Checklist &

Fitting Guide

When purchasing hockey equipment the most important

aspect to consider is that the equipment is properly fitted.

When equipment is not suitably fitted the player is exposed

to injury. Allow our Professional Fitting Experts to assist you

when choosing equipment.

CSA Approved Hockey

Helmet & Mask


BNQ Approved

Throat Protector

Shoulder Pads

Performance Undergarments

Elbow Pads

Hockey Pants


Protective Shorts

Hockey Gloves

Equipment Bag


- Water Bottle

- Hockey Tape

- Skate Guards

- Skate Mat and More!

Hockey Jersey &

Hockey Socks

Shinguards Skates

Hockey Stick


- Skates can fit anywhere from 1 to

3 sizes smaller than shoes

-Measure both feet and get the

snuggest fit possible

-Always fit skates with the proper socks and insoles


- Measure in inches the

circumference of the head one

inch above the eyebrows

- With the helmet opened to its

largest setting gradually begin to

downsize the helmet until a comfortably snug fit

is achieved

- The helmet should rest on the head so that the rim is one

finger width above the eyebrow and making contact with

the top of the head

- Ears should be centered under the earflaps

Shoulder Pads

- Measure the player’s chest just

below the armpits

- Match the player’s chest size to

the shoulder pad that corresponds

- The bicep pad should not interfere with the player’s

elbow pads

Elbow Pads

- The point of the player’s elbow

should fit firmly in the centre of

the elbow pad

- Ensure the elbows range of

motion is not restricted

- The bottom of the elbow pad should rest halfway

between the wrist and elbow

See for complete

upon the kneecap

Shin Guards

- Measure from the centre of the

kneecap to the top of the skate

boot. Match the player’s shin size

to the inches of shinguard

- Shin pad cap should be centered

- If worn under the skate tongue, shin pad should sit

approximately 1” above the skate boot (usually worn this

way by forwards)

- If worn over the skate tongue, shin pad should not go

below the top eyelet of the skate (usually worn this way

by defencemen)


- Measure the player’s waist

- The size of the pants should

correspond to the player’s

waist size

- Pants should reach the top of the player’s knee and extend

up to cover the kidneys and lower ribs


- Ensure there is not too large of

a gap between the glove and

elbow pad

- There should be about a 1/2 inch

of space from the finger tips to the

end of the glove

- Palms should be snug with no excess material


- Stand in your stocking feet and

place the toe of your stick on a

level surface between your feet

- A general rule of thumb is to mark

and cut the handle of your stick

where it touches the tip of your nose

- When standing with your skates on, the stick should come

up to your chin or just below it

details on Hockey Equipment Fitting

pro shop headquarters!

National Sports is your Pro Shop Headquarters. Whether you are

a player, parent, coach or trainer, let National Sports ensure your

equipment is properly fitted and ready to play.

Your equipment is a major investment and requires professional

fitting and fine tuning in-season.

Our professionally trained Pro Shop Technicians offer the

following FREE services:

• Professional Skate Fitting

• Face Mask Installation

• Helmet Adjustments

• New Blade installation into shaft (free with purchase of blade)

The following services are also available for an additional fee:

• Performance Plus Sharpening System

- The Performance Plus Boot-to-Blade inspection of your skate

- The Performance Plus Hollow to match your style of play

- The Performance Plus Level

- Check to ensure consistent


- The Performance Plus Final pass to finish your blades

- The Performance Plus Commitment that your skates will be

Game Ready!

- First sharpening free with purchase of new skates

• Flat Bottom V Skate Sharpening

• Skate Tune-ups

• Custom Radius Contouring

(Individual and Team Contouring

Consultation Available)

• Computer Aided Grinding (CAG One available at select locations)

• Blade, Rivet, Runner and Holder Replacements & Tightening

Raise Your Game with our team of professionals behind you!

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