michael was

43. He will be sadly missed.


From you to us... from us to you

From Diving to Dining –

a ‘Flavoursome’ Success Story

Laura Barratt-Scanes

It seems like it was only yesterday that I graduated from

«César Ritz» Colleges, although the passing of the years tells

a different story!

After leaving Switzerland, I spent fi ve years in England, doing

odd jobs, mainly so I could travel and see a bit more of Europe.

After fi ve winters, however, my longing for Africa became too

strong and I returned to Malawi. Fortune smiled on me as I

became Front Offi ce and Conference manager at one of Lake

Malawi’s premier hotels: Club Makokola. I spent two years in

that wonderful place but then decided again to head for new


This time I found myself on the island of Virgin Gorda in the

British Virgin Islands. I had planned to buy a restaurant, or set

one up from scratch, but I ended up owning a watersports

company – Leverick Bay Watersports was in need of a cash

injection and a lot of tender loving care. I have never been one

to run from hard work and this new challenge was just what I

needed to get the blood pumping. I had the most amazing time

learning about boats and the islands, and thoroughly enjoying

the lifestyle the Caribbean had to offer. I even met a wonderful

Englishman named Tudor, a scuba diving instructor, with a degree

in geology. He became manager of Dive BVI Leverick Bay. We

were married in August 2002.

Nevertheless, my longing to start a business on African soil

became too much. After five and a half years, I sold my

watersports company and we headed for South Africa to start

a new life. We settled in Ramsgate on the south coast of KwaZulu

Natal, about one and a half hours south of Durban, where we

own and manage a restaurant, called Flavours

(www.fl It has been open for 18 months now and

things are going very well. We’ve secured our place in the market

and our reputation is going from strength to strength!

I’m sure that the travel bug will come along and bite us again

at some point, but that’s what makes life fun. Fortunately, the

industry we are in allows that kind of freedom, as there are

hotels and restaurants everywhere! A language barrier is the

only potential limitation, but even that’s not insurmountable

– languages can be learned!

Laura Barratt-Scanes (grad. 1995)

Suzan Abou Jaoude, who graduated in 2002, writes from Nigeria:

“I always remember the great moments I spent in Le Bouveret,

as I really enjoyed those days. Today, I am running a pastry and

bakery called “Sel Sucre” in the city of Abuja. I am so glad to

put into practice in Nigeria all the knowledge I’ve learned from

«César Ritz». I am pleased to send you a photo taken with my

staff on the occasion of the anniversary banquet organized for

the governor of the state. I think it is the right moment to thank

all «César Ritz» faculty, chefs, and everybody at school for my


Lubna Ali sent happy news from Jordan: “I got engaged on

4 August! A beautiful ceremony was held at the Grand Hyatt

Amman where I am currently working. My fi ancé’s name is Adnan

Rahman, an Arab/American aeronautical engineer. I would like

to share the photo taken during

our engagement party with

my friends from Le Bouveret

and Brig. I started working

for Hyatt in January 2005 as a

Sales and Marketing Executive,

and became Marketing

Communications Manager eight

months later. I was promoted

again last month, to Head of

the Marketing Communications


Cheng Poh Ang graduated

in 1987: “I have just returned

to Malaysia in April, after a

stint in Sumatera, Indonesia as

Hotel Manager. I am currently

employed as Director of F&B

(designate) for Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills Berhad. It is part of a

chain of 19 hotels and resorts worldwide with 13 in Malaysia. Many

or rather millions of thanks to all of you

for making sure that we are always

informed of the HOCO news!”

Cheng Poh Ang

Suzan Abou Jaoude with her team

Lubna with her fi ancé,

Adnan Rahman

Rahim Azad has had a wonderful

career since his graduation in 1993 with

the Hotel Management Diploma. Since

November 2004 he has been Resident

Manager at the Polana Serena Hotel

in Maputo, Mozambique, a Leading

Hotel of the World property. Rahim

was sent to Maputo after working

Rahim Azad with

Bill Clinton

for fi ve years as Executive Assistant

to the Managing Director of Serena

Worldwide, in order to follow up on

operational issues with the various GMs

of the 21 Serena properties in Africa and

Asia. He writes: “After one year of hard

work in Maputo, I started to see results.

During this fi rst year, I have managed

to considerably increase revenues. The

hotel was built in 1922 and since I am

here we have hosted many dignitaries

and 14 Heads of State from all over the

world, such as the President of Tanzania

and Bill Clinton.”

After working in Dubai, Asia and Egypt, Stefan Berger returned

to Germany to work as Fast Food Manager in the newly opened

SAP Arena in Mannheim for one year. He enjoyed the opening,

managing this project as well as being responsible for fourteen

outlets. Once this challenge was mastered, he decided to join

Regus in October 2006, where he holds the position of Operations


Jeff Chen, who graduated in 1998 from Le Bouveret and in 1999

from our College in Connecticut, enjoys working for the Four

Seasons Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii as Assistant General Manager.

He likes the island which offers seafood and sushi with Aloha and

«César Ritz» hospitality! Jeff would love to get in touch again with

his fellow classmates.

Aloha greetings from Nijad Fares! “My fi rst job after graduation

was in Dubai with a small private hotel. I then got the opportunity

to move to San Diego, where I worked at the Sheraton together

with Sandra Torenburg and Robert Clark. Yes, it is a small world!

I have been at The Westin Maui as F&B Outlet Manager for over

a year now, and things are going well. I am having a good time

here, while building up a store of wonderful experiences. I miss

the faculty members! Please give my regards to everybody!”

The photo shows Nijad with Eva Stöger who is Restaurant Manager

at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa.

A Trail-Blazer for «César Ritz» Colleges

in the USA

Beverly Bradford

Beverly Bradford was the

fi rst student to enrol at the

Swiss Hospitality Institute in

Washington, Connecticut,

and a member of its fi rst

class in summer 1992.

Later, the Institute was to

become known as ICHM

«César Ritz».

Before transferring to

Le Bouveret for my second

year, I completed an internship

at Walt Disney World. The year

spent in Switzerland, making

friends from all over the world, was amazing. It also made me

“grow up” pretty quickly! I then returned to the Swiss Hospitality

Institute to complete the last credits for my Associate degree.

While applying for Bachelor programmes in the USA, I took

a job as a waitress at the Mayfl ower Inn, a Relais & Châteaux

property around the corner from the school. I was lucky enough

to be accepted by Cornell University. While there, I worked at

the Statler Hotel, and was promoted to Student Front Offi ce


After graduating, I took a job with Micros-Fidelio as an Installation

Specialist/Project Manager. We replaced legacy systems in

hotels, helping to confi gure software to meet the property’s

requirements, training staff and providing post-installation

support. This job involved constant travel and I got to see a lot

of the country.

I next worked in Washington DC with Andersen Consulting (now

Accenture) in their Facilities and Services department. At the time,

there was a big initiative called “Hotelling” which encouraged

companies to manage offi ces like hotels. The idea was to better

utilize space by not assigning individual offi ces on a permanent

basis. I hired, trained, and developed a Reservations and Call

Centre team to support this programme. A few years later, I

accepted a position in the

company’s Recruiting Support

department and now work as

a Human Resources generalist

in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although I’m no longer in the

hospitality industry, I know

that «César Ritz» helped my

professional development. I

made lasting friendships that

taught me that, even across

international borders, there

is more that unites us than

divides us. I am grateful to the

leadership of «César Ritz» Colleges for providing an outstanding

educational experience!

Beverly Bradford


From you to us... from us to you

Backing «César Ritz» in Canada

Teg Brar

Teg Brar arrived at «César Ritz» Colleges in January 1990 to

study for a Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Now, he’s the representative for «César Ritz» in Canada and

the president of the country’s newly-established Alumni


The service skills and professional discipline learnt at «César Ritz»

have been valuable to me throughout my career. My years at

«César Ritz» fl ew by, punctuated only by internships in the food

and beverage and front offi ce departments at the Renaissance

Hotel in Geneva.

After graduating, I travelled to the United States, obtaining a

Master of Science from Johnson & Wales University in Providence,

USA. My career in the North American hospitality industry began

as a front offi ce intern at the Four Seasons Hotel Washington DC.

I then went to the 500-room Capital Hilton as an Assistant Room

Service Manager but was soon catapulted up the career ladder

when my superior left unexpectedly.

My next appointment took me to Washington’s most distinguished

address, the Hay Adams Hotel, “Where nothing is overlooked

but the White House”. This small property is a member of the

“Leading Hotels of the World” and is consistently rated as one

of the best hotels in North America. I worked as Hotel Assistant

Manager and later as Front Desk Manager.

After spending fi ve years on the east coast of the United States,

it was defi nitely time for a change. The opportunity arrived in

1997 and I moved to the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada,

to become Front Offi ce Manager at the Metropolitan Hotel.

The three years I spent in Vancouver were very special both

professionally and personally – I got married in 1998!

With the dawn of the new

millennium, we relocated to our

dream city – Sydney, Australia.

Preparations for the Olympics

were in full swing and I joined

the InterContinental Hotel

Group to work across their

Sydney properties in rooms

management. Sydney kept us

entertained for three years, but

we missed Canada! In 2003, we

moved back to Vancouver and

since then I have been involved

in consulting and training.

My current position is Director with Alpina International

( promoting the programmes

of «César Ritz» Colleges in Canada. Alpina International also

works closely with the «César Ritz» careers offi ce to provide

full support to graduates looking for employment opportunities

in Canada. I am also president of the Vancouver chapter of the

American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Should you require assistance, please contact me at

Teg Brar

In spring, Daniel Gutzwiller enjoyed the surprise visit of Tony Doh

Ngee Goh and his wife. Tony is a student from “the early years”,

as he studied at our college Alpina in Brig in 1984 and 1985. In

December 2004, Tony married Dr Siew Hui Foo and came on

honeymoon to Europe for a week. Their travel plans led them

from Paris to Venice, Milan, Zermatt, Lausanne, Dijon, including, of

course, a stop-over at UCCR in Brig. Tony was very happy to note

that the campus has improved its curriculum and facilities. He was

impressed by the professionalism and high standards shown by

the faculty members and thanked them for the warm hospitality

shown during their visit. He would also like to thank Dr Petri for his

guidance and mentoring. Tony says that Hotelconsult «César Ritz»

Colleges provided him with a very strong foundation to excel in

the hospitality industry. His dream came true and he has been

working for various multinational companies for the past 20 years,

in food services, education and FMCG environment. Tony now lives

in Petaling Jaya in Malaysia.

We are always happy to be in contact with graduates of the “early

years”. Brian Derek Goonesekera graduated in 1986: “I had a

great time in Lax! After graduation, I worked in Dubai for a couple

of months and returned to Sri Lanka, where I worked for twelve

years in various positions at the Colombo Hilton Hotel. I was the

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager when I accepted a position

Brian with his wife and daughter in New Zealand

as Senior Operations Manager of a supermarket chain. This year,

I got a job offer to work as Conference and Banquet Operations

Manager at The Spencer on Byron Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand.

So, here I am, with my family! I got married in 1994 and have a

ten year old daughter called Yenushka. So far, we are enjoying

New Zealand!”

Mirasari Halim’s mother kindly

sent us some news about her

daughter: “Mirasari studied

in Le Bouveret from 1990 to

1992. After graduation, she

joined the Jakarta Hilton Hotel

in Indonesia and later opened

her own bakery, specializing

in American brownies and

cookies. She is now known

as the Cookie Lady and bakes

“the Best Brownies in Town”.

As she is a work-alcoholic, I

have pleasure sending you

some news about her. It would

be fun if some old study friends

would get in touch with her.”

Sunita Harris remembers her student days: “In January 1990,

I travelled from London to start my fi rst year at IHCR. This was

very exciting! I enjoyed our service classes with Mr Santos and

Mr Giovannini. Both of them were great lecturers. I will always

remember how they made us cross the road carrying a service

tray piled with cups and plates! The trick was to hold the tray

above our shoulders without spilling anything! My in-training in

Leukerbad gave me an understanding of the real work world. Our

graduation was on 18 October 1991 and my wedding was on the

following day. Most of my classmates attended the ceremony at

the Port-Valais church, as well as the reception at the Rive-Bleue

Hotel. My husband and I returned to England, where I worked

in the hotel industry for approximately three years, until our fi rst

child was born. I have now worked as Customer Service Manager

for a software company, for 9 years. I am known to be a very

dedicated and loyal employee, and this is all due to my fantastic

training and experience at «César Ritz». Life in Switzerland made

me understand the importance of time keeping, of professionalism

and job satisfaction! Thank you «César Ritz»!” It was a great

pleasure for us to welcome Sunita and her family to Switzerland

for a short visit in spring!

Hakan Hendekli writes from Atlanta, Georgia, where he works as

Head Chef at Chateau Elan Winery and Resorts’ French fi ne dining

restaurant “Versailles”. “Thanks for the education that made all

of us climb up the ladder faster than anyone around! Our resort

is always looking for interns, so if any of your current students is

interested, please feel free to give them my e-mail address and I

will help them as much as I can.”

Anders Karlsson works for American Express in Sweden and

summarizes his job in fi ve words: Strategic, Analytic, Diplomatic,

Challenging and Motivating. “What is the fi rst thing you think

of when some one says “American Express”? Undoubtedly you

Flying High after «César Ritz»

Lynn Chen

Some of us have our feet fi rmly planted on the ground, but

Lynn Chen, who now lives and works in Canada, literally

took to the skies a few years after graduating and has

been traveling the world ever since.

In November, I will take up my new position as Infl ight Service

Manager with Cathay Pacifi c Airways and will relocate to Toronto

as my main route will be Toronto to Hong Kong. I am very proud

to work for Cathay Pacifi c Airways. I have been fl ying for many

years now but it took a few years to “get off the ground”.

When I graduated from «César Ritz» in 1994, I joined the

Shangri-La Hotel in Taipei. During two and a half years I learned

a lot from the front offi ce and in guest relations. I also had the

privilege to join their management-training course run over two

months in Beijing as well as being part of the task force team

for the pre-opening Trader Hotel in China.

With my education, being able to speak French and my experience

in the hospitality industry, I was able to move to Canada in 1997.

Not long after moving there, I found a job in Vancouver at the

Sutton Place Hotel. During this time, I was also offered a position

as Flight Purser with Cathay Pacifi c Airways and decided to “take

to the skies”. Since then I have been in the airline industry and

have been promoted to Senior Purser. I really enjoy my fl ying

experiences as I can travel around the world with a whole lot

of freedom.

I’m very grateful for the unique experiences I had in Switzerland

where I was able to learn how to work with people from different

nationalities. Living in Canada, my second home, has also been


Please contact me in Toronto if you are in the area! Since I am

a foreigner in this city, I would love to have some local contacts

with «César Ritz» alumni!

My e-mail is

Lynn Li-Ping Chen

Lynn in the cockpit with the pilots


From you to us... from us to you

“Success is in the Details”

Morten Skumsrud

Morten Skumsrud says it is hard

to believe that 13 years have

passed since his graduation

from ICHA. Today, he is General

Manager of Marriot’s Marbella

Beach Resort in Spain.

I still remember the first day I

arrived in Switzerland from Norway

to start my dream of becoming an

hotelier. I wasn’t to be disappointed

– the faculty, students and facilities were top notch and the years

I spent at ICHA were among the best of my schooling.

A Swiss education in hospitality management provided a great

foundation for my later studies at the University of Nevada,

Las Vegas, where I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor

of Science in Hospitality Administration and a minor degree in

Economics. I really valued the opportunity to study on both

continents, being able to balance a more traditional European

approach to service and management with a more businessoriented

style across the Atlantic.

After graduation, I stayed in Las Vegas to join the Management

Training Programme of MGM-Mirage, one of the world’s bestknown

operators of resort casinos. I spent seven invaluable

years working for the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. My

career progressed rapidly. Over the years, I held positions such

as Reservations Manager, Revenue Manager and Front Offi ce

Manager and, before I was thirty, I was promoted to the post

of Director of Hotel Operations at the world’s tenth largest


To further develop my career, I decided in 2002 to join Marriot

International as an Executive Management Trainee at a new

fi ve-star business hotel in Copenhagen. Later, I held the position

of Director of Operations supervising Food and Beverages and

Rooms Operations. In July this year, I jumped at the chance to

become General Manager of Marriot’s Marbella Beach Resort

in Spain, part of Marriot Vacation Club International. The

company slogan is “The Marriot Way – serving the community,

our associates and our guests.” I am so proud to be a member

of the Marriot team and really feel at home. I feel so fortunate

that my experiences at ICHA equipped me so well for all these


I am often asked by colleagues what I consider to be the most

valuable career advice I have received – not an easy question

to answer. But hospitality is all about service and, while it has

changed over the years, the basics remain the same. So, the best

advice I can give is to adopt my own personal motto, “Success

is in the details!”

Morten Skumsrud

think of credit cards.

But it is so much more

than that, like travel,

insurance and banking,

just to name a few. I

work for the Business

Development Groups

& Events Nordic, where

my main responsibilities

are to make sure we use the correct systems and tools, and this,

in the most effi cient way within our organisation.”

Claes S. Landberg, Vice-President of the Green Valley Ranch

Resort & Spa in Henderson, Nevada writes: “My family and I

decided to move back West for a while, to a beautiful property with

a wonderful clientele. I am sending a picture of me, my wife and

daughter together with a good friend of the hotel. Unfortunately

my oldest daughter was in school that day”. Claes refers back to

his time in Las Vegas, where he worked as Operation Manager

of the Hilton Hotel “Paris” before being appointed Acting Vice-

President/General Manager for Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort.

He writes: “I try to keep up with all the news through the Alphorn.

I speak to David Bennet often and recently got in touch with some

of my classmates.”

Claes and his family with Bill Clinton

“My name is David Yanzeng Li. I am an alumnus of «César Ritz»

Le Bouveret (2000) and from Washington, CT. I am currently one

of the Training Leaders between Multi-Unit Manager and General

Manager in the Panda Restaurant Group in the US. I am at present

in Houston to open the new market. My job is mainly to train new

store General Managers and Assistant General Managers and to

make sure that the new store follows the company’s standards

and policies.” David would be happy to hear from his friends.

It is always nice to receive updates from Iris Mak. She enjoys reading

news about her friends and would like to stay in touch with them.

“My experience at «César Ritz» Colleges in Switzerland and Australia

is one I will always cherish! I’ve decided to leave the UK and go

back to Hong Kong to take a 3-year MSc degree in Nutrition. I read

about the Alumni Reunions in Hong Kong and will defi nitely attend

the forthcoming

gathering!” She sent

us a lovely photo

taken on the Great

Wall. What Iris didn’t

know, is that students

and staff from the

school climbed the

Great Wall just one

day before her, while

visiting Beijing for the

Career Forum!

Stephanie Marill

enjoys moving around

Europe and Asia, while

working as Financial

Controller for Swissotel.

After a few years in

Hamburg, Berlin and

Amsterdam, Stephanie

now lives and works in


Graham Morphy-Morris lives on the Wirral near Liverpool, in

the UK: “I started my studies at the Schoolhotel Alpina in Brig in

1986 and completed my second year in Le Bouveret in 1988. I

spent several years in London, working at Claridges and the Royal

Garden Hotel, gaining Front of House experience before joining

P&O Cruises as a Purser (Hotel Offi cer). I spent 12 very interesting

years with P&O, travelling the world. I eventually rose to the position

of Deputy Hotel Manager. After my wife Catherine and I had Emily,

now 5, and Ross, 1, I decided to return home where I am working

as a Hotel Inspector for Visitbritain (Tourist Board), star grading

hotels/guest houses based in the UK.”

Graham Morphy-Morris with his family

Wendy Mou, who graduated in 1994, resumes her life as follows:

“Upon graduation from Le Bouveret, I went back to Taiwan and

worked in several 5-star hotels, such as the Grand Hyatt in Taipei

and Evergreen Lauriel in Taichung. I gained a lot of experience in

various departments, including front desk, cashier and food &

beverage. My last position was Sales Manager at the Sherwood

in Taipei, which was the peak of my hotel career. I then decided

to leave the hotel industry and worked for a German bank,

Commerzbank AG. I also worked for an American law fi rm as a

legal secretary for a few years, before getting married. We moved

to Toronto, and my title is now “Home Maker”, serving my two

bosses (aged 4 and 2)! The years I spent in Switzerland were the

best of my life!”

Wendy with her „bosses“

“The Sky’s the Limit for

«César Ritz» Students”

Ayhan Cöner

Involved in the family travel agency

as a child I grew up in the tourism

industry; from the age of 12, I spent

my summer holidays acting as an

unoffi cial tour guide for visitors to

Turkey and never looked back.

A little older, I took language

courses in Oxford and joined the

Institut Hôtelier «César Ritz» in

1988. The completion of two internships, one at the Swissotel

in Zurich and the other at the Lausanne Palace clinched it – food

and beverage was part of my life. After graduation, I worked at

Zurich’s Brasserie Lipp restaurant followed by a stretch as front

offi ce clerk at the Swissotel Bosphorus Istanbul, where I was

promoted fi rst to front offi ce manager and then to banquet

and conventions executive.

Working as banquet sales manager at the Hyatt Regency

Istanbul in 1995, I received an offer that was too good to turn

down – one that would really test my entrepreneurial skills. I

was asked to open a French sandwich and coffee chain called

Lina’s. To build up a successful food outlet and see it in operation

with a bustling crowd inside is a priceless experience. Always

ready for the next challenge, I was employed the following year

as banquet and conventions manager at the InterContinental

Ceylan Istanbul Hotel. As a consultant, there then came the

opening of Turkey’s fi rst fusion restaurant followed by two

more coffee shop ventures.

What I’ve learned is that learning is an endless process! I found

myself more and more curious about mass production in the

food and beverage industry. The next chapter in my professional

career thus took me to Gate Gourmet USAS and the airline

catering business. I’ve been with the company for eight years

now and successfully completed its management trainee

programme to become a customer services area manager,

covering nine airport catering units in Turkey. I advise on sales

and marketing, customer services, purchasing and costing. I am

also an internal auditor in the quality control department. The

production process up until the moment passengers receive

their on-board meal is unimaginably interesting. I am really

proud to work for Gate Gourmet USAS. Our customers have

named us the Best Airline Caterer in the world for three years


So there you have it, “The sky really is the limit.” I couldn’t

have set my target so high without my educational background

though. Thank you «César Ritz» Colleges!

Ayhan Cöner


From you to us... from us to you

Penelope Munro graduated in 2001 from the PGD Programme

in Brig. Since June, she has been Human Resources Manager for

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, in the Cayman Islands.

Maurizio Orlacchio sent greetings from Italy: “A big hello from

sunny Ischia, where I am working as Director of Operations at

the Hotel Miramare. I am back in Italy after twelve years and I

have to say that it is a strange feeling, but at the same time very

challenging. I will certainly come to Switzerland for a visit one

day, but in the meantime, please give my regards to everyone!”

They graduated in 1998, but it seems like it was yesterday that

Roshen Pun from Nepal and Terue Satou from Japan met at

school. Roshen writes: “Since last year, Terue and I have been living

in Tokyo. I am studying for my MBA degree at Temple University

Japan, and Terue is busy running her family restaurants. During a

short trip to Sweden, we were very fortunate to meet Jonas Grape

and Serap Aslan, both «César Ritz» graduates, with their beautiful

daughter Josefi n. It was wonderful talking about all the good times

we had at Le Bouveret. This short reunion made us realize how

much «César Ritz» is still alive within us. Our sincere thanks to

everyone for all the great memories!”

From left to right: Serap with Josefi n, Terue,

Roshen and Jonas

Fadi Sam’an graduated from UCCR in 2001 and writes: “After I

fi nished my internship in the States with Hyatt Regency O’Hare, I

went back to Jordan, where I worked for three years as Assistant

Front Offi ce Manager for the Grand Hyatt Amman. I then joined the

Marriott as Front Offi ce Manager before starting my own business

as the Managing Director of an Airline Industry and Tourism Training

Centre. I would like to thank you all for the great knowledge that

you have provided me with and to tell you that no matter how far

we are from you, we can’t forget you at all! The days, the nights,

the school, the dorms, the teachers, the friends, the graduation day,

it is all part of me as if it was yesterday.” Fadi is also the President

of the Jordanian «César Ritz» Alumni Chapter. If you want to be

part of the Chapter, please contact him at:

Isabelle Schulz writes from London: “After almost a year and a

half as Reservations Manager at Four Seasons Canary Wharf, I am

on the move again. I have just

accepted a position as Junior

Consultant at a company called

TRI Hospitality Consulting,

which is based in Baker

Street. They also have offi ces

in Dubai, Madrid, Lagos and

Istanbul, so I might come and

visit some of you soon. It will

be quite a change not being in

operations anymore, but I am very excited and am looking forward

to my new challenge.” Isabelle has also sent us a nice photo of

the “girlies nights”, which she regularly holds with (from left to

right) a common friend, Isabelle Schulz, Julia Harnischfeger,

Nina Bruun, Natalie Stadelhofer and Friederike Rostock.

Nathalie is Director of Business Development for Wyndham

Worldwide, for a special division called NorthCourse.

Nirmal Vasanth writes: “After graduation, I took a French

course and did a part-time Culinary Practice Course in Geneva.

In February 2006, I came back to India to start my career. A lot

of opportunities and offers were available, just because I am a

graduate of «César Ritz». Upon my return to India, I have come to

realize that «César Ritz» Colleges Switzerland is seen as one of the

most advanced and prestigious hospitality colleges. As I wanted

to pursue a career in teaching, I was assisted by Mr Irfan Mirza to

fi nd a job at Jindal School of Hotel Management, where I work

as a member of the Culinary Faculty. The college is affi liated with

César Ritz”. I am therefore very happy and highly satisfi ed with

my present job as I still have contacts with the school and I am

proud to be a part of «César Ritz».”

Ilia Vladimirov is working as Chief Specialist in the Department

of International Organisations, Joint Stock Company “INTEKO” in

Moscow. The company builds hotels in Europe and in Russia and

the President of this company is the wife of Moscow’s mayor.

Amnon Jair Wessely was awarded a scholarship for graduate

studies in the US: “I wanted to let you know that I only have great

memories of «César Ritz» CT, USA and «César Ritz» in Le Bouveret.

It was a wonderful and very valuable experience, where I learned

all about professionalism, discipline and having fun whilst facing

new challenges! I have made close friends from the beginning

of my studies and enjoyed every single new encounter. I would

like to thank the entire «César Ritz» staff, professors and the

administration. They were so helpful throughout my studies at the

college. I’m looking forward to my next «César Ritz» reunion! The

fi rst one I attended was held in South Beach, Miami in January.”

The participants of the Beijing Career Forum held in June enjoyed

meeting Devon Su Zhou during the Alumni events organized in

line with this trip. Devon writes: “I was a student of Class Ulsan

and graduated in 2003 from Le Bouveret. It seems like a long time

since I graduated, and I miss the school faculty. I would like to thank

you for helping us to study well and enjoy the school life. It was a

big pleasure being your student and learning so much from you. I

am now the Assistant Manager of the lobby lounge at the Grand

Hyatt Beijing. It is a great opportunity to practice my skills and

improve my competencies, while using my theoretical knowledge

in a real working environment.”

Atlanta, USA

On 31 July over thirty «César Ritz» graduates attended the

fi rst Atlanta Alumni reunion which was held at the Grand

Hyatt in Buckhead. Some of the graduates could trace

their college days back to 1988 so it was a time to share

memories and reminisce about life in Switzerland! The

alumni were happy to welcome Hervé and Susan Fournier,

who shared school news and enjoyed the opportunity of

seeing how well our graduates were doing in the USA.

Alumni Reunions Around the World

Several «César Ritz» graduates work at the Grand Hyatt

Atlanta. Charles Saad is the Executive Housekeeper and

Fernanda Montenegro is the Employment Manager.

Having completed their management training, Afi f Salibi and

Jitesh Karamanchandani were transferring to the Grand Hyatt

Dubai where Afi f has been appointed Front Offi ce Supervisor

and Jitesh a Captain. Torleif Hoff, in Atlanta since he graduated in

2001, is currently the Food and Beverages Manager of the Hyatt

Regency Hotel. There was also a surprise visitor in the shape of

Victoria Marton, who dropped in on her way to Indiana where she

was to begin her management training at the Marriott.

Back to their Roots

The May 2006 Alumni Reunion in Switzerland was a great


A total of 37 graduates from 12 countries returned to their alma

mater for three fantastic days spent sharing happy memories,

renewing friendships and networking.

The reunion started in Brig, with a welcome aperitif at The Riverside

Bar. This was followed by dinner at the Molino Restaurant, which

some of our “older” alumni might still remember as “Channa”.

Despite a late night at the Scala and the Spicher, everybody was

on time for Friday morning’s business meeting at UCCR.

The programme continued at the Institut Hôtelier «César Ritz»,

where a panel comprised of fi ve alumni shared their professional

experience before answering questions from today’s students.

It was an enjoyable exercise and reminded the alumni of their

own student mindsets.

Some graduates are busy not only with careers but with families

too. Michael Chin’s partner has recently had a baby girl and a

special mention goes to Faith Rong who managed to make the

reunion despite her advanced state of pregnancy. Who knows, their

offspring may be future «César Ritz» graduates themselves!

Submitted by: Susan Fournier

Leadership Programme Coordinator, IHCR

Students currently in the second year of the diploma programme

organized a Gala Dinner for the alumni as well as a photo

gallery of some of the graduates taken from old year books.

We honoured some who were celebrating ten or twenty years

since graduation as well as the Presidents of Alumni Chapters

from Lebanon, Turkey, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Norway.

The evening continued at the Students’ Club, where music and

dancing continued until the early hours. On Saturday, there was

a trip to the beautiful Gruyère castle, a wine tasting and, in the

evening, the “Swiss Night” at “Le Manoir” restaurant.

Graduates enjoyed the company of old and new friends alike

and realized how attached they remain to the large «César Ritz»

family scattered all around the world. It was a great get-together!

We hope to welcome many of you in May 2007!

Marga Cretton, Director of Alumni Affairs, CRCS


Alumni Reunions Around the World

Alpine-style Alumni Reunion

in Dubai!

«César Ritz» Alumni in Dubai together with

Dr Morag Stewart

The alpine-style view and the ski slope reminded us of our time in

Switzerland but here we were in Dubai! The reason was the United

Arab Emirates Chapter’s Alumni Reunion on 15 September 2006.

We gathered at the Après Bar in the Mall of the Emirates with its

spectacular alpine view of the ski slope! It may not have been the

real thing but it was the closest we could get to help bring back

so many fond memories. It was great that 25 alumni were able to

attend the event and we were really happy to see so many new

“old” faces. From networking and chitchatting with old friends to

getting-to-know each other, the evening was a terrifi c success.

The Alumni Chapter also organized two alumni reunions in May,

during the visit of Martin Kisseleff, President of «César Ritz»

Colleges Switzerland in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. An afternoon tea

meeting was held in the lobby lounge of the impressive Mina Al

Salam Hotel (Madinat Jumeirah), where the alumni based in Dubai

networked and were given the latest news about their school. In

Abu Dhabi, Denise Andrzejewski hosted an alumni dinner in the

fi ne Italian restaurant of The Millennium Hotel.

Submitted by: Denise Andrzejewski

UAE Chapter Vice-President

Our ‘Productive’ Alumni

Reunion in Oslo

To say that we’re a ‘productive’ lot is pretty close to the truth. I

don’t mean only in our jobs. At our Norwegian Alumni chapter on

2 September it was clear that some of us have also been working

very productively outside of working hours. Fifteen members of

the chapter met at the Hard Rock Café. It was so nice to see new

as well as old members joining us for the evening.

Before long the Radisson SAS people were chatting about fellow

colleagues and the Rica people laughed while exchanging stories

from last year’s company party. But it was not only career related

issues that were the main topic: Mette Jorgensen is expecting twins

in January and listened intently to the advice from Siri Fuskeland

who gave birth to twins last year; and we heard that Irja Thofte

would also be able to give advice as she was currently at home

looking after her four-month-old baby daughter. As we said, we

are a productive lot – well, some of us at least.

But some things never change. After dinner Petter Viig and

Philip Essebaggers - enjoying the fact that they were the only

two boys among 13 charming ladies (Erik Lopez Fedde having

left earlier) - invited us all for after-dinner drinks in a local bar. Of

course, how could we refuse?

We are already planning and looking forward to our next meeting

and hope that even more alumni will join in the fun.

Trude Gulbrandsoy, Career Service Manager, CRCS

Trude Gulbrandsoy with the Norwegian alumni in Oslo

Alumni Reunion in Berlin Canadian Chapter Commences!

The alumni reunion on 16 September was not only full of culinary

delights and a great atmosphere but also rich in catching up on how

and where everyone is going. Marga Cretton and Béatrice Baruchet,

who joined us for the reunion, were delighted to hear how well

our careers are developing.

Manuela Kühn was very excited about her new job in Berlin with

“design hotels”, and Christopher Haan just started as the manager

of a new restaurant opening in a challenging location in East Berlin.

Mieke Rambow (who couldn’t join us) and Gerald Gaube are creating

memorable experiences at the front desk of The Ritz-Carlton but

will have to keep to attention as Anne Fritsch recently joined the

team as supervisor of the front desk. Christian List continues to

work for Marriott, Julia Bansemir is part of the Radisson and I

started my MBA studies in October.

As President of the Chapter, I’m happy to announce that our

Chapter is now online and encourage you to visit us at See you soon in Berlin!

Patrick Bingel, Berlin Chapter President

Switzerland Comes to Seoul!

It felt just like Switzerland again! Here we were in the Mövenpick

Marché but in the middle of Seoul for the Korean Alumni

Chapter on 25 September. Thirty-fi ve of us attended the event

including Mr Paul Paek, our representative in South Korea;

Mr Martin Kisseleff, President of «César Ritz» Colleges

Switzerland; and Ms Florence Monnard, our Area Manager.

Mr Kisseleff offered his congratulations and thanks to both

Nara Lee, Vice-President of the Chapter and Mr Paek, for their

alumni work and organizing the reunion.

On a lighter note, alumni and school representatives enjoyed the

discussions and fun atmosphere. We were pleased to welcome

It’s offi cial! The Canadian Alumni Chapter was launched on

15 September, with the fi rst meeting a roaring success. Teg Brar,

who graduated from Institut Hôtelier «César Ritz» in 1991 has

been appointed Chapter President for Canada. Teg organized this

fi rst alumni reunion in Vancouver with nine «César Ritz» graduates

in attendance.

It was a joy to see how well «César Ritz» graduates have been

doing professionally. As expected, the stories started fl owing

immediately and within minutes everyone knew someone who

had attended or taught at «César Ritz» during “their” time. While

the atmosphere was sometimes nostalgic and even sentimental,

it was wonderful to relive our experiences in Switzerland. It was

quite surprising though, that many members of the group were

meeting others for the fi rst time but all felt, of course, part of the

«César Ritz» family.

The Canadian Alumni Chapter would like to welcome all graduates

living or returning to Canada for future reunions. For more

information about the Chapter, please contact Teg Brar at

Submitted by: Teg Brar, Canadian Chapter President

a few new Korean alumni and it was great for them to get to

know our senior members.

Here’s the latest news: Choi Gi Woo is Marketing Offi cer at

the Austrian Embassy Commercial Offi ce in Seoul; Nick Kim is

Account Director at The Westin Chosun; Joseph Yoo is Sales

Manager at Novotel Amassador; Jinho Kim is Account Manager

at Diageo; KyuTae Park works in the Room Division at W-Seoul

Walkerhill Hotel; Jung Jun Moon is Sales Executive at the Grand

Inter-Continental in Seoul; Scott Lee is Sales Manager at Park

Hyatt Seoul; and Yoon Kyung Kim is Law Offi cer at Saehan


We happily report on two “love stories” involving

«César Ritz» graduates who recently married in

South Korea. Wayne (Won Joon) Choi and his

wife, Jenny Lee married last year and are living

in Seoul. Wayne works as Project Coordinator at

the Westin Chosun Hotel and Jenny as Reservation

Offi cer at the Park Hyatt Seoul. Chang Gyu Kwag

and Jina Ahn married and already have their fi rst

child. After completing his management training at

the Ritz-Carlton in Aspen, Chang Gyu transferred

to the Ritz-Carlton Seoul where he now works as

Night Manager.

Submitted by: Nara Lee

Vice-President of the South Korean Chapter


Alumni Reunions Around the World

New Alumni Chapter for “Downunder”

Two years ago the Australian Alumni met for the fi rst time yet

the offi cial announcement about the creation of this Chapter and

the appointment of its fi rst President only happened recently.

With an impressive 23 attendees, the “offi cial” reunion was held

in Sydney on 29 September 2006, at the prestigious St Patrick’s

Estate, nicknamed ‘Castle On The Hill’, where ICMS is currently


Spanish Tapas for Frankfurters

Drinks and tapas were the order of the evening for the post-summer

get-together of Frankfurt’s Alumni Chapter on 27 September. The

Frankfurt Alumni Chapter has grown again as we opened our arms

to four new members who came along to enjoy food, drink and

good company at the Buena Vista Tapas Bar.

Stephen Nugnis, who graduated from ICHM, Connecticut, in

1995, Marcus Rybka, Katrin Claus and Tim-Martin Weber were

all initiated into the swelling ranks of the Frankfurt Alumni. It was

great remembering the stories from when we were in Switzerland.

There was a lot of catching up plus quite a few stories to tell and,

of course, the odd piece of gossip!

Submitted by: Patrizia Spannagel, Frankfurt Chapter President

The Alumni News Continues

on the Website!

Dates of upcoming reunions, photos and articles of past alumni

reunions held worldwide, success stories of «César Ritz»

graduates, as well as information about Alumni Chapters -

and so much more - can be found under:

As the newly elected President, I would like to welcome all

«César Ritz» Alumni to this new Chapter. I will ensure all is done

to maintain a solid network of Alumni within Australia.

The high number of attendees at our latest reunion was an

encouraging sign that our Chapter will certainly be very successful

but it will only prosper through your support and involvement.

So I urge you to ‘keep in touch’ and help

the network grow. I also recommend all

Alumni to visit our «César Ritz» Alumni

website as often as possible so click on: and

make it one of your favourites so you

can keep up-to-date and informed about

all Alumni matters because ‘Alumni


If you are a «César Ritz» Alumni in Australia,

please contact me through my «César Ritz»

email address and I

will update your details. I look forward to

hearing from you and wish you all the best

until our next meeting.

Richard Farr

Australian Chapter President

The photo shows the Australian alumni

with Mr and Mrs Kisseleff

The Frankfurt Chapter members having a good time together

Delights from the Turkish Chapter Alumni Reunion

You will be surprised how hard it is to convince 24 people to

attend a «César Ritz» alumni reunion dinner when it’s pouring

with rain outside! Nevertheless, they all turned out on the evening

of Friday 29 September, thus proving that the spirit of excellence

lives on!

I am proud to say that this has been the biggest attendance to

date at a Turkish chapter reunion and I would like to thank all

those who came along and made it such an unforgettable event!

Let me share with you all our news!

Tarik Nasser has resigned from Divan Hotels where he was Director

of Business Development and he has set up his own company

providing the catering and laundry service for local Acibadem

hospitals. Eren Ulusahin has opened yet another establishment, a

Hip Hotel in the heart of Istanbul where he is General Manager.

Harika Seckin has been working with the Divan Hotel Group for

more than 10 years, where she is now Director of Quality and

Human Resources. Ceyda Canli and Ferda Tuncman who are now

both married also joined us. Ceyda is currently working at Servus

International as an audit consultant. Ferda is a stay-at-home mum

but is keen to return to the hotel business soon.

Belgin Aksoy, board member of Aksoy group, is pursuing new

challenges in the heart of Istanbul’s

Beyoglu district, working on a project

to convert the Marquis Passage into a

Boutique Hotel.

Pelin Atabek couldn’t attend as she

has moved to Izmir. She is Assistant

Sales Manager at the Swissotel Grand

Efes Hotel. Unfortunately Kerem Suner

couldn’t join us either. He has recently

WANTED! A New Name for the Alphorn!

In October 2007, Hotelconsult «César Ritz» Colleges will be

25 years old. On this occasion, we are launching the new

generation of our Alumni Association – and that includes your

alumni magazine. To make it more dynamic, the magazine will

receive a makeover, with a new format, new layout and… new


We are pleased to invite you to join us in the search for that

name. We’re looking for something unique and catchy. It needs

to be short, easy to pronounce in many languages, and should

refl ect the following key elements of the magazine: friendship

and family; networking; success; information and news.

All «César Ritz» Colleges alumni, students, and staff from the

Brig and Le Bouveret campuses are welcome to participate and

From left to right: Sinan, Eren, Ayhan, Aylin,

Zeynep, Tarik, Sibel, Berk and Ceyda

been appointed Food and Beverage Operations Manager of the

UK-based Harvey Nichols fashion store.

We send our congratulations to two of our

alumni, Aylin Menguc and Sinan Sorguc,

who were married on 25 March 2006 and

are expecting a baby in a few months


We even had a birthday to celebrate!

Berk Yener Demir’s wife Sibel had planned

to spend her special day elsewhere, until

I convinced them to come celebrate with

us! It was already a great event, but that

was the icing on the cake!

Ayhan Cöner, Turkish Chapter President

should send us their suggestions: you may propose as many

names as you like!

A jury composed of «César Ritz» Colleges’ staff and

management, as well as alumni chapter presidents will judge

the entries and decide on the name to be used as of 2007! The

winner will be announced in the next issue of the magazine

and will receive a prize. He or she will also be honoured at the

next annual alumni reunion in Switzerland.

So, it’s over to you. Show us how creative and imaginative you

can be! Please send your suggestions to by

15 February 2007. We thank you in advance.

Now let the brainstorming begin!


Alumni Reunions Around the World

“Once a Family, Always a Family”

Beijing, China

It’s great to see that the friendly ambiance shared

by students and staff at «César Ritz» Colleges

continues after graduation. We often talk about

being “one big family” no matter where we all

end up. Another proof of this came in June when

twenty «César Ritz» students and management

staff met with former students at an alumni

reunion organized in conjunction with the Beijing

Career Forum.

Meeting with graduates was simply great. There

was Drusilla Gao who showed us around the

Kempinski Hotel at the Commune By The Great

Wall; Devon Zhou, the Assistant F&B Manager of

the Grand Hyatt; Nadine Pinter, who gave us a tour

of the Peninsula Palace Hotel where she works as

Assistant Director of Sales; Tom Alkalloufi , the

current Director of Education at Delter-Telfort

International Business Institute; Katharina Rutz,

a sales representative for Kempinski Lufthansa

Centre; and Toni-Rose Quiogue who was training

at the FO department at the Radisson SAS.

But the true alumni highlight of the trip was our

alumni reunion in a local restaurant. Here the new

President for the Chinese Alumni Chapter, Nicholas

Guofeng Luo, who’d made such a great effort

organizing everything for us, was presented with a

special certifi cate recognizing his commitment.

All in all, 20 alumni joined us to make it a wonderful

night swapping stories, reminiscing and getting to

know one another.

It was just like being “one big family again”!

Submitted by: Marga Cretton

Director of Alumni Affairs, CRCS

This Alphorn was prepared for

you by:

«César Ritz» Colleges


1897 Le Bouveret


Tel.: + 41 24 482 82 82

Fax: + 41 24 482 88 99

We would like to thank everybody

who contributed, including

our partner colleges, staff,

and graduates. We are looking

forward to your future participation.

The next Alphorn is scheduled

for May 2007.

Dear Alumni, please keep us

updated on your career moves

as well as on your address

changes which can be sent to mentioning

your student number, if possible.

Do not forget to check our

website regularly.

This edition and further news

about «César Ritz» Colleges

are published on our website:

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