Dams Sector Roadmap to Secure Control Systems - Association of ...


Dams Sector Roadmap to Secure Control Systems - Association of ...


The Dams Sector Roadmap to Secure Control Systems describes a plan for voluntarily improving cybersecurity in the Dams

Sector. Control systems roadmaps provide an opportunity for industry experts to offer opinions concerning the state of control

systems cybersecurity and to communicate recommended strategies for improvement within their sector.This roadmap

brings together Dams Sector stakeholders, including government agencies and owners and operators, with a common set of

goals and objectives. It also provides milestones to focus specific efforts and activities for achieving the goals over the next

10 years, while addressing the Dams Sector’s most urgent challenges, longer-term needs, and practices for reducing cybersecurity

risk to control systems.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Infrastructure Protection and the National Cyber Security Division

facilitated the development of this roadmap with volunteers from Dams Sector and industry stakeholder organizations.

This roadmap provides a beginning point and a template for action as industry and government work together to achieve

a common objective for securing control systems within the Dams Sector.

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