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Airport Master Plan 2012 - City of Waterville

Airport Master Plan 2012 - City of Waterville

Economic Impact

Economic Impact of the Airport The State of Maine completed a study in 2006 to assess the economic benefits of airports across the State that included 36 publicly owned airports 17 . The information in this section is taken directly from the study results. To assess the benefits of an airport four major areas are reviewed: Airport Businesses or Tenants; Airport Capital Improvement Projects; Airport Visitors; and Aviation Multipliers (i.e. the measure of someone directly employed by the Airport spends their paycheck in the local community). These areas are all reviewed and cycled through an economic model to determine the economic impact of each of the airports. The results are usually presented by: total employment; total payroll; and total output. The report states “There are currently almost 21,000 jobs in Maine that are in some way connected to the public airports and their activities. These jobs have an annual estimated payroll of $487.9 million. When all economic activities are considered, total annual economic activity or output associated with the 36 public commercial service and general aviation airports is estimated at over $1.5 billion.” Table 1.13 summarizes the study results for WVL. As the study indicates, WVL has a significant impact to the local, regional and state economies. Table 1.13 Summary of Economic Impacts Airport Name Total Total Total Employment Payroll Output Waterville Robert LaFleur 39 $1,101,700 $2,875,700 General Aviation (GA) Airports 1,532 $39,436,200 $103,752,300 WVL Percent of GA: 2.5% 2.8% 2.8% Source: Economic Impacts of Airports in Maine, Executive Summary, 2006. In addition, the study survey data indicated the Airport draws approximately 2,330 visitors each year, while the Airport typically accommodates nonstop flights in private aircraft from New England and Mid- Atlantic states but also was visited by corporate jets from the mid-west, west and southern states 18 . Central Maine Economy The economy plays a key role in the future of an airport and the Airport can play a key role in the future of an economy. The economy of the Central Maine Region is an important asset for determining how WVL will be utilized and what benefits can be reaped by the Airport and the Region. Coordinating this activity and information is crucial to success. Currently, WVL has two agencies working to support the local economy. These agencies include the Central Maine Growth Council and the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce. These agencies are working to foster the economy of Central Maine and are best represented in this Master Plan by stating their Mission Statements. 17 Economic Impacts of Airports in Maine, Executive Summary. November 2006. Maine Department of Transportation, Office of Passenger Transportation. 18 Economic Impacts of Airports in Maine. November 2006. Maine Department of Transportation, Office of Passenger Transportation. The City of Waterville Maine Baseline Conditions – Page 1-30 Airport Solutions Group, LLC & The Louis Berger Group, Inc. December 2011

The mission of the Central Maine Growth Council is to foster a robust regional economy fueled by a genuine collaboration among governments, businesses and residents, resulting in a highly desirable multi-town community in which to live, work and raise a family. The Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting and protecting the free enterprise system, enhancing the economic growth and well-being of its members and the region, and providing membership value to those it serves. The Central Maine 2006-07 Annual Economic Review will be used to aid in the development of projecting future Airport activity utilizing the extensive socioeconomic data that is presented therein. Utilizing this type of report will provide for consistent data elements, along with providing close coordination of local economic development activities. An important component to the development of a general aviation airport is its relationship with the business community. The Review discussed above listed the following Top 20 Major Employers for Central Maine. Table 1.14 Top 20 Central Maine Employers Rank Employer Town Employee Range Description 1 MaineGeneral Health Waterville/Augusta 1001-1250 General medical and surgical hospital 2 Colby College Waterville 501-750 Post secondary school 3 T-Mobile Oakland 501-750 Wireless communications 4 Huhtamaki Packaging Waterville 251-500 Converted paper product mfg. 5 HealthReach Network Waterville 251-500 Home healthcare services 6 Wal-Mart Super Center Waterville 251-500 Discount department store 7 Inland Hospital Waterville 251-500 General medical and surgical hospital 8 Hannaford Supermarket Waterville 251-500 Supermarket 9 L.L. Bean Waterville 251-500 Mail-order / catalog sales 10 Waterville School Department Waterville 251-500 Elementary and secondary schools 11 MSAD 47 Oakland 251-500 Elementary and secondary schools 12 Central Maine Railroad Waterville 101-250 Transportation services 13 Kennebec Behavioral Health Waterville 101-250 Mental Health services 14 Shaw’s Supermarket’s Inc. Waterville 101-250 Supermarket 15 Mid-State Machine Winslow 101-250 Machine products 16 Shridan Corp. Fairfield 101-250 Construction/Engineering 17 Thomas College Waterville 101-250 Post secondary school 18 Northeast Laboratory Services Winslow 101-250 Laboratory 19 Care & Comfort Waterville 101-250 Home healthcare services 20 Home Depot USA Inc. Waterville 101-250 Home center supplies Source: Central Maine 2006-07Annual Economic Review (Maine Department of Labor and the Central Maine Growth Council, Mid- Maine Chamber of Commerce) The City of Waterville Maine Baseline Conditions – Page 1-31 Airport Solutions Group, LLC & The Louis Berger Group, Inc. December 2011

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