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HV Cycling Brochure.pdf - Hosted Villas

Hosted Villas started in 1990 as a Butterfield & Robinson program and is

still the only full-service, hosted European villa vacation program tailored

to North American travelers.

Ensuring that we match you to the perfect home and region is important to

us here at Hosted Villas. We work closely with our travelers to craft authentic

vacations typically described as “the best we have ever experienced.”

Why Hosted Villas


vacations in

The Finest Villas – We’re picky.

Our luxurious, comfortable,

charming private homes

are reviewed frequently and

maintained like fine hotels.

Savvy Villa Specialists – Cooking

lessons, bike routes, wine tastings,

child care, language lessons, special

diets… you name it, our ‘we’ve

been there’ familiarity allows truly

insightful, customized pre-trip

Travel Planning.

Loyal Fans – “I’m not sure it gets

better…,” “I am truly impressed,”

“I have already recommended you

to several friends,” “We will be back

again and again.”

Local Hosts – We’re unique. Our

Local Hosts are like nearby best

friends who share their insider tips

and passion for the region with you.

Guidebooks and articles can’t match

the insight and connections of

someone who lives locally.

100-mile Handbooks – Each Stay

comes with a proprietary guidebook

custom-researched for your villa and

region. Each is jammed with off-thebeaten-track

knowledge unavailable


Road riding know-how – We ride

ourselves and understand what

makes a great cycling vacation.

for riders of all levels


bike@hostedvillas.com 1.800.374.6637

26 Duncan St. Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5V 2B9

Why Bike In Europe

Let’s put it this way: For the best sushi in the world, you go to Japan; the best

surfing, Hawaii; the best golf, Scotland.

But if you are a cyclist, as good as many routes are in North America, there is

nothing like road riding in Europe, especially in France, Italy and Spain.

The roads are quiet and scenic. The drivers are respectful. And every 5 to

10 miles there is a small grocery store, cafe or restaurant where you can get

supplies or a bite to eat.

Why Ride With Hosted Villas

In addition to being luxury villa specialists for general interest European

stays, we are keen cyclists ourselves. We know what makes a great cycling


We’ve lived and traveled in Europe for more than two decades. We’ve

ridden and scouted thousands of miles of the quietest back roads.

We have routes and guides for both strong and leisure cyclists.

After a great day riding, you and your friends (cyclists or not) will enjoy the

same luxurious private villa accommodation and personalized planning

and service that we have perfected over the past twenty years in our

renowned classic villa program.

Simply put a Hosted Villas Cycling Vacation is a great vacation for both

cyclists and non-cyclists.

What About Non- or

Light-Cycling Partners

Light-cycling participants will enjoy

our slower paced, half-day 30 to 40

mile outings. But they can still meet up

with the Performance group for lunch

or special events like wine tastings

and market visits.

Non-cyclists will enjoy a classic Hosted

Villas vacation with the help and

hospitality of their Local Host. They

can visit local markets and villages,

lounge by the pool, hike or play tennis

or golf.... The options are endless.

Custom Design Your Ideal Cycling Vacation

Your Hosted Villas Cycling Stay can range from the simple Self-Directed to

an All Inclusive Performance Training Camp. By adding à la carte service

options of your choice we can tailor a custom package anywhere in between.

Your starting point is a classic Self-Directed Cycling Stay which includes:

7 nights’ luxury accommodation in a luxury private villa, hand picked and

managed by Hosted Villas, a 20-year veteran in the European villa business.

Carefully selected cycling itineraries – both tough and leisurely -- that take

you through some of the world’s most scenic countryside along the least

trafficked roads.

Access to the best quality rental road bikes or shipping your own.

Expert pre-stay Travel Planning.

Our coveted handbooks full of insider travel tips for the region.

The non-cycling guiding services of one of our renowned Local Hosts.

Optional services include:

Top quality carbon, aluminium or hybrid rental road bikes.

Bring-Your-Own Bike shipping, setup and delivery.

A cycling guide or trainer to lead your group though your outings,

whether 30 or 130 miles.

Van support for minor repairs, emergency equipment swaps, power bars

and sports drinks.

A professional chef for at-home meals, either simple or gourmet.

Breakfasts or packed road lunches and picnics.

Chauffeur driven mini-bus transport.

Post-ride massage.


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