Latest Trends in Outdoor Signs in Kansas City


Check out the latest trends in outdoor signs in Kansas City to design high quality signs that create the perfect first impression and take your company to the next level of public awareness. For more details, visit

Business Signage

Commercial indoor and outdoor signs are an integral tool to draw the

attention of the passerby. From small businesses to large companies, outdoor

signs make the first impression that the customer will have on the business

and is far more cost-effective than the traditional print billboards.

Let’s check out the latest trends in Business Signage…

Incorporate Architectural Elements

A business logo is your identity in a world of infinite choice and a critical

aspect of business marketing. Similarly, your sign is also crucial for welcoming

newcomers to your business. It should be big enough to be noticed, but not

overbearing. Signs should complement the building so that it doesn't feel like

a separate entity, but as a continuation of your business as a whole.

Add a Bit of Drama to Your Design

Dramatic signs catch the eyes of customers easily and make your company

seem fresh and inviting. Illuminated signs will be the center of attraction

during the night, and people will remember your sign if it illuminates the sky

with its presence. Combining the bold with the subtle such as adding bright

lights, confident coloring and lettering will make your sign instantly


Embrace Imperfections

An accidentally curved line, a spilled blotch of paint, and anything else that

adds an entirely unique character to your sign could be honed and perfected.

Just because it began as an accident doesn't mean it has to stay one. You can

very well utilize it to add character to your sign's presence. In fact, this could

make your signage unique and welcoming.

Create Contrasting Signs

Create a sign that works to slot-in local characteristics of its environment such

as nearby building materials, or natural landscape to make it stand out. This

creates the illusion of your sign having always been there, and viewers will

never doubt that your sign belongs there. However, as the key point suggests,

you must contrast with the area as well.

Set Out the Perfect Illumination

Any business owner will crave for the highest quality signs that the city will

allow, to stand out from the neighboring business and competition. For this

purpose your sign must be illuminating a little brighter with a clear message.

With the advancement in technology, incredible options for high impact,

easily maintained signs with different illumination options such as neon,

fluorescent lamps and LEDs are available.

Staying Ahead of Your Competition

By understanding these sign trends for businesses, you will be able to take

your company to the next level of public awareness. Customers will react, and

they will be more likely to recognize and enter your business as a result.

Incorporate drama and imperfections to ensure that you stay at the top of the


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