The Bridge for Youth Annual Report 2010

The Bridge for Youth Annual Report 2010

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About The Bridge for Youth

The Bridge for Youth offers a comprehensive set of services

to help youth move through crisis, reunite with their families,

or live independently – while continuing to build their own

strength and stability. Grounded in our extensive clinical

experience and driven by our mission to help youth in crisis, The

Bridge for Youth is a premier resource for youth and families

to create real, lasting solutions to the challenges they face.


In the United States, a child is kicked out of their home every 26 seconds. According to Heading Home Hennepin, at

least 1,800 youth run away from home in Hennepin County each year. The Wilder Research Report on Homelessness

in Minnesota 2009 states: “a single-night count of 1,268 homeless youth, age 12-21, represents a 46% increase over

2006. “ Most homeless youth cite family conflict as a major reason for their homelessness.



Services Program

Emergency Services Program This year, more than 850 different youth ages 10-17

will need a safe place to stay for a few hours or a few days because they’ve run away or have been kicked out and

have nowhere to go. The Emergency Shelter is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The Bridge not only gives

youth in crisis a warm bed, but it also offers a full set of supportive services—including assistance in planning

their next Emergency

steps, opportunities to build their communication and conflict-resolution skills, and help reconnecting

with Services their family. Program



Family Counseling and Reunification In 2010, over 700 families—many with

children staying in the Emergency Shelter, relied on the free, professional family counseling at The Bridge to help

them navigate through crisis, build stronger connections, and develop healthier communication, so they can get

back together and stay together.





Transitional Living Program For young people (ages 16-10) who can’t reunite with

their families, The Transitional Living Program (TLP) at The Bridge For Youth provides a safe, stable home for

up to 18 months while youth work on goals with supportive staff members, including finishing school, finding

employment and housing, and developing the independent living skills they need to survive –and thrive—on


their own.




Independent Living Programs For homeless youth and young people leaving state

care, securing and maintaining an apartment of their own can be almost impossible. The Bridge’s Independent

365 and 24-Seven programs give youth the support and assistance they need to get—and keep—an apartment

of their own, including tenant education, job skills training, community-building opportunities, financial


education, and a year of rental assistance.




Ongoing Support & Aftercare The Bridge knows that working through the issues

that brought them to our door can be a long process for many young people. We also know that sometimes

youth need ongoing support to stay out of crisis and maintain stability. That’s why every young person who

comes to STRENGTH

The Bridge For Youth has the opportunity to participate in weekly groups and youth development

activities & STABILITY

while they are at The Bridge, and for as long as those services are needed after they leave.

Front and back cover images are from the public art project, “Secret Struggle.” More information can be found on page 6 of this report.

2010 Update on The Bridge for Youth

In 2010 The Bridge for Youth celebrated

unprecedented accomplishments, including:

• Celebrating 40 years of helping youth in crisis

• Serving over 700 youth and their families

• Welcoming The Bridge’s 5th Executive Director,

Daniel Pfarr

• Creating a public art project,

“Secret Struggle,” with Bridge youth


We live in a world that changes rapidly. Technology has made our world smaller and keeps us connected to each other in ways

that were never possible before. Mobile devices and social media provide instantaneous contact with loved ones and business

commitments. Changes on the other side of the world can affect us at home in a matter of minutes. Changes are not one-sizefits-all;

instead they affect each of us in different ways. For some, change means a new beginning and a fresh start. For others, it

can mean a difficult adjustment that involves fear and a loss of security.

The Bridge, like many organizations in the Twin Cities, has experienced many changes in the past year. Funding levels have

dropped due to changes in foundation’s priorities, tighter levels of government spending, and a lengthy recession. The Bridge

has not been immune to these changes. These challenges have forced the Bridge to accept change. Last year, as the Board

of Directors made its search for a new Executive Director, the message was very clear: The Bridge needed to make important

changes to ensure its very survival as an organization.

But while outside forces were demanding these changes, The Bridge continued to serve youth. Our staff, a group of highly

talented and committed professionals, pulled together to provide consistent care to the youth, in the midst of an uncertain

and sometimes painful transition. Incredibly, in the midst of all of this, we served more youth than ever before. We reunited

over 500 youth with their families. We counseled over 700 families and provided long-term housing for over 45 youth. All of

these youth experienced change in their lives: some youth worked through difficult family problems that were life-changing

for all. For others, having a safe place to sleep for the first time in years changed their life as well. The work is difficult and costly;

but at the same time, worth every penny.

Change will continue for The Bridge. As I enter my first full year as Executive Director, I am expecting more changes as we

figure out how to provide the BEST service, for the MOST youth possible. After all, that is the one thing that does not change

for us—The Bridge has been helping Youth and families in crisis for over 40 years!

Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to working closely with you in the future.


Daniel F. Pfarr



Because youth and families in crisis are just as likely to need immediate help at 2 a.m. as

they do at 2 p.m., staff, or trained Bridge For Youth counselors are available by phone and in

person, at any hour, day or night. Every year the Emergency Services Program shelters over

700 youth and provides over 5000 youth and families with access to resources and the help

they need to move forward.

IN 2010...

17 beds available for young people ages 10-17

766 youth found a safe and supportive environment in our

emergency shelter, one or more times



314 youth received one-day walk-in services

5,018 crisis calls answered on our 24-hour hotline

2,974 free counseling sessions provided to youth and families

77% of youth were reunited with family and 12% exited to a

non-family, safe alternative





Services Program

Shelter & Counseling


















Reunites Families

Since 1970 thousands of youth and their families have found

hope and support through The Bridge’s Emergency Services

Program. They receive the help they need to begin rebuilding

their lives together. Whether they have been thrown out of

their homes or run away because of family conflict, or have been

brought to The Bridge by a neighbor, a police officer, teacher, or

a friend — the youth and families who turn to The Bridge for help

are always welcome.

By giving runaway and abandoned youth a safe place to go, and

offering families a respite and counseling to help them reconnect

and build on their strengths, The Bridge is able to help hundreds

of youth and families each year. Tens of thousands of youth have

moved from crisis to growth, have found their way home and

reconnected with their family with help from The Bridge for Youth.

“ESP provides a place with young people can come and be heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a

week, 365 days a year. We provide food, shelter and understanding. The typical stay is about

5 days and we offer daily counseling services as well as activity, games, movies and music.

ESP allows youth the opportunity to talk with an adult that will listen and encourage them

to help make some positive change in their lives both for themselves and their families.”

—Sarah Williams, MA, Emergency Shelter Program Supervisor




The Bridge for Youth’s Transitional Living, Independent 365, and 24-Seven programs

provide, not just housing, but support, training, and development of skills that homeless

youth need in order to change the direction of their lives toward stability and independence.

IN 2010...

The Bridge For Youth had the capacity of up to 14

dorm-style beds



31 on-site youth residents stayed an average of 5.5 months

in our Transitional Living Program

95% of exiting Transitional Living Program participants

moved into stable housing




With staff support, 16 youth maintained subsidized off-site

apartments through the Independent 365 Program, with 100%


re-signing their own lease or exiting to other stable housing

Services Program



Staff Profile



Sharon Prigge

Sharon Prigge has worked with youth

at The Bridge for over 25 years! She

is the longest serving staff person at

The Bridge. She is a counselor in the

Emergency Shelter Program (ESP)





Transitional Housing










Bridge services help hundreds of runaway youth find their way

home each year. 15 years ago, The Bridge looked at the growing

epidemic of youth homelessness and realized we needed to do

residents begin working with staff and counselors to establish and

begin achieving their goals, such as getting a job, or going back to

school, or becoming a better parent.

more. The Bridge’s Transitional Living and Independent Living

Programs were created from this realization. These programs offer

a place for homeless youth to live while they get on their feet and a

wide array of intensive supports to help youth build skills for life—

from cooking and laundry, to applying for jobs and health insurance.

The vast majority of these

16-to-21 year-olds use the

support of The Bridge to

turn their lives around—

showing amazing

For many youth who move into The Bridge’s on-site dorm, or a

community apartment, their first and most challenging task is to

resilience in

the process.

stabilize. They have to get used to sleeping in the same place every

night, having enough to eat, and being able to depend on the

adults in their lives. Once they take that important first step, youth

and works the overnight shift with girls in crisis. For many youth in

crisis staying in a shelter is a new experience. Many have runaway

or been kicked out of their homes. Going to sleep in a strange

place, even if it means they are safe for the first time, can be a

difficult adjustment. For almost 9,000 girls on 4,550 nights, Sharon

Prigge has helped girls who feel unsafe, unsure, and unloved get

a good nights’ sleep. Sharon became interested in learning about

addiction and obtained a Chemical Dependency Counseling

License from Minneapolis Community & Technical College.

During her coursework, she interned at The Bridge. She was asked

to take the night shift on New Year’s Eve of 1985 and has worked

in this position ever since.

Fosters Independence












The Secret Struggle public art project is intended

to draw attention to the issues facing runaway and

homeless youth—from addiction, to homophobia, to

violence—and to honor the strength and resilience

they show in surviving these challenges. Youth


Services Program

homelessness has increased 46% in Minnesota in the last

three years — in just one night last year, volunteers counted

over 1,200 homeless youth and young adults. And at least

1,800 youth run away in Hennepin County each year.



In 2010, 17 youth who have survived in the face of crisis,

instability, or homelessness came together to share their

own perspectives on the issues they deal with every day.

The result is the Secret Struggle public art project—14

pieces of youth art and writing placed around the

metro area during Youth Homelessness Awareness

Month, speaking volumes about the struggles and



resilience of runaway, abandoned, and homeless youth.

The Bridge is very grateful to Target Corporation

and Forecast Public Art for their generous support.



For the full text of all 14 youth statements, more

information on ways to get help or give back, and a map




all public art locations, go to






Ongoing Support

The Bridge For Youth

Celebrates 40 years!



In 2010 The Bridge For Youth

celebrated 40 years of

helping youth in crisis.

In 1970 Sister Rita Steinhagen and The Sisters of St. Joseph

decided to create a safe place where runaway youth could get

off the streets. Many things have changed since the 70’s but now,

as it was then, youth and families are dealing with turbulent lives

and challenging issues.

We have heard from many former clients over the years that their

stay at The Bridge, no matter how brief, was a pivotal turning point

in their lives. Their cards, letters, and emails have shown us how

our unique services and 24-hour accessibility can really change

lives. One of the most common themes we’ve heard from clients

is that The Bridge was there at just the right time—when they

needed it most. Because of the acceptance and support they

received at The Bridge, their lives were changed for the better.

Since 1970 The Bridge

has helped over 36,000 youth.

In 2010, The Bridge:

• Celebrated 40 years of helping youth

in crisis

• Held a 40 th Year Anniversary

Community Celebration in June 2010

• Held a 40 th Year Bridge Benefit

Celebration in October 2010

• Served over 700 youth and their


• Welcomed The Bridge’s 5 th Executive

Director, Daniel Pfarr

• Created a public art project, “Secret

Struggle,” with Bridge youth

Leads to Strength & Stability


The Bridge For Youth Thanks Our

2010 Donors and Partners!

This listing reflects our records of gifts received by The Bridge For Youth from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010.


We do our best to list all our donors accurately. We apologize if we have missed anyone. To report any errors or omissions, please contact us at 612-230-6657.


Minneapolis Dept. of Health

and Family Support

MN Dept. of Health/Health

Facility Complaints

MN Dept. of Health

and Human Services

U.S. Dept. of Health

and Human Services

City of Golden Valley

City of Minneapolis

Isanti County

Ramsey County

Hennepin County

Hennepin Faculty Associates

Edina Human

Relations Commission

FEMA thru Greater Twin Cities

United Way

USDA - School Nutrition Program


& Business


3M TCRC Retirement Team

Acapulco Restaurante


ADT Dental

Advanced Practice Management

Alice & Fred Wall

Family Foundation

Allianz Life Insurance Company

Allina Health System


Alternative Technologies Inc.

American Express

American Express Company

Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

Amy Quinlivan Design

Archie D. &

Bertha H. Walker Foundation

Artifex Manuum Spa & Gallery

Austin Family Dental

B.C. Gamble & P.W. Skogmo Fund

Barbary Fig

Mediterranean Restaurant


Beckman Coulter Inc.

Behavioral Healthcare Providers

Benner Beginning’s Childcare

Bieber Family Foundation

Birchwood Cafe

Blakeley & Company

Public Relations, LLC

Bobby & Steve’s Auto

World Youth Foundation

Bob’s Java Hut

Boundary Waters Ltd.

Brave New Workshop

Bremer Bank

Bryant Lake Bowl

Burch Pharmacy


Charitable Foundation

Buuck Family Foundation

Byerly’s SLP

Caille Farm Inc.

Canterbury Park


Community Fund


Jaye F. & Betty F. Dyer Foundation


Capital Growth

Cargill Foundation

Caribou Coffee

Carlson Marketing

Carolyn Foundation

Cat and Fiddle Wine Distributors

Central Bank

Charlson Foundation

Che Bella

Cirque Du Soleil

CoBank/Farm Credit Leasing

CorePower Yoga and Spa Edina

Cosmo’s Collars

Creative Kid’s Stuff

Curtis L. Carlson

Family Foundation

Dale Studios

Dating Go Round

Delta Dental of Minnesota

Deluxe Corporation Foundation

Drops Fill Buckets

E.J. Wexler Gift Fund of

The Minneapolis Foundation

Eagan Eye Clinic

Edina Realty Foundation

Edina Realty Maple Grove Office

El Meson

Elevance Renewable Sciences

Ernst & Young

F. Schumacher & Co.

Famous Daves

Fantastic Sam’s

Faribault Foods


FM 107

Forest Edge Winery

Frame Styles

Fred & Liz Weiner Fund

Fred C. & Katherine B.

Andersen Foundation

French Meadow Cafe

G & K Services Foundation

Galen Lab

Gen Financial Management, Inc.

General Mills Foundation

Greater Twin Cities United Way

Green Tree

Greenspon Associates, P.A.

Groovy Goods

H.E. & Helen R. Warren


Hallmark Insights

Hammer Made

Hanratty & Associates

Hoeft Family Fund of

The Minneapolis Foundation

Hollstadt & Associates Inc.

Holy Land Brand, Inc.

Home Depot


Integrated Healthcare Strategies

Italian Tan

IWJ Charitable Foundation

Jack & Bessie Fiterman


James Mulvey Inn

Jay & Rose Phillips Family


John & Bonnie Crouch Fund of

The Minneapolis Foundation

John F. Eisberg & Susan Kline

Charitable Fund of The

Minneapolis Foundation

Johnson Controls Blue Sky Inc.

Joseph H. & Florence A. Roblee


Judson Mowbray, LLC

Judy & Malcolm W. McDonald

Family Charitable Account

Jungle Theatre

Kopp Family Foundation

Kowalski’s Markets

Corporate Office

Kowalski’s Uptown Market

Kozy’s Steak & Seafood

KTMJ Vending, LLP

Laird Norton Family Fund

Lake Elmo Inn

Larkin McPhee Productions Inc

LeAnn Chin

Lieberman-Okinow Foundation

Loft Literary Center

Love From Minnesota /

Accent Chicago

Luther I. Replogle Foundation

Macy’s Foundation

Magers & Quinn Booksellers

Mall of America

Malt-O-Meal Company

Margaret H. & James E. Kelley

Foundation, Inc.

Margaret Rivers Fund

Marjorie Weil & Marvin Edward

Mitchell Foundation

Massage Envy Spa


Medica Foundation

Medtronic Foundation

Medtronic, Inc.

Mile High United Way

Mind Body &

Soul Wellness Center

Minnesota Association

of Professional Employees

Minneapolis Convention Center

Minnesota Orchestra

Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Vikings

Children’s Fund

Minnesota Zoo

Myers Foundation, Inc.

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

NFC Foundation

No Knots Professional

Massage & Bodywork, Inc.

North Creek Community Farm

NovoLogix, Inc.

Open Your Heart to the

Hungry & Homeless

Optum Health Boeing Nurses

Page Productions

Pajor Family Foundation

Palomino Restaurant,

Rotisseria & Bar

Papa Johns


Patisserie Margo

Patrick & Aimee Butler

Family Foundation

Paul & Patricia Curran Foundation

Pentair Foundation

Penumbra Theater

Peregrine Capital Management

Pilates Uptown

Plymouth Church

Neighborhood Foundation

Pohlad Family Foundation

Prospect Creek Foundation

Pure Vita

Quadion Foundation

Quota International of



RBC Foundation - USA

Rehael Fund-Roger HaleNor

Hall of The Minneapolis


Renaissance Charitable

Foundation, Inc.

Richard & Maureen Schulze of

The Richard M. Schulze Family


Roat Osha

Ronick Inc.

Roycraft Foundation

S.K.i.N. Medical Spa

Saint Croix Vineyards

Salon Aura

Salon Intrique

Salon On The Edge


Samsara Foundation

Sauer Children’s Renew


Saunders Family Foundation

Schaaf Strategic Consulting

Schwarz Builders Inc.

Science Museum of Minnesota

Sebastian Joe’s

Shakopee Mdewakanton

Dakota Community

Shear Art Studio

Sheldon V. & Carroll C. Brooks

Foundation Inc.

Social Dance Studio


Spalon Montage


St. Louis Park

Community Foundation

Styled Life

Suburban Radiologic Consultants

Sugar Shack

Summit Brewing Company

Sun Country Airlines

Sundance Pay It

Forward Foundation

Sweeney Todd’s

Sweet Chocolate

Sweet Retreat

Target Center

Target Corporation’s

GLBT Business Council

Target Corporation

Target Foundation

Ted & Dr. Roberta Mann


Teresa Charitable Fund

The Global Market

The Corner Balloon Shoppe

The Elizabeth C. Quinlan


The Firm

The Garage

The Gordon & Margaret Bailey


The Head Foundation

The Henry & Virginia Sweatt

Family Fund of Schwab


The Improve Group

The Lander Group, Inc.

The McKnight Foundation

The Minneapolis Foundation

The Richard M. & Sandra J.

Schulze Family Foundation

The Wedge

Thomson Reuters North

American Legal

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans


Tickles Piano Bar

TJX Foundation, Inc.

Totally Driven


Turner Family Foundation

U.S. Bancorp Foundation

United Way of Greater Milwaukee

United Way of Northeast Florida

United Way of

Southeastern Pennsylvania

Urban Outfitters

Waterstone Place

Luxury Apartments

Wayzata Community Church

WCA Foundation

Weed Man

Welch Villiage

Wells Fargo Funding

Wells Fargo Home &

Consumer Finance Group

Wells Foundation

Whitney Foundation

Wild Rumpus

Wilde Roast Cafe

William D. & Joyce E. Sexton

Family Foundation

Wilmot Wheeler Foundation

Womack Family Foundation

World Childhood Foundation

Wuollet Bakery

Xcel Energy Foundation

Yocum Oil

Community &

Employee Groups

Admission Possible


Almoner Fund

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 1

America’s Charities

Ameriprise Financial

Employee Giving Campaign

Atonement Lutheran Church

Big Brothers Big Sisters

BlueCross BlueShield

of Minnesota

Breck High School

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Calvary Baptist Church

Camp Quest of Minnesota

Central Presbyterian Church

Chanhassen High School

Chaska High School

Community Shares of Minnesota

Edgewood Education Center

Edina Police Department

Excelsior United

Methodist Church

For The Love of Peyton


Community Relations

Hamline University

Hands On Twin Cities

Hennepin County Library

Holy Spirit School

Honeywell Hometown Solutions

Hopkins Elks

Humanists of Minnesota

IBM Employee Charitable

Contribution Campaign

Jefferson Community

School-Eagles Coffee Crew

Kenwood Isles Area Association

Lake Harriet

United Methodist Church

Lockheed Martin

MacPhail Center for Music

Metropolitan Council

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Minnesota Atheists

Minnesota Valley Unitarian

Universalist Fellowship

Morgan Stanley

National Junior Honor Society

North United Methodist Church

Ordway Center for the

Performing Arts

Pajama Program

Rasmussen College

Razoo Foundation

Robbinsdale Armstrong

High School

Shepherd of the Valley

Lutheran Church

Sisters of St. Joseph of

Carondelet and Consociates

St. Louis Park Family

Services Collaborative

St. Paul Woman’s Club

Temple Israel

The Prudential Foundation

Matching Gifts Program

Totino Grace High School

Twin Cities Chapter of the

American Red Cross

UBS Employee Giving Programs

United Health Group

University of Minnesota-

School of Nursing

University of St. Thomas

Walker Art Center

Wells Fargo Community

Support Campaign

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Woodbury Peaceful Grove

United Methodist Church

Worship Coordinators

at 7500 York

YWCA of Minneapolis

Zion Lutheran Church

Bridge Builders

Sharron I. Adkins

Mary Alden

Michael Alexin

Anonymous (5)

Daniel R. & Martha Aronson

Martha & Bruce Atwater

The Atwater Foundation

Deborah & Robert Bauleke

Bruce & Deb Bauman

Harley Bergren

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Rolf & Chris Bolstad

David & Joann Bounk

William Casey & Betty Grant

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Russell Cowles & Josine Peters

Julia W. Dayton

Ruth & Bruce Dayton

Julie Dobesh

Natalie Doyle

John F. Eisberg

& Susan Kline Charitable Fund

Martha M. Erdman

Susan Evans & Erik Reisetter

Linda Foreman & Mel Dickstein

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Katharine & Louis Hill

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Arthur & Rosemary Janousek

Randy Johnson

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Amy & Ray Kelly

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& Edward Levin

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Kristy Giefer & Friends

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Lori Jacobson



Ann Jaede

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& Carter Klein

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Shauna McKenzie

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Jean McNeil & Thomas Johnson

Mike & Lynn McNellis

Donna McRoberts

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Gerald Meidl

Mari & Kevin Meintsma

Norma Melbostad

Kristin Melby

Robert Mersky

Veronica Mestad

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Tammy Meyer

Pamela & Thomas Meyers

Margaret Michaelson

Jennie & Dan Michels

Shawn Michienzi

Mary Miles Keller

Robyn Millenacker-Sharpe

Chelsea & Greg Miller

David & June Miller

Jay Miller & Brad Wagner

Nancy Miller & Edward Levin

William & Nan Miller

Carmen Minervini

Gregory Moe

Patricia Moen

Robert Moen

Nadine Mogck

Jane Moiorano Miller

Arnie Molde

Carol Moleski

Carol & Jim Moller

Shawn Monaghan

& Greg Plotnikoff

Walter & Joan Mondale

Pamela & Martin Montilino

Leona Moore

Therese & Douglas Moore

James Morabito

Sheila Morgan

Teresa Morris

Amy Morse

Nance Mosquera

Grace Mueller

William Munsinger

Ed Murphy & Nan Upin

Katherine Murphy

Samuel & Barbara Murphy

Yvonne Murphy

Patrick Mustain

Erma Myers

By & Gay Napier

Curt Naumann

Bob & Tess Nelson

Curt Nelson & Eric Swanson

Janet & James Nelson

Kathy Nelson

Kippy & Peter Nelson

Maggie Nelson

Martha Nelson

Ray Nelson & Jim Goulet

Steve & Elizabeth Nelson

Long Nguyen

Gary Nichols & Chris Meyer

Jason & Jessie Nicholson

Lorraine D. Nickels

Steven Niren

Dedria Noll & Hopkins Elks

Debra Novak

Theresa Nowicki

Louis Oberhauser

Sally & Paul Oberstar

Thomas O’Brien

Jennifer Obst

Mark & Becky Odland

Peter & Carolyn Odonnell

William O’Dowd

Sheila Oehrlein & Naomi Munzer

Catherine O’Gara

Dorothy Olsen

Kristen Olsen

Jamie Olson

Kathy Olson-Varville

Andrea Olufson

Michael O’Neil

Annie O’Neill

Brad Orschel & Sarah Hilleren

Steve Orzel

Holly Osterland

Judy Ottoson

Tony, Magan, Charlotte,

Cooper & Mason Oudekerk

Mark Owens

DK & S Owens-Pike

Thomas C. Pagel

Richard & Jamie Paisner

Joe & Mary Palen

The Paller-Rzepka Family

Harold & Diane Papke

Mary Parish & Robert Rogers

Joanne & William Patterson

Richard & Barbara Patterson

Jeanne Paulson

Elizabeth & Bob Pavlica

Jay Pearson

Mark & Kimberly Pearson

Michael Peller

David Perbix

Angelo & Mary Percich

Kathryn Perich & Lori Dokken

Krystie Perrin

Endra Persaud

Josine Peters & Russell Cowles

Kobe Peters

Curt N. Peterson

David Peterson

Karen & Richard Pettingill

Dan Pfarr & Julie Pinomaki

Ellen & David Phelps

Allen Philipsek

Karin & Dean Phillips

Brian Pietsch

Lucas Piper

Mary & Doug Platt

Eleanor Plaunt

Greg Plotnikoff

Janet & Paul Podgorak

Shirley Poliquin

Elizabeth Politte

& Nancy Schuenemann

Gretchen Polkinghorne

Karen & Jim Porath

Trevor Porath

Mike Porter

Allen Potter

David Powell & Barbara McLean

Jerry & Jacquelin Powell

Bevan Presley

Diane Proug

Anne Pryor

April Puls

Philip & Dora Quanbeck

Colleen & Kevin Raasch

Vicky Radcliff

Jackie & Robert Radde

Judith Ragir & Charley Murphy

Allec-Straith Rain

Edward Rajvong

Gary & Susan Rappaport

Alissa Rath & John Hasselberg

Heidi Rathmann

Ellen Ratner & Peter Shanedling

Mike & Linda Raub

Sue Raugust

Mary Rausch

Keith & Barbara Reddick

George Reid

Susan Reinhart

Erik Reisetter & Susan Evans

Gretchen Reisetter

Constance Remele

Annie & Peter Remes

Ben Rengstorf

Michael Resnick

& Linda Bearinger

Mary Reyelts

Fernando Reyes

Fazil Riaz

Steve & Carla Rice

Lorene Richards

Adrienne Richardson


& Cross Telecom Employees

Mary Richardson

Joyce Riddle

Ron & Robin Ries

Barry Riesch

Nancy Riestenberg

& Robert Cowgill

Ken Riff

Thomas Roach & Timothy Nix

Mary Roberts

Vincent Roberts

Derek Robertson

Tracey Robertson

Dewitt Robinson

Lisa & Marjorie Robinson

Merci Rocha

Mr. Thom E. Roethke

James Rognas

Richard & Sonja Rohrer

Bob & Mariah Rooney

Michael Root

William & Margaret Rosen

Mia Rosner

Margaret Ross

Val Rossbach

Bill Rossi

Catherine Rossini

Wayne & Bonnie Roswick

Craig Roth & Carolyn Bowles

Heikki Rouvinen & Sandra Weise

James & Andrea Rovner

Melanie Ruda

& Katia McDonough

Rhonda Ruhland

Kathleen Ruona

Roger Rusack

Casey Rusco & Michael Barr

Catherine Russell

Kelly Ryan

Karla Rydrych

Roger & Nancy Rymer

Karen Rynerson

Beth Rytkonen

Tracey Sabby

Kristine & Jon Sabes

Paul & Pat Sackett

Richard & Barbara Sadler

Harold & Jacqueline Sadoff

Sharon Sagel

Susan Sanborn

Richard Sandeen

Margaret & Dean Sander

David & Miriam Sanders

David Sandler

Beth & Tom Sather

Linda & John Satorius

Mary Kay & Orville Sauter

Catherine & Andrew Scardigli

Marcetta Scearcy

Dennis Schapiro & Jeanne Andre

Patricia & Bud Schellenberg

Debra Scheppard

Gary Schiff & David Barela

Clara Schiller & Kaitlin Frick

Anne Schilling

Thomas & Michelle Schlehuber

Susan & Virgil Schmidt

Joseph & Marilyn Schmit

Jake & Mary Schmitz

Karen Schneider

Gary Schoener

Robert Schrank

Jane Schrantz

Kimberly Schuck

Marcia Schug

Jean Schulz

Michael Schwab

Kurt Schwarz

Derek & Christine Scott

Diana & Thomas Scott

Pat & Tom Scott

Buddy Scroggins

& Kelly Schroeder

Mary Seelye

MJ Seelye

Matt Seltzer & Caroline Schultz

Jo & Don Senander

Catherine Settanni

Pamela Shaffer

Patrick Shannon

Steve Shapiro

Thomas Sheahan

Susan Sheffield & Bob Slattery

Michael Sheils

David Shelby

Bryan Shephard

Kim Shiely

I-Ming Shih

Dik Shopteau

Brenda Shores & Tracy Tyler

Tonia & Niki Shupien

Claudia & Stephen Sickle

Cristy Siede

Marla Siegler & Steven Schreurs

Ellen Silva & Wilson Gibbins

Anita Silver

Rockie Simoes

Nancy Sims

Carol & Richard Sisler

Barry Sittlow

Liam Sivanich

Dennis & Marguerite Skahen

Mike Skarp & Curt Peterson

Steven Skewes

Bonita Skjod

Martin Skoro & Roselyn Rezac

Kathleen Skow

Colleen Slack

Bob Slattery & Susan Sheffield

Daniel Slingeland

Eileen & Marshall Sloan

Richard Sloss & Dana Barnes

Andrew Smart

Brenda Smeby

Christine & Derek Smith

Marshall Smith

Mary Smith

Melissa Smith

Pamela & Ted Smith

John Smith-Ricco

Karen & Jeffrey Smudski

Sue Smukler

Marilou Snodgrass

Rob Snyder

Doug & Kitty Soderberg

Richard Soderberg

Shandra & Nate Soderberg

Amy & Adam Sokolski

Len Solarz & Linda Fox

Heather Sommer

Lynette Spalding

Annamichele Spears

Sally & Alex Spector

Mary & Jac Sperling

Stanley Srnec

Linda Standley

Lynne Stanley

& Christopher Elliott

Sharon Stark

Mary Jane Steinhagen

& Robert Veitch

Rita Steinhagen

Kenneth & Darlene Stensby

Cindy Stephani

Simon Stevens & Maggie Thurer

Donald Stewart

Jeff & Pat Stewart

Sue & John Stillman

Mark & Karen Stofferahn

Philip Stone, Jr.

Mary Storken

Todd Strand

Mary Streitz

Mike Streitz

Virginia Strong

Kate Suchomel

Patricia & Donald Sullivan

Margaret Summers

Kari Swalinkavich-Scherer

Patricia Swan

Ruth Swank & Maggi Mahan

Michael Swanlund

Diane Swanson

David Swarthout

David Swenson

Pat Syroraphane

Dehsawn Tart

Debrah Tasa

Jacob Taylor

LeAnn Taylor

Linda Taylor

Neil Taylor

Ross & Doris Taylor

Robert & Leslie Teddy

Jerry Terp

Ruby Thelander

Michael Thimmesch

Carol Thomas

Janet Thompson

Jill Thompson

Michael & Linda Thompson

Peter Thompson

Stan Thompson

Wendy Thompson

Jean Thomson

Deb Thorp & Kathleen Murphy

Michelle & Mark Thorson

Brian Thyr & Danita Carlson

Stephanie Tkach

Cynthia Tolsma

Laura Torgerson

Dan & Molly Torrey

Bill Tresch

Jennifer Truran

Larry Turner

Robert & Margaret Turner

Sara & Andrew Turner

Tracy Tyler & Brenda Shores

Jean & Dean Uglem

Jackie Ulwelling

Stephanie Uphoff

Marcia Urban

Kay Van Riper

David & Lynn Vander Haar

Erin & Mark Vannelli

Ann-Marie Varpness

Tom Veitch

Kristoffer Verplank

Kay Vignali

Dorothy Vitullo

Jeanne Voight

Mark Wagenius & Dennis Oliver

Brad & Jay Wagner

David Wagy

Mark Waldorf

Missy & David Walk

Fred & Alice Wall

Olivia Waller

Jeanne & Robert Walz

Nancy Warnen

David & Nancy Warner

Jennifer & Dale Warner

Patricia & Ralph Watkins

Alice Weck & Barbara Clark

John Wehrman

Fred & Elizabeth Weiner

Pamela Weiner

& James Wittenberg

Myriam Weinstein

Sandra Weise

Barbara & Donald Wernli

Jane Westerlund

Elizabeth Westfall

John & Kelly Wheaton

Donna & Steven Wherley

Jill White

Julie & Robert White

Stephen Whitlow & Lisa Burger

Wheelock Whitney

& Kathleen Blatz

Randy Wick

John & Susan Wiik

Stephanie Wilkerson

Frank & Frances Wilkinson

Abdy Willette

Jane & Bill Williams

Randy & Jo Williams

Sharica Williams

Steven & Priscilla Williams

Al & Mary Willig

Scott Wilson

Sharon Wilson

Brian Winefeldt

Kevin Winge & Kevin Shores

Sabrina & Francesca Winkleman

Frederick & Eleanor Winston

Ione & Bill Winter

Elizabeth & Rufus Winton

Dennis & Kathryn Wipperling

Steven & Kathryn Wirth

Joan & Wayne Wittman

Lenny & Ann Witucki

William & Geraldine Wolf

Ellyn Wolfenson & Michael Belzer

Marsha Wolk & Frank Freedman

Joel Woodward

Kate Works

Marian Wright

William & Norma Wright

Catherine Yamoor

Kerry Yanez

Pauline Yanez

Jack Yarbrough

Joan Young

Gil Yulo

David Yutesler

Warren Zacher

Gregory Zajac

Brian Zellman

Bruce & Linda Zempel

Greg Zick

Ashley Zieper

Fran Zimmerman

John Zimmerschied

Kelly Zimmerschied

Nathan Zubrzycki

Ray Zwack


Mary Alden

In memory of Ben Alden

Rebekah Anderson

In honor of Sarah Baker


In honor of Bill Sias


In honor of

Tracie Stoltenberg

Daniel & Martha Aronson

In honor of

Jack Weinstein’s birthday

Rolf & Chris Bolstad

In honor of Stephen

& Mary Schaefer

Constance & William Bonde

In memory of Chet Mylnek

Robert & Catherine Bonde

In memory of Chet Mylnek

Michelle Bove’

& Kenneth Desjardins

In memory of

Catherine Johnson

Elizabeth Breese

In honor of her daugher

Joe Cavanaugh

In memory of Patrick Cooper

Dorothy Cleland

In memory of

Joseph Chester Mylnek

David Copeland

In honor of William Copeland

Matthew Donnelly

In memory of Patrick Cooper

Lorraine Ettl

In memory of Joseph Mylnek

G.F. Flint

In honor of neighbors

who shovel her snow

covered walk

Andrew & Carol Haak

In memory of Joseph Mylnek

Laurie Hanson

In honor of Sarah Rocca

& Zak Hanson

Margaret Hanson

In memory of Patrick Cooper

Sarah Himes

In honor of John Himes

& Lavelle Gold

Holly Hysjulien

In memory of Chet Mlynek,

who had a passion for

helping others

Gary Johnson & Joan Hershbell

In honor of Dr. Mark Halley

Gary Johnson

In honor of Jimmy Lopez

Kim Johnson

In honor of Stacy Lee King

Michele Kohner

In honor of

Barb & Dave Hornig

Holly Kragthorpe-Shirley

In honor of Lake Nokomis

School, Keewaydin Campus

Alex & Lisa Kronick

In memory of Carly Fisher

Mary Latterell

In honor of Thankfulness

Joanne Leko

In honor of Shirley Carter

& Nikki Beasley

Craig & Maryanna Litsey

In honor of David

& Merry Litsey

Suzanne & James Lowy

In honor of Patti Maas

Randi Lyders & Scott Kindrick

In memory of

Priscilla Minenko

Rosemary Maun

In memory of Patrick Cooper

Ed Murphy & Nan Upin

In honor of Vivian

for Mother’s Day

Mark Owens

In honor of Delores Owens

Mary Parish & Robert Rogers

In memory of Ida J. Davies

Shirley Poliquin

In memory of Russell Balmer

Elizabeth Politte

& Nancy Schuenemann

In memory of

Milton L. Politte

Mike & Linda Raub

In memory of Patrick Cooper

Lorene Richards

In honor of Monica Williams

Adrienne Richardson

In honor of Polly Jean

Ron & Robin Ries

In honor of Kara Skahen

Lisa & Marjorie Robinson

In memory of

Patrick Sean Cooper

Wayne & Bonnie Roswick

In memory of

Patrick Sean Cooper

David & Miriam Sanders

In memory of Chet Mlynek

Pamela Shaffer

In honor of

Patti & Dan O’leary

Kim Shiely

In honor of Ryan Murphy

Claudia & Stephen Sickle

In memory of Patrick Cooper

Dennis & Marguerite Skahen

In honor of Kara Skahen

Andrew Smart

In honor of Balance Cycling

Ruth Swank & Maggi Mahan

In memory of Russell Balmer

Carol Thomas

In honor of

Tim Reardon’s 50th birthday

Stephanie Tkach

In honor of Rhonda Robinson

Jeanne Voight

In memory of Patrick Cooper

Missy & David Walk

In honor of

Alec Albee & Lynn Strauss’s

25th Wedding Anniversary

Myriam Weinstein

In honor of

Jack Weinstein’s birthday

Sandra Weise

In honor of Soile Anderson

Wheelock Whitney

& Kathleen Blatz

In honor of

Joseph & Desiree Whitney

Al & Mary Willig

In honor of

Kathy Schaaf’s service

Ione & Bill Winter

In honor of

Skip Webster & Juanita Smith

Marsha Wolk

& Frank Freedman

In honor of

Cheree the nurse

Board of Directors

The Bridge For Youth has an incredible

Board of Directors who not only sit

on the Board, but donate time, resources, and

wisdom to further The Bridge’s mission in

helping youth in crisis!

Thank you to our outstanding

Board of Directors!


Susan Evans Chair

Michael Alexin Vice Chair

Ellyn Wolfenson Secretary

Robert York, Jr. Treasurer

Deb Bauman

Mary Bolkcom

Linda Foreman

Tonya Hampton

Andrea Johnson,Psy.D.LP

Raymond Joncas, Jr.

Louis Ling, M.D.

Peter Loewenson, M.D., M.P.H.

Britt Lundquist Gage

Harry Sweatt

William Williams

Phil Willkie


Michael Alexin President

Susan Evans Vice President

Raymond Joncas, Jr. Secretary

Robert York, Jr. Treasurer

Deb Bauman

Timothy Bechtold

Mary Bolkcom

John Fletcher

Linda Foreman

Tonya Hampton

Louis Ling, M.D.

Kristine Martin

Kathy Schaaf

William Williams

Phil Wilkie

advisory board

Benita Amadee

Tom Thul


Thank you to our 2010 Volunteers and 2010 Staff!

The Bridge exists because of the dedication of many to support the youth in our community. Together, we help youth and families 365 days a year,

24 hours a day, 7 days a week by reuniting youth with their families; helping youth who can’t go home again find a safe place to stay; providing

free counseling services to youth and their families; responding to crisis calls; and providing shelter for runaway and homeless youth.

2010 Volunteers

Brian Aebly

Mary Alden

Erika Alin

Marcquillo Allen

Melissa Anderson

Laura Andrews

Cheryl Arendts

Adam Bailey

Sue Balk

Tianca Barron

Ashley Bauman

Ken Becker

Jody Bedell

Jerry Beltt

Joan Bennet

Nicole Bergstresser

Milissia Binman

Arlene Birnbaum

Marti Brandon

Chris Brooks

Nikky Brooks

Aaron Brosier

Kristen Butler

Justin Cadotte

Janelle Carle

Rochel Carver

Cathy Casey

Jamie Cheever

Molly Cichanket

Yazmin Clark

Michelle Cohen

Karesia Coley

Chris Condie

Carol Lynn Courtney

David Crane

Danae Curtis

Katrina Cushman

Drew Cziok

Hanna Deilman

Tom Delaney

Sarah Deziel

Shauna Dorholt

Willie Douglas

Michelle Drake

Stacy Eichman-Cardwell

Anna Ellis

Ann Emery

Brett Erickson

Sarah Evans

Barb Everhart

Josh Facer

Tracy Fagnan

Lisa Fahey

Lucy Faurot

Anna Ford

Cyndi Forsberg

Corinne Gabler

Anna Gjertson

Mark Gobeli

Julie Greunke

Terri Gustafson

Ethan Haglund

Jane Hallett-Arnold

Kanisha Hall-Poson

Patty Halvorson

Emily Hansen

Courtney Haugstad

Becky Hennen

Bacaseva Hill

Gladys Hill

Milt Hill

Sametta Hill

Tine Hoffsbakken

Kevin Horne

Greg Hselle

Susan Jackson

Johnson Controls

Jenny Johnson

Chris Jones

Kristin Jones

Abby Kane

Melissa Karol

Carol Kast

Heidi Keil

Tom Keller

Shannon Keough

Allison Kerner

Stacy King

Caityn Knudson

Kimberly Koep

Michele Kohner

Ashley Krawczyk

Nichole Kresa

Stacy Kromenhoek

Ashley Krueger

Jodi Larson

Judith Larson

Sheila Larson

Matt Lichty

Searcy Lillehei

Nick Linstroth

Melody Lockwood

Robert Loomer

Amanda Lord

Lovell Ludd

Shelly Luppen

Allie Machacek

Peggy MacRae

Gail Madden

Chase Martin

Kristen Matson

Paul McHale

Joshua Moffat

Teresa Morris

Emily Nelson

Kippy Nelson

Nick Nelson

Pamela Nelson

Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb

Colleen O’Connor

Shannon O’Hara

TJ Olaniyi

Nicholas Oleen-Junk

Nicole Olson

Tracy Olson

Vicki Olson

Karissa Ouren

Valerie Overby

Neha Patel

Ellen Patterson

Mark Pearson

Libby Perkins

Samantha Perkins

Rochelle Perry

Laci Peters

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Hutton Phillips

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Courtney Poja

Colleen Powell

Chris Prather

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Maria Raj

Sarah Rasumssen

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Brooke Ross

Kimberly Rubel

Francesca Santillan

Stacy Schultz

Lura Shopteau Megan Smith

Kitty Soderberg

Samantha Sosman

Ashlee Stadt

Aaron Sullivan

Kali Sutton

Joelle Taknint

Chai Thao

Michael Thompson

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Leah Tompkins

Daniel Torgerson

Tung Tuong

Chelsea Turner

Mai Vang

Erin Vannelli

Emily Watson

Jaclyn Watson

Katie Welle

Courtney Wood

Katherine Zerebiec

Augsburg College

Blake School

Boston Scientific Foundation

Calvary Baptist Church

Central Bank

Christian Student Fellowship

Community Church of Boulder Junction

Metro LINC

Minnesota Council of Churches

Nash Finch Company

Pontoppidan Lutheran Church

Rassmussen College

Target Corporation

Target GLBT Business Council

2010 Bridge for Youth Staff

2011 Bridge for Youth Staff


ShaVonda Allen

Wesley Baccus

Emanuel Barker

Tianca Barron

Nikkil Beasley

Felicia Bell

Amy Biermaier

Anna Broadbent

Rufus Brown

Cory Call

Shirley Carter

Kristan Clow

Karesia Coley

Amanda Cook

Nancy Cusack

Tyler Dercks

Nora Dwyer

Caroline Eggers

Wendy Epstein

Katharine Eubank

Camille Finn-Reese

Joy Fogg

Coretha Ford

Tamika Garscia

Stephanie Giese

Sara Grace

Michelle Hall

Brianna Haugen

Kelvin Hill

Emily Hinds

Ronald Hudnell

Chandra Jackson

Todd Jeffers

Carlton Jessup

Jessica Johnson

Madeline Johnson

David Katzenmeyer

Evelyn Kabaya

Beth Knoblauch

Holly Koch

Anastasia Kramlinger

Janna Langer

Cheree Langmade

Hlee Lee

Willie Little

Deena McKinney

Tamara Meyer

MaRaye Mickey-Brocks

Chelsea Miller

Edward Murphy

Yvonne Murphy

Morganne Napoleoni

Christopher Ochocki

Anna Ogunro

Nicholas Oleen-Junk

Roxanne Peyton

Daniel Pfarr

Lucas Piper

Shantelle Powell

Sharon Prigge

Laura Prink

Samara Ray

Timothy Reardon

Mary Revoy

Jenna Riley

Regina Roby

Merci Roca

Jennifer Roper

Irene Sabin

Carolyn Sand

Angel Sandro

Clara Schiller

Kathryn Sherva

Nathan Soderberg

Kristina Stewart

Jacqueline Thompson

Stephanie Tkach

Abigail Traxler

Tracy Tyler

Bronwen Tynddol

Melissa Vice

Sandra Walk

Robert Ward

Sandra Weise

Kerry Wenger

Sarah Williams

DaNei Wilsun, Jr.

ShaVonda Allen

Samara (Sami) Auger

Emanuel Barker

Tianca Barron

Nikkil Beasley

Jessica Bedward

Amy Biermaier

Shirley Carter

Kristan Clow

Karesia Coley

Nancy Cusack

Tyler Dercks

Caroline Eggers

Joy Fogg

Coretha Ford

Tamika Garscia

Sara Grace

Jessie Green

Kesha Green

Michelle Hall

Brianna Haugen

Kelvin Hill

Ronald Hudnell

Chandra Jackson

Todd Jeffers

Madeline Johnson

Jesse Kardong

Markeya Knight

Beth Knoblauch

Anastasia Kramlinger

Kassia Kulaszewicz

Janna Langer

Hlee Lee

Wendy Marcano

Errol Mentor

MaRaye Mickey-Brocks

Chelsea Miller

Morganne Napoleoni

Annie Nelson

Anna Ogunro

Jennifer Petzoldt

Daniel Pfarr

Shantelle Powell

Sharon Prigge

Laura Prink

Jenna Riley

Eddie Rogers

Carolyn Sand

Angel Sandro

Jerell Scott

Nathan Soderberg

Kristina Stewart

Jacqueline Thompson

Stephanie Tkach

Abigail Traxler

Tracy Tyler

Bronwen Tynddol

Melissa Vice

Sandra Walk

Kerry Wenger

Sarah Williams

Monica Wittstock


Based on audited financial statements

Support and revenue unrestricted

Public Support: 2010 2009

Contributions & Grants $1,476,108 $1,431,309

United Way $455,190 $456,819

Government Grants & Contracts $1,319,319 $1,521,571

Total Public Support $3,250,617 $3,409,699


Service Fees/Teens Alone $110,522 $270,165

Interest & Realized Gains on Investments $1,285 $1,072

Unrealized Gain/(Loss) on Investments $806 $2,233

Gain/(Loss) on Disposal of Assets -0- -0-

Miscellaneous $4,953 $2,231

Total Revenue $117,566 $275,701

Total Support and Revenue


$3,368,183 $3,685,400




Where The Money

Comes From











Program Expenses $2,548,704 $2,748,983

Management and General $322,524 $281,626

Fundraising $247,537 $257,991

Total Expenses (before depreciation) $3,118,765 $3,288,600

Depreciation $203,525 $197,167

Total Expenses (after depreciation) $3,322,290 $3,485,767

Where The

Money Goes





& General


Increase (decrease) in unrestricted net assets $45,893 $199,633

Unrestricted net assets, beginning of year $3,663,876 $3,464,243

Unrestricted Net Assets,

end of year $3,709,769 $3,663,876


Direct Service




10-11 .... 3%

12-14 ....22%

15-17 ....60%

18-21 ....14%

N/R .....







Photo and quote by young artist served by The Bridge for Youth. The Secret Struggle project

features 14 different artworks. Visit for locations and extended quotes.


The Secret Struggle project is generously sponsored by:

1111 West 22nd Street | Minneapolis, MN | 55405

Learn more. Get help. Give back. | 612-377-8800

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